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Stacy McCain on Accusing the Accusers

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The post is titled Lying Felon Brett Kimberlin Scores a Draw in Maryland Hearing, but the key part is Stacy’s description of the Rauhauser/Kimberlin strategy of accusing the accusers:

It is genuinely amazing to think that anyone could read that 1981 article by Indianapolis Star reporter Joe Gelarden — please print it out and read the whole thing — without recognizing that Kimberlin’s characteristic modus operandi has scarcely changed in the past 30 years.

By accusing others of wrongdoing, Kimberlin seeks to evade responsibility for his own wrongdoing. What I’ve called the “accuse the accusers” strategy – which is also witnessed in the actions of Kimberlin’s associate Neal Rauhauser — looks very much like obstruction of justice.

. . . .

Kimberlin uses his own civil action against Allen as evidence to discredit Allen, thus to discourage Frey (or anyone else) from relying on Allen’s work. So when we see Kimberlin attempting to employ spurious legal complaints to discredit Aaron Walker, we know that eventually Kimberlin will accuse others of criminal wrongdoing because of their relationship (real or alleged) with Walker.

Accuse the accusers — and then use your own accusations as “evidence”!

I will immodestly point out that this is not a new observation; I pointed this out on March 27, 2012:

[P]erversely, threats against a blogger not only serve as an attempt to intimidate, but are used as a tool to delegitimize the blogger. Here’s how it works: if a blogger criticizes someone in the public eye, the anti-free speech thug simply attacks the blogger in real life. If the attack fails to intimidate him, the thug now has the argument that anything the blogger posts about the thug in the future is done out of “revenge.” Even though the thug is the one who made it personal, while the blogger was simply reporting on the news, the thug’s personal attack on the blogger now enables the thug to claim to be the victim of a personal attack.

This is how the thugs use their weapons of real life attacks: not just as intimidation, but as attempts to delegitimize. They also can report you to the authorities for made-up crimes and ethical lapses, and then describe you as being “under investigation.”

It’s all part of a playbook.

I put that up fully two months before I revealed my SWATting story publicly, but I knew what I was talking about and so did many other commenters here. You can see it in operation when Rauhauser sends a missive to the FBI describing me as being under investigation for “cyberstalking” Kimberlin, it gives some faux legitimacy to the idea that I’m a bad guy. Yet the only investigation is one that Rauhauser’s associate Kimberlin started — and it was filled with nonsense and lies.

They accuse you, and cite their accusations to delegitimize you.

Stacy also has an interview with Brandon Darby which is very important, and fits right in with the “accuse the accusers” strategy. McCain asks Darby about the Rauhauser crew’s claims that Darby is the SWATter, which is of course absurd. If Darby is right, these guys are very much on the ropes:

Some parts of this network never intended to receive this much attention. Now they are realizing they are likely going to face justice and get caught. It seems they are now engaging in a preemptive defense strategy where they are making public allegations focusing on someone connected to the FBI, so that when they get busted they can claim that they were close to “uncovering the truth” and their charges are nothing more than political retribution from the FBI or an effort from the FBI to silence them for “getting too close” to the truth.

See how it works? If they think you’re about to reveal something about them, they start accusing you first so they can portray your reveal as retaliation. If they are going after someone associated with the FBI, they may be trying to set up a pre-emptive defense in case they are arrested by the FBI. “You guys are prosecuting us because we were revealing the truth about your informant Darby!” Something like that.

Viewed this way, their accusations against Darby may suggest they are worried about federal prosecution.

McCain is on fire these days, as these posts show. Bookmark him and stay glued to his site.

