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Jon Stewart Slams John McCain… For Being Utterly Consistent on Libya (Update: MAJOR CORRECTION)

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

MAJOR UPDATE: In the original version of this post I whacked Stewart for not going after Obama’s hypocrisy on the war. I was factually wrong. In a new post coming up soon, I will have a clip where he does exactly that in discussing the constitutionality of the war. My limited defense is that the media monitoring websites I frequent didn’t mention it and this is the kind of juicy thing I would have thought they would have mentioned. I apologize for the error.

I’ll leave the original text in place because I don’t believe in memory-holing your mistakes. And that doesn’t disturb my point that the attack on these three Republicans was unfair and intellectually dishonest. I made a mistake and corrected it. Will Jon Stewart?

Update: See at the end for the context of Bolton’s comments. (Spoiler: Stewart wasn’t fair to him, either.)

Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart weighed in on the Libyan War, first calling out the incredible hypocrisy on display.  And even though I have asked people not to engage in too much Libyan Schadenfreude, I have to admit Stewart has a really fat target in Obama.  I mean seriously, the guy who said (video at the link)…

The message I hope to deliver is that democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion — those are not simply principles of the west to be hoisted on these countries. But, rather what I believe to be universal principles that they can embrace and affirm as part of their national identity, the danger, I think, is when the United States, or any country, thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture.

…is the same guy who is now trying to “install a democratic system” in Libya.  The guy who said…

The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

…is now illegally going to war without such an actual or imminent threat or Congressional authorization.  And surely that is just the tip of the iceberg, right?  So let’s pull up the popcorn and enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching Stewart skewer the President for his hypocrisy:

Um, wait, whaaaaaaa?!

That’s right, instead of going after the very obvious hypocrisy of the President, he goes after three Republicans for their supposed hypocrisy and reflexive opposition to the President.  All three of these attacks are unfair, but the McCain one is the most egregious, which is why I am focusing on it.  In the first clip, McCain is calling on the President to enforce a no-fly zone.  And then in the new clip, McCain says, “obviously if we had taken this step a couple weeks ago a no-fly zone would probably have been enough.  Now a no fly zone is not enough.”

But a critical viewer can immediately see why Stewart’s attack was unfair.  Here’s a screen cap from the first McCain clip:

And here’s one from the second.

Oh my God, it is so unfair of John McCain to call for a no fly zone on February 27 and then say three weeks later that “a couple of weeks ago a no fly zone would probably have been enough.”  Gee, it’s almost like as if McCain wished Obama had followed his advice at the time he gave it and is now lamenting that he didn’t.  What a jerk!

And Republican opposition to our country being led around by international powers is hardly a new principle (and indeed, he doesn’t even play enough of the John Bolton clip to evaluate the fairness of that criticism). (Update: I found the transcript and indeed he was not being fair to Bolton. Look at the end of this piece.)

This is why I generally don’t watch The Daily Show anymore.  Because early in the Bush presidency it just became “the Democratic talking points…  with jokes!”  On many days you could predict the topic of the evening by reading the,  Media Matters or Think Progress sites.  Since we have had a Democratic president, every now and then he breaks out of the lockstep.  For instance this clip is actually a very astute analysis, if you can get past him swiping at Republicans again:

But most of the time he is keeping in time with their drum major.  And just spouting off the talking points of one side or the other is just plain boring.

So Jon Stewart walks right past the hypocrisy of Barack Obama, or indeed the hypocrisy* of the media in demanding a Congressional authorization when Bush went to war…

…but attacks John McCain (and other Republicans)…  for being consistent.  How utterly hacky of him.

Hat tip: The Blaze and Newsbusters.

Update: I took the time to track down the transcript of Bolton’s remarks and, yes, it is extremely unfair of Stewart to swipe at him.  Here’s the full quote:

The president is close to doing the right thing for the wrong reason if he doesn’t follow through on the logic whatever you think now that we have attacked libya we have to remove qadhafi.**  Because if he survives in power and returns to terrorism and nuclear weapons, we will be his targets.

