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Talking with Stranahan on Blog Talk Radio

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Will put up a link when I can.


44 Responses to “Talking with Stranahan on Blog Talk Radio”

  1. Anyone listening?

    Patterico (135ea8)

  2. I am but I missed the start

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  3. Yep, something about Lee bugs me.

    Susie Q (653074)

  4. Missed the start. Listening now.

    Random (52ce7f)

  5. Aha. I didn’t know about Gennette’s boyfriend. Of course, she would deny extensive flirting with teh weiner. So, everything is real except a few sent/photoshopped by 545Seattle, and a few tweeted by Pat last night.

    The few Gennette has denied are the ones that make her look like she lied about actively flirting with weiner. What is wrong with this picture?

    Susie Q (653074)

  6. Call in.

    Patterico (135ea8)

  7. beached az!

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  8. Ace is on.

    Patterico (135ea8)

  9. Crap, I had to restart my computer, and missed some stuff.

    Susie Q (653074)

  10. What the hell is with Lee’s cat?

    Susie Q (653074)

  11. Lee’s cat is a metaphor, it proves he isn’t a sockpuppet.

    Kaisersoze (c86eb0)

  12. The cat is a fixture.

    There will be a podcast.

    Patterico (135ea8)

  13. I’m listening. I like Patterico, Ace, and Lee. : ) (And Lee’s cat. Meeeerrrrrow…meeeroooow.)

    corrcomm (382560)

  14. I’d still really like to know why Weiner supposedly sent someone he didn’t have a flirtatious/sexual relationship with a photo of Little Anthony.

    corrcomm (382560)

  15. I’d still really like to know why Weiner supposedly sent someone he didn’t have a flirtatious/sexual relationship with a photo of Little Anthony.

    Comment by corrcomm

    That’s why I think Gennette isn’t telling the truth about her real relationship with teh weiner.

    Susie Q (653074)

  16. Agreed, Susie Q. I don’t think she is either.

    corrcomm (382560)

  17. Pat knows a lot that we don’t and I hate not knowing what I don’t know. heh

    Susie Q (653074)

  18. These radio shows are very frustrating.

    Tutu (54ce64)

  19. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever find out the truth.

    Susie Q (653074)

  20. That cat needs a facebook page–and friends.

    elissa (f29705)

  21. @20 Gennette just let out a sigh of relief.

    Tutu (54ce64)

  22. That cat needs to get a room.

    Tutu (54ce64)

  23. @20 Gennette just let out a sigh of relief.

    Comment by Tutu

    heh. I know Gennette is lying about the extent of her relationship with teh weiner. I just want the truth about who the Reid socks are.

    Susie Q (653074)

  24. Solve for Gennette. She is the key to finding the socks.

    Tutu (54ce64)

  25. Yeah, I think she knows more than she’s saying, but why do you think she knows who the “Reids” are?

    Susie Q (653074)

  26. Sorry Susie Q, I had an explanation typed, but it was too incoherent. Been up for 21. Need sleep…

    Tutu (54ce64)

  27. That cat needs a facebook page–and friends.

    Comment by elissa — 6/25/2011 @ 11:44 pm

    Lee said the other night that the cat needs to be neutered.

    But he has not put up the “Neuter the cat” Paypal account, yet. Or maybe I have not seen it. He is making us all suffer.

    slp (347e33)

  28. Susie, yes, and more likely IS the Reids. Certainly in leaugue if not acting completely alone.

    It’s frustrating to me that Lee has experience or powers of observation of human nature enought to know how confidence games begin… and knows how giving some valid detail help cover the lie…but will not consider that his Jenny, while probably the professor’ jenny, might not be, but someone who is adopting that identity.

    It’s a loose end that ought to be eliminated.

    But more to Lees powers of observation – he’ picked up on the clunky writing, and the attempts to ingratiate and deflect demands, act designed to make people go soft with them..

    For example the bird with a broken wing seems to pop up mostly with men, where it is most effective. There’s an old saying that a woman is at her strongest when she arms herself with her weakness – and that can work a story that a man is acting to protect some BWABW. So Patriot has an abused daughter, Reid must protect the “troubled” Alicea…

    Gennette gets a lot of grief, but I think one reason she was initially suspicous is the “too much information” that rolled out about her abusive ex-boyfriend. Women are soft in their own ways, but white-knighting is not ingrained by nature or training into women as a virtue.

    SarahW (af7312)

  29. Lees cat on Facebook? LOL brilliant. That needs to happen.

    SarahW (af7312)

  30. Just tuned in. Scintillating talk about volume and home phones…

    Lincolntf (85daa5)

  31. It gets better, and there are cats.

    SarahW (af7312)

  32. Woohoo! The kitty makes an appearance!

    Lincolntf (85daa5)

  33. Want to see The Daily Caller being ripped to shreds?

    It’s here.


