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UNPRECEDENTED!!!1!: The Insult to Obama Is a Wound That Will Never Heal

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There are times when the unreality of a situation is such that you just gape in disbelief. Such is my reaction upon perusing the reaction of the institutional left (and I include Big Media in that description) to Obama’s reversal of his former decision to urinate all over the GOP debate next Wednesday.

To listen to the stuck pigs of Big Media, the issue is not whether there is precedent for a President to lift his leg and piss all over the opposition. No, sir: the issue is whether there is precedent for Congress to refuse a President’s wishes regarding the timing of a joint session. They all simply swallow, with a deliberate and premeditated attitude of extreme naivete, the administration’s protests that it was just a coincidence that the speech was planned at the same time as a GOP debate. Sheer happenstance! And so, Boehner’s entirely reasonable request for a day’s delay is UNPRECEDENTED!!!

The Los Angeles Times:

The situation struck some Capitol veterans as almost unprecedented in modern times.

. . . .

“It is unprecedented to reject the date that a president wants to address a joint session of the Congress,” said a senior Democratic aide familiar with arranging such events in the Capitol. “Yes, consultation always occurs, but the president always gets the date he wants.”

“Can’t think of a precedent offhand, but it is predictable,” said Julian Zelizer, a professor at Princeton University who has written extensively on American politics. “The GOP has a consistent strategy: block, obstruct and make life difficult for the president. Whatever he wants, as Groucho Marx said, they are against it.”

The New York Times:

Congressional historians said Mr. Boehner’s move was unprecedented.

“The Senate Historical Office knows of no instance in which Congress refused the president permission to speak before a joint session of Congress,” Betty K. Koed, associate historian with the Senate, said in an e-mail. “Permission to speak in a joint session is given by resolution of the House and Senate, and arrangements are made through the leadership offices of each chamber.”

Nobody thinks to ask whether there is precedent for a President pre-empting an opposition party’s presidential debate. It’s all about the questions you ask. And the Journolist apparently issued the order that the behavior to focus on was Boehner’s, not Obama’s.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher has worked himself into such a silly lather, he is actually calling for Boehner’s resignation. I couldn’t make up something that ridiculous if I tried:

The time to raise an objection to the date was when the White House first contacted Boehner’s office, the following hour-and-a-half, or even in the fifteen minutes between when they received the letter, and when it was made public. Waiting several hours to send a refusal letter was a calculated decision, designed to disrespect and embarrass the President. Let’s grant that his hypothetical heads-up was the worst provocation imaginable. It was made in private, and the Speaker’s public response was an unprecedented insult to the office of the President of the United States.

Incidentally, I told Christopher on Twitter that I was going to be writing a post about how silly his post was — and that I would include his reaction . . . provided he got it to me within 15 minutes. He said something, but missed the deadline. The time to get it to me was within the 15 minutes I allotted him. Sorry, Mr. Angry Journalist Person! Let’s hear more from him now:

This isn’t the first unprecedented Republican insult to the presidency under Barack Obama (but it is, by far, the worst), and it isn’t even the first time John Boehner has tried to make the President “heel” with his datebook. It ought to be the last. Every American who has an appropriate respect for the office of the presidency should demand that John Boehner resign, and every legislator should amplify that demand.

It’s so unprecedented, in fact, that (according to some other chucklehead) it might be explained by the fact that Obama is black!

The interesting question is: What is it about this president that has stripped away the veneer of respect that normally accompanies the Office of the President? Why do Republicans think this president is unpresidential and should dare to request this kind of thing? It strikes me that it could be the economic times, it could be that he won so big in 2008 or it could be, let’s face it, the color of his skin.

So if someone breaks into my home, and I shoot them, I guess that the issue is whether it is UNPRECEDENTED for me to shoot a houseguest. And if that person happens to be black — then obviously I’m a racist.

This is evidently how these leftists think. It’s truly incredible.

What I find funniest about the whole thing is the idea that THE PRESIDENT MUST GET HIS WAY AND EVERYTHING MUST BOW TO HIS WILL AND TO HELL WITH TRIVIA LIKE A DEBATE . . . but the White House is now pledging that the speech won’t interfere with a damn football game. Guess they’re able to schedule around that!

See, because they don’t want to piss off football fans. But they’re perfectly happy to piss off Republicans.


UPDATE: Edited one sentence to make it extra clear that it was not Tommy Christopher who said this was about the color of Obama’s skin.

164 Responses to “UNPRECEDENTED!!!1!: The Insult to Obama Is a Wound That Will Never Heal”

  1. The Teleprompter of the United States will not be dissed!

    SPQR (26be8b)

  2. This administration is surreal. I hope to some day see Todd Bridges and Tonya Harding trading quips about this single (insh’allah) term and the political climate it ushered in on an episode of World’s Dumbest Humans.

    SPC Jack Klompus (07a5ab)

  3. How is it that the left never gets called on their extremism by the mainstream media?

    Michael Ejercito (64388b)

  4. hyper-parmesan
    Zero piss down Repubs backs
    tell ’em it’s raining

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  5. Except that they did it to Bush 41 more than once, now he never got it to a formal request because he was told ahead of time to not even try it and when Bush 41 tried to give a speech the networks wouldnt cover it saying it was politics

    I wish I could give links – I should but I’m not in a spot where I can – doesnt anyone remember this though?

