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Stacy McCain on Neal Rauhauser

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Many people have asked: if all this is about Brett Kimberlin, where does Mike Stack fit in? Why was he swatted?

I can’t answer such questions definitively. But it might help the interested reader to review some background reading on Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser by Robert Stacy McCain.

One of the weirder episodes began in January 2012, when Rauhauser started warning that Feb. 6 would be “Kookpocalypse.” Exactly what this signified to Rauhauser, nobody knew. The warnings were sufficiently ominous, however, to cause Aaron Walker to seek a peace order against Rauhauser — who, as previously noted, had declared in September 2010 that he was now armed with a Glock pistol.

I remember this well. Rauhauser had several sites with a countdown clock to February 6, including one called “Kookpocalyse” and other sites linked to his name:

The Kookpocalypse site included a video of a simulated beheading:

There were train maps with Aaron Walker’s hometown of Manassas, Virginia and Seth Allen’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. Given Rauhauser’s past comments (as “Iowa Boy”) talking about the need for Republicans to be killed for the greater good, together with the simulated beheading video and the countdown clock, Rauhauser’s ominous web site created valid cause for concern.

After Aaron Walker went to court to get a peace order based on the site, Rauhauser sent me and others an email titled “Aaron Walker murder/suicide risk” that said, among other things:

Given Walker’s state of mind I would say his wife might find him hanging in the garage tonight when she gets home from work. Another possible outcome would be a two digit body count from some mosque in Virginia after Aaron goes full tilt Jared Loughner on the congregation. Someone who knows his wife or real world associates in Virginia should take steps to get him hospitalized before something grim happens.

My emphasis. Note the reference to Aaron’s wife. Bringing spouses into the harassment is a common tactic with this crowd.

Rauhauser also called me at work and left a voice mail saying similar things. In a future post I’ll play you that audio file. Back to McCain:

Mike Stack at his Crying Wolfe blog and Seth Allen at DFQ2 both blogged about the “Kookpocalypse” at the time, and it appears that all it involved was Rauhauser publishing a document called, “Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?” This is one of the most incomprehensible paranoid ravings you’re ever likely to see, but I’ll try to make sense of it:

The unwanted attention that Stack is directing toward me and others is the latest episode in an eighteen month long running conflict between what appears to be a loose group of right wing activists, but there may be much more to it than that.

This “eighteen month long running conflict,” at least in Rauhauser’s fevered brain, evidently encompasses a great many things that aren’t actually related — except in Rauhauser’s fevered brain. He accuses Stack of harassing four people:

Neal Rauhauser – Montgomery County, MD
Brett Kimberlin – Montgomery County, MD
Diana Grandmason – Tampa, FL
“Darrah Ford” – western Boston suburbs

Who is “Darrah Ford”? And who is Diana Grandmason? I don’t know, nor can I explain why Rauhauser includes these people as his fellow victims of Stack’s alleged harassment.

Darrah Ford is an anonymous porn blogger who had a years-long running feud with Mike Stack on message boards related to the adult industry. My knowledge of Grandmason is very superficial, but I believe she has been an actress in the adult industry who (like Ford) crusades against aspects of the industry.

As you can see from reading the document referenced, Rauhauser had a deep animus towards Stack. And he claimed that Stack was “harassing” certain people, including Brett Kimberlin. Moreover, he connected that to Weinergate. Rauhauser states in the document that one of the reasons Stack allegedly harassed Kimberlin and himself was that “Rauhauser wrote extensively about Stack, Frey, Bloom, and their fabrications regarding former Congressman Anthony Weiner.”

So you can see that from reading Rauhauser’s paranoid rant that, in Neal Rauhauser’s mind, there is a connection between me and Mike Stack (the two swatting victims from 2011), our alleged fabrications about Anthony Weiner, and our alleged harassment of Brett Kimberlin.

Remember that Rauhauser is Kimberlin’s associate and was present at the recent hearing where Aaron Walker was arrested.

Are things starting to make more sense?

McCain further describes the contents of Rauhauser’s screed:

On Page 2, Rauhauser names Stack’s alleged accomplices, some of whose names I recognize — Allen, Walker, and Patrick “Patterico” Frey – as well as two I never heard of, Douglas Stewart and Sean Tompkins. Rauhauser names four others as “directly contributing” to Stack’s alleged menace: Patrick Read and Michelle Lessick (both of who were involved in busting Rauhauser’s “beandog” operation), as well as Mandy Nagy, who wrote the 3,600-word expose of Kimberlin’s criminal past, and another writer, Thomas Ryan.

