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Perry’s Winning Glow Dims After Poor Debate Reviews

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[Posted by Karl]

Sorry, I mean George W. Bush:

Bush’s Winning Glow Dims After Poor Debate Reviews

Politics: McCain eclipses him in New Hampshire poll. Texas governor fails to dispel questions about his intellect.


After his less-than-commanding performance in two presidential debates, George W. Bush faces a tougher race than expected amid growing signs of Republican discontent–including a new poll that shows major slippage in the key primary state of New Hampshire.

While the Texas governor remains a heavy favorite for the GOP nomination, his problems were underscored by an independent survey Wednesday showing Sen. John McCain of Arizona surging past Bush to his biggest lead ever, 37% to 30%. The result represented a shift of 10 percentage points from a New Hampshire survey in mid-November.

Rise and Shine, Campers… IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY!


120 Responses to “Perry’s Winning Glow Dims After Poor Debate Reviews”

  1. Karl, the trick is to comment in the new thread. That’s what Aaron does, to let the commentariat know it’s there. We are a bit simple.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  2. It is a 16 game schedule. One game does not make a season.

    Perry needs to get up, dust himself off and get ready for the next one.

    AZ Bob (7d2a2c)

  3. Does Aaron comment? I can’t get far enough through his posts tp find out.

    AZ Bob (7d2a2c)

  4. carlitos,

    I commented in the old threads!

    Karl (b2d339)

  5. WSJ

    Just commentated that Rick was tired but Romney wasnt wowing anyone. Said Santorum has no chance and that from what they gather people are looking for someone to get behind and thinks that Romney isnt going to be it even though Trace Gallagher was trying to put words in his mouth.

    Romney had 5 years 60 months to be the front runner even if Rick falls to a close second, Romney should be at 40 50% right now – he isnt

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  6. It’s so nice that the MSM can dust off their old columns and recycle the hate and disdain they have for Pecos Hillbilly’s.
    Oh, to be so superior.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (ab2eca)

  7. Kim Jong-Il is awaiting your morning wake-up call.

    JD (ac417f)

  8. Sorry, Eric. Perry being tired or just getting his campaign in gear is an excuse. And it’s worn out.

    plus, I’m hearing rumors he’s going to be divorced by an angry wife for his horrible behavior when he was 20. No, not really, but you’re a douchebag and I wanted to remind you.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  9. Dustin,

    Palin’s personal behavior is her very own responsibility, the fact that the Palin family themselves are the source of these rumors – is their responsibility – the fallout from their actions is their responsibility

    Just sayin

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  10. Perry did look like shit, and sounded like a dope half the time.

    But Obama lost every debate to Hillary. Sure, he looked younger and cooler, but if you listened to what they both said, she towered over him.

    His Chicago-style ground op in the caucus states played much harder ball than hers did. And he snatched the nomination despite never winning a debate.

    koam @wittier (921256)

  11. Lies. All you do is repeat the same lies you have previously told.

    JD (ae55d7)

  12. Who, in the Palin family, does Joe McGinnis quote as a source of these rumors?

    Plus, it looks like Brietbart has presented a pretty strong case that McGinnis/Random House, has delved heavily into the area of fraud, slander, and/or libel, in the things he/they has/have put into this “book”.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (ab2eca)

  13. Have you sourced Palin dropping her panties for Rice? Sourced her decades long continuing relationship with him? Sourced your claims to know Todd’s feelings? You really are kind of sick.

    JD (ae55d7)

  14. AD – that is just another one of his hallucinations.

    JD (1e48bc)

  15. Heh. Great post, Karl.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  16. JD, the question which is more ephemeral?
    epwj, or his hallucinations!
    Neither seem to be of substance.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (ab2eca)

  17. Who, in the Palin family, does Joe McGinnis quote as a source of these rumors?

    He’s repeating a debunked talking point. Practically verbatim. His actual source is a website quoting the national enquirer quoting an anonymous source claiming to be a friend of an anonymous family member. And of course, the divorce smear was already attempted in the past and proven to be an outright fabrication.