    EricPWJohnson (d84fb0)

  6. Time wounds all heels.

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  7. Obama slept through AP Government class and never recovered.

    SPC Jack Klompus (07a5ab)

  8. I thought that the WH and the Congressional leaders always worked out the date privately, and then announced it.

    I wonder if this might be the first time – unprecedented! – that the WH has announced a proposed date before asking. Anyone know?

    jim2 (2328fe)

  9. The President (any president) should be grateful that the Congress allows it at all. What part of EQUAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT did Obama miss? The Brits are very clear on this — watch what happens with the Queen shows up to speak.

    Kevin M (4eb9c8)

  10. The joint session is supposed to be an infrequent occurrence reserved for matters of crucial national interest. “Jobs” has been a supposed topic of such gravity for how long? And on this one particular date it became necessary to convene both houses? Purely coincidental?
    The reaction to it by the Dems and their enablers is so textbook it’s like an extra credit exercise in a high school class. Spin and gut the enemy 101 for rank amateurs.

    SPC Jack Klompus (07a5ab)

  11. Has anybody noticed that Barack Obama is black ?

    A. Weiner (d1c681)

  12. I made my feelings about this idiocy known on the earlier kerfuffle thread and won’t repeat. But the longer this has gone on the more I just shake my head. Does the WH and the media not understand how much they have raised the bar for this presidential speech? Do they not see that the more they keep this story front and center the greater the expectation will be for a wowzer, for a breathtaking oratorical and policy home run? The president has been put in a position that he can not possibly fulfill. He has nothing.

    My god, even clueless Ezra realizes that this speech is going to be warmed over utter BS.

    elissa (772a82)

  13. A journalist in 2011 USA thinks people should resign if they disrespect the President?

    Was he in a coma during Bush’s term? Clinton’s? Reagan’s? Carter’s?

    How in our government even to function without people saying ‘no’ to eachother when they don’t agree on something? This is just a stupid speech schedule. Apparently the timing was a really really really big deal to Tommy and the NYT and the LAT and the rest. WHY?

    What about that time is so precious to the left? Now that Obama’s obeyed the GOP and moved the speech properly, he’s moved it again a few hours before the football game. No one cares about the time anymore, since he can’t have Rick Perry’s time in the debate.

    It’s really petty.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  14. Maybe they’ll offer leather-bound commemorative edition calligraphy gold-embossed editions of this speech like they did with the speech on race, the greatest triumph of oratory since the Sermon on the Mount.

    SPC Jack Klompus (07a5ab)

  15. Now that Obama’s obeyed the GOP

    Just wanted to see that again in black and white. Heh heh heh.

    no one you know (b847ed)

  16. Well I for one am not feeling very confident in my president. If he and his administration cannot even read the TV Guide and see that the debate and football game were already scheduled, then what hope is there that this same incompetent crew can actually come up with something solid and real that will effect a positive change in our economy?

    The more the left comes out and attempt to make the president the victim, the more weak and incapable he appears.

    Dana (4eca6e)

  17. @ NOYK,

    Just wanted to see that again in black and white.


    Dana (4eca6e)

  18. Racist!

    Comment by Dana — 9/1/2011 @ 6:59 pm ]

    Yeowch! Walked right inta that one…

    no one you know (b847ed)

  19. How is it that the left never gets called on their extremism by the mainstream media?

    In case you haven’t noticed they are one and the same.

    This is just a warm up for the general election folks. The MSM will pull out all stops to get BO re-elected. Be prepared.

    Ipso Fatso (74cbec)

  20. Obama slept through smoked before AP Government class and never recovered.

    — There. FTFY!!!

    Icy Texan (b90006)

  21. @Icy. Good call. He probably scored the good stuff on Harvard Square. The Obama Yes We Will 2012 stickers are already in full effect on COEXIST cars here in Austin. One blue zone in BHO’s pocket for sure.

    SPC Jack Klompus (07a5ab)

  22. Protocal is that the Prez ASK the house NOt DEMAND Bammie did it on purpose because he thinks he is KING

    [note: fished from spam filter. –Stashiu]

    tpgow (c9a452)

  23. The left may have finally used up it hyperbole.

    When a sitting congressman says his colleagues want to see he and other members hanging from trees, then all the rhetoric ceases to impress.

    When every right-wing thing is the end of the world and the end never comes, the warnings start to mean nothing.

    People may be disinterested, but they are not fools.

    The only fools seem to be the members of the media who continue to cry wolf about the little things when the big things will wreck us all.

    Didn’t Aesop write this story?

    Ag80 (9a213d)

  24. If journalists had some integrity, one of the more enterprising ones would study the meme of “unprecedented.” In the meantime, I’m not holding my breath.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  25. maybe if our cowardly economy-raping little president man would make a really impressive pouty face Mr. Boehner would reconsider?

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  26. show disrespect to
    Sergei Obamanov and

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  27. Maybe if Obama threatened to sic his wife on him Boehner will rescind?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  28. I may have missed it, but has Tommy written an article about the outrageous CBC accusations and threats? Does he think congresspeople publicly saying things like that about their fellow elected officials might be unprecedentedly disrespectful and insulting to the institution of congress? Has Tommy called for their resignation?

    elissa (772a82)

  29. Self-selecting systems, and self-selecting sets, are interesting things. The Left/MSM/Hysteria nexus is one such interesting thing.

