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Woman Who Got Photo In Weinergate Story Wrote Newspaper Article On Meeting “Stars” Via Twitter

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[Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

Gennette Cordova is the woman who received the photo from the Twitter account of Rep. Anthony Weiner, as reported by Big Government – who has been leaving out the woman’s name. According to research from the blog Iconic Surrealism, she is a student at a college in Washington State, where she writes for the paper. (He also shows a reference to Ms. Cordova calling Rep. Weiner ‘her boyfriend’)

Given how part of this revolves around Twitter, this part of a March article by Ms. Cordova is interesting.

Access to the Stars

If you’re like me, then you’re someone who is guilty of caring about what goes on in the life and minds of celebrities. When people are really famous, chances are they do not have a personal Facebook page that fans have access to; most celebrities use a fan page that is usually managed by someone else. In contrast, Twitter has thousands and thousands of verified, personal, celebrity accounts. The reason being, Facebook is a private social network, while Twitter is essentially an online environment for public news dissemination. Celebs can give their fans access to their tweets without the burden of being every fan’s “friend.”

So, perhaps you’re interested in what political and religious figures have to say, like Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) or the Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama). Or, maybe you’re someone who would want to follow mega-stars like Lebron James (@KingJames) and Snooki (@sn00ki). There are Academy award-winning actors, Olympic gold-medalists, authors, politicians, and comedians; even Jesus Christ has a Twitter (though I’m not sure if it’s been verified).  If there was ever a famous person whose brain you wanted to pick, chances are you can find them on Twitter.

– Lee Stranahan

129 Responses to “Woman Who Got Photo In Weinergate Story Wrote Newspaper Article On Meeting “Stars” Via Twitter”

  1. I think I have a simple equation:

    Name = wiener + have same • Internet = inevitable

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  2. Gosh, this is exciting.
    Do you think anyone will make a joke here about his last name?

    Larry Reilly (0e1b2d)

  3. Haha. Larry got me. He totally rules.

    Ag80 (1bc637)

  4. Do you think that Mr. Reilly meets women on Twitter?

    Simon Jester (f2346f)

  5. Hi…mostly lurker here, I hate to go off topic but I know a lot of lawyers hang out here…

    I’ve got an old boss and some co-workers who got themselves in a little trouble with the Feds last year, about 40 to 60 years worth. But since the initial bust nothing has shown up in the news. Is there anywhere one can find out the progress of a Federal case online without spending money?

    There are some old acquaintances I could call but I’d really prefer not to have any dealings with these people again. At the same time, I do have some concern for them, I did work with them for ten years after all.


    Roscoe (9d1bb3)

  6. Unlike you frauds who make sexist jokes about Palin and right-wing women.

    And yes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a left-wing. His banning of communist and socialist parties is left on left oppression.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  7. Socialism is not conservatism despite what certain returds think.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  8. Odd that Weiner is joking about his account being hacked.  In 2010, Weiner voted YES on the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2010.

    McClatchy Watch (b99c3b)

  9. 4.Do you think that Mr. Reilly meets stalks women on Twitter?

    — There. FTFY!

    Icy Texan (0918b2)

  10. He stalks the women and gets all outraged when they say no.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  11. I think it’s something more like:

    As time online increases, the probability of uploading a picture of your genitals approaches 1.

    Ace linked a post from DailyKos which alleges that the screencap was doctored by Breitbart, with supporting evidence (which I have no expertise to evaluate). I wonder if that argument has traction…

    CliveStaples (838c1f)

  12. “ – 4 Dec, 2009 By POV About 30 per cent of young people in the US have been involved in some form of “sexting” and nearly half of those say they don’t see it as a serious …”

    So what if Weiner pitched a tent and sexted it? That behavior is now a common, acceptable social norm. The pic was modest for a sext (no actual nudity.) Recipient was of-age. I’m always up for a Dem scandal, but this may be a teapot tempest.

    Wow, turns out this Weiner is married to Huma Abedin? She’s hot. Silda, Elin, … it’s the prettiest wives that get cheated on. We men are beasts.

    gp (4b68bb)

  13. you’ve got to make him express how he feels and maybe then you’ll know his love is real?

    especially if he sends you like a dick photo on twitter

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  14. Anthony Weiner kissed the girls and made them disgusted.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  15. Ms Gennette judgement is in question for obvious reasons. She calls Snooki a “mega-star”.

