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David Letterman’s Top Ten Things Running Through the Head of the Guy Who Had Sex With a Toaster

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I know, as conservatives, we’re supposed to hate David Letterman.

But I was a huge fan of his in college. And this is funny.

Saw it at Hot Air.

8 Responses to “David Letterman’s Top Ten Things Running Through the Head of the Guy Who Had Sex With a Toaster”

  1. that was funny

    he’s aged a lot since last time i saw him

    steveg (794291)

  2. Just because he’s a liberal ass doesn’t mean he can’t be funny sometimes. And face it, a lot of the humor derives from the absurdity of the base situation in the first place.

    Smock Puppet, Gadfy, Racist-Sexist Thug, and Bon Vivant All In One Package (afdedb)

  3. I don’t get No. 6: “I’ve been here about six hours.”

    nk (dbc370)

  4. I don’t get it, either. “That’s what she said” – snicker

    felipe (6100bc)

  5. That was funny.

    htom (412a17)

  6. When Letterman sticks to the non-political stuff, sure, he can still be as great as he was back in the heyday of “Late Night.”

    But I get so sick of his now-frequent political jeremiads, stuff like calling 2nd-Amendment-supporting congresspersons “stooges,” and bullsh!t like that. All of this political BS he pulls is just disgusting when everyone knows he’s still harassing (and likely sleeping with) every damn good-looking star-crossed female assistant at his cushy office backstage. Plus, Letterman’s made it painfully clear that it doesn’t matter to him if Alec Baldwin murders somebody, he’s still always been a more-than-welcome guest on the show. Ugh.

    I’ll just scrape off the burnt parts“?? Yeah Dave, that’ll be all that’s left of you thanks to your then ex-wife and her attorney after the next time you get caught with your dick inside of one of your interns.

    qdpsteve (daa67c)

  7. Letterman probably has a lot of experience effing toasters and other appliances.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  8. Not as much as Bill Maher, though.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

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