    It’s remarkable to see so many clearly irrational, ideologically self-blinded people in positions of high income, influence and status. Then again maybe it’s not remarkable, depending what your theory is. A Princeton professor spewing such nonsense? Guess it depends what one’s opinion of Princeton is.

    Like a man said, I used to be disgusted, But now I try to be amused.

    btw, speaking of the whole “raaaacism” angle, isn’t it astounding (well no, I’m never astounded) how the “Perry is a dumb cowboy Texas A ‘n’ M redneck rockhead” is a perfectly legitimate and acceptable stereotype-reinforcement meme on the lips of all those saints who decry raaaacism?

    Well it isn’t anything as simple as hypocrisy, don’t think that for a second. It is something far more sinister than a mere double standard; it is a weapon, and it was forged with care and glee.

    d. in c. (1e48bc)

  30. Our President’s unprecedented tantrums are becoming quite…unpresidently precedent.

    Henceforth I will refer to him as the Precedent.


    ppk_pixie (1df0c8)

  31. Carlitos wrote: “If journalists had some integrity,” and then I lost focus and don’t remember anything after that.

    Icy Texan (b90006)

  32. d. in c.: That man was Elvis Costello. I have no idea of his opinion on O, but I suspect I know.

    Ag80 (9a213d)

  33. “for a President to lift his leg and piss all over the opposition”

    That’d be a step up for President Prissy Pants. He usually squats.

    MDr (fd1f4b)

  34. Look, we all know exactly what is going to happen. Obama will start his speech at least 15 minutes late, the useful idiots on the left will cause at least 5 minutes total in pauses due to applause, and it will all still run over past kick-off time.

    You heard it hear first.

    Scott Jacobs (d878a8)

  35. Ag80, yeah I know it was Elvis. 😉

    “Like a man said” is just a coy figure of speech.

    d. in c. (ae55d7)

  36. God damnit…

    You heard it here first.

    Scott Jacobs (d878a8)

  37. d. in c.: He’s just shining the buttons on his green shirt.

    Hey, this is fun. EC would probably not like this at all. 😉

    Ag80 (9a213d)

  38. ==Our President’s unprecedented tantrums are becoming quite…unpresidently precedent==

    Pixie–May I safely assume you were limiting your observations and criticisms to the Caucasian half of our precedent? Because otherwise……

    elissa (772a82)

  39. His aim isn’t true.

    Ag80 (9a213d)

  40. UNPRECEDENTED – For a sitting U.S. president to call a joint session of congress for a combination tongue lashing about his eighth (or 15th) pivot to jobs and campaign speech.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  41. “Olibammy’s army
    Are on their way
    Olibammy’s army
    Are here to stay
    And I would rather be
    Anyplace else
    Than here today.”

    d. in c. (68ff46)

  42. Barry Omarijuanas aim has never been true.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  43. Unprecedented – Would be for the entire Republican side of the audience to rise up en masse and shout “You lie” when President O’Bluffer tells his first lie and then walk out.

    It would make for the shortest joint session on record.


    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  44. UNPRESIDENTED – November 6, 2012

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  45. Has anyone ever seen Tommy Xtopher and ronbryn in the same room? Xtopher is a freaking White House correspondent, going around threatening people, challenging people to fights, cussing like a sailor, and being a general douchenozzle. He makes me seem like a gentleman.

    Clearly he has been hacked. Nobody is that stupid. Well, some people are.

    JD (318f81)

  46. Tommy Christopher
    A juicebox is on the way!
    What is your address?

    Simon Jester (3ccc29)

  47. Accidents will happen.

    Ag80 (9a213d)

  48. Has anyone ever seen David Petranos Esp, MKDP, and Tommy Xtopher in the same room?

    JD (318f81)

  49. Or imdw, for that matter.

    Simon Jester (3ccc29)

  50. Has anyone ever seen David Petranos Esp, MKDP, and Tommy Xtopher in the same room?

    Comment by JD

    That’s enough people to fill a really sweet horse costume.


    Dustin (b2fb78)

  51. Do you mean a disability legal service horse?

    JD (318f81)

  52. Is there any other kind?

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  53. I object your honor. It smells like Beef-a-reeno in here. And Tommy X is out of Coors again.

    /Seinfeld reference.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  54. Off topic, way off topic …. But in an unprecedented event, for me, I went 43.9 mph on my bicycle today. It was downhill, but such a rush. Had to gt off the aero bars and brake as it was becoming unstable a bit.

    JD (318f81)

  55. Meh. I did like 53 in my car.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  56. I cannot beat that.

    JD (318f81)

  57. Pre-election nonsense, as usual. Unfortunately, everything with the Left is ‘the election’. I want to know what my US Senator Harry Reid has to say about all of this. You can always count on Harry to be honest. LOL

    Michael Schumacher (bfa7b0)

  58. At first I thought Obama’s lackey was just a bald-faced liar about this being the time for partisan politics to end and then scheduling this speech in this manner.

    Then I thought that Obama and his staff are just morons who were incapable of identifying what other events are happening in the political world on the day they wanted to give a speech.

    Then I listened to Carney again, and now I truly believe it was just a coincidence. Obama’s staff scheduled the speech based solely on when he could not get a tee-time; thus the scheduling conflict with the debate was just a coincidence.

    JAFAC (c23aa6)

  59. Have you ever seen Debbie Whataman Schultz ,Maxine Waters, and Charles Johnson in the same room?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  60. “I cannot beat that.”

