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L.A. Times Loves Them Some Financial Aid to Illegal Immigrants

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Because California state government has so much money that legislators hardly know what to do with it all, state senators passed a bill today to give financial aid to illegal immigrants who are college students. Plenty of U.S. citizens are short financial aid — never mind our eternal budget crisis — but apparently lawmakers still think we have $40 million available to hand over to non-citizens.

Just lovely.

And what do you think the Los Angeles Times thinks of this legislation? Just read the beginning of their story and you’ll quickly get the picture:

The college dreams of thousands of students who are illegal immigrants moved closer to fulfillment Wednesday after the state Senate approved a bill that for the first time would give them access to public financial aid.

Part of a two-bill package known as the California Dream Act, the measure would allow undocumented students who qualify for reduced in-state tuition to apply for Cal Grants, community college waivers and other public aid programs. To be eligible, they must be California high school graduates who attended schools in the state at least three years, and demonstrate financial need and academic merit.

The Senate vote brought relief to Brian Lee, a UCLA undergraduate who was brought to the U.S. at age 4 from South Korea and fell out of legal status when his mother did not renew their visas. Lee, a biology major who hopes to become a dentist, said the chance to apply for financial aid would help him finish school more quickly and alleviate the stress of working multiple under-the-table jobs. As it is, he has worked for two academic quarters to pay for each term he attends.

“I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel, finally,” said Lee, 24, who has completed just two quarters in more than two years.

Is there balance? Sure, if you read far enough down into the story. But the editors would never think of opening the story in this way:

Despite a recurring budget crisis and claims that even U.S. citizens are short on financial aid, California lawmakers voted in favor of funding financial aid for illegal immigrants, to the tune of $40 million.

That would be biased, you see. But the way they did it? Fair!

They probably don’t even realize what they’re doing. Or maybe they do. Who really cares? The effect is the same either way.

P.S. Many of you have noticed I hardly blog about this rag any more. I don’t know. They keep doing the same thing over and over, but they seem so irrelevant. All they do is keep printing the same tired stories with the same tired leftist slant, and laying more and more people off. It’s hard to get too excited about it any more, frankly.

I can still manage some minor irritation. But the outrage is gone, vanished just like the paper’s influence.

That’s a trade-off I can live with.

51 Responses to “L.A. Times Loves Them Some Financial Aid to Illegal Immigrants”

  1. the only reason California should spend $40 million on illegals is to ship them home and to fortify our border and visa checks to keep them from coming back.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  2. It’s getting very close to the point where falling into the sea may be among California’s more attractive options.

    LAT is another paper in the throes of death. You will observe a twitch here, a shudder there, punctuated by a rattling cough, but it will be over soon unless they can con Carlos Slim as slickly as NYT has.

    Estragon (ec6a4b)

  3. “It’s getting very close to the point where falling into the sea may be among California’s more attractive options.”

    Erecting a wall is not safe for the rest of the country because Californians might still be able to fly out under their own power.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  4. From the Dog Trainer article:
    To be eligible, they must be California high school graduates who attended schools in the state at least three years, and demonstrate financial need and academic merit.

    — What they left out is that the students ALSO have to prove that they are in this country illegally .

    Icy Texan (b1b8ac)

  5. John and Ken on KFI were all over this bill late last week and all this week, begging for people to jam the switchboards for Jerry Brown’s staffers, no matter how trivial. They also predicted that enough GOP politicos would bend over and take it, and that only a handful would even make an issue out of it.

    For people who get a thrill out of the unvarnished truth spoken loudly, there is nothing like listening to John Kobylt on this issue — he’s got more red meat than a zookeeper.

    L.N. Smithee (62a374)

  6. Isn’t it kinda “illegal” for the state govt to exclude legal students from the fund set aside for illegal students?

    lee (cae7a3)

  7. They would have saved a lot of money if they made the law applicable only to South Korean orphans, with a minimum residence of sixteen years, who were brought to this country at the age of four.
    This may not make very much sense, but neither does their law.

    PE (0609ab)

  8. Meanwhile, even though my son is very intelligent and could do very well in college if he had access to help, oh no never, because supposedly hubby makes too much $$$. So we cannot deduct son’s tuition or expenses but we also cannot afford to hire the correct help for him because of the taxes we pay that help illegals! Lovely. Again, what’s he benefit of being a citizen?

    Texas Mom 2012 (cee89f)

  9. FYI, son is autistic. Yet legal.

    Texas Mom 2012 (cee89f)

  10. poor otis chandler
    dead and gone done left Patrick
    here to sing his song

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  11. I suspect that the paper, along with the NYT, MSNBC, CNN, etc. still have extensive influence, as the last presidential election made clear – and even the last Congressional election, where more seats ought to have flipped.

