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Stacy McCain on Neal Rauhauser

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Many people have asked: if all this is about Brett Kimberlin, where does Mike Stack fit in? Why was he swatted?

I can’t answer such questions definitively. But it might help the interested reader to review some background reading on Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser by Robert Stacy McCain.

One of the weirder episodes began in January 2012, when Rauhauser started warning that Feb. 6 would be “Kookpocalypse.” Exactly what this signified to Rauhauser, nobody knew. The warnings were sufficiently ominous, however, to cause Aaron Walker to seek a peace order against Rauhauser — who, as previously noted, had declared in September 2010 that he was now armed with a Glock pistol.

I remember this well. Rauhauser had several sites with a countdown clock to February 6, including one called “Kookpocalyse” and other sites linked to his name:

The Kookpocalypse site included a video of a simulated beheading:

There were train maps with Aaron Walker’s hometown of Manassas, Virginia and Seth Allen’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. Given Rauhauser’s past comments (as “Iowa Boy”) talking about the need for Republicans to be killed for the greater good, together with the simulated beheading video and the countdown clock, Rauhauser’s ominous web site created valid cause for concern.

After Aaron Walker went to court to get a peace order based on the site, Rauhauser sent me and others an email titled “Aaron Walker murder/suicide risk” that said, among other things:

Given Walker’s state of mind I would say his wife might find him hanging in the garage tonight when she gets home from work. Another possible outcome would be a two digit body count from some mosque in Virginia after Aaron goes full tilt Jared Loughner on the congregation. Someone who knows his wife or real world associates in Virginia should take steps to get him hospitalized before something grim happens.

My emphasis. Note the reference to Aaron’s wife. Bringing spouses into the harassment is a common tactic with this crowd.

Rauhauser also called me at work and left a voice mail saying similar things. In a future post I’ll play you that audio file. Back to McCain:

Mike Stack at his Crying Wolfe blog and Seth Allen at DFQ2 both blogged about the “Kookpocalypse” at the time, and it appears that all it involved was Rauhauser publishing a document called, “Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?” This is one of the most incomprehensible paranoid ravings you’re ever likely to see, but I’ll try to make sense of it:

The unwanted attention that Stack is directing toward me and others is the latest episode in an eighteen month long running conflict between what appears to be a loose group of right wing activists, but there may be much more to it than that.

This “eighteen month long running conflict,” at least in Rauhauser’s fevered brain, evidently encompasses a great many things that aren’t actually related — except in Rauhauser’s fevered brain. He accuses Stack of harassing four people:

Neal Rauhauser – Montgomery County, MD
Brett Kimberlin – Montgomery County, MD
Diana Grandmason – Tampa, FL
“Darrah Ford” – western Boston suburbs

Who is “Darrah Ford”? And who is Diana Grandmason? I don’t know, nor can I explain why Rauhauser includes these people as his fellow victims of Stack’s alleged harassment.

Darrah Ford is an anonymous porn blogger who had a years-long running feud with Mike Stack on message boards related to the adult industry. My knowledge of Grandmason is very superficial, but I believe she has been an actress in the adult industry who (like Ford) crusades against aspects of the industry.

As you can see from reading the document referenced, Rauhauser had a deep animus towards Stack. And he claimed that Stack was “harassing” certain people, including Brett Kimberlin. Moreover, he connected that to Weinergate. Rauhauser states in the document that one of the reasons Stack allegedly harassed Kimberlin and himself was that “Rauhauser wrote extensively about Stack, Frey, Bloom, and their fabrications regarding former Congressman Anthony Weiner.”

So you can see that from reading Rauhauser’s paranoid rant that, in Neal Rauhauser’s mind, there is a connection between me and Mike Stack (the two swatting victims from 2011), our alleged fabrications about Anthony Weiner, and our alleged harassment of Brett Kimberlin.

Remember that Rauhauser is Kimberlin’s associate and was present at the recent hearing where Aaron Walker was arrested.

Are things starting to make more sense?

McCain further describes the contents of Rauhauser’s screed:

On Page 2, Rauhauser names Stack’s alleged accomplices, some of whose names I recognize — Allen, Walker, and Patrick “Patterico” Frey – as well as two I never heard of, Douglas Stewart and Sean Tompkins. Rauhauser names four others as “directly contributing” to Stack’s alleged menace: Patrick Read and Michelle Lessick (both of who were involved in busting Rauhauser’s “beandog” operation), as well as Mandy Nagy, who wrote the 3,600-word expose of Kimberlin’s criminal past, and another writer, Thomas Ryan.

On Page 3, Rauhauser tries to cobble together a motive for why all these people are conspiring to harass him and others. Among other things, he says: “Rauhauser has drafted, made public, but not filed a libel suit against Lessick for the 2010 Twittergate smear.” In other words, he calls Lessick a liar, but isn’t willing to take it to court.

On Page 4, Rauhauser describes 530 megabytes of “data” he has “provided” — to whom? to law enforcement? — about various elements of the conspiracy against him . . .

Yes, to law enforcement. At the time, Rauhauser sent copies of his screed against me, Stack, Allen, Nagy, Walker, and others to Boston police and the FBI in Baltimore. He took pictures of the addressed packages:

I alluded to this in my large post, under the category “Frivolous claims of criminal wrongdoing”:

Rauhauser compiled a large packet of defamatory material accusing me, Walker, Nagy, and others of participating in criminal activity, and said he had sent it to state police in New Jersey and the FBI in Baltimore. He made the entire packet available as a torrent.

That packet is the CD contained in the packages pictured above.

Again, there is so much that we have experienced and documented over the last year or so, that there is no way to get it out in one post. I thank Stacy McCain for his energy in documenting the involvement of Neal Rauhauser in all this.

There is much more to come.

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