    I sang “Honey” in my shower, really loud!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  61. Excellent post.

    Maybe the reason this hasn’t happened in recent times is that presidential addresses to joint sessions of Congress have been limited and predictable. With rare exception, such addresses occur at Presidential inaugurations, State of the Union addresses, and addresses by visiting foreign leaders. These addresses are undoubtedly scheduled well in advance. Wiki lists very few recent presidential addresses that do not fall into these categories, and I’ll refer to them as *unscheduled* addresses.

    President George H.W. Bush’s addresses at 1989-1993 joint sessions of Congress include: 1 inauguration, 4 State of the Union addresses, 12 addresses by foreign leaders, commemorations of the Bicentennial of the 1st Congress and the Centennial of Dwight Eisenhower’s birth, and 2 unscheduled addresses — concerning the invasion of Kuwait and the end of the Gulf War.

    During President Clinton’s terms, his addresses at 1993-2001 joint sessions of Congress were: 2 inaugurations, 8 State of the Union addresses, 12 addresses by foreign leaders, a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of WWII, and an unscheduled address on health care reform on September 22, 1993. Presumably President Clinton had no problem scheduling this address since Democrats controlled both the House (Speaker Tom Foley) and Senate (Majority Leader George Mitchell).

    President George W. Bush’s addresses at 2001-2008 joint sessions of Congress were: 2 inaugurations and 8 State of the Union addresses, as well as 16 addresses by foreign leaders. The only time Bush spoke to Congress that was not scheduled or known well in advance occurred 9 days after 9/11, on September 20, 2001.

    President Obama’s joint sessions of Congress include: 1 inauguration, 3 State of the Union addresses, 5 addresses by foreign leaders, and Obama’s unscheduled address on health care reform given September 9, 2009. Presumably President Obama had no problem scheduling this address since Democrats controlled both the House (Speaker Nancy Pelosi) and Senate (Majority Leader Harry Reid).

    So if this scheduling problem was unprecedented, perhaps it was because unanticipated or last-minute Presidential addresses are also quite rare.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  62. Gotta love how if you oppose gorebull warming you belong at Stormfront who blames gorebull warming on the existence of jews.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  63. I’m pretty sure it’s unprecedented for the Prez to request a joint session of congress to kick off his reelection campaign at the same time the opposition party is holding televised debates.

    When was the last time we had a President this childish and this vindictive?

    Dale (75787c)

  64. A thought: Reading Tommy’s ‘resign’ post and Tommy really (I mean really) sincere about the words he wrote, then Tommy should find it an obligation to ask Jay Carney at next Press Briefing the WH’s take / response on Tommy’s plea for Spkr Boehner to resign.

    If heart felt to write, should be heart felt to ask. Take it to next step and let’s see if Tommy ends up ‘officially’ on the extreme fringe of WH correspondent thoughts on the matter.

    Would Tommy be willing to risk his “reputation” (mouthing off on Mediaite different than in the WH press room I guess) to ask the question? Or, we could determine Tommy just being extreme Tommy.

    az5thdstrct (f1f26b)

  65. It’s truly amazing that Tommy Christopher is determined to make the rest of society suffer for his daddy issues.

    Another Chris (c983db)

  66. Guys if (that’s “If” mot “when”) you watch The Bamster’s speech you can play Bull Shit Bingo.

    The rules for BSB are easy. Since I don’t expect a single thing new in the speech, I could have written this speech before the Martha’s Vineyard vacation Make a list of the expected talking points; “green jobs” “renewable energy” “keep the one percent payroll tax cut for one more year” “stimulus” “infrastructure” “investment” in some liberal wet dream etc. “tax the rich” “pay their fair share” “you can still keep your health plan” “obstructionist Tea Party” etc.

    You can make your own list of ten such phrases. You’ve heard it all before. Sit with three or four of your friends who’ve also heard it all before. Have them make up their list of ten “tried and true Obama phrases”. When a phrase comes up, check it off your list.

    First person to get 5 “tried and true Obama phrases” checked off his list yells “BullShit Bingo” and is the big winner.

    Or if you don’t have any friends dumb enough to want to sit through more mush from the wimp, you can play alone. Take a good stiff drink everytime one of those phrases rolls off the teleprompter. Ten minutes into the speech, you’ll be so hammered that you won’t care anymore.

    When you hear one Obama jobs speech, you’ve heard them all.

    Comanche Voter (0e06a9)

  67. Is it too late to piss on obama?

    Is it too late for Boehner to say “phuque you mr president?”

    Is my disdain for this marxist idiot too obvious?

    Jim (844377)

  68. The Democrats have to play the race card, it’s all they have. The economy is in shambles. Unemployment is high. Our foreign policy might make sense to someone, somewhere.. but I doubt it. The total failure and total corruption in this administration are obvious to everyone except lefty intellectuals.

    There is a problem however. African Americans and the intellectual left turned out in record numbers and voted by hugh margins for Obama in 2008. They are the only ones left who believe the charge of racism and they are not going to perform as well for Obama next year. Calling the other side racist without any evidence whatsoever looses votes among every other group of citizens.

    But the Democrats don’t have any other issues. Their entire campaign is to buy votes with costly, unnecessary and wasteful spending or to manufacture votes from those not eligible whether non-citizens like aliens, legal and illegal, or felons, or the dead, or the imaginary.