    The general public is not well informed. Many people are just not interested, many are closed minded, all are too swayed by misinformation and fallacies. Few ever hear a clear conservative message, let alone an explanation of how and why our system of government exists. Fox does a poor job, and it is still the only true mass media that presents the other side.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  12. I’ve always thought that the people who just don’t care are that way because they are prosperous and are too busy getting on with their business. It was actually a sign of the success of our culture – many of us could live as though politics didn’t matter. Most don’t vote because they think voting will have no effect.

    But then there are the people who have discovered that they can vote money out of the wallets of the complacent and into their wallets.

    Maybe now the people who didn’t care are taking notice of the debt their complacency has bought them.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  13. Liberals are very generous with other people’s money.

    S. Carter aka J-Z (049336)

  14. This law will pass unfortunately. Not sure what to do. My toddler will graduate college in 16 years. I started her college fund last year. Getting bigger slowly. I can’t rely on the government assistance since all that money is going to illegals who can’t get jobs after graduation. Will that illegal alien dentist be able to work legally in the state? Of course not. He has taken a seat from a legal resident or citizen. There could be a employee shortage in the future when all these illegal aliens graduate and can’t apply for jobs.

    MyOpinion (c1edfb)

  15. Obama is nothing but a skidmark on our little country’s underwears he’s a vile anti-american coward

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  16. oops wrong thread

    but it’s sort of a plug n play little comment I think

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  17. Countdown to Obama Administration suing California for upending and ignoring federal immigration laws and the preemptory rights of the feds in this field of legislation.

    eaglewingz08 (2e38fc)

  18. My toddler will graduate college in 16 years. I started her college fund last year. Getting bigger slowly.

    All I can say is good luck with that. I hope you have seen what a 4 year undergraduate education costs these days. My daughter just graduated a year ago and we are paying off $160,000 in loans, so unless you are putting aside say $16,000 in after tax dollars every year, you are falling behind. (And yes, that is the cost after my daughter’s 4 year Dean’s Scholarship based on her academic achievements.)

    The good news is that the federal government now has a monopoly on granting student loans. So, should your toddler grow up and do what her handlers in DC tell her to do for a living, she has a chance at getting her loans “forgiven” by her “federal family”.

    in_awe (44fed5)

  19. Comment by Estragon — 8/31/2011 @ 11:43 pm

    Last I heard, the Sulzberger’s paid back the loan from Slim.
    If he had any thought that the LAT was a viable investment, he could have already purchased it from the Tribune Cos, particularly as they have set it up as a free-standing, corporate entity.

    It isn’t viable, and would be a waste of his money.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  20. Comment by ColonelHaiku — 9/1/2011 @ 6:19 am

    Colonel, I know it makes a cute, biting, lyric; but Otis is the one who set the LAT upon its’ Leftist course when he took control in the 60’s.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  21. “$160,000 in loans”

    That’s too much. Private school?

    I still looking at the California State colleges where I graduated from. They are much cheaper. I live within driving distance of Cal State Long Beach, Fullerton, or Pomona. I figure that $50,000 is adequate, but perhaps I should save $100,000. The risk with saving via the college fund is the money must be used for college. Use it or lose it. If my daughter doesn’t use it, I must assign it to someone else, perhaps a relative. There are other tricks such as the Roth IRA, and refinancing my mortgage, but they are far into the future and I think any student should contribute a significant portion to their education even if will finance most of her education.

    MyOpinion (c1edfb)

  22. Boy am I glad to live in a state(NY) that isn’t filled with biased jerks. Here I am doing a search for an undocumented high school senior in honor classes and with a 95 average when I stumble into this waste of space. But apparently my client cant go to college because his family doesn’t have money and this country does not see him as being a real person. So apparently it’s OK to spend financial aid on a student with a 65 average only because that student happens to be a US citizen.
    In the end we are all humans, and we are all entitled to the same basic rights, legal or illegal.

    Karen (ef3084)

  23. Um, Karen, what is it about the word “illegal” that you don’t understand? What right does your “client” have to be in the country in the first place? And now you claim he has a “right” to have us spend our money on him? In what universe is that a “basic right”?

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  24. Oh, and Karen, what exactly is this illegal immigrant your client for? What services do you provide him? Surely not legal services, since if you were an officer of the court you’d probably have a duty to turn him in, or at least not to collaborate with him in evading the law.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  25. . But apparently my client cant go to college because his family doesn’t have money

    Why not get a freaking job and then get some money and then go to college?

    This is not an injustice.

    Apparently things that are of value cost money.

    In the end we are all humans, and we are all entitled to the same basic rights, legal or illegal.

    Uh huh. Citizenship carried extra rights. Mexico doesn’t let anyone enter their nation either. The idea someone is entitled to free stuff is a recipe for everyone to suffer.

    BTW, your use of bold for your comment is extremely rude. You aren’t better than the rest of us, and don’t deserve a special font.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  26. Karen is very earnest in advocating for her client, you can tell by how she is “speaking with authority“!