    Vivian Louise (bcd4a5)

  16. Snooki a mega-star?

    And i’am the queen of england.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  17. >> most celebrities use a fan page that is usually managed by someone else. In contrast, Twitter has thousands and thousands of verified, personal, celebrity accounts.

    >> like Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA)

    We’re clearly dealing with a real brainiac here.

    Andy (d87a0a)

  18. I’am sure Ace of spades will ban you for that.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  19. This kind of sh*t happens to me all the time. The person who hacked my email account today has already sent out eight dic pix to everybody in my address book and it’s not even dinner time. There is nothing to see here.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  20. we have to bring these nefarious dick picture hackers to justice

    we just have to

    what kind of world do we want for our children?

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  21. Wymns and chirrns hardest hit!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  22. Will it be the FBI or Secret Service investigating this heinous hacking?

    JD (306f5d)

  23. Will NOW call out Wiener?

    Will the left stop calling islam ultraconservatives and accuse us of intolerance when w epoint out islam is misogynistic.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  24. we*

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  25. As Sgt. Hudson put it ‘game over, man’

    ian cormac (72470d)

  26. Your a bunch of weinerphobes.

    /Sarcasm off

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  27. “That behavior is now a common, acceptable social norm.”

    Common? Sure, I’ll buy that. Acceptable? I don’t think so.

    Many sexters are underage. Law enforcement takes a dim view of it. Submitting a resume for a job? The first thing HR does is scour the Internet, looking for digital traces of indiscretions and unseemly behavior. It might be unusually snooty, but with high unemployment resulting in many candidates applying for every job, companies can afford to be choosy.

    I’m not trying to argue the finer points of obscenity laws and sexual liberation. I’m merely trying to point out that suggesting that sexting is acceptable may be encouraging people to commit unforced errors by engaging in needless, risky behavior.

    I’m betting that Tony would secretly agree with me right now.

    JR (dc08fc)

  28. I certainly hope Rev. Jessee Jackson is available to counsel him, and guide him, and pray with him.

    You do realize that Rep Weiner and his wife have not yet even celebrated their first wedding anniversary? And this is supposed to be the honeymoon phase of a marriage. Uh oh.

    elissa (4769ba)

  29. Roscoe, try PACER.

    It’s not free, but the cost is trivial and i believe they don’t bill you until you look up a lot of cases.

    Anyway, I looked up several and they charged my a few dimes for it.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  30. Brietbart is getting desperate. Im kinda surprised Patterico is going for this but w/e.

    I smell James O’Queef.

    wheeler's cat (d886bd)

  31. Ah, strangelet, that boat has sailed, sunk and been refloated again.

    ian cormac (72470d)

  32. “Brietbart is getting desperate.”

    WTF are you talking about Nishidiot?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  33. Can we be honest here, just among friends? Aren’t you kind of sad that Weiner’s private twitter friend and the recipient of his junk picture wasn’t young Miss Megan McCain? You know, in a killing two birds with one stone kind of way?

    elissa (4769ba)

  34. I previously noted I like Rep Weiner. Not his politics or on camera attention getting nonsense, but just as a person. He is the kind of person you’d hope drives along if your car breaks down, IMO. So I haven’t wanted to bash the guy over this.

    But the one of 91 twitter followers aspect shows they were somehow associated with eachother. The girl deleting everything, and Weiner not pushing for an investigation, and both acting like no one should think about this story aspects… that all adds up to they are acting guilty.

    Nishi’s reaction is similar to most of the left. Once again, Breitbart’s circle has exposed something interesting. Once again, some incredible conspiracy is alleged to explain it all away, or at least, bash Breitbart.

    Look, even if some hacker managed to pull this off, that’s quite newsworthy. It’s worth a lot of interest. It’s a serious crime. But the nature of the ‘hack’, being multiple accounts, makes it very implausible, and Twitter has not disabled the verified account, which it always has done in the past.

    No one hacked it.

    Weiner sent the silly photo. It’s sad. Hopefully it’s just some pathetic flirting online gone too far, but that’s still pathetic. We’ll see of the democrat party polices her own as well as the GOP does. I guess we all know it doesn’t.

    When powerful democrats are known to get their special pals all kinds of cushy jobs and deals and loans and bailouts, it’s sad they don’t police their party a little better.

    And like I said, I don’t go out of my way to bash Rep Weiner. I know he represents hardcore liberals, and I thought he was as good a person as we could get from such a district. But apparently he’s been corrupted by DC.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  35. Ian I doubt nishi got that reference. She is a bitter and highly medicated little poseur.

