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A Very Important George Zimmerman Tip for the Department of Justice

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Our own faithful reader and commenter Dustin sent the Department of Justice a very important (and quite detailed) tip about that racist George Zimmerman. Dustin totally has Zimmerman’s number and lays Zimmerman out in a shocking manner. Make sure to follow the links, although I am going to try to spoon-feed you the substance by embedding YouTube videos and screenshots inside Dustin’s eye-opening crime-fighting tip:

Dear Department of Justice,

As a concerned citizen, I feel I must answer the call for tips regarding your civil rights investigation into the shooting of Trayvon Martin. It has come to my attention that recently acquitted George Zimmerman has ties to an organization that fought against the emancipation of slaves, opposed the 1964 civil rights acts, and spawned the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws. Members of George’s sordid organization don’t limit their bigotry to African Americans,

and indeed have disturbingly backwards views of Indians

as well as Jews.

This organization has even promoted injustice and voter intimidation on the basis of a person’s skin color, damaging our very faith in our democracy.

As you can see on this form,

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.35.41 PM

George Zimmerman is publicly and shamelessly registered with this disturbed organization (see the fourth row, third entry).

It is my hope that this tip will assist you as you endeavor to understand George’s true and potentially racist motives when he shot Trayvon Martin during the beating. I have even heard accounts that at least one of the parties in this fight had an anti-homosexual motive.

The former Chief of Police for Sanford, the investigator assigned to this case, and a unanimous jury have all concurred that George was not guilty of a crime, and a significant majority of Americans agree, so I imagine the Department of Justice grows weary of the wrong result being reached so many times by so many people. The truth is out there and you seem to need all the help you can get. Godspeed.

You’re welcome,

Well done, Dustin. I hope DoJ pays attention.

91 Responses to “A Very Important George Zimmerman Tip for the Department of Justice”

  1. Ding!

    redc1c4 (403dff)

  2. That was beautiful! Well done, Dustin! You should probably expect a full audit by the IRS in your very near future.

    PSUbrat (883393)

  3. It is a great point you make Patterico. Racism is not an issue if expressed by certain people.

    This is what post-racial America looks like.

    AZ Bob (c11d35)

  4. This is well done but it’s also depressing because it’s true and half the people in America support it.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  5. Dustin’s upcoming federal colonoscopy will not be a covered service under O’BumblesCare.

    dfbaskwill (ca54bb)

  6. It’s sad but true: race is a political tool, not a characteristic.

    Good job, Dustin.

    Simon Jester (a79346)

  7. Well done Dustin! If only The Daily Show looked at both sides……you do a better job than their writers.

    harkin (c05ebc)

  8. There is a need to make this case stand for something it isn’t.

    A good example is the NBC news editing out the full 911 call to make Zimmerman look like a racist, i.e. they took out the operator asking him the question of what race the man was.

    AZ Bob (c11d35)

  9. The organization being the Florida Democratic Party.

    Sammy Finkelman (1e81da)

  10. Another media manipulation was printing the picture of Zimmerman’s wounds in black and white. Or characterizing Martin was eating Skittel’s, etc. The list goes on.

    AZ Bob (c11d35)

  11. Bravo, Dustin! (Thanks for the laugh….)

    Teresa in Fort Worth, TX (19d706)

  12. Good job. If I didn’t think it would increase my chances of being audited by the IRS, I’d join in the fun. I suppose that the targeting of political opponents by the government one of the small prices we have to pay for living in a free country.

    Diffus (48ae73)

  13. Golf clap

    SPQR (768505)

  14. Excellent piece, Dustin.

    Birdbath (716828)

  15. Clever and well put together.

    Good job.

