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Sarah Palin for U.S. Senate?

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Big Media and lefties say no, but polls (and blog writers) say yes!

Why not? How much fun would a Senate with Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz be? Come on now.

John McCain: It Would Be Tough to Decide Whether to Vote for Hillary or Rand Paul in 2016

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IC: When Hillary Clinton versus Rand Paul occurs in 2016, I guess you are going to have to decide who to vote for, huh?

JM: It’s gonna be a tough choice [laughs].

Now. He does laugh. And he goes on to say Rand Paul is intelligently trying to expand a segment of the GOP like his dad did. (Which is a backhanded way of connecting Paul to his lunatic dad.)

But the fact that McCain even jokes about this being a tough decision is another clue that his personal grudges play an outsized role in his thinking.

Is Brett Kimberlin Using An Employee of His Nonprofit to Terrorize His Estranged Wife?

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William Hoge has a fascinating post about the guy that Brett Kimberlin used for the purpose of taking photographs of (and taunting) the participants at Blogbash. Turns out the guy apparently met Kimberlin in prison:

Craig Richard Gillette, age 48, U. S. Bureau of Prisons Register Number 43193-083, was released from prison on 23 March, 2001. I have been told that it was during his stay in prison that Gillette met Brett Kimberlin.

Craig Gillette has been associated with Justice Through Music Project since at least 2006. He was involved as “the blue parka photographer” during Brett Kimberlin’s stalking of BlogBash. He is the star performer in one of JTMP’s YouTube music videos.

Here is a photo of Gillette taken at BlogBash:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 7.02.41 AM

You can go to the federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator yourself to verify that Craig Gillette was released in March 2001.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 7.06.09 AM

Gillette appears to be employed by Justice Through Music, Brett Kimberlin’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit. He was quoted in 2007 as being a “spokesman for the organization” and he writes post on their blog.

Hoge does not say how he knows Gillette met Kimberlin in prison, but Hoge has been talking to Kimberlin’s wife, who recently separated from him and has sought charges against him for a sex offense. In her application for charges, she wrote that Kimberlin “enticed me to come to Maryland so I could be his sex partner and bride” and repeatedly had sex with her when she was 15 years old.

Hoge describes how Gillette harassed Ms. Kimberlin at a recent court date:

I was a bit surprised to see Gillette at the Kimberlin v. Kimberlin protective order hearing yesterday. Gillette left the courtroom after the judge had ruled but before Tetyana Kimberlin had received her copy of the protective order that the judge issued against Brett Kimberlin. Gillette was waiting just outside the courtroom with a sign reading “Perjury.” When the victim’s advocate helping Tetyana Kimberlin saw what Gillette was doing, she reentered the courtroom and brought a bailiff who detained him.

With Tea Party groups having trouble getting 501(c)(3) status — and with existing conservative organizations facing IRS investigations — perhaps some intrepid journalist would find it interesting to investigate how a convicted bomber can receive favorable tax treatment while employing one of his prison buddies to hassle conservative bloggers and intimidate his wife outside a court proceeding.

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