    The News You Won't Get Here (0692b1)

  34. Jim Treacher’s moronic answer to Anderson Cooper is so typical of the NBR (No-Brain-Right)

    The News You Won't Get Here (0692b1)

  35. William Yelverton is kind of an idiot.

    JD (306f5d)

  36. I think Lee is a decent guy but he sucks at this radio business. This is the second time I have sat through hour long shows and learned absolutely nothing about what is going on. He cannot get out of his own way.

    Noodles (3681c4)

  37. Just finished listening to the whole show.

    Lee’s comment that there is something about this story that makes you question everything you’ve ever heard about anything, struck me as spot on.

    The analogy that comes to my mind is a John Le Carre spy novel. On the surface there are themes of national import being manipulated by a cast of honest and deceptive (or varying degrees thereof) characters and our task is to sift through the clues to discover the grand plot. On the other hand this may all collapse down to some petty interpersonal spats between insignificant characters: much ado about nothing.

    I think the scale of this story, spanning national politics and gobbling up weeks of news cycles, tends to magnify and exaggerate the actual individuals and events that comprise it. On the grandest level I can imagine as remotely plausible, A. Weiner may have exposed himself to an underage girl. In that case, the whole Weiner affair morphs, like the John Edwards saga, from a tawdry story of public bad behavior to a criminal tragedy. But, there is the distinct possibility that this whole story may break down to complex web of petty motives and grievances provoking deceit and petty retaliations.

    For example, Gennette Cordova may be trying to hide the fact that she flirted with A. Weiner, because it would reveal her disloyalty to her boyfriend and piss him off. To publicly make her case, she misrepresents her interactions with Nikki. The NY Times (Daily Durante) then, predictably, uses Cordova’s misrepresentations to create a grand narrative where Nikki is a cog in the vast right wing conspiracy; trying to gather evidence on Weiner to destroy his career and weaken the national Democratic Party. Nikki’s father, posting under the alias John Reid 9 then takes umbrage at the besmirching of his and his alias daughter’s reputation by the NT Times- to the extent that one can besmirch an alias’s reputation. In retaliation and to clear his family’s good alias name, Papa Reid starts publicly undermining Genette Cordova’s assertion that she was really acting as an top secret undercover agent for A Weiner.

    In this scenario, the biggest story is that the NY Times twist a a news story to fit it’s editorial political agenda. But that’s really a dog bites man sort of story because the Times does this every day, and on a much larger scale- such as every time Sarah Palin steps out into public view.

    On the other hand the plot may twist into a revenge tragedy of a scorned emotionally troubled woman, betraying her deeply felt political convictions to bring down a powerful man, aided by his hubris.

    Toss in the the sinister comic foil, Neil Rauhauser, who’s reflex response to his terminal case of jock itch appears to be to troll everything that is not pro-democrat and make an ass of himself, and the whole affair may not ultimately rise even to the level of farce.

    lamchops (a91fe8)

  38. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz… Am I the only one? No offense meant.

    dfbaskwill (c021f2)

  39. Has John Reid said whether he sent comments under the name of ‘seattle545’ before deciding to come out to Pat? If not him is Gennette the only one who would have that info to give? Or is there another candidate for those comments?

    And has anyone noticed that John Reid and Gennette seem to come to us in shifts from each other? It would seem they have opposing agendas but I keep getting this nagging feeling about them. Well Gennette especially. Kind of like she as the forefront persona has to carefully work around all the socks (who seems to have the goods on her but those that are especially damning are visibly tampered with) and appear calm, cool and collected while the socks go off on rants and appear unstable.

    tier (4a939c)

  40. Yes, tier, to know everything about Gennette, is to know nearly everything about this story.

    Tutu (54ce64)

  41. It would seem they have opposing agendas but I keep getting this nagging feeling about them.

    Supposedly, everyone involved was pro-Wenis. That’s one of the most confuzzling aspects of this whole saga. I’d like to know what they disagree about. JohnReid9 said he was betrayed by gennette, but didn’t go into detail regarding the betrayal(unless I missed it in the thread where JohnReid9 was answering questions).

    ∅ (e7577d)

  42. And, no, dfbaskwill. You are not the only one. I stayed up late to hear it live…what a waste. Lee starts off by saying they have a whole hour, but they may not use all of it. Then he proceeds to waste the entire hour. Seemed like 30 min was taken up arguing about who should talk, and the rest about unrelated stuff. Oh, I love cats…but really?

    Tutu (54ce64)

  43. Lee,

    Your information about the girl who had the starchild111 account did not move this story forward because you didn’t give us any evidence to back it up or any place to go from there. You simply told us to trust you verified she exists and had the account.

    Actually, I believe you when you say this, but I can’t do anything with it because it’s a dead end unless you tell us more — not only so we can verify what you say but also so we can follow up from there. It’s not unlike the dead end we were at until someone came forward claiming to be John Reid. I don’t know who he is but we can test his claim by asking him questions. If your girl or her professor would come forward, we could do the same with them.

    DRJ (fdd243)

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