42 Responses to “Stacy McCain on Accusing the Accusers”

  1. That interview with Darby is really, really good.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  2. Montgomery County is out of power so Kimberlin probably can’t access the internet for the time being. 🙂

    Kaitian (20f354)

  3. I certainly think that the Brett Kimberlin crime family is on the verge of success colony collapse.

    But I can’t tell how much of that is based on wishful thinking. And certainly, no one should underestimate the virulence with which these vicious thugs can lash out when they are feeling cornered. Its been decades, but the last time Kimberlin felt really cornered, people were maimed and killed.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  4. “… success colony collapse …” should read “colony collapse disorder”. These damn fingers ruined a fine pun.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  5. teh daze of Summer
    lying felon brett kimberlin
    Rat For All Seasons

    Colonel Haiku (c48af0)

  6. BTW – is flipping someone the bird not considered free speech in Maryland. The BU (not BK) site is alleging that the peace order given to Norton was granted was because Kimberlin flipped him the bird, which in Maryland is not considered free speech.

    Seems strange but then again given what has happened previously I put nothing past the courts in Maryland.

    Joe (c21991)

  7. “See how it works? If they think you’re about to reveal something about them, they start accusing you first so they can portray your reveal as retaliation.”

    That is a common tactic of the Democrats at all levels. They even do that in normal daily politics. Whenever I hear some out of the blue accusation being leveled against Republicans, that is generally my tip-off that the Democrats are doing whatever it is they are accusing the Republicans of.

    A recent example was “Republicans don’t care about dead Mexicans” from Bill Maher. It absolutely turns things around 180 degrees.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  8. This is great work, Patrick. I posted on this as well: “‘Accuse the Accusers’: How It Works”. But I’ll get you linked up in an update. Thanks.

    Donald Douglas (@AmPowerBlog) (c33a1d)

  9. HB Gary figures in the narrative about ‘Anonymous’
    that Wired swallowed whole in their most recent piece

    narciso (ee31f1)

  10. crosspatch #7 – some of us have been pointing out that the Democrats, while still being amazingly blindly the Progressive Party,are more and more accurately able to be called the Projective Party … they project their own Democrat beliefs on those who oppose them …

    Alasdair (2cd241)

  11. “they project their own Democrat beliefs on those who oppose them …”

    I think there is more to it than that. For example, by Maher saying those very words, he actually got in front of the Republicans using that exact meme about Democrats going into the election season. Basically you accuse your opponent of doing exactly what you yourself are doing before they have any traction with their story. You have the “media megaphone” so Maher’s comments would be (and were) widely reported (read it on the front page of the SF Chronicle site, in fact).

    It basically snatches your opponent’s argument right out of their mouth. And the Democrats coordinate things so when something like that is said, it gets broadcast in a bazillion papers on the same day. Republicans don’t have a PR operation or network of friendly newspapers and journalists even approaching that.

    What I would rather see some rich casino tycoon do rather than give money to some PAC is buy up a bunch of newspapers and TV stations to counter the libs. Maybe someone to challenge Brian Roberts (hosted Obama at Martha’s Vinyard) as head of Comcast (owns NBC).

    Until the political right starts buying media properties, we are sunk. The left owns them all including the social programming of kids that comes out of the studios and additional social programming of kids by owning the teachers’ unions.

    It isn’t just projection, it is a very important part of the game. By making sure that the first time most people heard “don’t care about dead Mexicans” that it was said about Republicans makes any Republican comeback sound like juvenile “no, YOU are” back and forth.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  12. Brandon Darby is hated by leftists because of his role in helping law enforcement arrest two Texas anarchists for making and possessing Molotov cocktails at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Darby was a well-known liberal so this was seen as a betrayal that leftists could neither forgive nor forget.

    PBS aired a documentary in 2011 about this story. The documentary painted Brandon Darby as the “charismatic older activist” who led two younger men — David McKay and Bradley Crowder — into a trap. Both McKay and Crowder pled guilty to federal charges and were sentenced to 4 and 2 years, respectively. At his sentencing, McKay admitted it was not Brandon Darby’s idea to make Molotov cocktails.

    This view that Darby entrapped and/or betrayed other leftists is typical of liberal publications like the Austin Chronicle (The Informant. Revolutionary to Rat: The Uneasy Journey of Brandon Darby) and the New York Times, which painted Darby as entrapping others but had to issue a correction after Darby sued. If you want more examples of how much leftists hate Darby, just Google “Brandon Darby” and “indymedia” — but I’m not going to link them here.

