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Fox News Covers Erickson and Patterico SWATting Incidents

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Megyn Kelly hosted the segment, which was done by Trace Gallagher. See if you recognize that handsome blog in the screenshot:

Too bad I was not interviewed by Megyn Kelly; that would have been fun. But a pretty good segment, all in all.

P.S. The segment didn’t mention Brett Kimberlin . . . or did it? Look at that screenshot again.

P.P.S. No suspects, Trace? Really?

54 Responses to “Fox News Covers Erickson and Patterico SWATting Incidents”

  1. “Too bad I was not interviewed by Megyn Kelly; that would have been fun.”

    That one’s for JD.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  2. Megyn Kelly wanted to interview me.

    JD (65d1c1)

  3. Oh for heavens sake, wipe the drool from your chin, JD.

    It’s great this got aired on Fox. Hopefully, it will be picked up by the networks. It’s a start.

    The BK/Walker/SWATting saga is just enormous to package into a nightly news segment. It would be tough.

    Dana (4eca6e)

  4. Dana – why in the world would you say that?

    JD (65d1c1)

  5. I love the irony of a reporter named “Trace” describing these crimes.

    Ed from SFV (979724)

  6. I’m grateful to Fox. It was totally expected that a story that would take a large book to fully explain is only briefly covered on a TV segment. They did a great job as far as I’m concerned.

    The ‘no suspects’ was a bit unfortunate, as a lot of people have a good idea who is responsible for at least some of these. But they include the part of the voice that is most important to hear, which is great.

    Dustin (330eed)

  7. Show some gonads Fox and detail the story.

    Juanita Broderick (fbb7eb)

  8. Fox needs to develop a news magazine show. Plenty of material not covered by the existing left leaning magazine shows out there. The entire BK swatting thing is perfect.

    jasond (0b7791)

  9. Good start, hope the police and the courts start taking this more serious before someone gets hurt during the SWATting. So far Aaron gets the raw end although this maybe what is needed so everyone that is possible targets take all steps needed for there well being along with their families.

    Keep us posted on how the fund is doing. There is going to be a need for large donation base before this is all over I am sure.

    Sanmon (98e434)

  10. Jason’s…yes. That’s something I would like to see, too.

    Sarahw (b0e533)

  11. Good to see the rino network objective towards conservatives.

    mg (44de53)

  12. The ‘no suspects’ was a bit unfortunate, as a lot of people have a good idea who is responsible for at least some of these.

    so unfortunate
    that when I heard those words said
    Pepsi spew ensued

    Colonel Haiku (7bad43)

  13. Free Aaron Walker!
    put Brett K. where he belongs
    with rest of teh mutts

    Colonel Haiku (7bad43)

  14. P.R. Control firm
    K. legal system has made
    terrible to see

    Horatius (7f9d57)

  15. Ace now calls Ed Shultz
    teh “red-faced Sack of Stupid”
    I tip my hat Ace

    Colonel Haiku (7bad43)

  16. Tough way to make the news but the dawn is breaking.

    Harrison (916bde)

  17. This was a good “opening” story by Fox. Coupled w/ Brit Hume tweeting about it earlier in the day.

    Now that it is seeing some sunshine in the general media, let’s see where it goes….

    In other words, patience. Diligence, persistence, and patience.

    john b (66162a)

  18. Dissapointing, Kimberlin is the dog that didn’t bark in that broadcast, Patterico, Erickson, Walker,
    the common denominator is they were exposing Kimberlin,

    narciso (494474)

  19. Good news @ Col’s link at 14. Word is getting out to the right people. Hopefully, there will be follow through. Douglas is correct: we won’t know until we try.

    Dana (4eca6e)

  20. Trace? He does the fluff! I usually FF thru his segments, but I recognized the blog, so I watched, thinking FINALLY, but they lead off with EE from REDSTATE? All the “meat” is here!

    No wonder Trace is clueless!

    Amy Shulkusky (67fbd5)

  21. Patience, folks. And I agree with Dana about Haiku’s link.

    This story is building some media juice. Any congressman who wants the blogosphere to see them as valuable to us should pick up the cause of Aaron’s free speech as well as the cause of justice for Patterico, Erickson, and Stack by pushing the feds to catch the swatter. It is still possible.

    Dustin (330eed)

  22. No. I’m sorry, but that piece doesn’t cut it, there
    is a reason why they are being targeted.

    narciso (494474)

  23. Speaking of matters, obfuscated, lied about and omitted from public view;

    narciso (494474)

  24. there is a reason why they are being targeted.

    Comment by narciso

    I wonder if Fox News did this short piece just because all they have confirmed for sure is that swattings occurred. They showed a lot of savvy in the details, though. The screenshot of Patterico’s blog and the fragment of the swatting call… those were perfectly picked.

    I hope they are going to do a more detailed discussion after they dig through the extremely dense story, talk to the actual investigators about what they learned, verify what they need to check. Given they obviously read Patterico’s post on the swattings, I suggest they read Aaron’s monster post as well as watch Stranahan’s great video on Kimberlin. Hogberg did a great job covering the latest case, but I think the case transcript might be more helpful.

    This is a great story that I think the audience would find fascinating (and horrifying).

