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Ted Cruz Calls for Eric Holder’s Resignation

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Love this guy.

Will Congress Make the Redskins Change Their Name?

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With a little legal arm-twisting: a threat to remove their trademark protection.

Weigh in below. But be warned: if you disagree with government pressuring a football team to change its name, you are a racist.

Shocking News from the L.A. Times: Tax Breaks Benefit Those Who Pay the Most Taxes

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Except they don’t tell you about the “paying the most taxes” part.

Prominently featured on this rag’s web site this morning is this story:

Tax breaks benefit rich households the most, report says

Tax breaks benefit U.S. households unevenly, with the top 1% receiving more than 17% of the savings in 2013.

Federal income tax breaks disproportionately benefit wealthier households, according to a report issued Wednesday that is certain to become ammunition in the budget battles as Congress debates the best ways to reduce Washington’s deficits.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the top 10 major tax breaks “are distributed unevenly across the income scale,” with the top 1% of households — those who make more than $450,000 a year — receiving more than 17% of the savings in 2013.

Absolutely nowhere in the story do they tell you that the top 1% of households pay 30% of the nation’s taxes. Which, you would think, would provide a little bit of perspective.

Paging the Koch brothers. I bet they would understand this.

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