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Huma Puff Piece in New York Post Actually Very Damning

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The New York Post attempts to do a puff piece for Huma Abedin — but it ends up showing how cynical and power-hungry she actually is. Just pay close attention to the timing:

The worst moments included a Hamptons vacation 12 months ago when she suffered from painful isolation that put even more stress on their marriage.

“All the parties they had once been invited to, Huma was now invited but Anthony wasn’t,” a family member said. “It was a difficult time.”

Then it got worse. A month later, according to the couple, Weiner confessed to her that he had continued to text lewd pictures of himself. He said he also told her that he had frequent phone sex with one woman, 22-year-old Sydney Leathers, and sexting sessions with two others under the pseudonym Carlos Danger.

So he confessed to the Sydney Leathers stuff 11 (12 minus 1) months ago. That would be around September 2, 2012. Let’s plug that into the timeline I gave you the other day:

July 12, 2012: Weiner starts talking to “Sydney Leathers”, according to this timeline from the site that broke the latest story. Quoting the girl:

Anthony Weiner And I First started talking July 12, 2012.

July 18, 2012: People Magazine puff piece appears:

“It took a lot of work to get to where are are today, but I want people to know we’re a normal family,” says Abedin, 37.

“Anthony has spent every day since [the scandal] trying to be the best dad and husband he can be,” she says of her husband, who does all the laundry. “I’m proud to be married to him.”

If the timeline is accurate, then Huma was praising Weiner days after he admitted to her that he was still sexting.

Now. Let’s just assume that the timing is a little off and Weiner confessed to her in late July or August rather than early July. We still have the rest of the timeline:

July 19, 2012: One day after the People Magazine puff piece appears, Weiner finds Sydney Leathers on Formspring.

July 19, 2012 – November 2012: Anthony Weiner engages in intense sexual discussions with Sydney Leathers. From the timeline:

Things were very intense by August 2012/already talks of the Chicago sex condo and having sexual conversations. We would send naked images to each other and have phone sex. Anthony Weiner would send me penis pictures from his Carlos Danger yahoo email to my Gmail.

And now, we have:

September 2, 2012 or thereabouts:: Weiner confesses to Huma. And then keeps texting for another couple of months:

November 2012: Carlos Danger and Sydney Leathers’s relationship “began to fizzle out,” according to Leathers.

Today is August 2, 2013. There’s no way “one month” after their trip 12 months ago is December 2012. And he was sexting clear through November.

So basically, he must have told her: “Heads up, honey. I’m still sending my pics around and having phone sex and talking dirty to this 22-year-old. I’ll be continuing to do so for the next couple months at least, just so’s you’re aware.”

And after all that, we have this:

April 10, 2013: Puff piece appears online in the New York Times that portrays Weiner’s supposed coming clean and being totally honest in June 2011. The article also has Weiner and Abedin portraying their new son as having totally changed Weiner’s perspective:

“But in the confines of our home and our relationship and our parenting this child and our love for each other — she said she wanted to get through it, she wanted not to conflate the giant international news story with the two people who were involved in it. And a lot of women couldn’t do that. And Jordan has given us a lot of perspective. We have to deal with this a lot. It’s not behind us. It kind of bubbles around and comes up in different ways. But she’s, um. . . .” Here, he paused and took a deep breath and started to cry. “She’s given. . . .” He stopped again, could barely get the words out. “She’s given me another chance. And I am very grateful for that. And I’m trying to make sure I get it right.”

Abedin fully participated in that charade. And he wasn’t even done, as he went back to Leathers the very next day:

Immediately after April 10, 2013 New York Times puff piece: After the appearance of the New York Times puff piece, Weiner reactivates his Facebook account and asks Sydney Leathers what she thought of it:

We only spoke once in December 2012, and then I didn’t hear from Anthony Weiner again until April 11, 2013 when a NYT article about him was released. He reactivated his Facebook and asked me what I thought of it.

So Weiner tells Huma all this. And, for the good of her SON:

May 2013: Weiner enters mayor’s race.

And she agrees to it.

She is a disgusting careerist and this article does NOT help her image. As long as you pay attention.

Thanks to JVW for the link.

UPDATE: Yes, of course I proofread the piece. I just decided to stop after the first word.

Weiner Doesn’t Even Hide Fact He Is Lying Any More

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Anthony Weiner is finally fessing up to his Danger-ous ways.

After pretending he didn’t know who Carlos Danger was, Weiner has finally owned the online moniker he gave himself while continuing to have racy online relationships with women after his 2011 resignation.

During an interview this morning with Spanish-language Univision, Weiner was asked by the gorgeous Latin anchor why he picked the pen name.

“You picked the pseudonym Carlos Danger to hold these conversations of sexual content online. Why did you pick a Hispanic name and how dangerous were you really?” she asked with a straight face.

Weiner answered with equal seriousness.

“It was a joke in my personal life between me and one person. I’m not going comment about the information,” he said, adding that he doesn’t care what his ex-sexters say about him.

July 23:

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner may be owning up to his latest sex-messaging scandal. But his alleged secret online handle? Not quite.

Mr. Weiner dodged a question tonight about the name he reportedly ascribed to himself while engaging in his most recent explicit online chatting sessions: “Carlos Danger.”

Politicker asked Mr. Weiner why he chose the moniker as he was exiting a mayoral forum on HIV/AIDS following a dramatic press conference during which he admitted to engaging in lewd online conversations more than a year after his resignation, and after proclaiming himself a different person in People magazine.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mr. Weiner responded, before being rushed out of the room through a private exit, trailed by a gaggle of press.

Yeah, I lied. So what? Stop focusing on little things like my lying to the press and let’s talk about the things that really matter to New Yorkers. Besides, lying shows I’m tough, and New Yorkers want someone who is tough.


Seattle City Government Bans the Word “Citizen” as Offensive

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Control the language, control the thoughts:

Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms “citizen” and “brown bag” are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions.

KOMO-TV reports that the city’s Office of Civil Rights instructed city workers in a recent internal memo to avoid using the words because some may find them offensive.

“Luckily, we’ve got options,” Elliott Bronstein of the Office for Civil Rights wrote in the memo obtained by the station. “For ‘citizens,’ how about ‘residents?'”

How about you go to hell?

This country has gone insane.

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