On Page 3, Rauhauser tries to cobble together a motive for why all these people are conspiring to harass him and others. Among other things, he says: “Rauhauser has drafted, made public, but not filed a libel suit against Lessick for the 2010 Twittergate smear.” In other words, he calls Lessick a liar, but isn’t willing to take it to court.

On Page 4, Rauhauser describes 530 megabytes of “data” he has “provided” — to whom? to law enforcement? — about various elements of the conspiracy against him . . .

Yes, to law enforcement. At the time, Rauhauser sent copies of his screed against me, Stack, Allen, Nagy, Walker, and others to Boston police and the FBI in Baltimore. He took pictures of the addressed packages:

I alluded to this in my large post, under the category “Frivolous claims of criminal wrongdoing”:

Rauhauser compiled a large packet of defamatory material accusing me, Walker, Nagy, and others of participating in criminal activity, and said he had sent it to state police in New Jersey and the FBI in Baltimore. He made the entire packet available as a torrent.

That packet is the CD contained in the packages pictured above.

Again, there is so much that we have experienced and documented over the last year or so, that there is no way to get it out in one post. I thank Stacy McCain for his energy in documenting the involvement of Neal Rauhauser in all this.

There is much more to come.

48 Responses to “Stacy McCain on Neal Rauhauser”

  1. I hope this begins to clarify where Stack fits in. It’s not that he wrote about Kimberlin. It’s that Rauhauser hates his guts.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  2. When did Mike Stack ever “harass” Kimberlin? Or is this just a figment of Rauhauser’s twisted imagination?

    Robert Stacy McCain (e8c082)

  3. Stacy,

    Hopefully by now it’s clear: you don’t have to actually harass this crowd to be accused of harassment by this crowd.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  4. I hope Patrick responds to the questions about Kent Gibson’s credentials raised in this Volokh Conspiracy comment.

    leo marvin (45619c)

  5. There is a brief Youtube video (which you can find with “Kookcopalypse”) showing Neal Rauhauser standing in a city street, saying that he looks forward to coming back on Kookcopalypse and watching things “implode”.

    Glen Wishard (88ea55)

  6. Maybe you can’t find it with that; here is the link:

    Glen Wishard (88ea55)

  7. Even in 2012, Rauhauser is repeating the lie in his screed that BK was cleared of his bombing conviction. Dishonesty runs deep in this crowd.

    Who is the Bloom person mentioned early on?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  8. So many outrages committed by these people it’s hard to keep track. Neal should be in jail for his Kookpocalypse stunt alone.

    Noodles (3681c4)

  9. who can argue with 530 megabytes of data

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  10. While I may not agree with everything this commenter on Lee’s site has to say about Rauhauser and his tactics (or politics in general)… there’s some good food for thought here.

    Auntie Fraud (2f38aa)

  11. The names of Ford and Tompkins also came up in the almost epic Porn Wikileaks conflagration. Maybe you should look there.

    skippystalin (33fd1d)

  12. Diana is also known as Desi Foxx. She was a name that came up during Weinergate. Her daughter was/is a porn star too. Went by last name Foxx, but don’t remember the first name. They worked on films together as in the very same films. Triple Ick. Darrah Ford had vicious fights with them too.

    Elle (58dce3)

  13. If Neal is Darrah Ford, the connections make plausible sense. Neal had issues with all of them. Maybe He Who Shall Not Be Named operated as Neal’s enforcer via the legal angle.

    I thought I read somewhere that Neal and HWSNBN live at the same address. I think I read that at Mike’s blog.

    Elle (58dce3)

  14. “If Neal is Darrah Ford, the connections make plausible sense.”

    Elle – Is Neal gender confuzzled or just effed up in general?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  15. Both. Lots of gender issues amongst the Anonymous/hacker group in general. He has admitted publicly to having Asperger’s disorder.

    From the medical websites:

    “People with Asperger’s syndrome typically have trouble with the kind of social skills involved in making and sustaining friendships. Their lack of understanding of social cues may cause them to behave in inappropriate ways, such as violating personal space, interrupting conversations, or having trouble understanding when they have hurt others’ feelings.

    While individuals with Asperger’s syndrome may report that they want to have friends, they may not understand the true meaning of friendship for others. For example, they may believe they have many friends or believe that anyone they know is their friend.

    Persons with Asperger’s syndrome may also be confused about the emotional aspects of friendship, such as sharing and helping. It may be difficult for them to break away from their own interests and obsessions in order to listen to others’ needs and opinions.”