    Simon Jester (65b5e4)

  36. As pikachu pointed out in another context, sometimes you can’t avoid Occam’s Razor

    ian cormac (72470d)

  37. Aren’t you kind of sad that Weiner’s private twitter friend and the recipient of his junk picture wasn’t young Miss Megan McCain



    I bet she wishes it was too.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  38. Dustin…..Thank you.

    Roscoe (9d1bb3)

  39. Dustin, I agree with your point about this being newsworthy. It is newsworthy either because a powerful married politician is a perv and a liar–or, it is newsworthy because our emerging and ubiquitous social media can be easily hacked thereby able to jeopardize every one of us from the powerful to the little guy. Either way, the hows and whys of this Weiner story deserve investigation and need to see the light of day. The media’s overt shunning of it– because it involves a democrat and is icky– just makes them look stupid and incompetent and dishonest.

    elissa (4769ba)

  40. Exactly, Elissa. We should know if someone hacked all of Weiner’s accounts to send this to his fangirl who calls him her boyfriend after he gives her secret nods like talking about when he’ll be on TV in Seattle, and how that’s a good ‘date night’.

    Hell, Weiner’s fans should be the most interested in that aspect being fully scrutinized, and the hacker found. Their interest in more coverage should be very high, instead of saying it’s desperate to even talk about this.

    I guess that says it all. Nishi knows that Weiner’s account probably (95%+) didn’t get hacked.

    Either way, the hows and whys of this Weiner story deserve investigation and need to see the light of day.

    Yep. The how is the most fascinating aspect. Unless it’s just that Weiner is a liar.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  41. There’s a third option.
    Many celebs don’t do their own Twitter posts, but have staff do it for them. One of Cong. Weiner’s staff with access to the account could have used the boss’s Twitter account to accidentally send that out as a public rather than private message. The staffer could have either been pretending to be the boss or be someone whose identity the recipient already knew and just used Weiner’s account to be funny.

    NickM (bf8b2b)

  42. I wonder how that fake muslim stuff is working out for nishi.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  43. NickM, this was what two days ago?

    And if that’s true, Rep Weiner’s explanation isn’t the truth. Though I think you’re right to look for alternative explanations… Weiner’s story is hard to believe. You’d think a staffer would fess up rather than let a married man look like a liar/creep.

    But that’s actually not a bad guess, IMO. Except I just think they wouldn’t attempt to cover it up with ‘hacker!!!’

    Dustin (c16eca)

  44. Dustin – if Weiner knew he didn’t send it and that one or more of his staff have access to his Twitter account (and probably other accounts too), he had 2 choices – tell the truth or lie. If you’re going to lie, “I was hacked” seems to be about the only facially reasonable sort of lie.

    NickM (bf8b2b)

  45. I do agree, if you’re gonna lie about something on your twitter, ‘Gee I was hacked’ is practically the only option.

    I just read Weiner say ‘this is a distraction!!!!’ a few times. If someone’s hacking his account and making everything he’s a creep and dishonest, shouldn’t he want more scrutiny?

    It’s not like Palin didn’t want people to pay attention to the fact someone hacked her yahoo email. It’s in a politician’s best interest to demonstrate their opponents are lying about or victimizing them. Weiner is a second tier politician… a Representative. He’s only more known than other congressmen because he’s very good at capitalizing on attention.

    Anyone who has seen him in media knows he likes to surf the waves of this or that issue. If he’s been hacked, he should want his girlfriend to tell us more about this hacker she’s ‘familiar with’ but won’t detail. He’d want the FBI and Twitter looking into the intrusion, too.

    Anyway, it would be sad if all this ugliness is a result of Weiner covering for a staffer. I don’t think that’s what happened, just because I don’t think they can contain the story with this hacking excuse.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  46. I am reminded of that instant, Dustin, because that wretched little weasel, who shall remain nameless, has sought to profit from her private emails, of course the template at the time, was she was some how responsible, of course, the other counter example was what happened to some hapless folks
    who sought to look at the President’s records, they
    received harsh sentences, not a slap on the wrist.

    ian cormac (72470d)

  47. “If you’re going to lie, “I was hacked” seems to be about the only facially reasonable sort of lie.”