    It won’t be enough but it’s all they have.

    Ken Hahn (2362da)

  69. Unprecedented

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Inigo Montoya (563f77)

  70. He has nothing.

    Au contraire! He has wind. Lots and lots and lots of wind.

    I predict his bloviation will be a thing to behold, to make politicians weep with envy, and to cause wimmen (sp?) to tremble with delight.

    One cannot, nay, should not, ever, ever, EVER underestimate the bloviation powers of The Great Big 0.

    Do so at your direst peril!!

    Smock Puppet, Director, Bureau of Excess Bloviation (c9dcd8)

  71. The jobs bill will have several provisions, which will range from useless to harmful:

    1. Extend unemployment benefits to 199 weeks.
    2. Create a Department of Jobs
    3. Create a tax break for employers who hire from the DJobs approved list.
    4. Increase taxes on employers who don’t.
    5. Allow US workers to polish rosewood.

    Kevin M (563f77)

  72. Where are the feminist left to complain about unemployed women?

    DohBiden (d54602)

  73. So if this scheduling problem was unprecedented, perhaps it was because unanticipated or last-minute Presidential addresses are also quite rare.

    Ahhhh, “unprecedented” is an absolute, is it not?

    So the first question that comes to mind is:

    is it?

    Smock Puppet, Director, Bureau of Veracity In Verbage (c9dcd8)

  74. 5. Allow US workers to polish rosewood.

    Is THAT what they’re calling it nowadays? In my day it was just said that it would make you blind, cause hair on your palm, and so forth.

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  75. Two words:

    “President Downgrade”

    Don’t let that one fall off the meme radar.

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  76. Clearly he has been hacked. Nobody is that stupid. Well, some people are.

    Ummm? “Biden”?

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  77. It goes right along with UNEXPECTEDLY!! Now, Unprecedented!

    Unreal. Great montage.

    Rose (45e671)

  78. You know what else is unprecedented? S&P downgrading America’s credit rating.

    /just sayin’

    Fenway_Nation (4ef9c0)

  79. Comment by elissa — 9/1/2011 @ 8:23 pm
    Because otherwise……

    Awww hell…I need an attorney. 😉

    Comment by Smock Puppet, Director, Bureau of Veracity In Verbage — 9/1/2011 @ 10:36 pm

    is it?

    That’s almost…Clintonian (couldn’t resist)

    ppk_pixie (1df0c8)

  80. When was the last time we had a President this childish and this vindictive?
    Comment by Dale — 9/1/2011 @ 9:30 pm

    Richard Milhouse Nixon: 1969-1974!
    Nobody, but nobody, did an Enemies List like “Tricky Dick”.

    William Jefferson Clinton: 1993-2001!
    Even with the heart problem, he’s still a teen-ager.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  81. Another Drew: Have to second those motions. But I do think The Great Big 0 is… unprecedented in the childish degree to which he’s taken those vindictive things.

    But then again… anyone else besides me recall the reports that the exiting Clinton White House staff had popped all the ‘W’s off the WH keyboards?

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  82. “The GOP has a consistent strategy: block, obstruct and make life difficult for the president.”

    Well, I certainly hope so.

    Dave Surls (70fb21)

  83. “…TO HELL WITH TRIVIA LIKE A DEBATE . . . but the White House is now pledging that the speech won’t interfere with a damn football game. Guess they’re able to schedule around that!

    See, because they don’t want to piss off football fans. But they’re perfectly happy to piss off Republicans.”

    Republicans seem perfectly capable of pissing themselves off over trivia, see. The “debate” itself has been rescheduled several times; from May 2 to Sept. 14 and now to Sept 7, see. The rationale from ‘organizers’ being the field was too trivial; not enough ‘top-tiered’ candidates had declared they were in then, see. Players and fans show up for those ‘damn football games,’ particularly season openers, see. Seems coaxing players to take to the GOP field was a problem for a time, see. Trivia like that can be a GOP ‘hell,’ see.

    From Politico – 3/20/11: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation has postponed its debate for Republican candidates from May 2 to September 14 [Now scheduled for September 7.] The move, announced … in conjunction with cosponsors NBC and POLITICO, follows an unexpectedly slow start to the Republican presidential nominating contest. Organizers worried that the May 2 debate, which was announced shortly after the midterm elections last November, would not attract candidates who will eventually get into the race but are delaying announcements for legal and political reasons. Only one top-tier candidate, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, has officially created an exploratory committee. [Pawlenty flamed out already, withdrawing from the race due to his third place showing i/t Iowa S/P.]

    Sarah, Donald, Rudy– time to suit up, see.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  84. ==Comment by DRJ — 9/1/2011 @ 9:18 pm==

    Thanks for posting that good information about the occasions when joint session speeches have been given by other recent presidents. It’s very valuable to the discussion to see it researched and presented as you did here. And it does affect the narrative when one understands that it’s the request itself which is on the “unprecedented” side of the ledger.

    elissa (521604)

  85. Disco Stu tries to channel Edward G, see. However, as with most of his posts, he ultimately makes no relevant points, see. He babbles on about the date of debate being changed more than once, see; apparently, he wants it moved again, see. Can you say “Make Room For Bambi”?

    Either that, or, it’s just another of his lame attempts to move the goal posts, see. “Look! Not enough viable candidates for a debate!”

    “And BUNNIES, see!”