    Eric wants to bring this up in every thread, almost as though he’s a spammer attempting some kind of google bomb type attack on Palin for the crime of representing the voters instead of the oil companies that Murkowski works for.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  18. That’s exactly it, Dustin. The pattern clearly demonstrates that EPWJ’s only interest is shilling for the Murkowski machine.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  19. All the way to #9 . . . number 9 . . . number 9 . . .

    Icy Texan (3d8396)

  20. Eric diddles Glenn Rice.

    Btw fakeistinians don’t throw rocks if you don’t want to face the consequences.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  21. EPWJ has still not denied having sex with Rick Perry.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  22. Actually he had sex with Bawney Fwank and Mahmoud Abbas………a threesome.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  23. EricPWJ dropped his panties for Dede Scozzafatty.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  24. Doh – talking about throwing rocks is a death threat. Careful.

    JD (0b8a2b)

  25. I know.

    I was Telling that to the fakeistinians

    DohBiden (d54602)

  26. A lefty stalinist such as Charles Johnson is accusing others of being anti-semetic……….Ironic.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  27. Yeah, every four years, we get to hear how support for the frontrunner is waning, with a groundswell for…whoever, anybody but the frontrunner.

    Like clockwork.

    Pious Agnostic (6048a8)

  28. …and coming around the Far Turn, pulling up the rear…it’s BeetleBomb!

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (ab2eca)

  29. Once upon a time Mr. Governor Perry was walking through the dark and coyote-infested woods with his little dog bobo fetch when he oopsidentally tripped on a debate. Ohnoes! Hah! Not really. Unperturbed, the governor and his little dog continued their walk and when they got home little bobo went straight to his rug and lay down while Mr. Governor Perry had a bowl of lucky charms and watched some stuff in his tivo.

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  30. Alright

    I heard of the Glenn Rice rumors in 2001, at that time didnt care, heard alot of other stupid rumors, and I have never not once repeated any of them.

    Glenn rice, Sarah herself, her siblings, his coach, and others all are sources for this rumor.

    Now they say its true. I’m not responsible for what Sarah Palin did, what people said she did.

    If its false she should sue, – IF its false. Now Fox news I’m told knew about this some time agp.

    All the efforts all they had to do is interview Rice and kill it once and for all, then his coach who he pretty much owes everything to rice is further compounding it by not denying, backhanded confirming it and saying there is more

    Like I said, not my day to make excuses for Palin.

    Not my problem that some on Fox are starting ever so gently to call her out.

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  31. I heard of the Glenn Rice rumors in 2001

    Sure you did. (pats EPJW on head)

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  32. what I find interesting is her constant pac fundraising with no pac acivity except for the leasing of alot of toys and an impressive dizzying array of travel.

    Hope someone looks into this – but wait – its wrong to ask for transparency –

    I know its hate speech to ask a politician what they are doing with all that money

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  33. Fabulist and liar.

    JD (68ff46)

  34. You get your information in secret code from all those Russkies spying on her with binoculars from their houses, right Eric?

    elissa (d12c8b)

  35. I would love to hear how Bill Freider owes his career to Glen Rice.

    JD (318f81)

  36. JD

    1.6 million raised

    60K spent on Political activites

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  37. Non-responsive idiocy, epwj.

    JD (318f81)

  38. I don’t think that epwj should donate any of his slurp money to Sarah’s PAC.

    JD (318f81)

  39. 500,000 on fundraising, no wait more than that…

    Gazillions spent on travel and rent Wohoo!

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  40. “Sure you did. (pats EPJW on head)”

    Don’t forget to wash up after you do that.

    Dave Surls (28f866)

  41. Don’t donate. It is really quite simple. I suppose you could show where something is wrong, or illegal, about having a PAC and raising money for it, but that is above your pay grade. Maybe even show how her PAC differs from the thousands of others.

    Then explain how Bill Freider owes his career to Glen Rice.

    Oh, your “sourcing” above was a lie. Even McGinniss would not count that.

    The idea that you were hearing rumors about the Mayor of Wasilla in 2001 while y were in Dubai, or Mumbai, or Tennessee, or Jakarta, or the Middle East, etc … Is freaking laughable.