    NickM – If you’re going to lie, it should be believable.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  48. This is like the drunk driver who runs somebody down and then calls the cops to say his car was stolen.

    jimboster (e8d66a)

  49. If you DM a pic on Twitter, it will wind up on your public page. This is what happened to the “Twitter savvy” Anthony Weiner, who will be outed if he reports the “crime” tp law enforcement.

    Dirty Old Man (2e2a43)

  50. There’s such a thing as McClatchy Watch?

    That’s good to know. Oh wait… Defunct.

    @ Comment by jimboster — 5/29/2011

    The girl is sort of Halle Berryish.
    Maybe the Weiner was just trying to augment his “diversity” street cred.
    Why else pick a girlfriend in Seattle?

    Is “diversity” in the bedroom a positive way to publicly express your EOE status/insulate yourself from the race card?

    papertiger (e55ba0)

  51. This kind of sh*t happens to me all the time. The person who hacked my email account today has already sent out eight dic pix to everybody in my address book and it’s not even dinner time. There is nothing to see here.

    Comment by daleyrocks — 5/29/2011 @ 12:53 pm

    Idea for new product line – Wienerlock – to prevent hackers from stealing your wiener and posting it online.

    papertiger (e55ba0)

  52. 50)It’s still on twitter, though it’s no longer an active site;

    ian cormac (72470d)

  53. Meghan McCain would eat Weiner.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  54. OK, so apparently the left did have someone specific in mind when that troll said ‘we know who forged this!!!!’

    They are all sure it was ‘Dan Wolfe’, who saw the pic and retweeted it. Their certainty he hacked all of these accounts comes from the fact he’s a conservative and he caught the pic. And Cordova says she’s familiar with the hacker (though she’s a slimeball about this and won’t say who she’s talking about or what she saw from him in the past).

    Dan Wolfe is hoping there is an investigation. Ace asked him if he’s been contacted by the police or FBI, and he hasn’t.

    Weiner’s been asked if he’s contacted the police or FBI, and refuses to answer. He and Cordova have deleted all the evidence they can, and call the whole matter a distraction, while the person they are implicating is begging for an investigation while the left goes nuts with another stupid Breitbart conspiracy.

    IF Weiner doesn’t contact the authorities, then he’s lying. And while it’s true the pic and twitter girlfriend are not huge deals to me, I think the cover up is much worse. Lying to the public and collateral damage, just to avoid the truth.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  55. are not huge deals to me

    not you too Dustin…

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  56. Weiner would make this a much bigger deal by filing a false report with the police or FBI. He’s kinda screwed… he’s claimed to know a serious crime occurred, but he can’t tell the authorities about it because he made it up and it’s easy to prove.

    Right now I get the impression the story is being managed, and the rest of it will be announced tomorrow (probably metadata on the photo).

    The best thing Weiner could do now is just admit the truth, or perhaps try to blame it on a staffer managing his twitter account. Obviously, even that would make him look very dishonest, but letting this ‘I was hacked’ thing persist? He had better actually have been hacked.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  57. There’s a Deep Throat involved somewhere.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  58. Oh, and Cordova is now qualifying the term ‘hacking’ with ‘alleged’. But her long denial letter seems professionally written to give the impression she knows for sure who was behind Weiner’s account’s actions. Someone familiar to her who would somehow take over all of Weiner’s computer accounts to upload a pic to one of them, and send it from another. Someone she refuses to name, and all evidence for it she deleted?

    She’s lying.

    Re Weiner, a guy with Top Secret clearance claims several of his computer accounts hacked simultaneously, but can’t tell that to the FBI because he would be filing a false report.

    Weiner should have just fessed up and said he’s sorry he let his wife down, and then asked for privacy. The hacking BS had better turn out to be the truth, or he’s got bigger problems.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  59. Really it’s one or the other; he either did this or he was hacked. If Weiner’s account was hacked, he as a Congressman should ask the FBI to investigate.And that is what should be investigated; a hacker violating accounts of a member of Congress is a security issue. Twitter may be a silly social network, yet Wiener’s computer probably has sensitive information and doucments that have to be protected.

    Downside for Weiner is that should he make affirmative statements to an FBI agent that are shown to be intentionally false that in itself is a crime.Despite his lack of a law degree and his stellar remarkable achievements fetching coffee for CHuck Schumer prior to launcing his political career, Weiner knows this. So far, he has not made any such complaint to federal law enforcement.

    Suspect Weiner simply hopes this story goes away via slow death and MSM indifference. And he might very well be right.