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  27. And this senior in honors classes with the 95 average owes the rest of society a huge thank you. He should appreciate getting an education at the expense of society. That obviously cost a lot of money.

    It’s ridiculous that democrats think getting an education entitles one to citizenship or free stuff. That’s a huge benefit, not a sacrifice.

    The idea one would get a free education from a country they were an illegal immigrant in and then demand to more free stuff is very offensive.

    The only DREAM act I support is the military service one. Do something for this country to earn your citizenship.

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  28. Maybe, like Justice Bradley of the WI Supreme Court, she likes putting other people “in the diminutive”.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  29. If given enough rope Karen and her gang will collapse the currency. You can’t go a block in any country throughout recorded history without bumping into ‘need’ (okay, much of this is really ‘want’ but that battles over). Nobody makes a credit card with a limit high enough to eradicate ‘need’ (and that’s just ‘real need’, let alone the wants that folks like Karen think are needs).

    East Bay Jay (2fd7f7)

  30. Demonstrate financial need?

    Would that be copies of their 1040s and 540s?

    malclave (4f3ec1)

  31. @22
    But apparently my client cant go to college because his family doesn’t have money and this country does not see him as being a real person.

    Karen, why don’t you and your friends get together and pay for him? Why should I have to pay for it?

    malclave (4f3ec1)

  32. When I attended high school I felt some degree of appreciation for it. I did know I was entitled to it legally, but I still knew that a lot of people in Ethopia or wherever don’t have it as good as I do.

    Karen would have one believe that Americans are infinitely rich, and so they can be squeezed forever to fund everything ‘poor’ people want, including people who are here illegally.

    The sense of entitlement disgusts me. When I got out of high school I joined the Army and the taxpayers paid for my education. Best decision I ever made.

    But Karen doesn’t think it should work that way for an illegal immigrant. Karen thinks someone should get free stuff because they can’t afford it. Isn’t this a recipe for everyone to constantly make sure they can’t afford anything?

    Dustin (b2fb78)

  33. Karen is one of the 98% who gives the other 2% a bad name.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  34. I used to work in higher ed, and every grant from the feds and state is tagged for minorities. They see who future voters are. Two gangbanger types just moved into my block–they must be new college students!

    And they wonder why middle class taxpayers are moving out of CA.

    Patricia (1832e5)

  35. They’re tired of paying for all of the insanity.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  36. re: #20, drew

    just tell me somethin’
    I don’t know, I did not say
    they were songs of praise

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  37. pretty little drew
    with the red dress on yeah poor
    otis dead and gone

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  38. Col., I told you I only wore that red dress for you – it was our secret.
    I am soooooo disappointed in you.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  39. ahhh… just kiddin, drew. Couldn’t let it go to waste.

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  40. I wish you WOULD continue to slam that rag. Its coverage of the 2010 elections was outrageous. (“The maid said…”). Its tedious baying for higher taxes, an end to Prop 13, gay marriage (I do’t oppose GM–let them have nasty property splits, custody issues etc), but LAT treats it as if we actually didn’t have bigger things to worry about)..etc is unbelievable. At least Rutten is gone.

    Harcourt Fenton Mudd (329cc1)

  41. All they do is keep printing the same tired stories with the same tired leftist slant, and laying more and more people off.

    Cause and effect in action.

    navyvet (db5856)

  42. “you don’t know me
    and I don’t know you” has been
    my ringtone for months

    ColonelHaiku (ac06bc)

  43. Imagine there’s no countries, Karen.

    Have yourself some fun living inside that fantasy world.

    Icy Texan (b90006)

  44. Illegal aliens need to be sent back home by bus, plane, ship, or -if necessary- in a body bag.

    Michael Ejercito (64388b)

  45. A “Progressive” is someone with so much compassion that he’ll give a poor man the shirt off your back.

    Murgatroyd (e0d30c)

  46. Whatever Karen’s “job” is, that she “works” at, I am quite certain we can get some non-American illegal Third Worlder to do it for something like a quarter of the price.

    Then, in an exchange of sacred “sustainability”, we can import the Third Worlder over here and Karen can give up her (apparently worthless) “documented” status. Then we’ll ship her off to some God-forsaken Third World vibrancy hole, and she can expound her theories to all the saintly locals, much to the satisfaction of all concerned.

    I’m told the first 500 beatings by the vibrants are the hardest; and after that, you just sort of get used to it.

    Come on, Karen! Somalia or bust!

    d. in c. (6d8a47)

  47. Karen, I hear Legal Services is looking for someone to fill a vital slot in McMurdo Sound.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (588042)

  48. One problem I have, if we deported all the illegal immigrants, who would cut my lawn?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  49. Exercise is good for you.
    Ask Mooshelle.

    Another Drew - Restore the Republic / Obama Sucks! (e26a22)

  50. 🙁

    peedoffamerican (ee1de0)

  51. :anger:

    peedoffamerican (ee1de0)

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