So all he is saying is that the president is in danger of failing to appropriately follow through.  As Insty wrote this morning “[i]f you strike at a king, you must kill him.”  And Bolton had cause for concern, given that today Obama is explicitly holding out the possibility of Qdaffy remaining in power.

Update (II): Note that I added a few words to the title. See, AP, its not so hard!


* Obviously the late Tim Russert cannot be accused of hypocrisy, here, given that he has passed away and is probably running an intelligent interview show in Heaven. And honestly, I suspect that Russert would be saying the same thing today. I believe he was liberal but to my knowledge he was an honest liberal and a bipartisan pain in the tukis to all comers.

** Wow, that is officially a new one, when it comes to spelling Qdaffy’s name.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

95 Responses to “Jon Stewart Slams John McCain… For Being Utterly Consistent on Libya (Update: MAJOR CORRECTION)”

  1. Why would anyone watch Stewart, Maher or Colbert?

    Arizona Bob (911aa5)

  2. Actually there is more than circumstantial evidence, that Russert ‘misrepresented’ the facts in the Plame case, but he was much less a hack
    than Gregory is.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  3. Meanwhile, Obama says Qdhaffi can stay.

    What the hell was all that bombing about, then? Why did Obama come out and say Q-ball had to go?

    It’s nice to see such a decisive President….

    Some chump (e84e27)

  4. some

    i saw that, and as you wrote that, i was already updating it with a link to that story, because it relates to what Bolton said, in context.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  5. Thanks for that. I hope that when the liberal media clowns comedians hear that I am watching them they don’t get the misconception that I am part of their audience.

    tyree (84087f)

  6. Stewart listens to his own PR flacks.

    He is the poster boy for the “clown nose on – clown nose off” philosophy: “Take me seriously as a journalist and pundit, and when I am wrong, why, I am just a comedian, why are you taking me so seriously, you humorless person.”


    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  7. Uhhh, is your complaint that a comedian isn’t being objective and fair to Republicans on a comedy show? 🙂

    The amused Dana (3e4784)

  8. Dana, we know the Daily show is a just a Journalist
    portal, disguised as a comedy show.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  9. Dana

    i think Simon pre-butted your point. there is a frightening number of people who take his word as gospel.


    “Dana, we know the Daily show is a just a Journalist Journolist portal, disguised as a comedy show.”

    fixed that for you.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  10. That’s what I meant, AW, you know who also brought up the ‘no fly list’ and would know what it entails, (hint it’s not Pawlenty)

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  11. Actually, Aaron, I would LOVE to see people like Stewart get quizzed, without warning, on current events and politics.

    Of course, he would reply he is a “just” a comedian, to which I would say, great—now give back every dime of your “politically themed” books. Or at least give the money to your researchers who did the work, poseur.

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  12. simon

    and he won awards for journalism. He can’t pretend he has no duty to be basically honest with his audience.

    i mean i don’t even expect balance, just honesty. But i do find it curious that i never once heard him make from of Anthony Weiner. i mean my God, the man’s name is Weiner! how could you pass up an opportunity like that?

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  13. Unca Joe say Ogabe gotta go:

    kansas (7b4374)

  14. i saw that, and as you wrote that, i was already updating it with a link to that story, because it relates to what Bolton said, in context

    Aaron, the drive into work gave me time to mull this over. I think Obama’s back-pedalling is even worse than it appears. I think it now makes it look like Obama knows the NFZ won’t work, and so he’s modifying his victory conditions.

    Some chump (4c6c0c)

  15. And it just gets worse

    Germany pulling forces out of NATO, UK ministers saying this war could last 30 years, France wanting a political committee to oversee operations.

    Conservatives rightly criticized Bush for not running the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq correctly, I’m wondering when liberals will start criticizing Obama for his ineptitude.

    Some chump (4c6c0c)

  16. it’s so sad but I don’t think this cowardly douche would have been substantially more inspiring than bumble as we ponce around libya willy nilly with our eurodouche pals with no particularly coherent plan

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  17. oh. I used douche twice but that’s probably ok given the context, no?