    Bugg (ea1809)

  60. They are all sure it was ‘Dan Wolfe’, who saw the pic and retweeted it.

    Oh. From the rant posted here I had assumed they were accusing Breitbart or O’Keefe, or perhaps one of the Palins. I mean, who the **** is ‘Dan Wolfe’ when he’s at home? Are we supposed to have heard of him? In any case, the “evidence” against him seems nonexistent; they seem to have picked him almost at random.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  61. It’s all perfectly understandable. This young twit in Pullman was “guilty about caring about what goes on in the lives and minds of celebrities”.

    I’d say that means the young lady was pulling about 32 inches of vacuum between her ears—a true airhead.

    That said, Weiner made a natural mistake–and believed that this young lady wanted to know what went on in Weiner’s shorts–as well as his life and mind. So he took a picture and sent it to her.

    Weiner’s an airhead as well–they’d make a perfect couple. Wanna bet that, a al Lewinsky, she sends him a photo of her thong? It got Clinton’s attention after all when Monica did that.

    Mike Myers (0e06a9)

  62. If being a stupid disingenuous prlck was a car, epwj would be a Bentley.

    JD (b98cae)

  63. I mean, who the **** is ‘Dan Wolfe’ when he’s at home? Are we supposed to have heard of him?

    No, I don’t think anyone has ever heard of him. He uses twitter and criticizes Weiner. He noticed the underwear photo and notified some bloggers about it. Some on the left are convinced he’s a super hacker now.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  64. you know if my government didnt tax us so much we could buy my wife that Mulsanne every year or so…

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  65. Buut I’ve discovered here that some people believe in confiscation – I mean taxes

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  66. dustin,

    Was it him or another guy or the girls friends?

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  67. Oh yes, EPWJ wants to talk about how Sarah Palin isn’t a conservative.

    What a shock. Who could have seen that coming?

    I’ve discovered here that some people (or only EPWJ) believe a Working family Party socialist who believes in confiscatory levels of taxation on companies that “succeed too much”, mandates for buying insurance, doling out goodies to unions, and rampant welfare is great conservative leadership.

    You can be a balls to the wall liberal, and that’s OK with EPWJ. Or you can be a largely conservative governor who tax3es appropriately, and that’s not OK with EPWJ. There’s no principle behind it. He’s just a troll.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  68. Was it him or another guy or the girls friends?

    Comment by EricPWJohnson

    Define your pronouns.

    Read Ace and RSM if you want more info.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  69. I’ve seen Ace

    RS McCain is untrustworthy

    However, so far, no one has any real information that can be confirmed. Ace has made some interesting questions, and made some serious analysis, but thinking that guys like Weiner make logical choices and decisions is also stretching a bit as well.

    This also could be a setup to discredit Andrew, but I highly doubt it.

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  70. Dustin

    Okay, I’ll bit. Raising taxes – lowers government spending?

    Just curious

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  71. Also

    Raising Taxes – decreases the size and scope of government?

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  72. ahhh, I got to go, but as the insults will seemingly hurtle out of the usual “special people” I wonder why they support higher taxes and spending?

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  73. You complain about higher taxes and spending but support Dede Scuzzyfatwa……what’s up with that?

    And the far-left fascist nazis support nationalization not the far-right get your facts straigt libturds

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  74. Dohbiden, the reason EPWJ went crazy supporting Dede was because Sarah Palin supported one of her opponents, and EPWJ resents that Sarah Palin terminated some of the corruption profits in Alaska. Every time people note all the corruption in Alaska, he completely ignores it.

    Why EPWJ came into this thread to bring Sarah Palin’s tax record up? Because he’s a drooling, threadjacking asshole. He’s treat anyone he perceives as a Palin supporter poorly, such as DRJ. He’ll take any position to their most douchey extreme so long as it opposes Palin. Now he’s an anarchist mocking people who think any level of taxation is acceptable.

    If this wasn’t a pretty stale topic on a slow news day, I’d ignore him. Even now, he’s bringing nothing to the table but his support for alaska’s corruption.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  75. Next he will deride tax cuts for the rich.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  76. Republican does not mean conservative.

    Just wanna point it out to the obots.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  77. Something really obvious just occurred to me.

    Twitter, or the FBI, could easily determine if the underwear photo was sent by someone with a different IP than Weiner’s blackberry/home computer.

