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Tom McClintock: The Best Candidate Is Not Running

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Agree or disagree, you have to respect him.

I supported him strongly in the California recall against Ahhnold. I was right.

Why can’t we get a guy like this to run for President?

Mitt Romney, Mad Hatter

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[Posted by Karl]

Just returned from an early movie — Mission Impossible 4 in IMAX, so I could see the first seven minutes of The Dark Knight Rises —  to  find this from Allahpundit in my Twitter feed:

Mitt Romney said today he’s “the ideal candidate” for the Tea Party movement because his stance on issues lines up “pretty darn well” with the movement he says will soon realize that GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich isn’t their best option for president.

Granted, Newt seems a little insider-y for the level of Tea Party support he’s getting.  But Mission Impossible 4  and the first seven minutes of The Dark Knight Rises were both more believable than Romney here.


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