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R.S. McCain on Team Kimberlin

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McCain has two posts that are worth your time.

‘Very, Very Bad, Doug!’ More Journalism Ethics Lessons From Bill Schmalfeldt

Strange Craziness From @x3n0ph0n, Another Member of ‘Team Kimberlin’

The latter post especially has some interesting connections between Rauhauser, Kimberlin, and the idiots at the Kimberlin-supporting site Breitbart Unmasked.

I don’t write about these Kimberlin-loving clowns much any more, mostly because they bore me and I have better things to do with my time than respond to lies from insignificant trolls. But every so often I think it’s important to reiterate the obvious: folks like Stacy McCain are being lied about. Some of the lies are mixed with truth to give them verisimilitude. Some are 100% made up. They do this to McCain. They have done it to me. They have done it to others. And when people don’t stand up and say: this is a pack of lies, but instead remain quiet, you can’t blame a person for wondering if the opposition’s tactic of repeating lies over and over and over and over and over and over and over might not cause some of it to stick in people’s minds.

So let me say clearly, Stacy: the lawsuit against you is nonsense. Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and their pals are deeply dishonest. We do not believe the things they say about you, even one little bit.

You have my support, entirely. And I know I speak for many in saying that.

6 Responses to “R.S. McCain on Team Kimberlin”

  1. Hearhear.

    SPQR (768505)

  2. what rhymes with hug Mr. Kimberlin

    he’s that guy that blows people up and gets Barbra Streisand all worked up

    you know

    down there

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  3. Yes, indeed. And the same goes for Aaron Walker.

    Colonel Haiku (4cc7f2)

  4. they need to raise the filing fees based upon the number of suits you file and the outcome

    make lawfare extremely expensive

    EPWJ (016f5f)

  5. Rauhauser
    et al

    Been following all these wackos for the last couple of years and I am constantly smh. What sad, paranoid, hateful lives they must lead.

    oneredquilt (c2974c)

  6. At least when Brett Kimberlin goes back to prison, he will no longer have to pay for sex.

    Elephant Stone (6a6f37)

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