    Icy Texan (b90006)

  86. I am hoping some folk construct ‘Bama Bingo cards.

    If several folk/bloggers/sites posted them just before the speech, we could all live-blog bingo the address.

    jim2 (2328fe)

  87. Well, I think Obammered is very talented on 2 counts.
    1. How he can go on and on like this and NEVER EVER once have I seen him snicker or laugh behind his hand like the trial lawyer in Florida.

    2. He is able to do everything from campaign to encourage, promise, diss, mock, rebuke,strut,chide,explain,get new jobs, fix the world, and make excuses with just one part of him, HIS MOUTH. All he ever does is TALK, except for that time when Osama was being killed and he was all hunched over, the smallest person in the room, carrying a waterbottle in from the greens.THEN we saw him in action, among his “peers”, all tiny looking, scared, like he was 7 years old.Weird, huh? But put him in front of his TT, trusty teleprompter and he thinks he is the Lone Ranger! LOL.

    THill (b0951a)

  88. iMP is a freakin imbecile. He is citing changes made during a primary from last November, 2 years prior to the election and 10 months prior to th edentate in question, and another change made almost 6 months ago in March. Nice copypasta, IMP. You never fail to live down to your expectations.

    JD (318f81)

  89. I believe that Obama truly believes that Bush acted like a dictator and did whatever he wanted without reguard for the other branches of government. This is untrue but explains why Obama thinks he only has to proclaim something for it to happen with no further action on his part. Like closing Gitmo, proposing new health care law…etc. It is also why he blames his opposition for failing to pursue his stated policy. He never saw the work former presidents and their staffs put in while trying to pass their policies through Congress. So once again, he is coming to Congress with policy that he has not tried to get support from Congress prior to lecturing them as to what he wants. The man has no concept of what is required to promote policy, empty suit.

    Texas Mom 2012 (cee89f)

  90. It’s not so unprecedented that the socialist media would frame the socialist regime’s completely manufactured non-issue in such a pathetic and unified manner.

    Nobody is fooled by this rookie political garbage so the media might want to save their paper and ink.

    justavoter (b003e1)

  91. -_- Obama is a divider.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  92. Is Tommy Xtopher medicated?

    JD (318f81)

  93. I am beginning to think that both the left and the media deliberately choose the most illogical and opposite of reality when addressing any issue. The result being a world turned upside down. Right is wrong, black is white, evil is okay and lies are true and truth is photoshopped!

    Mary (3efe5b)

  94. The Exalted One expects acquiescence and so do his disciples and toadies, it’s the story of his life, Obama needs but ask and others hasten to deliver smiling and with obsequious gratitude.

    He’s entitled, it’s the law. You just can’t expect a guy who’s been pampered his whole life on Affirmative Action set-asides to follow standard procedures. Rules are for the little people, now get on your knees and show some damn respect.

    ropelight (df1596)

  95. Lest anyone think Xtopher’s level of “journalism” is, well, unprecedented, this morning on the euphemism I happened to read a poem by Ogden Nash, which caused me to look up Drew Pearson. Now there was a nasty piece of work.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  96. Obama’s staff scheduled the speech based solely on when he could not get a tee-time;

    What do you mean, “could not get a tee-time”? This is unprecedented! An outrage! What’s the point of being president if you can’t get whatever tee-time you want? I demand that the golf course manager and all the groundskeepers resign.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  97. Lest anyone think Xtopher’s level of “journalism” is, well, unprecedented, this morning on the euphemism I happened to read a poem by Ogden Nash, which caused me to look up Drew Pearson. Now there was a nasty piece of work.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  98. Oops, double post.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  99. mslsd
    politico… why the hell
    they there in first place?

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  100. “This is just a warm up for the general election folks. The MSM will pull out all stops to get BO re-elected. Be prepared.”

    I hope you’re right, Ipso. Because the descriptive terms that pop into my head are “own goal”, “unforced error”, and “epic fail”.

    LarryD (feb78b)

  101. Allow US workers to polish rosewood.

    Who’s Rowe?

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  102. Richard Milhouse Nixon:

    Milhous. No E.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  103. Republican debate? No big thang.

    Packers vs N’awlin’s? Aw hellnaw. Reschedule that junk.

    Book (c7b6c5)

  104. profane and nasty
    Tommy Christopher needs his mouth
    mouth washed out with soap

    elissa (e98733)

  105. Tommy Christopher is what one would go to the bathroom to do.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  106. Tommy Haiku

    The F word five times. Pause dramatically.

    The F word seven times. Pause dramatically.

    The Aristocrats.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  107. Comment by Texas Mom 2012 — 9/2/2011 @ 5:13 am

    Progressives only have to “think” wonderful thoughts, and the world is changed.
    To actually accomplish something…
    that’s for Little People!

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  108. Comment by Milhouse — 9/2/2011 @ 9:08 am

    Hey, I’m old, and I forget, and my keyboard has sticking keeeeeeeeeeeeeeys.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  109. Sharpton’s latest burst of eloquence, is inspired,
    ‘we much admit’

    ian cormac (996c34)

  110. Hey, I’m old, and I forget, and my keyboard has sticking keeeeeeeeeeeeeeys.

    S’OK, I just get tired of people assuming my nom-de-blog is an homage to Tricky Dick.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  111. …though it is, indirectly.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  112. Yes, I can see the shifty eyes under the furrowed brow.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  113. I was only kind of joking about Tommy Xtopher being medicated. If you look at his Twit feed, you will see that I was quite prescient.