    On the other hand, media like the Daily Caller presented Darby as a law enforcement hero so it doesn’t surprise me to see Darby selected as the person leftists want to target. Not only was he hated after his “betrayal” at the 2008 Republican Convention, but also because he became a friend of Andrew Breitbart. Which brings us full circle, doesn’t it?

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  13. Like Conrad Black, btw whatever happened to him,

    narciso (ee31f1)

  14. Apparently Kimberlin was a player in the whole “Diebold” story concerning electronic voting.,9171,1574161-1,00.html

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  15. “…And the Democrats coordinate things so when something like that is said, it gets broadcast in a bazillion papers on the same day…”
    That’s what the Administration Press is for.

    AD-RtR/OS! (2bb434)

  16. The AP was actually designed to disseminate war news during the Spanish-American war, I think, maybe it was the Mexican War, I don’t remember but it was some war or another.

    What has happened, though, is that the content of the AP is only an aggregate of its member papers though staff writers do produce SOME of the content, most if it comes from member papers.

    Journalism schools have been doing a pretty good job of filtering the grads for “progressives”, too.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  17. AP, McClatchy, Reuters, AFP, six of one. . .

    narciso (ee31f1)

  18. Pathological liars do this when caught. We depend on the legal system to protect the general population from this extreme behavior. When a political party engages and retains this type of personality then looks the other way, it is a time where corruption grows. The problem multiplies manifold times. It taints people like Barbara Streisand, George Soros, and those who dismiss the issue like a O’reilly or a limbaugh. All of these people have higher priorities than individual liberties.

    scable (40a8c6)

  19. UPI is still around and isn’t as wacko as the others.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  20. In Stacy McCain’s interview, Brandon Darby explained why the New York Times and other major media haven’t covered the SWATting story:

    The story seems complicated until you put it into the historical perspective it exists within. Then it is quite simple. Left media doesn’t cover the story because many of them are involved with the networks of operatives we are discussing.

    Does this include the New York Times’ Jennifer Preston who reported on Weinergate?

    By the way, New York media thinks Anthony Weiner has started his comeback tour.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  21. “By the way, New York media thinks Anthony Weiner has started his comeback tour.”

    I saw that. I think they’re just running his underwear up the flagpole and seeing if anyone salutes.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  22. Preston, have moved on to SB 1070, and the Zimmerman case, what could go wrong;

    narciso (ee31f1)

  23. UPI…(Wiki):

    “…In 2000, UPI was purchased by News World Communications, an international news media company which was founded in 1976 by Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon.[6][7]…”

    AD-RtR/OS! (2bb434)

  24. Yes, and it was previously partly owned by a Saudi prince, at the time Helen Thomas saw no problem with it.

    narciso (ee31f1)

  25. “In 2000, UPI was purchased by News World Communications, an international news media company which was founded in 1976 by Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon.”

    So. I’m not seeing any indication that they are having any impact on content. And why is that somehow worse than AP or Reuters? Heck NewsCorp has a large ownership position by a Saudi. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. People still watch Fox.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  26. Because we said so;

    In 1988, Vázquez Raña sold UPI to Infotechnology Inc. an information technology and venture capital company and parent company of cable TV’s Financial News Network, both headed by Earl Brian, who also became UPI chairman.[4] In early 1991, Infotechnology filed for bankruptcy, announced layoffs at UPI and sought to terminate certain employee benefits in an attempt to keep UPI afloat. At that point, UPI was down to 585 employees.[5][17] Later that year, UPI filed for bankruptcy, asking for relief from $50 million in debt so that it could be sale-able.[17] In 1992, a group of Saudi investors, ARA Group International (AGI), bought the bankrupt UPI for $4 million.

    narciso (ee31f1)

  27. Eh, I still use them. Seems everyone has an excuse for everything. I’d rather use them when I can than use AP or Reuters.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  28. I was being sarcastic, de Borchgrave seems to have gone off the reservation, Sieff is pretty good all told.

    narciso (ee31f1)

  29. Yeah, I don’t listen much to what deB writes. Don’t even read it. They do sometimes have some interesting stuff, though.