    They could determine instantly that someone else had gotten into his various accounts that he claims were hacked (yfrog, facebook, twitter, maybe more) and probably even shed light on how they got in. (did he use the same password? brute force password guessing? secret backdoors to each service?)

    If they can’t actually prove some unusual IP sent the picture, why not? The only realistic explanation is because Weiner is a liar.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  78. Higher Taxes = less government?

    BTW Weiner supports higher taxes too

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  79. Right, it’s too obvious, Occam’S razor, gets in the way.

    ian cormac (72470d)

  80. BTW Dede dummyfava supports higher taxes too.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  81. Dohbiden

    You must have missed this commeny

    55.Have Blue


    second – I’m not a supporter nor would I vote for DeDe – not now not ever – however that still doesent answer the question who is Doug?

    But Now I see that Hoffman confirming he IS A REPUBLICAN and not some third party crack pot

    But I still have questions

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 10/27/2009 @ 10:47 am

    But we found out a year later that Hoffman wasn’t a conservative, in fact he was just a spoiler

    At the time, he promised to run again the following year—since it was a special election, a regular race had to be held to fill the seat on a regular basis in November 2010. And Hoffman’s a man of his word: he did run for the Republican nomination, and he didn’t get it, losing a primary to Republican Matt Doheny. It took Hoffman 10 days, but he’s now conceded—and promised to stay in the race as a Conservative Party candidate. That should set him up well to potentially sabotage Doheny’s chance to reclaim the seat.

    Guess Hoffman wasn’t what anyone wanted

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  82. Hoffman not a conservative?

    Project much?

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  83. Dohbiden

    A conservative beat him, s he stayed in to make the liberal win

    i guess – letting liberals win seats = conservativism

    Like raising taxes = lowers spending

    punishing corporations who sell products everyone needs – help consumers with lower prices

    Saying on the speech circuit – We need Less government = increasing spending 28% in 2 years

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  84. Doh

    Its been fun, have a good memorial day

    remember, lets not let anyone raise anymore taxes – I think all governments have enough – dnt you?

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  85. How the hell is Scozzafava a conservative you goon?

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  86. Take your idiocy somewhere that appreciates it.

    JD (cdf7bd)

  87. Anybody who needs to maintain a professional reputation should get off Twitter now. It is obviously much too easy to be hacked, and Twitter seems to do nothing about it.
    Who could possibly trust Twitter at this point?

    MayBee (081489)

  88. JD

    Is that a vote for higher taxes?

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  89. read doh, read the link

    Is she a west Texas Conservative like Perry, nope, but then outside a handful – few are

    Hoffman lost 3 election, wouldnt debate, we still dont know where he would stand

    which was my whole point

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  90. Anarchy is far-right.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  91. We all know people like you will throw Perry under the bus it is inevitable.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  92. Perry is/was a friend of mine, I am not in his inner circle,and we haven’t had contact in years.

    I like him very much, he has always been gracious to my family, and I will help as a small, tiny member of his campaign and will after a decade or more absence, will be back to raise money for him if he runs in Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio and if I have time, Wisconsin.

    So I dont think I’m throwing him under the bus.

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  93. Doh,

    I’m not as bad as you think – you gotta read what I’m sayin

    Like tthe duke players – sure the prostitute lied (shocking isnt it) but, but, so did the lacrosse players.

    were the guilty of rape and kidnapping – hell no – were they victims…..

    thats a bit of a stretch…

    I mean for a full blown, 24 hr news cycle victimization pity party – where oh where to we pivk up our lives campaign – eh that was going a bit much… no one was going to give them a speaking tour or a book deal – which was where that was trying to go

    that was mine, and Ann coulters point – but we all know she’s a liberal too, right?

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  94. So no – you have the quotes that I never did nor ever would vote for DeDe

    And you have it in writing on he thread it was discussed where the famous duke quote from god knows when came up when people couldnt answer who Doug Hoffman was. (my information at the time from someone was that he was a democrat – still dont know if it was true) – and as we have seen in neighboring districts the democrats have been running fake tea party and republican candidates in weak districts in local races

    So yeah, I saw she voted against the budget increases, voted for tax breaks and accused of profiting from them by the left and the tea party accused her of voting for taxes 190 times which was false – in new york counties and municipalities have to get a vote to extend every so often their local taxes – taxes were already there – rarely if never in any state to tax extentions get refused

    And I sent Pat a link that her statement was she was not going to vote for the Healthcare amendment and bill Owens was – and guess what

    Owens (the Dem who won) won barely by pledging he wouldnt vote for Pelosi’s tax – he was the deciding vote


    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  95. I see the threadjacking troll is continuing. I’m guessing thousands of words about Sarah Palin in a thread with nothing to do with her?