    SteveG (794291)

  16. Cheers, Dustin…..Absolutely Superb!

    askeptic (b8ab92)

  17. Brilliant.

    leilani (3544bf)

  18. Though I applaud your courage and comedic talents, Dustin, you do realize your tax records for your entire life are now being pored over by a team of IRS agents as we speak.
    The weapons and body armor laid out for the raid on your humble abode!
    Unfortunately, it also applies to Patterico and anyone who has commented on this board!
    Oh well, the price of freedom and all that…

    Nick Shaw (9edf42)

  19. This would have been a great opportunity to let the meme develop in the Talking Head Platoon of the MSM that GZ was a Republican, and then drop da bomb. What a NYT correction that would have been!

    We have to learn to make fools of them – debate and facts are not enough once they control the communications media, which they do.

    Ray Van Dune (9681be)

  20. Do any of us think that Zimmerman will realize the Democrat party of which he is a member tried to lynch him and he will switch to Republican? Nah, me neither. I’m starting to think the Democrats are not a party but rather a cult.

    Hoagie (3259ab)

  21. Excellent, but is that his ss at the top?!?

    LASue (2b0ffb)

  22. That made my day.

    Sarahw (b0e533)

  23. That was just perfect, Dustin.

    Sarahw (b0e533)

  24. Well done Dustin.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  25. That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Well played, Dustin. Well played indeed.

    Ghost (996b5a)

  26. Well done, Dustin. On my best day ever I could not have come close to that.

    nk (875f57)

  27. See something, say something!

    Dustin (303dca)

  28. Zimmerman shoots Trayvon: Zimmerman’s a White Hispanic
    White guy shoots Zimmerman: Zimmerman’s Hispanic with bonus Black ancestry.
    Black guy shoots Trayvon: Nobody cares.

    Icy (9788b4)

  29. And thanks for the props everyone. Happy to provide a chuckle.

    Dustin (303dca)

  30. Icy #28 – small correction:

    Black guy shoots Trayvon: his parent(s) care(s) …

    Black kid shoots black kid in Chicago: the major media and the current Administration do not care …

    When we realised that it was as bad as it turns out to be, a lot of us care, yet are at a loss what we, living in other cities, in other states, can do about it …

    It may be one of the few good things to come out of the whole Zimmerman case sordid prosecutorial misconduct – a lot more people are aware of the sheer numbers of black kids dying violently in Chicago – and, hopefully, something will be done about it (and, at this time, I don’t know what we can do) …

    Alastor (e7cb73)

  31. Alastor — nothing will be done about Chicago until the city’s government is purged. The gangs are more a part of the government of that city than the police.

    Rob Crawford (04f50f)

  32. I’ve never commented here before, but I have a question. My local CBS affiliate has been running stories attributing Zimmerman’s acquittal with Stand Your Ground laws. When first I, and then my husband, called to correct what we thought was their mistake, two people in the newsroom both insisted that Zimmerman used Stand Your Ground as a defense. So I called Governor Scott’s office, and the young lady who answered the phone also insisted that Zimmerman used Stand Your Ground. She said that in Florida, the self defense law was called Stand Your Ground, and that they are one and the same.

    So did or did not George Zimmerman use Stand Your Ground as his defense? If not, where can I find official court documents verifying that he did not use Stand Your Ground?

    Brenda Schroer (30a031)

  33. No, Brenda, George did not use “Stand Your Ground” as a defense.

    A) George’s explanation is that he had no ability to retreat, and this account is not compatible with stand your ground.

    B) George waived his Stand Your Ground immunity hearing. Link. He did this because the burden of proof is much higher and his chances were far better if the let the state try to prove its case.

    The actual name of the section George relied on was “JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE”.

    Dustin (303dca)

  34. Excellent, Dustin!

    Colonel Haiku (1011ad)

  35. Brenda – the people you spoke to are morons.

    JD (21af44)

  36. Dustin, Thank you. I will forward your information to my local news station and to Governor Scott’s office.

    JD, Perhaps, but it was obvious that they really believed what they were telling me, and they have a large viewer market.

    And the fact that Governor Scott’s office is spreading the same misinformation is not encouraging.

    Brenda Schroer (30a031)

  37. Chicago is a lot more complicated than Rob Crawford makes it out to be. I live in Chicago, in the city itself, not a suburb.