    Barack Hussein Obama (318f81)

  114. Oops. My bad.

    JD (318f81)

  115. Unprecedented? Try Reagan/O’Neal in 1986! Tip told Reagan no way-no how! How about that LAT?

    hstad (58736e)

  116. Tommy Christopher is the funniest man on the Internet, except when he’s trying to be.

    Jim Treacher (30ee2f)

  117. Unprecedented? Try Reagan/O’Neal in 1986! Tip told Reagan no way-no how!

    Not quite. O’Neill was quite prepared to hold a joint session and let Reagan address it; in fact he said it was his “practice” to support “any presidential request to address a joint session of Congress”. What he refused to allow Reagan to do was to address just the House.

    In fact O’Neill (falsely) called Reagan’s request “unprecedented” and an “unorthodox procedure”, while the RNC chair called O’Neill’s refusal “an unbelievable act of unprecedented arrogance”. So even the flinging around of “unprecedented” is not unprecedented.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  118. Tommy is funny?

    Real stand-up guy you are Jim.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  119. He can’t stand up because the State Department declared war on his leg.

    But he was joking, Doh.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  120. I know but I disagree with him.

    I meant he was a stand-up comedian

    😉 But I saw what you did there anyways.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  121. Btw my mom who is a democrat has a good idea we should reenact the Boston Tea Party but we should throw the congressmen into the sea instead.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  122. Treacher – Xtopher’s twit-feed says he has a girlfriend, and a pharmacist. Obviously, one of those is a lie.

    JD (7c90f3)

  123. No he really has a boyfriend named Charles Johnson unfortunately the culver city shut-ins relationship ain’t going so well with Tommy.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  124. Comment by JD — 9/2/2011 @ 3:37 pm
    Treacher – Xtopher’s twit-feed says he has a girlfriend, and a pharmacist. Obviously, one of those is a lie.

    JD, yer not interpreting Big J-Speak correctly- “A Pharmacist” = clerk at liquor store and “Girlfriend” = Miss Destiny from Big Al’s Shemale Review.

    Your welcome 😉

    Barracky McMommyPantz (901c40)

  125. dammit…off mommy jeans wearing Precedent *sigh*

    ppk_pixie (901c40)

  126. Busted!

    Machinist (b6f7da)

  127. Pixie – Big Al’s in Peoria? 😉

    JD (318f81)

  128. Comment by Machinist — 9/2/2011 @ 4:38 pm

    Proofreading. Its all the new rage, I hear. *snort*

    Mea culpa, Sir. Mac. 😉

    ppk_pixie (901c40)

  129. Comment by JD — 9/2/2011 @ 4:40 pm
    Big Al’s in Peoria? 😉

    I think its a franchise. Both Al’s and Miss Destiny. 😉

    ppk_pixie (901c40)

  130. I heart piixe 😉

    Speaking of …. Anyone heard from MayBee?

    JD (318f81)

  131. The June 24, 1986, edition of The Wall Street Journal featured a story headlined, “President’s Bid to Address the House On Nicaragua Is Rejected by Speaker.” That’s right, no quibbling over the date and time, just a flat-out rejection.

    Let the name of Thomas “Tip” O’Neil be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of the US of A. Let the name of Thomas “Tip” O’Neil be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time.

    A. Weiner (d1c681)

  132. But Tommy can’t call for Tip’s resignation cuz Tip’s feet up. UNPRECEDENTED!!!

    The June 24, 1986, edition of The Wall Street Journal featured a story headlined, “President’s Bid to Address the House On Nicaragua Is Rejected by Speaker.” That’s right, no quibbling over the date and time, just a flat-out rejection.”

    elissa (e98733)

  133. Sorry for stepping on your toes “Mr.Weiner”.

    elissa (e98733)


    Obama should be UN-PRESIDENTED!


    Hello…is this thing on?

    Pious Agnostic (6048a8)

  135. oh my…is every thread a giant whine-fest, or just the ones I happen to see?

    tifosa (8dd965)

  136. It’s Friday – it is what it is.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  137. ‘What no pithy comeback’?

    ian cormac (4e0dda)

  138. Back from the dead. No longer just another anonymous star on the memorial wall at /b/.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  139. A Random Thought….
    What with all of the controversy over imported wood, and the allegation that the Administration told Gibson that they should have the wood they use crafted by foreign workers before it is imported; I have just one question:
    That $1.1MM Prevost motor-home that the WH just bought is a top-of-the-line Luxury model marketed to some pretty particular consumers.
    What wood does it use for interior trim and cabinetry?
    Is any of that wood on a restricted list?

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  140. That incident between RR and Tip must not have ever happened.
    I was just watching Mark Shields and David Brooks on PBS NewsHour, and neither of them mentioned it, but stated that Boehner’s action in not acceeding to the Presidents “request” to address the Congress was “unprecedented”.
    Now, who you gonna believe, the WSJ or your lying ears listening to Shields and Brooks, who would never utter a falsehood?

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  141. oh my…is every thread a giant whine-fest, or just the ones I happen to see?

    Oh, my…is every snivel by Tiffany a giant pile of pussified mendouchery, or just the ones I happen to see?

