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Brett Kimberlin-Associated Site Breitbart Unmasked Claims to Take the “High Road”

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I will not link the post, as the “Breitbart Unmasked” site is not a site where you should go without protection.* However, let me quote this hilarious language:

I have studied the issues that the conservative right wing has with posting of personal information and or address information associated with the stories we do, and have come to the conclusion that this is not what we here at BU are all about. In the case of Ali Akbar, the posting of his business address was not meant to attack him, nor was it meant to have others attack him. It was meant to show a business address and how that company was operating. It would be no different than posting a business building or a business address of any other corporate entity. It was in that light that BU posted that information. It was not meant to harm him or cause him undue stress either. It was a post meant to show the youthfulness of the people involved in the National Bloggers Club, and to show that they did not seem to have their shit together when opening or operating their business. It was an opinion piece, not an attack piece. Of course the right wing spins it as if its meant to attack him, and that simply is untrue. The right wingers have always operated on the assumption that left wing liberals will not engage in attacks or will not defend itself against partisan attacks from right wingers. The joke has always been if a right winger punches a left winger the left winger will turn the other cheek. Thus, I find it hard to believe that Ali Akbar would think that any liberal left wingers would use his business address to attack him personally. It would be the same if one posted his office address if that address was in a building. Just because someone posted it doesn’t mean that it was meant to attack him personally.

Lil’ ol’ innocent Breitbart Unmasked.

I guess they must have gotten a fierce backlash due to their constant harassment of people by publishing their private information.

Like the time the site published a surreptiously taken low-angle picture of Aaron Walker, apparently taken in a courthouse without his knowledge.

But I would just like to focus on a particular post that really got my attention. It is a Breitbart Unmasked post that delved into marriage and divorce records of a commenter of mine, complete with a picture of the commenter’s house.

They have taken the post down, but I have all the screenshots. Of course, I am not going to post them here. My commenter deserves some level of privacy. However, he has authorized me to publish this generalized account of the post designed to terrorize him. And yes, it was intended to terrorize. There can be no innocent explanation for what you’re about to read.

The post opens with a picture of my commenter and his full name. It details information about where he supposedly works. It continues with information about a petition he supposedly signed. It then goes on to post information about the commenter’s marriage, the name of his wife, and links to divorce records. Then the post goes on to list the job title of the commenter’s father as well as past cities in which the commenter’s father has lived and worked.

The post then has a picture, from Google Street View, of the commenter’s home.

Let me just say that again:

Breitbart Unmasked posted a picture of the home of one of my commenters.

A later tweet by Breitbart Unmasked stated (I am closely paraphrasing): “I wonder what [redacted] thinks about all this lol.” The part I have redacted is the name of my commenter’s father. It is an unusual name and Breitbart Unmasked was clearly throwing it out there as a threat.

Again, this is treatment received by a commenter of mine.

But no, Breitbart Unmasked — supporter of Brett Kimberlin, and clearly in close contact with him — never intended to attack anyone! My lands, no! It’s the furthest thing from their minds!

Absolute, rotten scum — and close Brett Kimberlin associate.

Weird how those go hand in hand.

*As evidence that you should not go to Breitbart Unmasked without a proxy, you need only look at these tweets from the blog’s proprietor:

Note that these tweets were published after the decision to take the “high road.”

I’d hate to see what they think the “low road” is.

UPDATE: More on the low road from Stacy McCain. By the way: ignore the update about a SWATting suspect. It does not sound like the SWATter and in my opinion this angle convolutes the story. Keep in mind that Rauhauser himself is pushing the notion that the SWATter is some anonymous “beandog.” That alone should make you suspicious.

UPDATE x2: I think it’s worth noting that some of the most outrageous stuff never even gets reported, because it’s so outrageous that people don’t want it reported. Trust me on this: there is thuggery a’plenty that you haven’t even heard about, and certain Big Media reporters are scared to write about Kimberlin for fear of retribution.

No joke.

David Axelrod: It Sure Does Look Stupid for a President to Talk About a Bad Economy from the Golf Course!

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I can’t top Allahpundit’s typically amusing introduction:

Via BuzzFeed, enjoy as one of the masterminds of Hopenchange kneecaps his future self not once but twice in a 61-second span. Turns out it’s a bad idea to try to B.S. the public with economic optimism when they’re not feeling optimistic, and it’s a really bad idea to try to do it when you’re known for spending your leisure time engaged in the ultimate stereotypical rich-guy pastime. Eighteen years, a catastrophic global recession, and 100 rounds of golf later, here we are.

Axelrod’s likely defense: “Wasn’t me. Check out the caption on the clip. That is clearly some other person named ‘David Axelron.'”

Obama Outraged He Is Being Blamed for Large Deficits

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Push the Big Lie as often as possible:

The president also said that Republicans, not Democrats, caused the current budget crisis. “I love listening to these guys give us lectures about debt and deficits. I inherited a trillion dollar deficit!” he said. Obama compared Republicans to a person who orders a steak dinner and martini and then, “just as you’re sitting down, they leave, and accuse you of running up the tab.”

This seems like fuzzy math to me. I guess he’s including the TARP loans that were repaid? Is he including his own stimulus in Bush’s numbers?

Any way you slice it, blaming the current huge deficits on Bush is a joke. And nobody’s laughing.

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