    First of all, the gangs do not control the government. The government is run in feudal fashion – a medieval nobleman would feel right at home with the inherited titles, knights aldermen basically swearing fealty to their lord the mayor in exchange for a fief ward that they manage directly. It ranges in dysfunction from mostly workable to oh god we’re turning into Detroit (see the parking meter contract)

    Also, Chicago Police secure certain areas, and the residents do not tolerate crime in neighborhoods that are secured. A violent crime in the Greater Downtown, Bridgeport, or most of the North Side is not tolerated. Areas like Bronzeville, Chinatown and Little Village are a bit rougher, but still mostly safe. Hyde Park, home of our President, is a heavily policed rich neighborhood in the middle of a dangerous area. It’s areas like Austin, North Lawndale, and Englewood that are scary. No one wants to live there, and the violence there is a continuous drumbeat of murder. The police frankly have no idea how to deal with the bloodshed. I wish I did.

    Chicago is largely a working-class town in mindset. One of the few things that unifies people in the city is sports. Chicago fans are incredibly devoted. It’s also a very cynical place – local and state politics are legendarily corrupt, and that doesn’t get a lot of faith in government. I like to joke that we ought to just indict our outgoing governors as a matter of course to save time and effort.

    In a way, you could imagine Chicago as a banana republic developing country in the middle of the US.

    OmegaPaladin (bbd784)

  38. The police sided with Zimmerman and they did everything in their power to keep him out of jail. First the selection of only hispanic/white jury, zimmerman race then there’s the fact that neither one of them went knocking in the neighborhood to find out whether or not Trayvon martin lived there. If u follow the trial closely you will see they weren’t as passionate as the Anthony/Arias trial. All their witnesses ended up being for the defense

    Malide (98db78)

  39. Malide, you are an idiot. “The police” did not control those things.

    SPQR (5557ef)

  40. All their witnesses ended up being for the defense

    Comment by Malide (98db78) — 7/18/2013 @ 1:44 pm

    Indeed, all the evidence and witnesses supported George’s version of events. The more we uncovered and the more we knew, the more clear the picture became. Just imagine if Trayvon’s cell phone data had been admitted… then we’d have an even clearer picture.

    The reason all the facts line up with George’s side of the story: racism, obviously. Al Sharpton said so, and you can trust Al Sharpton.

    Dustin (303dca)

  41. Yeah, well, a whole lot of people think Lincoln was a Democrat, and no amount of education will convince them otherwise.

    Incidentally, in the last week or so, one of the fine commenters here posted a list of the 20+ states with similar laws to Florida’s Stand Your Ground.

    Can anyone point me towards it?

    Pious Agnostic (20c167)

  42. Pious Agnostic, its hard to get a definitive list because definitions vary and some states never had a duty to retreat in common law.

    SPQR (5557ef)

  43. Yeah, the question seems to be ‘which states are effectively stand your ground’ and ‘which states have stand your ground statutes’. Wikipedia has a long list.

    Oh, and apparently the lefty talking point is to call these “shoot first” laws. Unfortunately, the majority of links google pulls are are lefties advocating against these laws, instead of information about the law itself. Google has steadily become less useful if you want information, and more useful if you want to steer opinion to the left.

    Dustin (303dca)

  44. Caveat Wiki

    SPQR (5557ef)

  45. For sure, SPQR.

    Dustin (303dca)

  46. First of all, the gangs do not control the government [of Chicago].

    A number of the aldermen are selected and funded by the gangs. They have special “meet the candidate” events for the gangs. The city government has created special programs to reduce gang violence that are run by gang members — programs that have been shown to just be funnels for taxpayer money to the gangs.

    The city’s attitude towards violence is entirely canted towards empowering criminals over citizens and even police. That holds even in the richest, “safest” parts of the city, as the thugs have run out of loot in the poor parts and start to work the places with wealth.

    It’s not all a shithole, but it’s on its way.

