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Stacy McCain on Cyberstalking

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Stacy McCain:

Bill Schmalfeldt is one of the strange characters in the troll army that has been harassing targets of the Kimberlin-Rauhauser Axis for the past several months. Schmalfeldt recently called attention to himself by cyberstalking me (see, “Pray for Ten Thousand Angels,” Nov. 23), but research shows that he has been at it since June.

McCain also notes in another post:

In July, Schmalfeldt created a Web site called “Big Damnation” which he promoted with a Twitter account called @DeadAndrew that mocked Breitbart as supposedly repenting his conservative “sins” (and denouncing his former colleagues) while suffering in Hell.

This is not a matter of dispute, by the way. Schmalfeldt has admitted it. Here is a screenshot of him annotating McCain’s post with marginalia boasting about his responsibility for the “Big Damnation” site, which Schmalfeldt thinks is a hoot:

I will note as well that Schmalfeldt has written several emails to the new District Attorney of Los Angeles County about me, claiming I have tweeted and emailed on the taxpayer dime. His claims have been laughably riddled with errors, only some of which he has admitted. The reason he’s doing it? It’s really no secret. Schmalfeldt openly tweeted, under his currently suspended “Liberal Grouch” handle, that his “investigations” (which are actually factually flawed harassment) are retaliation for people writing about Brett Kimberlin:

In other words, it’s more of the same. The idea is to intimidate all of us into silence.

I guess I can understand why it bothers them to have the attention. Brett Kimberlin has made it quite clear in his numerous court appearances that one of the most painful things he can possibly experience is to have negative things written about him. Every negative Google alert causes him to wince with psychic pain. And, ever since he and Neal Rauhauser and a small handful of others decided to harass Mandy Nagy and me and others for telling the truth about Kimberlin, they have seen an explosion of truthful and very negative publicity the likes of which they has not experienced for years.

They hate it. Neal Rauhauser was on a BlogTalkRadio program and sounded like a defeated man. In court audio, Kimberlin’s reedy voice whines that he can’t deal with seeing this publicity come in, day after day after day.

Evidently, they can’t see that they’re doing it to themselves.

Stacy ends one of his posts with this quote from Ace of Spades:

It is very easy to decide “this isn’t any of my trouble” and permit vicious behavior. . . . Who wants to get involved? Easier, and surely safer, just to duck one’s head and hide, and hope the danger visits someone else.

And Stacy adds:

Evil is persistent. Duck your head, shrug your shoulders — “Gosh, too bad what happened to Aaron Walker” — and never mind who will be visited next by this particular specimen of evil. Never mind what innocent person the monsters will choose to victimize, because nobody can be bothered to pay attention to what’s happening.

I’m genetically predisposed to care when bullies try to victimize innocent people. I can be bothered to pay attention.

I think you guys can too.

Evildoers: listen up. You are not going to run my life. And I am not going to spend every waking hour responding to your lies. I’ve come to realize that there is no point in worrying about the latest defamation from a tiny and already discredited band of liars. Put simply, I’m not going to spend my life obsessing over you — even if you insist on being obsessed with me. Unlike you, I have a life apart from the Internet.

That said, I am also not going away. And if I feel like setting the record straight on a particular point, and have the time and motivation to do so, I will.

Threats just give me something new to talk about. At a time of my choosing.

Do you folks understand that yet? You’ve tried to intimidate and threaten me for over two years now. No letter to my boss will stop me. No threat will stop me.

I’m not going away.

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