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Betty & Veronica Solved?

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[Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

Maybe not QUITE yet but I love a strong headline.

And “An Hour of Obsessive Compulsive Ramblings By A Middle Aged Guy In A Dark Room” isn’t as pithy.

Anyway, get deep in the weeds on #Weinergate with me, won’t you?

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– Lee Stranahan

24 Responses to “Betty & Veronica Solved?”

  1. Gennette & Weiner May 15

    Gennette & Weiner May 15 part2

    starchild part 1

    starchild part 2

    starchild part 3

    starchild part 4

    seattle545 (8725fc)

  2. No one cares.

    Michael Hertzberg (148052)

  3. I care. This is why I read blogs and despise the news shows. I want the whole story, fully vetted. This is one of the most interesting parts of the story. Is it possible that a fake person took down a Conressman? Add this to the fake Syrian lesbian and it is an interesting time we are entering when fake twitterers etc. are making the news, and making news. Are we at the beginning of something?

    susan (c2ed87)

  4. Twitter Spring

    RB (1b5766)

  5. Is it possible that a fake person took down a Congressman

    No. Has anyone even alleged this? The claim is that B&V tried to get information from other people who were messaging with Weiner, and that they later defended him. He took down himself by send a Tweet to 45,000 followers, and B&V had nothing to do with that.

    Average Joe (c63d5b)

  6. I care. My family cares. My reputation is still going to live on the internet until Al Snore invents something better.
    One of us make a 100.00 donation to this site if there is way more to this angle or proven to be patently false.
    Man enough, “Michael Hertzberg”???? I’ll put it up to hold now.

    Game on?

    goatsred (b20383)

  7. #1 seattle545 Forgive me, it’s early, are these for real?

    koam (2b4b88)

  8. Comment by seattle545 — 6/20/2011 @ 3:08 am

    Are you trying to tell us that Gennette is Betty and Veronica (aka Marianela and Nikki) and Weiner knew that she was tweeting the #bornfreecrew as Marianela and Nikki?

    sarainitaly (daf506)

  9. @Comment by seattle545 — 6/20/2011 @ 3:08 am
    Are those screenshots are for real seattle545?–
    Earlier. I had wondered if Weiner could be dumb enough to use his own people– Now, the mind boggles over the idea he would be dumb enough to organize it directly.

    But, you are going to have to show more evidence that those tweets are legit. This entire situation has kicked off over using false evidence, NO? No insult intended, but why don’t you directly contact one of this blog’s owners?

    @goatsred— once these nasties are dug out– I think you ought to sue the pants off of them. This plot was an act of deliberate and malicious slander. I won’t be surprise if Breitbart skins them alive(in a legal sense). But you were not a public personality when they smeared your reputation. I’m not fond of solving everything through lawsuits , but this situation merits some justice.

    bmertz (d77c52)

  10. Is there a coordination and connection between Gennette and JG?

    Temper Tantrum (02fe1b)

  11. If those screen shots are real, were Gennette and Weiner working together to squash rumors within the #bornfreecrew that Weiner was chatting with women/girls – they created girls to deny the rumors?

    Why the prom tweets…?

    Was Gennette operating under the assumption that Weiner was innocent, he was feeding her the story as if he were innocent, hoping they could divert attention, or frame someone else? huh?

    They claimed they had private DMs between Betty/Weiner/Gennette… they didn’t provide them. Weird. Why?

    They try to point fingers at Breitbart. Makes sense.

    They contact TC and statements of denial are written. Makes sense.

    sarainitaly (daf506)

  12. What a joke.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  13. I think the Seattle545 DM screenshots(there’s once more from them put in Ace’s comments) should be considered fake until further proof is given…

    BTW, Weiner hasn’t officially resigned yet…

    soren (e936bf)

  14. If those screen shots are real, were Gennette and Weiner working together to squash rumors within the #bornfreecrew that Weiner was chatting with women/girls – they created girls to deny the rumors?

    Unlikely… StarChild111 entered the picture way back in mid-March when she chatted up Ginger Lee… Cordova entered the picture in early April. The idea that she was behind Betty is ludicrous IMO… even though I think she’s lying about a lot.