    The police frankly have no idea how to deal with the bloodshed.

    Actually, they do. But they’re hamstrung by groups that act effectively as zampolits and by a prison system that considers 1 year sufficient time served for career criminal convicted of murder.

    Oh, and a culture in the more violent areas that values keeping your mouth shut over keeping kids from being shot.

    Rob Crawford (c55962)

  47. Well done, Dustin. I needed a good laugh and you’ve provided it. Thank you!

    htom (412a17)

  48. Icy #28 – small correction: Black guy shoots Trayvon: his parent(s) care(s)

    — Alastor, my comment referred to the median reaction of the general public.

    Icy (9788b4)

  49. Sheesh… looks like Jesse Jackson is going to try to shake the entire state of Florida down.

    Colonel Haiku (017a27)

  50. Off-topic:

    Happy bankruptcy day, Detroit. Congratulations on the culmination of a half-century long project of wrecking a great American city.

    JVW (23867e)

  51. Pious,

    I think this is the map of Stand Your Ground states posted the other day. There are other maps here.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  52. For “Malide”:
    Black Alternate Juror For Zimmerman Trial: “I Supported The Verdict”
    WOFL-TV Orlando had an opportunity to interview one of the four alternate jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial. “I supported the verdict,” said Juror E54. “I agree with it.”

    Icy (9788b4)

  53. How much do you want to bet that Eric Holder takes this suggestion seriously in his witch hunt investigation into Zimmerman’s civil violations?

    Jonah Kyle (4ca5a0)

  54. Oh, and apparently the lefty talking point is to call these “shoot first” laws. Unfortunately, the majority of links google pulls are are lefties advocating against these laws, instead of information about the law itself. Google has steadily become less useful if you want information, and more useful if you want to steer opinion to the left.

    What I find is that Google is time-sensitive. IF there is a sudden recent outpouring of articles on something, it can be hard to find any background info. USE THE CALENDAR TOOLS.

    Current stuff on Google may trend left more because leftists whine more and louder, and the MSM is their echo chamber.

    So, I think that it is more likely that Google is an accurate representation of our skewed society than it is skewing the results itself.

    Kevin M (bf8ad7)

  55. breaking: DOJ seizes all evidence from Sanford PD, to include GZ’s pistol.

    redc1c4 (403dff)

  56. In your face Bolsheviks.

    gary gulrud (dd7d4e)

  57. Thanks all for the SYG resources. They’ll come in handy.

    Pious Agnostic (20c167)

  58. narciso, the bankruptcy court has jurisdiction and preempts any state court action. The Michigan state judge no longer has jurisdiction.

    SPQR (768505)

  59. The HLN hosts are still beating the drum: “It was racist. Trayvon would be alive if he was white.” Blah, blah, blah.

    DN (09d6b1)

  60. No one is watching them,

    narciso (3fec35)

  61. Dustin,
    When thru crawling up your ass the DOJ is,bigger than Michelle’s it will be!

    Yoda (ee1de0)

  62. Hey DN, maybe you should send HLN this one:

    Just sayin’.

    Bets (717964)

  63. DN, here’s another account. Roderick Scott was acquitted. And the family had the same reaction as the Martin family.

    Bets (717964)

  64. Rob,

    I encourage you to provide sources, as this does not fit with my experience, and if it is going on, I’d like to publicize it. Chicago is where live and work, after all, and if someone is trying to hand control over to the Gangster Disciples or MS-13, I want to stop them.

    I had heard of the previous police chief trying an outreach effort to gangs, which was his attempt to be too clever and play mind games with murderous thugs. It was met with outrage. I wouldn’t put it past an alderman to work some kind of deal with the local criminals, but aldermen answer to the mayor and the Machine, and their power is largely limited to their ward. (The city council is mostly a rubber stamp) I’ve also heard of outreach programs run by liberal do-gooders like CeaseFire. I’m not sure if they are that effective, but I’m not aware that they are actually funding gangs.

