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Zimmerman Closing Arguments Today

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Yesterday the prosecution gave its opening argument. Today the defense will argue and the prosecution will rebut. I have a feeling they will eat up the day with arguments. If that is right, any verdict (and I predict an acquittal, although you never know what a jury will do) will come next week and not this afternoon. But you never know.

Your Zimmerman comment thread is here. We’re now over 2000 comments, and I get $5 for every comment over 2000, so go contribute to the discussion!

Lois Lerner in 2009: “If we lose the public’s confidence in the sector, we’ve lost it all”

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A reader directs me to another unearthed quote from Lois Lerner, from this 2009 Wall Street Journal article:

Ms. Lerner urged charities to make certain governance practices public, to assure Americans they’re using their tax-exempt money appropriately. The tax-exempt sector’s stability “demands the public trust,” she said. “If we lose the public’s confidence in the sector, we’ve lost it all,” she said.

You could say the same thing about the IRS, Ms. Lerner.

P.S. The total lack of Big Media curiosity concerning Lerner has created a situation where newsworthy facts about Ms. Lerner and the way she ran her operation have not been reported since this scandal broke.


Keep an eye on this space in coming days. As usual, if Big Media won’t do its job, we’ll do it for them.

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