    Dustin (330eed)

  25. FoxNews should be getting Greta Van Susteran on the case.

    MichelleO (2358dd)

  26. Oh, they would, but they need to be lead into it, I really had no clue, that Patrick was undergoing any of this, I knew a little about Aaron,

    narciso (494474)

  27. the dog what didn’t bark might could’ve just been asleep, Mr. narciso, or he’d found himself in the velvet grip of ennui perhaps

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  28. Col. Haiku at 13:

    The mutts of the world, of which I have two, resent being compared to Mr. Kimberlin.

    bob (847659)

  29. This whole saga is appaling, but as to the SWATting one continues to wonder why this isn’t being treated in the same way that Orange County did a few years ago: with multiple felony charges (and a plea deal that resulted in a three year term.)

    Background on that caper is here: (no, not my blog, just Googled it up.)

    OK, there are some differences in the cases; LASD just sent some hard-bitten deputies to check it out, and SEB (LA County’s name for their SWAT team) didn’t roll. BUT many of the same charges would be appropriate, certainly including the false imprisonment by proxy and fraud, along with the misdeanor 911 abuse charge. And the county certainly incurred substantial costs associated with the call itself: a helicopter (with two deputies), probably every patrol car on duty at Lomita at the time a couple of supervisors….it could add up.

    In the Orange County case, the County handled the investigation and prosecution. Why can’t LA county step up and do the same?

    starman918 (f064a4)

  30. Mr. Feets – I think Mr. Patterico is holding out for a live studio interview with Ms. Fox for important journalistic purposes or something.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  31. Patterico should request an in-person interview.

    JD (8e63c8)

  32. she’s pretty

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  33. Ms. Kelly I meant and JD in person is what I think Mr. P wants for the journalistic integrity.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  34. P.P.S. No suspects, Trace? Really?

    That was my first thought when I saw this.

    Noodles (3681c4)

  35. In order for Kimberlin to successfully sue for defamation of character, would he not be required to be the possessor of same? In order for him to clear his good name, would he not need to have one?

    Icy (8f0075)

  36. Not to worry, Mr feets. Your Wasilla wildcat forgives you.

    Icy (8f0075)

  37. Well I guess faux news has officially made the programming switch to model all of their shows after Colbert. Congratulations on the “recognition”.

    tye (01fdd3)

  38. “faux news”

    Isn’t that clever… never seen that one before!

    Colonel Haiku (3ca3c8)

  39. Ah, this from those enlightened folks on the Left who are all about mutual respect, if you are Gay, Godless, or a Democrat. Kinda like Chevy, this one runs deep in culture. As the young grow up in America, they are becoming like those who Winston Churchhill spoke when stated that if in youth you are not a socialist-leaning bleeding heart you have no passion but if by age 40 with a wife and children to raise you have not become conservation then you have no responsibility. Maybe the socialists and anarchists of the LEFT well grow up someday.

    Ed (fab8e5)

  40. Leftoid drivelfest cleanup needed on aisle 39.

    Whoever responds…don’t slip on the drool.

    Dave Surls (46b08c)

  41. Uh, word salad on #41.

    Pious Agnostic (7c3d5b)

  42. No Megyn is beautiful, but tenacious and ruthless, recall what she’s done with Kirsten Powers in the past, on the NBPP, that’s why I was a little surprised how thin the story was.

    narciso (494474)

  43. Patterico should request an in-person interview.

    Comment by JD — 5/30/2012 @ 9:43 pm

    Like a face to face interview?

    I’m a journalist of sorts too, you know. Maybe I could interview her at the same time she was interviewing me. It would be hard not to, actually.

    Patterico (822cf6)

  44. I’d volunteer to be swatted if it got me a face-to-face with Megyn Kelly, although it would be embarrassing to be filmed while drooling.

    radar (257ad5)

  45. “EPA Agents, Police Officer Interrogate e-mailer”

    creeper (f1f686)

  46. “Like a face to face interview?”

    Patterico – Face to face, belly to belly as the saying goes.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  47. tye has been diminished into a spewer of ad homs

    Icy (ed486a)

  48. Re: #3 & #4

    I agree with JD – that is not drool on his chin. hee hee.

    But seriously, glad to see some network exposure for this cause. Maybe this will lead to an expose’ of Aaron’s plight.

    felipe (3cc5df)

  49. Linked above, today’s Day By Day cartoon is a must-see.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  50. The radio show on which I work and appear was lucky enough to spend a half an hour with Aaron Walker last weekend (before the arrest.)

    We told his story, let him speak, answered some questions and advised listeners that if they thought what happened to Walker (and others) couldn’t happen to them, they were wrong.

    Off the air, we got a strong response from listeners.

    So if you know anyone who has direct interaction with Kimberlin or has been a target of his, feel free to contact me at the above address. We are not Fox by any stretch of the imagination, but getting the message out is important, even if it is one set of ears at a time. (And yes, Patterico, we’d love to have you on as well.)

    aafterwit (12d6b7)

  51. #51 Agreed. It was a TERRIFIC read. More! More!

    I think they probably played it a bit safe as far as the segment went and only reported the things that can be 100% proven. There is a link between Kimberlin and the Swatting, to be sure, but there is no real smoking gun yet that makes it 100% verifiable.

    Just like any other criminal case reported on by the media they have to go by the innocent until proven guilty standard. (Unless you are George Zimmerman)

    Still it would have been nice to hear that at least Kimberlin is ALLEGEDLY involved with the Swatting.

    I’m hoping for a follow up where they can get into a little more detail about this story.

    Dustyn H (ebe03e)

  52. it will be picked up by the networks. It’s a start

    victor (f5f77c)

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