    JD (318f81)

  42. I think it was Bill Engvall who said ‘there’s your sign’

    ian cormac (ed5f69)

  43. You heartless vanguard.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  44. Jon. Huntsman.

    tifosa (dd40b2)

  45. Barack.Obama.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  46. Daley – isn’t it cute how worked up the widdle trolls get?

    JD (318f81)

  47. Perry just zig-zagged deep into the Huntsman Zone in the debate–you don’t win the nomination by gratuitously spitting in the face of a substantial portion, if not an actual plurality, of your party for holding a perfectly reasonable position that illegal aliens shouldn’t be entitled to resident tuition rates. You’re not a Democrat any more, Rick–stop whining like one.

    MSE (f67c1a)

  48. Some day, we are going to find out that Sean Hannity developed a random word generator. And we are going to find out that he named it DohBiden.

    Leviticus (b85154)

  49. You’ve long ago been exposed as a fraud, EPWJ.

    All here know that.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  50. The sign said to come here for the Friday OPEN THREAD party, what gives dudes!??? 😉

    tifosa (dd40b2)

  51. I wish you would end the anti-Palin comments, Eric. You’ve made your position clear and, at this point, I think you’re hurting your reputation more than Palin’s.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  52. Let me tell you about hurting your reputation.

    S.A.Mudd (ab2eca)

  53. DRJ

    I haven’t been bringing them up – Aaron made a post on the subject excusing her personal behavior, Pat echo’d it – before that my commentary was that it was sleazy this book – but when people tried to whitewash what she did with the “hey they shouldnt have found out reasoning” – which was the hypocritcal bullcrap the dems were throwing out about Clinton

    come on now, thats just silly for a woman who just accused someone of corruption without proof and then sends fundraising letters?

    But, I am not out to hurt Palin’s reputation but responding to the legions of rabid excuse making, lie creating fans who even hours after I make comments want to fight.

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  54. Nice try you arsehat you are trying to hurt her reputation.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  55. Eric,

    Sarah Palin has many admirable qualities. I didn’t write this but I agree with it:

    She is a working mother.
    She is a strong unashamed Christian leader.
    She is a decisive decision maker.
    She takes her own counsel.
    She leads by example.
    [She is] a well grounded mature successful executive mom has all the qualifications to lead …

    In fairness, don’t you think this has some merit?

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  56. You made jokes about having rice at dinner in the Palin household. The that you were forced into spewing your nonsense, or did it only as a response is breath-takingly dishonest. You have claimed rumor as fact, repeatedly, sans any evidence whatsoever.

    JD (318f81)

  57. DRJ #51: always courtly and polite. Unfortunately, EPWJ really doesn’t have a reputation for much else than bizarre statements, odd bragging, and a very unusual set of fixations.

    Hurting his reputation? Um.

    Simon Jester (463deb)

  58. DRJ

    Sorry, had to chat with my wife online, problems with my Chinese Landlord.

    Out of respect for you I wont mention Palin …. this is going to hurt …. ever agian

    ugh oof … yes you are right My positions are clear

    thank you DRJ

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  59. Start the clock. Our World Traveler cannot help himself.

    The Marauding Bands (463deb)

  60. If we could get happyfeet to make a similar pledge, we would have the basis for a lucrative betting pool, if a very very short-lived one.

    M. Scott Eiland (1dc62a)

  61. Eric,

    I understand how difficult it is when you feel strongly about something, but I think you’ve made a wise decision.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  62. Hey Eric you jewhater did Israel start each and every war?

    Does Israel not want peace with Palestine because they are joooooos?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  63. doh,

    I was very surprized to learn that many palestinians are christians

    I was talking about an incredulous lecture by a Hamas Professor on the numbers of jews living in Arab countries.

    It was a beer and pretzels discussion but I can see that is lost on you

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  64. And I enjoyed that lecture going to what was supposed to be cultural week and ending up with my “West Point Dad” tee in a Hamas revival lecture hall and being the only western face getting singled out.

