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Xtranormal: A Water-Cooler Debate on Iraq and Libya

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“Do you realize you are making Charlie Sheen seem rational?”

Thanks to Stashiu; via Dr. Sanity.

Geraldine Ferraro, RIP

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It is all the rage among some nowadays to claim that those on the left are not only wrong, but evil. It’s not just that their policies are misguided, we are told, or even that their policies are disastrous, or irresponsible. No, we are assured, the people who hold those beliefs are morally corrupt, simply by virtue of believing in policies we reject.

Many examples exist to the contrary. One will soon be blogging on this site. And another just died: Geraldine Ferraro.

She probably didn’t agree with me about anything. But she seemed earnest in wanting to make the country a better place, and seemed like a basically honest person.

I’m tired of people saying that those who espouse leftist policies are morally bankrupt simply because they believe in different policies than we do. We heard that kind of crap for 8 years from the left about Bush and all of us. We weren’t just wrong, we were evil. I hated it then, and I don’t want to become what I hated.

There are evil people on the left, as well as on the right. But there are far more who aren’t . . . on the left, as well as on the right. (I’m talking primarily about Americans in general here.) Just because they’re wrong does not mean they are evil. Geraldine Ferraro’s example is a nice reminder of that.


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