    As far as crime moving out of the danger zones, that occurs occasionally. It is also where you are more likely to see arrests and convictions.

    Now I’d love to have some reasonable form of carry in Illinois, especially Chicago, where people actually need guns to defend themselves in the danger zones. Other than that, I do not see how Chicago Police are supporting criminals over victims. They certainly don’t treat suspects with kid gloves, that’s for sure.

    OmegaPaladin (f4a293)

  65. Bets,

    To HLN the Scott case never happened.

    DN (09d6b1)

  66. Yes, the LIBTARD war on Hispanics, and Babies tour SUMMER 2013 continues!!
    Jesse Jaxoff, the Reverend Father of a Bastard chid out of wedlock, is the LIBTARD MORAL authority on WHAT???

    Tom Petty is from Jacksonville. He wrote a song….

    Gus (694db4)

  67. Charles Barkley has the most authoritative and cogent remarks of anyone I’ve seen interviewed on this case to-date (Charles Barkley On Zimmerman Trial: “I Agree With The Verdict”) well, besides Mark O’Meara.

    Since last March I have witnessed skewed analysis to obscure/rearrange facts in this case. Sir Charles’ balanced observations are refreshing in this witless not-about-race//all-about-race trial.

    The majority of the news & interview discussions are nearly as pixilated as the Prosecution team’s star witness; her reinterpretations of semantics or shuffling of her pejorative wordplay definitions and/or pronunciations in testimony and now in her post-trial celebrity …fail to make any sense…any sense at all, just peculiar.

    Our DOJ’s cracka-snitch hotline agenda is cynical, capricious and malicious; an absolute dishonor to your…or Mr. Zimmerman’s rights.

    dudeabides (8facfe)

  68. Obama and Eric Holder have lowered the level of respect for their respective offices for GENERATIONS.
    Holder has NEVER been an honorable man.
    Obama has NEVER been a MAN.

    Gus (694db4)

  69. May the NSA have mercy on us all.

    Amphipolis (d3e04f)

  70. an organization that fought against the emancipation of slaves, opposed the 1964 civil rights acts, and spawned the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws

    Perhaps I’m not as well read as I’d like to think I am, or as well educated as I like to think is the case, but until not long ago I was totally oblivious to the history of not just the Democrat Party but — and this is very important — the bigotry of liberals within that party.

    I didn’t know about the background of Woodrow Wilson — a staunch liberal/progressive — and his ties to Klan sympathizers and support for blatantly bigoted laws implemented in the 1920s (eg, creating separate windows for whites and blacks at post offices) until perhaps about 2 years ago. I only became aware of the surprising bigotry and racism of one of the Democrat Party’s biggest figureheads, Franklin D Roosevelt — another staunch liberal/progressive — just within the past year. However, I’ve been aware for some time that another icon within that party, Bill Clinton, has nonchalantly used the “N” word — and derisively too, meaning not in the way a urban hipster might use it — in casual conversation.

    I sometimes wonder whether I lay it on too thick when pointing out just how corrupt and devious liberal sentiment is to the human mind — and the very closely related lack of common sense that goes with it. But, if anything, I’ve apparently underestimated just how bad left-leaning sentiment truly can be.

    Now more than in the past, it does feel like the wheels of the American car are coming off, and with all the clowns driving it, can we be surprised that is what’s happening?

    Mark (3cc14a)

  71. so I imagine the Department of Justice grows weary of the wrong result being reached so many times by so many people. The truth is out there and you seem to need all the help you can get. Godspeed.

    Priceless. It reads as if you are so concerned. I forwarded your letter to the DOJ. Including before your letter.

    I thought I’d forward you this letter since it raises many concerns I have with the racism demonstrated before, during, and after the George Zimmerman trial.

    Your letter and:

    It has come to my attention that even employees of the Department of Justice not only participated in racial profiling, but even used tax dollars to bus selected protestors to participate in a race war. I believe the department responsible should be investigated and punished appropriately.