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  18. I think the point is that Stewart and pals know that every time they give this loser airtime it helps make Team R look like the useless codger party. The actual substance of what’s said is only of marginal import.

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  19. It fits, one is the national version, one is the international, in Merkel’s defense; they are too busy worrying about Portugal, Ireland, Spain,. . .

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  20. happy

    so just to be clear, you were calling mccain a “feminine wash” the first time?

    i mean i was just confused about who was getting called that. i will leave it to patterico to decide if we don’t want “Summer’s Eve” discussed in the comments.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  21. At times like this, there is absolutely no doubt Mccain would have been a much better President than Obama. He has always been pretty good on foreign policy, and if he had engaged in a war, he would have done it the right way.

    Also, his judicial nominations wouldn’t have been perfect, but they would have been drastically better than Obama’s have been. We’re going to be cursing Obama’s name in 30 years thanks to boneheads decisions by his lifelong appointments.

    Otherwise, happyfeet’s right that Mccain is a terrible front man for our party. Yes, he’s a codger of limited use, and surely would have done something stupid domestically that pushed both parties to the left.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  22. yes McCain is very douchey especially the way he arrogantly supposed that he was a man what had presidential qualities

    I was agog at his hubris. I still am.

    The whole country then had to go to the voting booths and explain clearly and slowly in words that Meghan’s daddy could understand that no in fact we would actually prefer a dirty socialist total loser to your leadership thank you.

    It was not America’s finest moment I must say.

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  23. There is no doubt that McCain would have followed through, on this operation, then again those F-22
    might be coming in handy right about now,

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  24. Mr. Feets – But Libya has gots the most oil reserves of any country in Africa. So Zero got the WAR FOR OIL part right, so at least he’s got that part going for him, when Bush didn’t, which is nice.

    daleyrocks (9b57b3)

  25. Narciso, those F-22 would indeed be a huge help. And it’s been shown before that Obama has a political problem with the F-22 being used even in minor ways, so what little of this tool we have is unlikely to get much use today.

    I’ll put it this way. Mccain knows all about the full possible consequences of flying a plane over enemy territory. The way Obama lightly sent our airmen into harm’s way, while jetting off to Brazil, is inconceivable from Mccain, who would have had some kind of coherent and smart strategy first.

    Mccain’s been waiting his whole political career to show up Reagan and Bush on how to handle this kind of operation, and he probably would have done a good job.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  26. btw, I’m still waiting for my free Darfur and free Tibet. They were out again this week at my Fresh Market.

    daleyrocks (9b57b3)

  27. Have Hollywood celebs started adopting Libyan babies yet? If not, that’s a bad sign for Obumble.

    daleyrocks (9b57b3)

  28. Well that was a little ding at McCain, who opposed the new planes, and there’s been a delay with the new F-35s, because of the replacement engine.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  29. Ah, damn, narciso. You got me with that one. I forgot about Mccain with the F-22.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  30. ==Have Hollywood celebs started adopting Libyan babies yet?==

    Oh daley, for a dreary humpday morning that was an exceptionally excellent observation. Well done.

    elissa (ba5295)

  31. Comparing MCCain to Summer’s Eve is an insult to Massengill heirs everywhere.

    JÐ (2da347)

  32. I didn’t think this would go so FUBAR, so quickly, usually one has to take casualties, for that to happen.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  33. well, i enthusiastically voted for mccain because i was worried that obama would be… pretty much what he is.

    But that is not exactly a ringing endorsement, and it certainly wasn’t easy to vote for him given mccain-feingold.

    But i wouldn’t call him a coward. not after his experience. he has earned lifetime immunity from being called coward, imho. Well, not immunity, but he does get a presumption of non-cowardice that has to be overcome.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  34. yes McCain is store-brand with a coupon

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  35. I found his embrace of global warming, an iussue he embraced for no other purpose than the craven one of augmenting his positioning as a presidential candidate to be decidedly cowardly. He didn’t care what it cost America, he just felt it was good for his chances.

