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R.S. McCain: “Vile Lie-Peddler @Karoli Kuns and the Posthumous Vindication of Breitbart”

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An absolutely beautiful blog post about an especially nasty lefty partisan: Crooks & Liars liar Karoli Kuns, one of the prime apologists for Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and their creepy pals. Excerpt:

Whereas in 2012, you were certain that Anthony Weiner was an innocent victim of a “setup” by “Breitbots” — and thus, Weiner’s defender Neal Rauhauser was deserving of praise — now that Andrew Breitbart has been vindicated and Anthony Weiner has been disgraced, you say the Weiner story is “not of national concern.”

Because you peddle vile lies, that’s why.

There was never any “setup” of Anthony Weiner by anyone. All honest and intelligent people recognized this in 2011, but Neal Rauhauser manufactured a series of lies intended to deceive the ignorant and Rauhauser was, as you say, the one person who “wouldn’t let it go.” He was the acknowledged leader of “Weiner Truthers” and he kept lying about Andrew Breitbart even after Breitbart was dead.

Want to know everything you need to know about Karoli Kuns? Here you go:

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 7.22.55 AM

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