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Happy Canada Day

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Just under the wire.

I love America
Like I love my sister.

“I Can’t Allow a Hoax to Come to the Floor”

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John Boehner is getting criticism from leftists for even thinking about not holding a vote on amnesty without the support of a majority of his own party.

He need only remember one phrase, used by Nancy Pelosi when she refused to allow a vote on drilling: “I can’t allow a hoax to come to the floor.”

The immigration bill is a hoax. Claimed to “fix our broken immigration system,” it fixes nothing, but merely legalizes millions who have broken the law. Claimed to secure the border, it does not, as its proponents tacitly admit by refusing to give any teeth to border security requirements.

It is a hoax.

And John Boehner can’t allow a hoax to come to the floor.

We’re just playing by your rules, Nancy.

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