    It’s disgusting.

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  36. *issue*

    I have more zamples but I have a huge long tedious meeting this morning – we are migrating our crm to and boy it’s a lot of fun

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  37. happyfeet, I thought your recent example where Mccain backtracks on nuclear power was particularly effective.

    You’d think at some point he would find some principles. I agree with Aaron that he’s bold and brave and heroic, rather than a coward. He doesn’t play politics because he’s a coward, but rather because he’s shameless.

    Still, I wish Mccain was running our Libyan efforts.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  38. “At times like this, there is absolutely no doubt Mccain would have been a much better President than Obama.”

    I think that’s true no matter what time it is.

    Dave Surls (0a54c1)

  39. Right, even the Court was conned by the AGW ponzi scheme, going on 20 years from the CRU, for matters
    like this, McCain is in his element.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  40. “Because if he survives in power and returns to terrorism and nuclear weapons, we will be his targets.”


    A political type with a semi-functioning brain.

    That’s something you don’t see every day.

    Dave Surls (0a54c1)

  41. This is why I generally don’t watch The Daily Show anymore.

    This is exactly why I have never watched it, and exactly why I won’t click on the link to the clip of the show either.

    Roscoe (e5d66b)

  42. I think that’s true no matter what time it is.

    Comment by Dave Surls

    I think on individual freedom and domestic policy, Mccain pushes both parties to the left if he’s the leader of the rightmost party.

    Strictly speaking, yes, Mccain’s version of Obamacare or the GM bailout would have been less egregious than Obama’s, but there are long term political consequences, too.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  43. dustin

    yeah, i think shameless career politician better describes mccain these days, suddenly trying to sound all conservative during the 2010 senate nomination fight. its like as if he never endorsed amnesty at all.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  44. here is just an aside for Mr. Dustin for context

    The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is a nuclear power plant located in Wintersburg, Arizona, about 45 miles (80 km) west of central Phoenix. It is the largest nuclear generation facility in the United States, averaging over 3.2 gigawatts (GW) of electrical power production in 2003 to serve approximately 4 million people.

    The plant provides about 35% of the electricity generated in Arizona each year.

    and here is more context

    The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold a public hearing with operators of the nation’s largest nuclear power plant to assess safety procedures in the wake of Japan’s nuclear catastrophe.*

    here was courageous McCain just after the tsunami

    “I’m not prepared by the way to say that we should abandon nuclear power because I think it’s a major contributor [to] our energy needs but I am prepared, once this is over, to make an evaluation as to whether our nuclear power plans can continue,” McCain said.

    Here is courageous McCain a couple days ago:

    Sens. McCain & Leiberman: American Nuclear Power is Safe!

    make of this potpourri what you will I think that he’s a crappy senator is the takeaway

    happyfeet (a55ba0)

  45. We’re kind of missing the point, Stewart is in no small measure, responsible for not only buying Obama’s BS, but selling it to his audience.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  46. Yes, Narciso, this is Jon Stewart at his worst, too. He’s shilling hard for Obama by pretending there’s hypocrisy from the right on Libya. It’s an obvious smokescreen.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  47. No, this is Jon Stewart, being the same fool stand up comic, he always was, hth, did we ever get to the point, that he or Colbert, or that wretched
    Maher, have any real say in anything. the voice of the proudly ignorant, often profane, 52% shilling for a fellow lefty hack, while people die because
    of the incompetence of their choice.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  48. I think Jon Stewart is occasionally not this bad, narciso. There was a period of time he was repeatedly critical of Obama. He’s been relatively better on O’Keefe and Breitbart’s stories, too.

    If he were always shilling, I wouldn’t be bothered as much by it. But he’s wasting an opportunity to be an honest dealer of facts, which would have built his show’s reach and served the greater good. He’s much more capable of telling the left the truth than a lot of other people we see shilling this hard for Obama today.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  49. The only reason that Jon Stewart got the props for being who and what he is now, came from the argument that he delievered on CNN’s “Crossfire”. Basically he blamed both Tucker Carlson and John Carville for conducting “partisan hackery”. Tucker Carlson for what it is worth held Stewart’s own feet to the fire for not being the hard hitting op-ed/journolist that he was attacking “Crossfire” for. That is when he started with the “I’m just a comedian man” excuse. What is ultimately wrong is how the last time I saw a poll on it in the under 35yr crowd about 85% of the people interviewed got thier news from Stewart then anyone else first. There is an troubling issue there.

