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Holder Headed Towards a Contempt Vote Tomorrow on Fast and Furious

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Boehner doesn’t want it to happen. It might make him cry.

But it looks like Issa’s talking about standing tall. I hope he manages to, despite the opposition of the weak-willed people in so-called “leadership.”

Marco Rubio Not Being Vetted for VP: UPDATE: Romney Says “Yeah I Am!”

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Seems odd to me. He seems like the obvious best VP candidate.

Why the leak now? A Jeb Bush adviser lays out the possibilities:

“Either we’re being punked and he is being vetted and they are trying to create the element of surprise, or someone has an ax to grind with him, or he’s not being vetted and someone wants him to be,” she said.

I’m thinking the last one.

UPDATE: Romney says he is too vetting Rubio.

Who knows what’s true?

Andrea Mitchell: We “Didn’t Have a Chance” to Tell the Truth About Romney’s WaWa Comments

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Yesterday, JD highlighted some deceptive editing by Andrea Mitchell, regarding Mitt Romney’s comments about buying sandwiches at a place called “Wa Wa’s.”

Here are the WaWa videos in case you missed just how deceptive this was. First, the Big Media version, in which Romney is clueless about the WaWa way of selling sandwiches:

And now, the actual context, in which we get to see that Mitt Romney was making a point — contrasting the convenience of private industry, which results from competititon, with the bureaucracy of the noncompetitive federal government, which causes people to fill out 33-page forms to change their addresses:

Today, Andrea Mitchell deceptively responds to the controversy over her deceptive editing. Her defense: we didn’t have a chance to portray the clip in a fair manner with full context!

When I first heard about this, I went through three stages of reaction:

1. That deception is an outrage!

2. Who cares if Romney didn’t know about WaWa whatever?

3. This is all they got? We’re gonna win, aren’t we?

Racist Interrupts President

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This wouldn’t have happened if Reagan had been white.

Background here. Via Ace. First highlighted by JD here.

P.S. In case you hadn’t noticed, JD has agreed to post interesting items here to try to keep content fresh. Thank JD for doing this when you get a chance.

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