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Chris Christie’s Unforgivable Bridge Closure

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Aides to Chris Christie shut down lanes on a bridge to cause a traffic jam in a town whose mayor endorsed Christie’s opponent.

Say what you like about Ted Kennedy, but the worst thing he ever did with a bridge was drive a woman off one and kill her.

Thanks to Karl on the Twitters.

Conversation in a Texas Drugstore

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This is not a conversation I would expect to have in Los Angeles:


ME: Yeah, can you show me where you have the earplugs?

DRUGSTORE EMPLOYEE: Sure, follow me. You going shootin’ or you got a real bad snorer?

ME: The latter . . . but if I don’t address this soon, it may turn into the former.

The family is finally back home after fighting the Hercules snowstorm to get back. We were stuck in Lexington an extra couple of days as a result.

It never got quite cold enough to do the “throw boiling water in the air” trick:

Maybe we should have tried the freezing bubble trick:

Anyway, regular political-type posts should resume soon.

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