    What always gets me in qatar when all these arabs get together they either talk in English or French

    Isnt that just weird?

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  65. palestinian christians support Israel but the muslim majority do not.

    They and their useful idiota allies on the left and ultraright decry da jooooooooos as the cause of all problems.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  66. please, please, please let $arah be the candidate…please, please, please (she’s not running. The biggest thing about $arah is the DONATE button on her website 😉

    tifosa (dd40b2)

  67. Sarah Palin is a very controversial discussion topic these days but she she still seems to come up a lot in blog posts and comments and stuff even though everybody’s already made up their mind about her … it’s same as like with Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen but not action superstar Taylor Lautner

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  68. she

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  69. The biggest thing about tifosa and crappyfeet ain’t their penis.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  70. I have to agree, doh, not big at all…non-existent one might say 🙂 (maybe google the word “tifosa?”)

    tifosa (dd40b2)

  71. I’ll add just one thing.

    Do you think that all of the DNC’s horses and all of the DNC’s men spent all of that time and money trying to dig up dirt on Palin and missed much of anything? I mean really, there weren’t even any hacked emails that mentioned Glenn Rice.

    I wouldn’t have thought it before, but the the rabid anti-Palin folk might just end up reviving interest in her.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  72. aww, DOH, I’m CHEERING $arah ON, no?

    tifosa (dd40b2)

  73. DRJ

    I’ll also, if you start writing a post or two, never comment on them, either in the thread or on other ones.

    I know the guys are dying to see you write again

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  74. No your being sarcastic you small penis kind of guy.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  75. EPWJ has repeatedly claimed a Palin family source for his lies.

    That is because liars have claimed they had a family source.

    This source has come forward to explain, as we already knew, this was a complete fabrication.

    EPWJ says above Palin is responsible for her own behavior (while claiming as fact behavior that she didn’t actually do). Who is responsible for Eric’s organized and relentless behavior?

    Sorry for bringing it up again.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  76. Link.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  77. Sarah is mostly a lightweight, tawdry and opportunistic strumpet what has cashed in on the opportunity that landed in her lap when she was plucked out of obscurity by a loathsomely hyper-entitled and quintessentially ruling class coward from Arizona as a last-ditch but ultimately doomed attempt to ascend to the presidency which was so so so rightfully his by right.

    She’s built quite a cult of personality, primarily among viewers of cable television, a cult almost equal to Barack Obama’s. But she missed the window for that bizarre moment in American history when empty-headed pseudo-charismatic razzle-dazzle was confuzzled with attributes one might desire in a president.

    Now she’s just an oddity. Likely an ephemeral one.

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  78. tifosa… incoming

    ColonelHaiku (87d081)

  79. 77. Agitprop has had its day. Time to start shooting.

    I’m aiming behind for the first box.

    gary gulrud (790d43)

  80. So let me see if I got this straight. George W. Bush did poorly in the early debates, but overcame this obstacle and went on to win the White House and of course become… the worst, most destructive, most exasperatingly foolish president since Andrew Johnson during Reconstruction? A creature who dealt this nation a series of death blows from which we quite possibly may not recover? THAT George Bush?

    I hope you don’t mean that I ought to take heart over Perry by this analogy.

    Bush, then Obama… one more disastrous presidency in a row and I honestly am not certain this nation can survive intact.

    d. in c. (68ff46)

  81. We just cannot afford another Republican at the helm.

    tifosa (603a7d)

  82. Yes, sHe’s an oddity, pikachu, a person of integrity
    in politics, ‘burn her, stone her’ we don’t need her kind here.

    ian cormac (ed5f69)

  83. that strikes me as just a wee bit overwrought Mr. cormac

    that said, ain’t nobody standing in miss thang’s way

    run run rudolph sarah save the christmas!

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  84. “run run rudolph sarah save the christmas!”

    – shamelessly stolened from Mr. p.d. buttons

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  85. hhmm, my post removed but tiffy’s kept at #3? wasssup doc?

