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Enraging Media Bias: L.A. Times Blames GOP for Layoffs That the GOP Is Trying to End, But Can’t Because of Harry Reid and Barack Obama

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Today’s example of blatant media bias comes to us courtesy of (naturally) the Los Angeles Times, in a story titled Government shutdown puts squeeze on Republican moderates:

NEW HANOVER TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Kenn Challender, a Republican, is not thrilled with Obamacare.

But this week, he’s a lot more worried about how he’s going to pay the mortgage and feed his three children. The government shutdown has temporarily cost him his job as a civilian aircraft mechanic at a nearby military base.

“I talked to the bank, and they said the best they could do would be to waive the late fee,” said Challender, 33, standing underneath the American flag on his front step. “There’s nothing I can do about it now.”

This pocket of small-town New Jersey, mostly Republican and deeply dependent on nearby Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, is filled with military retirees and now, with the shutdown, thousands of angry, idled workers like Challender.

Why, those damned Republicans! Why won’t they vote to pay civilian mechanics who are working for the military?

Except, Republicans are the only ones who are working to do just that. And the L.A. Times refuses to tell you.

H.R. 3241 is the Pay our Guardsmen and Civilian Defense Personnel Act. Its purpose:

To amend the Pay Our Military Act to provide for continuing appropriations for defense civilian personnel (including military technicians (dual status)) and members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces performing inactive-duty training.

The people behind the bill are Republicans like Austin Scott, the bill’s sponsor.

The bill is in committee, but if it gets passed by the House (which I think likely, and which I encourage the House to do), it would be killed by Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

You’d think that fact could merit a mention in this blamestory.

You’d think that — until you realize that the story appears in the Los Angeles Times, where fairness is only an occasional accident.


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Didn’t get enough sleep. At first I thought it was because I stayed up too late, but then I realized that it was the Tea Party’s fault.

House Passes Bill to Fund VA

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I’m reporting this here because you are unlikely to see it in any Big Media outlet:

The government shutdown exemption for the Veterans’ Affairs Department passed Thursday by the House of Representative does not resolve all of VA’s potential problems.

Approved by a 259-157 vote, the measure comes in response to a warning from VA that it could run out money to pay veterans benefits by late October if a government shutdown continues. Not only are Nov. 1 payments at risk, but VA officials said claims processing could also slow.

The House measure, HJ Res 72, would provide funds for disability compensation, survivors’ benefits and monthly GI Bill checks.

Naturally, Harry Reid will not be submitting this bill to the Senate, and if he did, Barack Obama has promised to veto it.

Cancer patients are still out of luck, by the way. Harry Reid won’t take up the House bill to fund that either.

Therefore the lack of VA and NIH funding is Republicans fault. Because the Tea Party. I’ll be taking no questions.

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