    Darth Venomous (c8614a)

  142. Yes obama should be un-presidented but we need a winner.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  143. AD – the First Harpy, the one that would regulate your diet, presented a Gibson made of rosewood as a gift to Sarkozy’s wife. So, they will punish Gibson via the Chicago way, but use their products as gifts. Hypocrites. Do any of their competitors have the same issue with the same wood?

    JD (318f81)

  144. The first wookie would no doubt shriek like a harpy in heat.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  145. Gibson’s major competitor is Martin, who has a union shop in PA, and the owner is a fundraiser/contributor to Dems/Obama.
    He’s paid his insurance premium.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  146. Gibson’s major competitor, Martin, has no problems.
    Could it have anything to do with the fact that Martin is a Union-Shop in PA, and that the owner is a contributor/fundraiser for Obama/Dems?
    We report, you decide!

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  147. Sorry for the double post; they both seemed to disappear for a while, and now, they’re here.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  148. Baylor beat TCU. The end of days are at hand.

    Ag80 (9a213d)

  149. In other words it is politics as usual for Obama the wrathful.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  150. I think I see a wormhole opening up, in the distance.

    ian cormac (4e0dda)

  151. Hey tifosa, thanks for stopping by to — once again — say absolutely nothing.

    Icy Texan (018c71)

  152. You’re welcome IcyTexan. Had some cheese and just stopped in for some whine. ;^)

    tifosa (8dd965)

  153. Did Tifosa, who complains 100% of the time, just mock someone for whining? And it’s Icy, who has something to contribute 99.999% of the time.

    Democrats are so lame these days.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  154. I’m pretty sure that the only relevant point tifosa possesses is the one he covers with a chapeau.

    Icy Texan (018c71)

  155. gotta love the perrytards accusing you of racism when you speak the truth about illegals being parasites.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  156. Obama needs thicker skin.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  157. _____________________________________________

    Meanwhile, a well-known billionaire who oddly (and pathetically) is of the left and someone who loves to give hugs to liberal politicians like Obama, and a like-minded, Democrat-registered predecessor to the current White House administration—and who also was president during the country’s last major period of economic weakness…, September 1, 2011:

    Billionaire investor Warren Buffett triggered a major debate over taxes recently when he wrote in The New York Times that he should be paying more to the federal government. He called on Washington lawmakers to up tax rates on the rich.

    But it turns out that Buffett’s own company, Berkshire Hathaway, has had every opportunity to pay more taxes over the last decade. Instead, it’s been mired in a protracted legal battle with the Internal Revenue Service over a bill that one analyst estimates may total $1 billion.

    Yes, that’s right: while Warren Buffett complains that the rich aren’t paying their fair share his own company has been fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying a larger share.

    The story of Berkshire’s years-long tax battle, which is generally known in business circles, took on new life this week when a group called Americans for Limited Government (ALG) reported that, according to Berkshire Hathaway’s own annual report, the company is embroiled in an ongoing standoff over its tax bills.

    That report, in turn, was cited in an editorial in The New York Post.

    “Obvious question: If Buffett really thinks he and his ‘mega-rich friends’ should pay higher taxes, why doesn’t his firm fork over what it already owes under current rates?” the Post opined.

    “Likely answer: He cares more about shilling for President Obama — who’s practically made socking “millionaires and billionaires” his re-election theme song — than about kicking in more himself.” Consider, for instance, the tax returns of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The returns were not released during FDR’s presidency, but had they been, they would have proved an embarrassment. Tax Analysts has recently acquired from the National Archives copies of the tax returns that Roosevelt filed between 1913 and 1937. And as a group, they reveal something striking: Roosevelt — a vicious and moralistic scourge of tax avoiders everywhere — had a penchant for minimizing his own taxes.

    Throughout his 12 years in office, Roosevelt was a frequent critic of Americans who tried to avoid taxes, even using legal means. “Mr. Justice Holmes said, ‘Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society,'” Roosevelt told Congress in 1937. “Too many individuals, however, want the civilization at a discount.”

    During his first term in office, FDR repeatedly claimed that he was exempt from the high tax rates on personal income that Congress had enacted — and Roosevelt had approved — in the revenue acts of 1934 and 1935.

    ^ Look up the phrase “limousine liberal” and you’ll see photos of Warren Buffet and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    Mark (411533)

  158. Limousine Liberals in both parties are pathetic.

    DohBiden (d54602)

  159. Illegals of any race are parasites. Obama is not ready to lead on illegal immigration except when it suits him

    DohBiden (d54602)

  160. That incident between RR and Tip must not have ever happened.

    It did happen, but it’s not a precedent for Boehner’s decision. O’Neill did not refuse to hold a joint session; on the contrary, he said his policy was to always agree to presidential requests for joint sessions, whenever the president wanted one. What Reagan asked for was to address just the House, and O’Neill said that was wrong and “unprecedented”. He was wrong about that, BTW, but that is what he claimed; that Reagan could address either both houses at once, or neither.

    Milhouse (9a4c23)

  161. Milhouse, Yes, I know those details.
    The point was that Shields and Brooks did not mention that “precedent” at all.
    They were just advancing the “unprecedented” meme that the Journolist community had settled upon, regardless of the facts of the matter.

    When is the media less than truthfull:
    When it is speaking over the airwaves, or putting something down in print.

    All the news that we see fit to print!

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (8fe3ec)

  162. Obama needs thicker skin.

    ha ha ha ha HA!
    colonel could write for days on
    what Big Zero “needs”

    ColonelHaiku (024133)

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