    Charles B (84ebcd)

  50. And his complaint, there, was that Carville wasn’t left enough, whereas I would just call him an amoral shill, who also helped deliver us to Obama, that’s why his ‘we’re dying down here’ rant last fall, rang false to me, he gave us the paring knife
    to which to let them do this to his state. And it was the likes of him, that demagogued against Jindal’s first run for Governor,

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  51. i bluntly used to think stewart was much, much better–much less of a predictable lefty. and funnier, because he was less predictable. he has gotten worse and his audience has come to be more of an echo chamber.

    the fact he could invite Cat Stevens, aka Yusef Islam, on stage at a rally to restore sanity shows how drink-the-koolaid his audience is.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  52. I had forgotten about that, I was thinking more of his ‘Messopotamia’ get it, during the tough times of the war.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  53. I tried listening to Obama’s explanation of why we are in Libya–something to do about a leader who has lost legitimacy and the entire international community condemning that leader. If you apply his concepts across the board, his theory would require us to take action in any number of countries. And now he’s backpedaling and saying the Quaddafi he said must go last week is the Quaddafi that can stay this week. No wonder everyone thinks we’re a bunch of idiots–we’re being sort-of led by the Chief Idiot.

    Rochf (f3fbb0)

  54. Rochf – add that quote that happyfeet linked last night, and idiot is simply too kind.

    JD (318f81)

  55. Just got home and I’m late responding to feets. I will happily use douche, maybe even twice, responding to your cute (in your mind) posts. Douche,Douche. Maybe I could start a trend. Double D. It fits you.

    Greg (51d90f)

  56. Greg is kind of a douchey douchenozzle of douche.

    JD (318f81)

  57. Have Hollywood celebs started adopting Libyan babies yet?==

    No, but they have offered to adopt Japanese babies and it’s not going over too well with there.

    “I have been receiving many strange emails, from mostly U.S., and was asked, ‘I want girl, less than 6 months old, healthy child,’ Tazuru Ogaway, director of the Japanese adoption agency Across Japan, told “I honestly tell you such a kind of emails makes Japanese people very uncomfortable, because for us, sound like someone who are looking for ‘what I want’ from our terrible disaster.

    Dana (9f3823)

  58. that was three times

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  59. hah three times for Mr. JD too


    happyfeet (ab5779)

  60. Aaron, I don’t think what Obama said about Qdaffy possibly staying on means as much as you think it does. Conditioning it on “significant reforms” (I’m quoting your Politico link) does not, in real life, mean much less than Qdaffy has to go, since any significant reform would mean the end of Qdaffy’s power. Libya is more like Iraq than Egypt: political power centered on one individual (Qdaffy/Saddam) and the elite directly connected to him, as opposed to one individual who in many ways served as front man to a more broadly based, although still oppressive, elite (Mubarak). Real political change in Libya is the same as Qdaffi being removed from power. (I won’t say leave power because I doubt he’ll go quietly into the night.) The same, obviously, applied to Saddam and Iraq. Real political change in Egypt requires a good deal more than simply removing Mubarak.

    Meanwhile, there’s one topic of criticism where the Left ought to be exposed for hypocrisy. One of the main criticisms of the Iraq war was that it was not planned realistically, and even that flawed plan was executed incompetently. Plenty of people on the Left commented on that, and some people who were not on the Left but were against the war (moi, for example). So far as I know, no one on the Left has yet criticized Obama for lack of planning and bad management. Bush at least had a plan, however badly planned and executed it was; Obama doesn’t even seem to have a plan, and what planning there was seems to have been badly mangled.

    kishnevi (cc1ec4)

  61. Stewart is one of the twisted bulbs that has burned a few hours. It is so dim no one can see by it and he is the dimwit of the nation.

