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Jay Carney: We’re Really Sorry Fast and Furious Resulted in the Death of That American Agent, You Know, What’s His Face

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Thanks to The Hope for America.

SEIU Loses In Supreme Court

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I would have thought this is obvious, but apparently it took a Supreme Court decision to say that unions can’t force members to pay for political activity they disagree with:

The Supreme Court today rejected, on First Amendment grounds, the idea that government-employee unions can charge non-members for political activities, even if they refund the money later.

The Court, in an opinon by Justice Samuel Alito, held that employees can be required to pay dues in exchange for the benefits they get from collective bargaining, but can’t be forced to effectively lend money to the union for political activities they disagree with. It was a blow to the Service Employees International Union, which first tried to make the case moot by offering refunds, and then argued it would be too difficult to get the assent of non-members before launching a campaign to defeat legislation it considered a threat to its existence.

Having the Supreme Court not be controlled by a bunch of liberal bozos is important.

Brett Kimberlin’s Planned Lawfare for the Summer?

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June 11, 2012:

When Aaron Walker was represented by a pro bono lawyer, Brett Kimberlin told that pro bono lawyer that he (Kimberlin) planned to file a RICO lawsuit against Aaron, me, Liberty Chick, and others.

I think I found the lawyer who is planning to serve as their hired gun.

Here is an exchange between Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser and Jay Leiderman. Leiderman is the lawyer for Nadia Naffe. Kimberlin associates, including Neal Rauhauser, arranged to have Naffe sue me and my boss Steve Cooley as a speech-squelching harassment technique.

Much more about that to come.

Anyway, here is Neal talking to Leiderman about a RICO lawsuit:

Is that what Occupy Rebellion said was coming our way this summer?

I bet it is.

This lawfare will never, ever stop until someone puts a stop to it — in a legally sound and morally defensible manner.

Some court is going to have to tell Brett Kimberlin that he is not allowed to shut up his critics by using the courts.

You read it here first.

UPDATE: This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: if you are following Kimberlin; or going to his house; or taking pictures of him; or calling him; or emailing him; or publishing his home address; or contacting him or harassing in any way, you are a) an idiot and b) doing this without my blessing. Such idiotic actions are the last thing I want, as I have said many times.

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