    [tifosa, sockpuppets go on the sockpuppet thread. Easy mistake, but please be more careful. Thanks. –Stashiu]

    JD (603a7d)

  86. Your candidate, has come off less impressive than expected pikachu, maybe it’s just his failure to apply himself, although Mitten’s ‘Argument Clinic’
    might have been partly responsible.

    ian cormac (ed5f69)

  87. I don’t care how he comes off I just hope he governs America with sensibilities similar to those he employed in Texas

    that’s the best we can hope for from Team R this cycle

    Santorums and Bachmanns and Huntsmans!

    oh my

    Romney just wants to be president… if he actually gave a stifled fart about America he would’ve spent the Obama years actually helping America – maybe using those genius-level business skills he likes to brag about instead of wargaming his campaign 24/7

    a flagrantly flouncey bouncey massachusetts ponce


    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  88. The ‘clean toga’ crowd are out for blood, they were the ones for Kay if you recall,

    ian cormac (ed5f69)

  89. Kay got put in her place it was a beautiful thing and audiences were delighted

    This season the role of Kay is being played by Miss Mittens Galore

    there’s still a few box seats available but don’t wait call today

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  90. They are doing their darndest to ‘sweep the leg’

    ian cormac (ed5f69)

  91. Happy.

    This is why winner’s of debates become losers

    Someone calls out Santorums (and Romney’s) lies and distortions

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  92. Which is to say, Santorum was giving Perry grief for having the audacity to suggest that insurance companies ought to be allowed to sell insurance to whom they please and where they please, that consumers ought to have more choices, and that we can alleviate the costs of providing health care to the uninsured by letting markets work.

    Nation Reviews Kevin Williamson

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  93. good for Mr. Williamson I’ve been really startled by the casually sniveling dishonesty of both Santorum and Romney

    they do it with such snotty ease it’s almost like watching soap opera characters

    Bachmann’s just a loopy kook I don’t think she’s quite the same breed of calculated liar as these other ones

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  94. Santorum ought to approach the issue with a little more circumspection. He spent a decade and a half in Washington, during which time the federal government did approximately zilch on border security, while Perry — who does not have an army or the power to make immigration policy — has dispatched the Texas Rangers, along with millions of dollars, to do a job that Washington ought to be doing but isn’t.

    -National Review’s Kevin Williamson

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  95. Happy

    I’m extremely dissapointed in Bachmann, in fact I’m totally shocked by Romney’s sneering behavior – first its way unpresidential – independents are not going to vote for a liar, which is what he is doing.

    More people are calling Romney out about the changes in his book – good for them

    They should be looking up this great businessmans confusion in 2002 over where he lived as well and all those millions of taxes he had to pay

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  96. We also should keep weapons of unusual lethality from being on the street.

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  97. The Great Business Leaders confusion over where he lived

    From the Chicago Tribune

    In their residency challenge, Democrats argued that Romney lost his eligibility for office here when he filed tax returns in 1999 as a part-year Massachusetts resident and in 2000 as a non-resident. Romney had amended those returns in April after he launched his bid for governor, saying his longtime tax advisers made an error.Democrats also sought to emphasize a $54,000 tax break Romney received from Utah for classifying his $3.8 million Park City home as his primary residence. Romney claimed not to have noticed the tax break, and Utah officials say it was provided erroneously, without Romney’s request.

    The case forced Romney to testify last week for nearly four hours about financial and personal dealings, and to produce tax records he had declined to publicize previously. His lawyers argued that residency meant more than tax filings and offered a flood of documents to show his family’s uninterrupted ties to Massachusetts, from utility bills and voting records, to charitable contributions and financial records


    Yeah didnt know where he lived

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  98. “They should be looking up this great businessmans confusion in 2002 over where he lived as well and all those millions of taxes he had to pay”

    EPWJ – That issue was settled and taxes paid. Your ignorance of tax matters does not excuse you bringing it up again. Shall I bitch slap you again on the explanation for why back taxes are owed when returns are amended?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  99. Compounding it further

    Romney only settled the issue when forced to, so he could run for office

    I would expect someone living in Utah who wanted to run for governor in another state who had indeed paid taxes in that other state for some years, someone who has touted his international expertise in tax and fiscal matters to be more than keenly aware of the very well known rules of residency and of the taxes owed and not forced to do the legal thing by the opposing political party.

