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New Rule: Sockpuppet Threads to Be Devoid of Commentary on the GOP Primary Race

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But don’t panic: I have created a new home for such sockpuppet comments, here.

The text of the new page reads as follows:

The Endless Debate Over Who Is the Best Republican Nominee: Socks Allowed

This is the page where people who want to use sockpuppets to make comments about the Republican primary battle are free to do so.

Want to pose as “Moot Gingrich” or “Mitt ‘You need free abortion’ Romney” or “Governor Rick ‘Two Brain Cells Sparking’ Perry? This is your home.

I am creating this page for two reasons. First, I sense that endless battles over the primary race are ruining the usual sockpuppet threads. Second, I still sense that some longtime readers, for whatever reason, find it useful to use sockpuppets to make their arguments about Mitt Romney and the rest.


You are positively encouraged to engage in sockpuppetry in this thread. The usual rules apply.

Please, be sure to switch back to your regular handle when commenting on other threads. I have made that mistake myself.

And remember: the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not railing on and on and on about whether Mitt Romney is horrible or good or whatever.

Have fun.

Future editions of the normal sockpuppet threads will include the following sentence in the instructions:

Sockpuppet comments about the Republican primary race are strictly prohibited. If you wish to use sockpuppets for that purpose, confine your comments to this thread. Offending comments will be summarily deleted and the violators flogged.

N.B. Flogging is the floor, not the ceiling, if you get my drift.

Barry Antoinette faces higher gas prices

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[Posted by Karl]

The New York Times finally informs its readers:

Rising gasoline prices, trumpeted in foot-tall numbers on street corners across the country, are causing concern among advisers to President Obama that a budding sense of economic optimism could be undermined just as he heads into the general election.

Obama wanted higher gas prices— as did his energy secretary, Steven Chu — so count this as Mission Accomplished. Policies that force higher gas prices were a complement to the crony capitalism of “green tech,” of which now-bankrupt, scandal-plagued Solyndra is just the surface.  Apparently, reelection realities have now intruded, so he is suddenly in need of talking points:

In speeches this spring, aides said, the president will increasingly focus on his administration’s actions to raise the fuel efficiency of cars and to open new areas to oil and natural gas development. They said they hoped the moves would counter the accusation that he has stifled oil production. On Friday, the Interior Department announced an expansion of oil exploration in Arctic waters.

He’s talking up natural gas proposals in swing states in another stab at crony capitalism.  The NYT helpfully refers to rising gas prices as a matter beyond Obama’s control — as Obama did last year while gas prices rose.  Of course, waiting for an election year to do anything about domestic oil production ensures it is beyond his control now.  In Obama’s world, if you are bothered by high gas prices, why don’t you just buy a new car?  Can you imagine how the NYT and others would cover that response if it was made by Mitt Romney?  Barry Antoinette, indeed.

Instead, expect to hear much from the DNC/MSM axis about Mitt Romney 2¢ gas tax hike while he was governor of Massachusetts.  Memo to Mitt: you might want to get out in front of the bubbling story that one of your advisors, Greg Mankiw, advocates a $2 gas tax hike.


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