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Person on Internet Claims to Have Rickrolled His Physics Teacher

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I’m not going to say it happened because it’s a claim from a random person on the Internet, and I try to discipline myself not to accept such claims at face value. Even if it didn’t really happen, though, it’s kind of clever.

Getting to grips with the complicated works of a Nobel prize winning physicist can be difficult enough.

But a student’s short biography of scientist Niels Bohr has gone viral on the internet after he also managed to weave the lyrics from a Rick Astley song into the text under the nose of his professor.

Sairam Gudiseva’s boast on Twitter that he had ‘Rick Rolled my physics teacher…’, posting an accopmanying photograph of his essay with the verse from the 1987 hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ written with the first word on every line.


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