    Elle (58dce3)

  16. One of the things that can be jarring to someone reading these materials is the way in which there are fabrications embedded in the ravings of Rauhauser / Brynaert / Kimberlin that appear to make no sense at all.

    One of the weird things that can be almost breathtaking is the way in these sociopaths will lie about things that seem to be unimportant, or irrelevant. You’ll see it in the transcript Patterico has posted below. BK bizarrely lies about things that are obvious.

    Its because most people in trouble lie about what has them in trouble at the moment. But these walking chapters of DSM IV lie constantly, about everything. No matter how unimportant, no matter that a truthful retelling would not harm their current tale. They just have to keep lying. Something makes them. I think, and its just my lousy amateur psychology, that their internal dialogue is constantly lying about reality to maintain the internal justifications they tell themselves for their conduct. And it causes a great deal of frustration obviously, as one wants to challenge them on every lie.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  17. 1. Asperger’s Syndrome was first identified in the 1940s. In the presence of this disease a person can not empathize, he has no idea that other people have feelings too.

    2. People suffering from Aspergers syndrome often exhibit unmotivated cruelty. For example, they may beat other people, not even suspecting that make them feel pain.

    3. Many prominent psychiatrists believe that many criminals are probably suffering Asperger’s syndrome. They say, that these people do not purposely demonstrate antisocial behavior – it’s just the way their brain works. Therefore, they should be treated as mentally ill people, and not to be jailed for the offense. Patients with Asperger’s syndrome should be treated in the same way as people with kleptomania and pyromania. Their actions are criminal, but intentions aren’t.

    4. Besides the lack of ability to love and feel love for themselves from others, such people almost can not maintain social relationships. Attempts to communicate with Asperger’s patients closer usually fail.

    Elle (58dce3)

  18. The triple threat of Ron/Neal/HeWhoShallNotBeNamed makes me think they all have it. They all obsess. Maybe they are their own support group.

    Elle (58dce3)

  19. it is apparent
    dealing with some sick puppies
    their own little world

    Colonel Haiku (37a9a6)

  20. Dear Patterico, I’m too confused for words.

    I’m reading your posts, RSM’s posts, anyone’s posts, as guides to Rauhauser’s rant. I still have no idea what this man thinks he’s doing, showing or proving.

    Seriously, Rauhauser has departed from reality. Were he not maliciously inclined and associated with convicted perjurer and bomber Brett Kimberlin, I would just point and laugh. As it is, my remaining questions are: who’s running the asylum? and: is there a responsible adult anywhere in this mix?

    Dianna (f12db5)

  21. who can argue with 530 megabytes of data

    Comment by happyfeet — 6/3/2012 @ 2:30 pm

    I wonder whose bottom-left-desk drawer this is sitting in, unopened?

    Pious Agnostic (ee2c24)

  22. If you read much of Darrah’s work, you see the same obsessions and intentional unmotivated cruelty toward others. Darrah made many enemies just like Neal does. Have you checked out OccupyRebellion’s twitter timeline? Exhibit A for obsessive behavior and intentional unmotivated cruelty. That’s why I think they are all Neal because he has stated publicly he as Asperger’s and all these evil characters behave like they have it too.

    Elle (58dce3)

  23. Elle, where do you get your aspergers cites?

    A pervasive developmental disorder, Asperger syndrome is distinguished by a pattern of symptoms rather than a single symptom. It is characterized by qualitative impairment in social interaction, by stereotyped and restricted patterns of behavior, activities and interests, and by no clinically significant delay in cognitive development or general delay in language.[27] Intense preoccupation with a narrow subject, one-sided verbosity, restricted prosody, and physical clumsiness are typical of the condition, but are not required for diagnosis.

    jd2 (40a8c6)

  24. The definition of a sociopath fits both rauhaser and kimberlin better than the definition of a form of autism spectrum disorders.

    jd2 (40a8c6)

  25. There seems to be little difference between the observable behavior between sociopaths and aspergers, but Neal has owned up to having Aspergers. Why do you debate a different diagnosis? I don’t trust Wiki (see earlier manipulation by HWSNBN’s entry). I just googled asperbergers and hit the first two sites. I am not advocating he has something. I’m just researching what he said he had.

    Elle (58dce3)

  26. Does it matter one iota if Rauhauser and his 87 personalities and identities self-identify as Aspies?

    JD (92e1b0)

  27. There are some people in mental health who believe that Asberger’s is related to autism. Many very bright people who have trouble with relationships have Asberger’s. It’s part of a spectrum.

