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Palinageddon!!! Sarah Sicks Her Lawyers on Crown Publishing/Random House!

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

So recently there has been this book “The Rogue” by her stalker biographer Joe McGinniss that alleged, among other things, that Palin had an affair with Glenn Rice.  Several people wondered why Palin wasn’t suing, and we lawyers have patiently explained that she not only has to prove that the claims are false, but that there was legal malice involved (defined slightly differently than normal malice), which is very, very difficult.  So a failure to sue is not the same as an admission and truthfully it risks giving a false sense of veracity.  The jury could find that the story was false, but not maliciously published, and the media might very well spin it as vindication for McGinniss.

Which is why it is interesting that she is right now threatening to sue

Sarah Palin’s family attorney John Tiemessen has written a letter to Maya Mavjee, the publisher of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, that Palin may sue her, the company, and the book’s author Joe McGinniss “for knowingly publishing false statements” in his book released last week, “The Rogue,” ABC News has learned.

The book was widely panned by critics for using unnamed sources to criticize Palin and her family. Tiemessen cites an email they have access to in which McGinniss writes that attorneys from Crown Publishing told him “nothing I can cite other than my own reporting rises above the level of tawdry gossip. The proof is always just around the corner, but that is a corner nobody has been able to turn” and that McGinniss “ran out of time” to sufficiently source the book.

You can read the whole letter for yourself, here.  As for the email referred to in the lettter, apparently it is the one Breitbart published at his site Big Government.  Which proves again that Breitbart is the man…

…with the master plan.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

Christie 2012? Signs Point To Yes!

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[Posted by Karl]

Aides to New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie say he hasn’t budged from his months-long insistence that he won’t enter the presidential fray. Nothing has changed in Christie’s thinking. However, Christie’s potential candidacy has been an increasingly fevered fantasy of a certain cadre of some media and business elites — mostly based in New York, with a smattering of California technology and entertainment players — since last summer.  These elites do not take no for an answer. Now, relying on an unusual source, they have reason to hope Christie will change his mind.

The Magic 8-Ball, manufactured by Mattel, contains a 20-sided die floating in a combination of alcohol and dissolved dark blue dye.  It is to be used for entertainment purposes only, says Mattel spokesman Matt Mason.  Yet some believe the device can foretell the future.

A well-placed Republican source who found the New Jersey Governor’s Office phone number on the Internet disclosed the early answers were not encouraging, but have shifted in recent days. “When I first shook the Magic 8-Ball, it kept coming up ‘Don’t Count On It’ and ‘My Sources Say No.’  But after 15 to 20 shakes, I got ‘Ask Again Later.’ So I kept trying, and got ‘Outlook Good.’ ” 

“I believe he is really considering it,” one fundraiser told Patterico (institutionally, by which I mean me).  At least one DC-based blogger is similarly confident: “I’ve had the candles burning continuously at the handmade Christie shrine in my back closet for at least a week now. Something has to happen.”

The sources contacting me for this exclusive stressed the importance of maintaining their anonymity. “The whole effort falls apart if we go public,” one source insisted. “It is simply impossible to create the image of pressure on Christie if the same four names turn up in story after story about him announcing next week that never come true.”


Best Thing About the Internet?

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