    Lee Stranahan’s twitter indicates he’s a little wary of this patriotusa76’s metadata evidence (the claim is patriotusa has shown the photo was taken with a blackberry like Weiner’s, but Lee is suspicious.

    Regardless, Weiner needs to contact law enforcement. It would be trivially easy to show he didn’t send that photo if he did so. The issue would be completely resolved, and he has nothing to lose. Except if he’s lying.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  96. Liberals[which is a hijacked word] can’t help it.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  97. Doh

    Ms. Scozzafava voted against the 2009-10 state budget when it came to a vote in the Assembly. The budget is proposed annually by the governor, but always modified by the Legislature.

    The Republican committee linked its claim to an Aug. 30 Times story in which Ms. Scozzafava said that some federal stimulus funds, which are controlled by Mr. Paterson, were allocated to the wrong types of projects.

    CLAIM:”Dede is against Pelosi’s energy tax.”


    In an Aug. 16 letter, the district’s 11 county chairmen said Ms. Scozzafava “is on record that she would not have supported ‘cap and trade’ legislation.”
    The Republican’s opposition to “Pelosi’s energy tax” actually puts her in disagreement with the man she is trying to replace. Former Rep. McHugh was one of eight Republicans who supported the climate change bill.

    So she wasn’t the PERFECT one but she was more conservative than the rino she could have replaced

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  98. Anne Coulter is a Christiebot so I don’t always take her seriously.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  99. BTW, EPWJ leaves out some important aspects of his Dede shilling. Not worth another conversation, but just because he’s writing thousands of words doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth. He went to bat for a socialist, and now he says any Palin fans are not conservative enough. Creep.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  100. Dustin

    Of course you have to say that now eh?

    If Perry were running against Palin, which would you vote for?

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  101. If stupid disingenuous prlck was a stereo system, epwj would be a Bang & Olufsen.

    WTF does your idiocy have to do with Weiner sending out this picture?!

    JD (29e1cd)

  102. I’d vote for Palin and hope she picks Perry as VP

    Nice to know in your drug addled mind that Dede Loserflavaflav is a conservative.

    And the left needs to stop hijacking words such as liberal.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  103. As usual, EricPW likes to hide his prior record here:


    Hoffman is a Republican – there are three reasons why Hoffman was relunctantly passed over by at least 4 Republican committees

    1. No voting Record

    2. No understanding of the Basic issues

    3. did not reside in trhe district – yes its allowable to run outside your district – but not really

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 10/27/2009 @ 12:08 am”

    Asked to make a case for Dede by JD, Eric replies:


    I actually did – being skeptical I looked at her record as representative and posted loads of stuff

    Law and order check!

    Imposed tax on State of NY to stop them from “appropriating” land rights from homeowners for logging (what nerve still laughing about it – boy are the Dems PISSED!) – check!

    Never ever saw a vote on abortion

    Never saw her vote for a tax increase

    So I made the case – she’s fun to make fun of but shes at least an 83 and Doug is a complete unknown

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 10/27/2009 @ 8:02 am”

    He hated Hoffman with a passion. His claims of not supporting Dede – five Pinocchio’s.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  104. I’m kind of with Stashiu3 on this topic. The thread jack, I mean

    Simon Jester (aabeab)

  105. Dede Scuzzymoron was pro-abortion and has no problem with tax increases.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  106. My statement still stands the kids were guilty of hiring a stripper, contributing to the delinquency of minors.

    Ann Coulter also agreed in her column so did Allahpundit, Michelle Malkin, and just about everyone else.

    This was not about the Nifong – it was about that those boys got themselves in trouble breaking the law, a falling out among criminals

    We made them heroes of injustice

    Which is still just as stupid now as it was then.

    Comment by EricPWJohnson — 10/28/2009 @ 7:46 am

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  107. EricPW – There’s a guest blogger job waiting for you over at Media Matters.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  108. Did allahpundit Anne or Michelle agree with you no they didn’t piss off.

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  109. So was it Weiner’s johnson?
    Do I have that wrong?
    Was that Johnson’s weiner?
    So confusing.