    Scrapiron (489af1)

  62. But I expect that generally you still watch Fox News.

    Larry Reilly (0e1b2d)

  63. Larry

    therefore what? What point are you attempting to make?

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  64. I guess no one told Larry Reilly that NPR is now the official radio network of the Democratic Party.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  65. Larry gets confused by small shiny objects, don’t blame him.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  66. This is par for the course for Stewart over the last eight months or so.

    deeplemeblues (a78b16)

  67. Mawy is just lobbing ad homs again. *YAWN*

    Icy Texan (a6f2b4)

  68. “Larry gets confused by small shiny objects…”

    For some reason that makes me want to toss a quarter onto the railroad tracks.

    Dave Surls (0a54c1)

  69. Of course, if more people had listened to McCain’s consistent message in 2008 . . .

    Icy Texan (a6f2b4)

  70. Not quite on topic, but my brain finally realized why the name Odyssey Dawn sounded familiar.

    I’ll leave it for others to draw parallels and conclusions.

    kishnevi (49f7a2)

  71. Let us not forget that Larry Reilly claims to be a JournoList. If that isn’t an indictment of the “profession”, I don’t know what is.

    JD (318f81)

  72. The funny thing about Larry’s post is his absolute belief that if you disagree with him, the only logical conclusion is some kind of weird brainwashing by Fox News.

    Of all the hundreds of channels of information, only Fox News has this ability to cloud minds? And it disomer some super efficient manner that half of 299 million people that don’t watch are somehow contaminated.

    That’s a strange conceit only shared by a few strange people.

    Larry needs to get out more.

    Ag80 (efea1d)

  73. I don’t know what disomer means, but my post should say “has.”

    Ag80 (efea1d)

  74. Nobody needs Fox to know that we have a disingenuous campaigner in chief at is a feckless coward lacking the spine to make basic decisions in the best interests of our country.

    JD (318f81)

  75. Larry needs to get out more.

    — Probably safer overall if he stays locked in his basement.

    Icy Texan (a6f2b4)

  76. I kind of like ‘disomer’. Good word for the famed mystical subaudible mind-control power of Fox News. The Fox Disomer Theory… sounds scientific and important.

    jodetoad (7720fb)

  77. There will never be a day when the Daily Show and Colbert fail to mock Republicans and conservatives.

    What’s significant is that they’re now mocking Obama at least as hard.

    I’m not worried about Stewart or Colbert dissuading any likely GOP voters. But Obama damned sure ought to worry that they’re dissuading his — not that they’ll vote GOP, they’ll just stay home.

    I’m down with that.

    Beldar (a197ec)

  78. (The comments to this post, by the way, will be the only place on the entire internet, ever, where Beldar can be quoted saying the phrase, “I’m down with that.” Hasn’t happened before, won’t happen again.)

    Beldar (a197ec)

  79. Nevah read McCluhan (for real). But (duh stanky) medium … be the muh-sawshz.

    I never (ever) watch Stewart, since ummm a ways back (year ago?), when he was fried, polluted, orbiting bongville … on the air. To me was sad (what ya do in your own home’s your biz), that he couldn’t get through his daily work product. Without a crutch, to keep him standing, just sad [I would guess, comes from the self realization … of what the word Kapo means (while he be starin’ in the mirror)]. And a’course the Cat Stewart pile, left front and center at their patriotic DC fest (let’s put on Red, White, and Blue leather jackets … yeah!).

    And not too diff uh me rippin’ Michael Steele a new one, for appearing on Madcow last month.

    That stone cold morons wield so much power over the outcome of our elections [MSM/Hollyweird (Oprah/Ellen/Geffen blah blah) elected the filthy Islamist traitor … Khalid Sheikh Obama, not the American people].

    I have no answer [but I do have gallons a’spit (if I ever cross paths with those pieces of filth)].