    One should at least pay taxes in the state they want to govern.

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  100. Romney still confused as to where he lives

    In a press release from his campaign, Karger claimed that Romney, who reportedly sold his family’s Belmont, Mass., home in 2009, was illegally registered to vote at a basement apartment in his son’s home in 2009 and 2010

    “Mr. Romney got entangled in a similar problem when he ‘inadvertently’ switched his residency to Utah back in 1999, and then attempted to run for Governor of Massachusetts three years later

    Here’s a very successful businessman worth upwards of $500 million, and he is confused on where he lives and where he pays taxes?” Karger continued. “It makes no sense. Who could possibly believe that he and his wife were living in their son’s basement apartment

    Yeah this kind of honesty is just breathtaking

    EricPWJohnson (e83e82)

  101. “Romney only settled the issue when forced to, so he could run for office”

    EPWJ – As you well know, there was no issue to settle. Ronmey was dividing his time between Massachusetts and Utah to manage the Olympic games in 2002. His accountants mistakenly filed returns claiming Utah rather than Massachusetts residency. You can actually read about this.

    He amended and refiled his returns, resulting in a different tax liabilities. No big surprise. Massachusetts accepted his residency and allowed him to run for governor. This is a dead issue.

    I’m not surprised you keep resurrecting stale democrat opposition research talking points since you don’t have the chops to talk about actual policy issues.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  102. Has Timmeh Geithner the Great weighed in on Romney’s (decade old and resolved) tax issue?

    elissa (451af6)

  103. EPWJ always seems to think that people switching their state of domicile for tax and voting purposes are doing something scandalous. It confirms his lack of familiarity with the rules and shows he has nothing better to talk about. Sad.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  104. elissa – To even bring this dead issue up, EPWJ must somehow be in possession of greater information that the election commissioners of Massachusetts who allowed Mitt to run for governor. Otherwise, the story has no utility other than as a another baseless smear.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  105. The media is in the process of selecting our candidate for us.

    creeper (f1f686)

  106. There are legit points to criticize Gov Romney on without creating some mythical tax evasion crap.

    If Romney were corrupt, we’d probably see more indication. I think he’s clean as as whistle. He’s interested in winning power. Not abusing it.

    I’m not even close to a supporter of his, but we need to resist EPWJ’s urge to come up with special knowledge of crimes, even when they implicate someone we don’t agree with.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  107. I’m not even close to a supporter of his, but we need to resist EPWJ’s urge to come up with special knowledge of crimes, even when they implicate someone we don’t agree with.

    …or who is not even running.

    What a waste of time.

    Dana (4eca6e)

  108. Rest assured h

    Ian cormac (21401c)

  109. Perry opposes the fence because it would deny Texas access to water.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  110. Perry is a wise and courageous leader who handles the errant mexicans with a kind but firm hand

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  111. And you handle your blow-up doll with a kind but firm hand.

    We oppose illegals not legals.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  112. I like to sing a song sometimes it’s called peaches it goes like this:

    movin to the country gonna eat me a lot of peaches movin to the country gonna eat me a lot of peaches

    peaches come from a CAN they were put there by a MAN

    in a factory downtown

    here is a “music video” what you can click and hear the whole song

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  113. The Left would have a hard time trying to tar Romney on a residency issue, as they are all “Citizens of the World”.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (2e4e7f)

  114. EPWJ using openly gay, anti-mormon, presidential candidate Fred Karger as a source to smear Mitt Romney is as credible as most of EPWJ’s other claims here, but I think most folks already know that.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  115. But they will call Romney an anti-muslim bogt and insist the muslim terrorists are perverting the quran by listening to it and slaying the infidels like Mohammed said.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  116. bigot*

    He said back in 2007 he would not fill his cabinet with any muslims.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  117. The rest of the web finally discovered what Karl told us 4 days ago.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  118. We’re infringing on animals properties…………so leftys just off yourselves idiot.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  119. Perry is an amnesty shill.

    DohBiden (d54602)

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