    I’m not going to hold my breath on the last one.

    Tanny O'Haley (ffc3bf)

  72. Sorry for the delay, but here ( is an excellent tip for Eric Holder.

    George Thomas, one of the defendants in the Christian-Newsom torture-murders, said in a recorded phone call while in jail: “F*** that white girl, she don’t mean nothing to me.”

    Thomas was convicted in May 2013 for the SECOND time for his role in what an email correspondent of mine who spent over 30 years in The Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office called about the worst murder scenario he had heard of since Manson.

    I attended two days of the trial. HLN was nowhere to be seen.

    DN (09d6b1)

  73. Too bad not everyone who writes about the Zimmerman case is as wise and well-spoken as Dustin … although this is funny.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  74. I think we are wasting our creativity.

    I’m going back to the classics. My email:

    “George Zimmerman turned me into a newt. I got better.”

    SPQR (5dae5b)

  75. It is a thing of beauty, I am in awe.

    VonZorch, Imperial Researcher (91498a)

  76. Well, what I would send is something that would make them nervous about going any further with this.

    But you have to be careful maybe about what you send.

    Twenty years ago today, and it was also a hot day, I sent an e-mail message to the White House, routed overnight through Rochester.

    It was very powerful. Among other things, it laid out what could happen if the FBI Director was fired – reporters would be released from their pledges of confidentiality and Sessions could talk about how he was kept away from the scene in Waco and how his water cannon plan was rejected in favor of tear gas.

    I said reporters knew more than what they wrote and I pointed to that day’s Wall Street journal editorial.

    The next thing I knew, a top White House aide was dead.

    Supposedly a suicide, but by about two years later it became pretty clear that most likely, he was really shot by the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, or someone acting under his authority, because he had attempted to blackmail him to pay for money for a lawyer. But he had forgotten about diplomatic immunity.

    The situation here is not the same, but still you may have cause to worry.

    We are not really that far away from a Perry Mason moment in this case.

    The difference in this case, is that case tghe die was cast. By the time Vincent Foster read my e-mail message, the FBI Director had already been fired and there was news he was going to hold a press conference on Thursday July 22, 1993.

    While in that case, they have not yet made any decision to have any further proceedings.

    It turned out that Sessions did not really understand very much. And I was not a Wall Street Journal reporter or editor or connected to it in any way like Vincent Foster might have thought. I never said I was.

    Nevertheless, this led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998 (because Clinton eciled both Loinda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky to the exact same office!

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  77. Best one I’ve seen was Chris Muir’s Day by Day cartoon from yesterday. The girls call the tip line to report a White Indonesian hanging around that big old house over on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    ropelight (d228fd)

  78. …and I hope you enjoy your (forthcoming) multiple audits from the IRS as well as the 24/7 auditing of all of you and your family’s email and telephone communication.

    Bill Dill (404343)

  79. The ACLU has also sent the DOJ an interesting letter.

    Might make for a worthy follow up.

    Dustin (b2a7b7)

  80. I love how they keep going back to ‘police are racist’ without actually showing how that has anything to do with someone who wasn’t in the police and wasn’t racist.

    Dustin (b2a7b7)

  81. gz lied his father lied olsterman lied his wife lied his brother lied all these lies dont mean nothing go to youtube and pull up what did gz really say goons or coons and tell me what he said coons the case was done when they didnt arrest him the night it happen

    kenny wilson (b4a20b)

  82. An amusingly incoherent comment. Is it in cursive?

    SPQR (768505)

  83. Cursive be old school, SPQR.

    nk (875f57)

  84. Loved the part about Carbonite boycotting itself. WTF were they thinking? That they were donating to keep Limbaugh on the air, or that they were advertising because it got them business? Heh-heh, because one heh is not enough.

    nk (875f57)

  85. That was the Captain Tupolev move.

    narciso (3fec35)

  86. narciso, don’t you have to pay Tom Clancy a royalty for that?

    askeptic (b8ab92)

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