    Mike_K (326cba)

  28. In my experience, those in the Aspberger’s spectrum seldom make successful con artists. Which is why I don’t buy that as an explanation for anything beyond Neal.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  29. SPQR,

    You should read Hervey Cleckley’s The Mask of Sanity (though your comment reveals that you very likely have read it.) Everyone who has to deal with the freaks under discussion should read it. I believe that book is the granddaddy of the modern literature on psychopaths, and IMHO it’s the most informative. Amazing that according to Amazon the book is out of print (and the used copies listed are not cheap), but I guess there’s still the library.

    Brian (2bd7d2)

  30. Wow. Google The Mask of Sanity: An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues About the So Called Psychopathic Personality without quotation marks around it, and it’s available as a PDF at the very first link. Do the same with quotations and it’s available as the third link. I know jack about copyright law, but I vaguely recall from somewhere that there’s some analog with the doctrine of abandonment regarding physical chattels; and it looks like whoever holds – or used to hold – the copyright might have done just that. But maybe I’m thinking of trademarks.

    Brian (2bd7d2)

  31. That these people haven’t been ostracized already illustrates the folly of the Left’s attitude, which has progressed to the point that your behavior matters little if your politics are on the “correct” side, no matter how extreme.

    The real story here isn’t that a handful of sociopaths can get away with harassment and intimidation of anyone they don’t like, as real and harmful as that is to their victims. The real story is that today’s Democratic Party embraces sociopaths so warmly.

    Estragon (ec6a4b)

  32. Re: Asperger’s.

    Don’t nobody wet their pants laughing but me and Albert E. are aspies. There is no causal connection between these sickos and aspergers.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  33. Try borderline personality. BK’s attraction to pre-pubescent girls, and for that matter, his immediate proximity to Burning Tree Elementary on the western centerline of Bethesda are a real concern.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  34. 30. Indeed, sociopathy is almost a feature of liberalism, e.g., Mrs. Butterworth, Fauxcahontas, another candidate for borderline diagnosis is signally an emotional abuser.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  35. In my experience, ass-burger syndrome is used as an excuse by the lazy and sociopathic to not learn social mores. Why inconvenience yourself with courtesy when you have a ready-made, romantic-sounding excuse?

    “It’s on the Autism Spectrum!” So is perfectly normal behavior; it’s a spectrum.

    Rob Crawford (d8dade)

  36. jd
    Does it matter one iota if Rauhauser and his 87 personalities and identities self-identify as Aspies?

    he could be both. but he could also be using it to cloak his sociopathy in good will. one is more socially acceptable than the others. the whole trend here in kimberlin and rauhauser is that they are wolves trying to present themselves as sheep. Putting that boundary line up in a court should reveal the teeth. No one should assume kimberlin or rauhauser are nice and honest people given the fruit they bear out. Anyone that does is a potential victim to them.

    jd2 (40a8c6)

  37. The autism spectrum is a devastating emotional and financial cost to most families who experience it. Concerning most if not all segments of the spectrum. At the high functioning end of it where people can actually interact well with other people it can be confused with a lot of other stuff like ADD, OCD, bi-polar, narcssist. Aspergers folks are essentially normal people with a few eccentricities related to development. Most aspergers people I know function better in a family structure that is helping them. They still have an underlying character they make decisions on. Rauhauser though seems to be a different animal to me.

    jd2 (40a8c6)

  38. Michael Savage often says that liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Brett Kimberlin and Neil Rauhauser are sick people. They’re from the same pod as that psychotic little twit with the funny earrings, Bill Ayers.

    Elephant Stone (0ae97d)

  39. I’m just going to say this out here.

    This is just completely fucked up and I just don’t understand what the fuck is their obsession. Especially over the whole Weinergate crap. Weiner did that to himself so I don’t understand where the “smear” part is.

    You know what. I don’t understand it at all anymore. I like to believe we eventually left all that high school drama bullshit behind but nope never happened.

    Kaitian (b51c21)

  40. No doubt that actual Autism is devastating, jd2. But “Aspergers” remains in my mind a self-diagnosed excuse for jerks. I’m sure there are legitimate cases; I just don’t think you’ll find them using it as a shield the way so many do.

    It’s rather like the “metabolism problems” many of the overweight blame — sure, there are such cases. But the vast majority just need to eat better and exercise more.

    Rob Crawford (d8dade)

  41. One hard-to-miss syndrome: Short man. BK was 5’5″ short. Now, a senior, he’s shrinking.

    I was 5’9″ but have shrunk a good inch and a half already entering seniorhood.