    DeB probably can’t get anyone else to publish his stuff.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  30. Getting back to the thread, Austin wasn’t that where the Governor’s mansion went ablaze, and
    isn’t it curious that the local anarchists are so supportive of events elsewhere.

    narciso (ee31f1)

  31. Year 276 of the Great Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory.

    Not Likely (3993b6)

  32. Accusing opponents is a powerful tactic, and when it’s trumpeted by multiple MSM outlets it’s almost always too late to counter the damage effectively. The most naked example comes from the Journolista who recommended Alinsky’s underhanded rule of picking a target, isolating it, and calling the victim a racist.

    We’ve seen it over and over and we’ll see it again and again in this year’s election campaigns. Successful businessmen are vulture capitalists, accomplished GOP women are stupid skanks and bad mothers, senior citizens opposed to higher taxes are terrorists, conservatives are bitter clingers.

    The Left uses accusation, and widespread repetition because it works, and they’ll keep doing it, and they’ll do to your face unless you’re willing to knock ’em on their ass. Short of that you could start wearing a dress.

    ropelight (a71866)

  33. I would note that anti-nukes have used the same tactic for years.

    Anti-nukes often state in one filing (or letter) that certain NRC or industry positions had been critized previously. When the thread gets pulled, it generally turns out to be the same individual or group. My favorite was when one anti-nuke wrote: “It has been said ….” only for it turn out that the only one who had ever said it before was that same person.

    jim2 (a9ab88)

  34. @ropelight: The internet gives me hope, provided the gov’t is unable to seize control of it. They keep nibbling.

    Phillep Harding (1b8b26)

  35. @jim2 – Stalin wrote like that, too: “As is well known” was a favorite of his.

    The technique is not new, but it’s fascinating how often and effectively Kimberlin and Rauhauser and their associates use it.

    Dianna (f12db5)

  36. @Dianna, might be we have a better documentation than was the rule in the past. Considering it would work best when people were least aware of what was going on…? (And, considering how easy it was at times in the past to get away with tracking someone down and taking a horse whip to him.)

    Fascinating how Patterico and others are putting this together.

    Phillep Harding (1b8b26)

  37. And, considering how easy it was at times in the past to get away with tracking someone down and taking a horse whip to him.

    Emma Goldman did that once. She was about 21 or so, and some socialist speaker condemned her boyfriend for trying to assassinate Carnegie.

    No matter what else I think about her, that was magnificent.

    Dianna (f12db5)

  38. I knew it. Kimberlin was an Earth Shoe freak.

    Neo (d1c681)

  39. This is like the Underpants Gnomes from South Park.

    1. Be complete assholes.
    2. ???
    3. PROFIT!!

    What’s in stage two?

    Chants (67ba16)

  40. Actually that was Frick not Carnegie, and she was also blamed for McKinley’s assasin, Cgoltz

    narciso (ee31f1)

  41. **edit [I’ve committed the error the the unattributed “this”. When I said “this”, I meant the apparent campaign of lawfare and SWAT-ing perpetrated by Bret “Ernst Röhm” Kimberlin and his associates}.

    Chants (67ba16)

  42. More “ let’s make stuff up about our opponents” – unsubstantiated comments about Ali being bisexual and soliciting on an adult website and being Rove’s secret lover. Oh for cryin out loud. No PROOF no FACTS and an Attorney STUPID enough to put this in a letter.

    And then this idiots unabashed support of Kimberlin Which was gleefully reposted in it’s entirety on the Breibart Unmasked site.

    And the blog authors byline “The legal schnauzer will scale all obstacles in pursuit of truth and justice” I would laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    Jessica (c21991)

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