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Saturday Night Music: Jellyfish

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Last Saturday’s entry, with clips of lead singer Andy Sturmer, was such a resounding success — garnering, at last count, somewhere between 0 and 2 comments — that I thought I would reprise the theme, this time with Sturmer’s more well known band Jellyfish.

She Still Loves Him, acoustic:

The Ghost at Number One, from the same session:

It’s like potato chips. We have to keep going. Not sure why this one starts mid-song, but that’s OK. New Mistake:

And a Badfinger cover: No Matter What.

I saw these folks around 1992 in Austin, both at Tower Records in an acoustic in-store performance, and later that night in one of the downtown clubs (I forget which one; perhaps the erstwhile Liberty Lunch). Their musicianship was simply amazing; the bold way four guys would step up to the microphones and belt out intricate four-part harmonies was something I will never forget.

David Letterman’s Top Ten Things Running Through the Head of the Guy Who Had Sex With a Toaster

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I know, as conservatives, we’re supposed to hate David Letterman.

But I was a huge fan of his in college. And this is funny.

Saw it at Hot Air.

Paul Lemmen: I Was Manipulated By Kimberlin Supporters (And Others) Into Attacking Patterico, Stacy McCain, and Others

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I wrote a number of articles that, to use a “nice” term, regarded “inside baseball” or bluntly, attacked certain other conservative bloggers.

I repudiate those articles and any article that brought any disrepute to anyone on the conservative blogosphere including, but not limited to:

Robert Stacy McCain
Patrick “Patterico” Frey
Ali A. Akbar
Blog Bash
National Bloggers Club
Lee Stranahan

I apologize and deeply regret my posts and actions that have harmed you in any way and retract any/all commentary about any alleged bad acts, bad faith or negative posts about everyone in the conservative blogging movement.

Why does Lemmen say he attacked us? You’ll be shocked to know that he claims to have been fed falsehoods by certain supports of Brett Kimberlin:

During a particularly stressful and challenging time in my life as a blogger certain “wolves in sheep’s clothing” communicated privately with me about the persons that they claimed were secretly moving against me, aiding in silencing my voice and limiting my free speech. Offers of an outlet for my writing, free of the back-channel chatter and purported plots against me. These people offered an outlet to my voice, my views and potential income and fame. I am human and I listened to the voices (much to my regret now).

This is not an excuse nor is it a repudiation of the posts written about me (such as that written by Big Fur Hat and Anne Barnhardt). Those posts are the opinion and views of the author(s) of the posts and though I hold them as inaccurate and over stated, I shall not challenge their right to post them.

I made myself a pariah within the only group of people I respected and admired by acting on the offers of:

Brooks Bayne
Osborne Ink
Crooks and Liars
Alex Brant-Zawadzki
Bill Schmalfeldt

Their compliment laden missives and chats, the manipulation and bad faith are clearly seen in hindsight but were blinding bright then. These people are evil with evil intent and evil motives. I reject them and apologize for any posts, articles and/or comments I have made on their blogs, web sites or other media. These people, through false and misleading information supplied to me (some, I have learned were outright lies), manipulated and guided my writing to produce their desired output. I in effect became their virtual sock-puppet, producing harmful posts that they used to attack and smear people whom I respect.

. . . .

To Bayne, Brant-Zawadski, Osborne, Rauhauser, Schmalfeldt, Kimberlin, et al; I say only this:

Fuck You, #WAR

I am not endorsing Lemmen’s post, as I am wary of anyone who has ever joined forces with Brett Kimberlin’s associates — no matter how contrite they claim to be. The same goes for anyone with felony convictions for crimes related to dishonesty. I’m not saying Lemmen can’t be reformed. I’m just saying that I am wary, and I don’t endorse what he says.

But . . .

But I admit to being curious about the “false and misleading information” and “outright lies” allegedly supplied by one or more of the above-named people.

Because that bit rings true, doesn’t it?


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Who could have predicted that Republicans would fare unfavorably in the polls a couple of weeks after refusing to fund the government?

Who could have predicted they would cave instantly upon seeing such polls?


Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 7.22.46 AM
Above: Republican spines

Everywhere you look, there is evidence that Republicans are going to give away the store.

What they don’t realize is that part of the reason they are in such poor standing is because folks like me and you have contempt for them. So they’re getting the unfavorables from both sides.

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