    Sponge Bob Square Pants (fccc6f)

  110. What’s more confusing is why Sponge Bob Square Pants aka Torquemada, Obama uber Alles, etc. filled out contact forms at random web sites to cause me to get random emails.

    Maybe it’s not confusing, actually. He’s obsessed with me.

    Patterico (abb445)

  111. Well, Patterico, you have a life.

    Simon Jester (aabeab)

  112. What is even more confuzzling is why epwj’s Tourette’s got set off by Weiner’s weiner.

    JD (0d2ffc)

  113. What’s up, EPWJ? Is the Far East getting to you? Need to move back to the Middle East? Take a chill pill. Relax, it’s the holiday.

    I’m with everyone that thinks Weiner should just file a complaint about being hijacked. Let the Feds take care of it. Unless, he’s lying.

    I’m surprised, Dustin, that you like Weiner. He is a scuzzy liberal that has nothing good to say about Republicans or Conservatives.

    PatAZ (f23d3e)

  114. I wonder when Weiner meets Ahmadinejad will it be a left on left frenzy?

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  115. DohBiden, this says it all on that topic:

    Simon Jester (aabeab)

  116. I leave the internet for a few days and come back and the rightosphere is pretty stupid over weiners.

    jvc (3da71d)

  117. I’m surprised, Dustin, that you like Weiner. He is a scuzzy liberal that has nothing good to say about Republicans or Conservatives.

    Comment by PatAZ

    In front of the camera, he goes full retard, especially in the last few years. And I disagree with his politics obviously.

    And frankly, if he’s lying about this picture, then there goes his apolitical character and all that. I had a very good impression of the guy apart from politics, but that’s more of a Bush looking into Putin’s eyes and seeing his soul, etc etc.

    If Perry were running against Palin, which would you vote for?

    Comment by EricPWJohnson

    Seriously, stop talking about Palin in every damn thread, loser. I would obviously choose Perry over Palin, based almost entirely on his greater experience level and my guess as to his electability. But I like Palin more.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  118. Jvc – what other names have you commented under / been banned under? Weiner sends out a twitpic of his weiner, and we are crazy?

    JD (3ad5b9)

  119. Don’t answer him, Dustin. It matters not what you say, the response will be the same. Point and laugh.

    JD (b98cae)

  120. Who is stupid? Weiner’s the one whose twitter is sending pictures of erections. And Weiner is very live by the sword when it comes to political rhetoric.

    If jvc/imdw or whoever is crying over it, that’s really pathetic.

    And if this is that same loser, it’s particular funny given all the sexual nonsense he spits out.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  121. Don’t answer him, Dustin. It matters not what you say, the response will be the same. Point and laugh.

    Comment by JD

    It’s true… he couldn’t care less what I say. He spent a lot of time asking me if I supported Perry for governor a few months ago. Thread after thread after thread, and he even dowdified a quote (clipping out the part where I said I supported Perry) to prove I was a democrat moby.

    So the whole time he was flipping out, he already had my answer.

    I don’t know what kind of mental illness EPWJ has, but he’s deranged. This thread was dead anyway, but he trashed it and several others.

    You know, Perry’s government spends money and taxes Texans. He was in favor of a massive use of eminent domain and tried to mandate via executive order mandatory vaccinations of a dubious nature.

    It’s amazing how EPWJ’s standards for what is and is not acceptable revolve entirely around Palin.

    I’m no shill for her, but damn, she really pisses off all the right people.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  122. “I leave the internet for a few days and come back and the rightosphere is pretty stupid over weiners.”

    jvc – BREAKING NEWS – Stay away, we did not miss you.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  123. “I don’t know what kind of mental illness EPWJ has, but he’s deranged.”

    Dustin – I think he’s drunk commenting most of the time. The nonstop nonsequiturs don’t make sense otherwise.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  124. Dustin,

    I asked you because you said in few days ago tht you couldnt vote for Perry, and the fact that you repeat as facts many of the lefts weak and unproven arguments against Perry.

    You have flipped floppyed on Perry quite often and seem to be willing to spout democrat talking points

    and you support higher taxes and spending

    You and JD that is, also Daleyrocks

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  125. dustin

    You would also know that Perry has Taxed Texans less than any other governor in America as they are dead last in Taxation

    Source: Texas Fact Book 2010

    EricPWJohnson (fe2c66)

  126. Shockingly, epwj is just making shlt up again. Could we see the quote where Dustin claimed he could not vote for Perry?


    JD (318f81)

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