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Obamacare turns two

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[Posted by Karl]

Obamacare turns two this week.  After the March 2012 Obamacare cost estimate was released, it became apparent that some — and not all lefty pundits — are upset with those noting that the gross cost is exploding as it is phased in.  Apparently, it’s just plain mean to remind everyone how Democrats used the phase-in to get the initial cost estimate under $1 trillion for political cover.  And most of the same people are also upset with those talking about the exploding gross cost because the CBO is also projecting more deficit reduction from increased mandate penalties.  As Conn Carroll notes:

To recap, the CBO now predicts that Obamacare: 1) will force millions more Americans out of their current employer coverage than originally advertised; 2) will force millions more Americans onto Medicaid than originally advertised; 3) will force millions more Americans to pay fines for not obtaining health care; 4) will force businesses to pay billions more in mandate fines; and 5) will leave millions more Americans without insurance than originally advertised.

But to Obamacare’s defenders in the leftosphere, increased fines are a feature, not a bug.  They also overlook all of the dubious assumptions on which the claim of deficit reduction is based.

In contrast, Pres. Obama has no plans to mark the two-year anniversary of his signature piece of domestic legislation.  His White House dodges its prior claims Obamacare would spur the economy.  HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is unable to defend Obamacare’s impact on the debt, insurace costs, employer coverage, or the myriad waivers handed out to the politically-favored.  Unlike the dead-enders still defending Obamacare, Obama himself stands for reelection and can read the polls.  The “Terrible Twos” can be a painful thing for a Dad.


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