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Obama: Sure, We Screwed This Up, But MAN! Am I Ever Working Hard!

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Today’s epic speechifying on health care was remarkable on several levels. But I think the most sickening part was listening to this clown talking about how hard he works:

And in terms of the impact on me — I think to some extent I addressed it when I talked to Julie (sp) — you know, there are going to be ups and downs during the course of my presidency. And, you know, I think I said early on when I was running, I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president, but I’ll wake up every single day working as hard as I can on behalf of Americans out there from every walk of life who are working hard, meeting their responsibilities but sometimes are struggling because the way the system works isn’t giving them a fair shot.

And — and that pledge I haven’t broken. That commitment, that promise continues to be — continues to hold; the promise that I wouldn’t be perfect, number one, but also the promise that as long as I’ve got the honor of having this office, I’m just going to work as hard as I can to make things better for folks.

Permit me, if you will, a rare profanity.


Here, for your reference, is Obama’s interview with Chuck Todd.

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At 10:45, we hear more about the HARD WORK he is doing: “We are working every single day, 24/7, to improve it.”

24/7! You hear me? He is working 24/7!

Now here is the good part. Here is a transcript. Watch at 18:49:

Just because this was important and I was saying this was my top priority. And I was meeting with folks once a month telling ‘em, ‘Make sure this works.’

Wow! He was meeting with “folks” once a month! HE IS WORKING AS HARD AS HE CAN!!!!!

Obama has now played 150 rounds of golf. He has been President since January 20, 2009. That’s about 62 months. That’s more than two rounds of golf every month.

So he’s meeting with “folks” about the health care Web site once a month, and playing golf more than twice a month.

It gets worse. His rounds of golf last six hours. Do you figure the health care meetings lasted six hours every month? I’ll bet my house they didn’t.

I have said this before: I work harder than this guy does. My colleagues work harder than this guy does. The folks who clean our building work harder than this guy does. No joke. And we all get paid less. And we don’t have even the tiniest fraction of responsibility that he has.

Mr. Obama, you get to live in a fancy house. People wait on you hand and foot. You owe us hard work in return. We’re not getting it. Don’t try to tell us we are.

You know, Mr. President, it’s bad enough that you screwed this up, and real people are suffering as a result. We really don’t need to hear about how hard you’re working on it . . . when you can manage to squeeze in the time between rounds of golf. We really don’t.

L.A. Times Employs Classic Technique of Liberal Bias in Headline on Enrollment Numbers

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Over nine years ago, I made an observation that holds true today:

[W]henever one candidate criticizes another, there are two ways to characterize what’s happening. If you think the criticism may be valid, you will refer to the criticism passively, and discuss the “mounting criticism” of the candidate being criticized. But if you don’t like the criticism, then you will refer to the criticism as an “attack.” You will consistently phrase the description of the criticism in the active voice, as in: “Cheney attacked Kerry over the issue of . . .” Rather than saying that the parties voicing the criticism have “pointed out” their opponent’s misstatements, you will say they “seized on” those misstatements.

The L.A. Times handles the ObamaCare enrollment numbers embarrassment in just this way, with a piece titled Obamacare: Critics seize on low enrollment numbers.

There is mounting criticism of the way bias presents itself in Big Media.

COMPARISON: By contrast, when Bush ran into his problems launching his prescription drug plan, the L.A. Times didn’t talk about critics “seizing on” the problems, but instead published an article with numerous stories of actual human beings who had been adversely affected.

The couple, both disabled from a car accident three years ago, had eagerly anticipated the new Medicare prescription drug plan. They thought it would bring financial relief.

Instead, it has brought anguish.

“It’s like my [prescription drug] card is just paper,” said Steggell’s husband, Alan Sheridan, 58.

For three weeks, such problems have rankled Medicare beneficiaries — most of them low-income people — across the country. The new prescription drug benefit’s disastrous launch has resulted in thousands of snafus that, in many cases, have kept elderly or disabled poor people from getting their drugs or forced them to pay significant costs out of pocket.

As Morgen Richmond has pointed out, 4 1/2 months into the launch, 27 million seniors had signed up. With ObamaCare, we’re getting about 24 (phony) enrollees per state per day.

Bush had better facts and worse coverage. Notice a pattern?

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