    And the Associated Press? My blood boils every f*cking day. Where they NEVER give direct attribution to the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. For the murders they commit (in the name of Moe, Ham, and Ed). But always do, for Israel when they defend against. It’s like the Twilight Zone episode, where the German U-boat commander’s somehow stuck, on an Allied merchant vessel, in the dark and fog. And he can see/he knows … a wolf pack member’s out there …. ’bout to pounce.

    How I now feel, like a Jew in Germany. On a dark, cold November night, in 1938. And all around, all I hear … is the sound of breaking glass.

    Only diff? I ain’t marchin’ into no one’s oven. WWIII’s is here. Can’t say that I much care for it. But I ain’t runnin, and I ain’t hidin.

    Elmo (7e741d)

  80. Oh … and Johhny Mac (yeah I voted for ‘im) lost me (actually … I told him to go foog himself) when he did his cartoon dance, on those who dare question what is in Khalid Sheikh Obama’s atomic Hawaiian file (and we now know, fookin NOTHING!).

    Elmo (7e741d)

  81. What an outrage.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  82. This is why I generally don’t watch The Daily Show anymore

    It shows. Because if you had, then you wouldn’t have written this…

    So Jon Stewart walks right past the hypocrisy of Barack Obama

    Yeah. Jon Stewart did the “hypocrisy of Barack Obama” bit the evening before.

    So basically, you’re doing exactly here what you’re accusing Stewart of doing — presenting an incomplete, and ultimately wrong, story.

    Well done.

    Kman (5576bf)

  83. When he said, we have nothing to fear from Obama, the campaign was over, frankly there is no way one could come to that conclusion, after a thorough examination of his record.

    narciso (a3a9aa)

  84. Go walk off a cliff Kman please.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  85. Somebody call Guinness; it’s a new ad hom spewing record!

    Icy Texan (a6f2b4)

  86. Mccain has thrown conservatives under the bus.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  87. Obama has thrown our nation’s reputation around the world under the bus.

    Icy Texan (a6f2b4)

  88. Kman

    if jon stewart went after that kind of hypocrisy on Obama’s part that is news to me and all the media-monitoring sites i normally look at.

    But i am always open to being wrong, so show me a clip or even just a report of Stewart doing anything remotely like i suggested, and i will consider what you show me and correct as appropriate. But no, we are not going to trust your word, given your record. your word is literally no evidence at all.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  89. Kman

    Actually strike that, because while working on a new post i saw where Stewart and Co. actually did skewer Obama on that comment about it being unconstitutional. I’ll be updating this post very soon.

    So for once you cried wolf when there actually was one. Congratulations.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  90. Yeah Icy but Mccain says we have nothing to fear from him.

    BTW Jon Stewart said obama’s war on libya is unconstitutional? I must say i’am impressed.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  91. Doh,

    Well, they said he has a problem. I will have the clip in a new post. its actually very funny and very harsh.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  92. Ok.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  93. doh, and the new post is up, including the stewart clip.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  94. Jon Stewart is no Bill Maher. Stewart still has a shred of decency within that allows him to skewer hypocrisy wherever and whenever it appears.

    Unfortunately, as demonstrated by the subject of this thread, he often takes things to such extremes — ostensibly in the pursuit of ‘finding the funny’ — that he winds up, in effect if not actuality, lying about the topic at hand. Lawrence O’Donnell does the same thing (witness his rant against Glenn Beck the other day) only he’s not trying to be funny — although it definitely IS his intent to be a jackass — and therefore has less of an excuse to justify his tirades.

    And Maher is just a c***

    Icy Texan (a6f2b4)

  95. The last two years, would belie that argument, the stimulus didn’t work, yet Biden kept imagining ‘recovery summer’ without any evidence, kind of Haley Joel Osment, in the 6th Sense, Goldman, BP, all bought themselves immunity, for their malfeasance, Countrywide got away free and clear. Obama is bombing the same villages, he decried during the campaign, yet he gets the Nobel Prizw, he spent more time on the Chicago Olympic application than the Afghan strategy
    that McCrystal had outlined,

    narciso (a3a9aa)

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