    Here’s the comment from them on Ace’s comment section…

    Which goes to …

    soren (e936bf)

  15. sara,

    IF these 6 “caps” are real (big IF), theory is that AW had GC create (or abduct) teen fans B&V personae as bait for #bornfreecrew, (hungry for evidence that AW is cybercasanova) @AndrewBreitbart, & @DLoesch. “Girls” have cyber-crushes on RAW, yet he always acts appropriately (though B&V’s smitten tweets may be taken as suggestive of RAW’s behavior if one had a psycho-fixation on RAW…see @PatriotUSA76 interview with FilmLadd). #bornfreecrew issues warnings “we’re on to AW’s <3 for girls" to all via twitter, but that goes nowhere, as far as RAW & GC know. Stepping it ups, V (GC under direction of RAW) dangles a little red meat for Mike ("B has AW's naughties"),( all allegedly..this is the theory that these “caps” allege to confirm.)

    This all makes its way to Breitbart, et al, who investigate but never publish as it's not verifiable. (See TC's first piece) The "Bigs" had the B&V stuff earlier…pre-#weinergate.

    Meanwhile, RAW f's up and sends undies shot ("part of joke"…joke they were playing on #bornfreecrew & @AndrewBreitbart, etc) as an @GC instead of DM GC. uh-oh. "I was hacked". The Bigs publish it soon "I was hacked" is absolutely news, straight from the source, RAW. BIGS don’t mention B&V angle.

    So the undies shot becomes the story after @PatriotUSA76 sees it for the few minutes it was up.

    As for these "caps," Of course we have to be skeptical! Seattle545’s handle refers to the heads up Tweet that RAW sent prior to undies shot, supposedly as a nod to GC, the alleged accomplice.

    When TC publishes the "Breitbart didn't post the teen story" story, then B&V are on the table for all of us to wonder about. (Had been in Breitbart's back pocket prior to this.) TC believes the false IDs, not mentioned in original piece, which does include the over-the-top, indignant defense of RAW by “Mrs Betty” (B’s alleged mom). Couldn’t have been written better by RAW himself, in fact. Raises eyebrows.

    Don’t forget RAW’s interview with Jonathan Karl on June 1 It’s “at one” with the mind & voice of “Mrs Betty” don’t you think?

    See my posts 6/18 here: #133

    And 6/19 8:16 AM here:

    That GC, upon an earlier return to Twitter, follows @tommyxtopher straight away.

    See Update 11 here:

    So who can figure out if the caps on are just photoshops or come from something more real?

    @wittier / koam

    koam (2b4b88)

  16. Comment by soren — 6/20/2011 @ 7:44 am

    well crap. haha

    This is such a convoluted nightmare.

    sarainitaly (daf506)

  17. Comment by bmertz — 6/20/2011 @ 7:05 am
    RE:#9 Just watching things unfold. My rep has been tarnished greatly and there is documented proof as to how exactly.
    So, as the smoke clears,every goat shall have his day.
    Thanks for the comment.

    goatsred (722631)

  18. i’d love the see the proof that those alleged AW-GNC DMs are real.

    milowent (0f8248)

  19. thanks koam.

    the one fundamental thing in ALL of this is that Weiner really was engaging in dirty tweets with women.

    sarainitaly (daf506)

  20. I missed where anyone claimed they are real, milowent. In fact, it seems people are justifiably skeptical.

    JD (85b089)

  21. i’m closing this window and moving to the newer story about NYT and TC. :O)

    sarainitaly (daf506)

  22. milowent, for sure the new DM “caps” could be absurd ruse. there’s someone poking everyone from every angle, every day.

    koam (2b4b88)

  23. To speculate from Lee’s tweets and radio show , JG is the person with the skills to create fake documents and pictures. So JG is the one trying to turn the blame on Gennette.

    Temper Tantrum (02fe1b)

  24. Comment by goatsred — 6/20/2011 @ 8:08 am

    I will be standing by the guillotine and applauding as the cart hauls them to justice. Normally, I don’t express this level of bloodthisty anger. But this malignant plot is beyond the pale.

    re: the phone call from UCLA– I wonder if she works in the screenwriting department?

    bmertz (d77c52)

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