    In Bethesda, at times, I towered over occupants in the elevator or nearby on the Metro. Near Reagan the effect was gone, Virginians are normal height.

    And Bethesdans are happy, courteous, kind, helpful, affluent.

    BK knows in his bones he’s a short, steaming, POS.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  42. 38. ““Aspergers” remains in my mind a self-diagnosed excuse for jerks.”

    There, FIFY. Believe me, we jerks are diagnosed moment to moment, including, by PhDs in the field.

    No need to self-categorize I assure you.

    gary gulrud (d88477)

  43. 7.who can argue with 530 megabytes of data

    Comment by happyfeet — 6/3/2012 @ 2:30 pm

    DING!!! +1

    Mike Stack (66819b)

  44. Comment by Patterico — 6/3/2012 @ 1:39 pm

    I hope this begins to clarify where Stack fits in. It’s not that he wrote about Kimberlin. It’s that Rauhauser hates his guts.

    Mike Stack is in there because he was one of the people who was interested in finding out who Dan Wolfe was and who also could eliminate suspects.

    The first two SWATting had to do with Weinergate -probably because you were pulling on some threads that might reveal the identities of some people there.

    You wrote that you noticed a connectiuon to Kimberlin when Seth Allen’s name was dragged into this. Seth Allen had not know anything about Weinergate at all (yes he knew a Congressman had resigned and everything but nothing about the Twitter accounts)

    Prepostericity was most famous for being sued by Brett Kimberlin who managed to obtain his real name. Aaron Worthing gave him a little advise and that’s how he became a target.

    The following is very preliminary because I haven’t double checked all of this. You have to reserach 30 different things to begin to understand this.

    But as I understand this now (based mostly upon what he said himself) Prepostericity had started posting on Huffington Post websites late in the Plamegate saga, and later he was on Daily Kos and Democratic Underground. It wasn’t just just little low audience blog as Socrates.

    He used to do a lot of Internet research. He had discovered some things that most of the audience
    at Daily Kos and Democratic Underground didn’t know. He revealed that Brett Kimberlin was funding Raw Story (more likely really actiunmg as a money launderer to disguise where the money really was coming from) and pretty much ruined all the “Vast-Right-Wing_Conspiracy mongering they were doing, and he also maybe stopped someone called Lori Grace from giving Brett Kimberlin more money.

    So they went at him. This actually had started maybe around 2007. They started creating fake posts under the Socrates name, which he used.

    He wasn’t unimportant:

    Comment by Prepostericity – 8/6/2011 @ 10:08 pm:

    I’m kind of in the same boat as goatsred. Once they’ve completely outed us and t
    urned the cybersmears up a couple hundred notches, they have nothing left in the
    ir arsenal to intimidate us with.

    I’d say even though I was a big fish in a small internet pond from around 2007 on, it wasn’t until I was Prepostericity at Democratic Underground and then the soapblox world that I became more like a shark in a lake.

    They began weaving his name into every little conspiracy they promoted.

    We also know for sure that Neal R is a big associate of Brett Kimberlin. he showed up at that hearing May 29 against Aaron.

    So what we know is that Brett Kimberlin and company was part of the defense team protecting the identity of Dan Wolfe, Nikki Reid etc.

    The protection of the identifies of the socks and the protection of Brett Kimberlin’s remaining reputation (and his usefulnmess, or his ability to get money maybe) may actually be two separate matters. Just done by the same people.

    Now who did the socks. I told you once I thought if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck. It’s the Anthony Pellicano detective agency, and it’s not out of business. Somehow.

    Now I hear that the FBI subpeonaed, or says it subpeonaed, a telephone company and the FBI says the telephone company says it lost the subpeona.
    (for your swatting call)

    Now either they never subpeonaed it, or there is a contact in the telephone company – maybe both in the FBI and the telephone companies. Anthony Pellicano had a lot of telephone company contacts. They didn’t all get identified.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  45. I can’t confirm this but maybe another former PUMA can. Wasn’t Darrah Ford one of the women who started The Confluence after Dems gave Barry-O a bunch of Hillary’s delegates?

    I can remember a photo of a lady in Manolo Blaniks blogging away on a laptop and I’m sure her first name was Darrah.

    creeper (f1f686)

  46. Rauhauser may admit to Asperger’s but he looks like a textbook case of Cluster B.

    creeper (f1f686)

  47. I think Rauhauser was one of the delusional nitwits at Democrat Underground who harassed Liberty Pundit. I am not happy he infests MD, but he has the freedom to move. I just wished he’d have moved to Zimbabwe.

    PCD (047517)

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