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Happy Birthday to My Dad

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As I have done every March 17 since I started this blog, I am wishing my Dad a Happy Birthday.

He would have been 86 today. I wore the shamrock bow tie.

In the meantime, enjoy a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

24 Responses to “Happy Birthday to My Dad”

  1. green is what happens when your eyeballs are struck by light waves what have a wavelength of between 520 and 570 nanometers

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  2. Even when you’re an adult and your parents are old and you half expect that each time you say goodbye it might be the last… it’s still so, so difficult when a parent dies. My dad died 4 years ago and I still miss him every single day. Your family pictures could be mine.

    Happy birthday to your dad.

    lasue (ed9852)

  3. Happy Birthday Papa Patterico!

    daleyrocks (ae76ce)

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad!

    I never stop missing mine.

    prmetime (f65600)

  5. Mr. P the first 4 links are broken looks like

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  6. My father turns 80 this year. He is strong, proud man of great honor, and a humble hero (a retired firefighter). He is irreverent and funny and sad, all at once.

    But his word is his bond, and he would give his family his last dollar (and has, from time to time). He would take a bullet for his loved ones. Heck, he has risked his life for people he didn’t know.

    I hope to be just 1% of the man my father is. The jury is still out.

    So when I read your posts about your own father, Patterico, I write to my own father, and I tell him these things. And that I love him, though he is very uncomfortable with that “…damned touchy feely crap” as he puts it.

    You know that “(Blank) My Dad Says” show? My father could be the model, only more clever.

    I just poured a Jameson’s in honor of your father, Patterico. SlĂ inte!

    Simon Jester (46d461)

  7. Having an Irish Coffee in your father’s honor. thanks for the idea, Simon.

    Best way to respect your father is to be a good dad yourself. I’m sure Patterico does his best.

    Happy Wear Green Day, everyone.

    Dustin (c16eca)

  8. Happy,

    On the phone and did a cut and paste. Will have to fix the links. Thanks.

    Patterico (144c7d)

  9. Happy birthday Pappy Patterico.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  10. Our fathers were almost of an age, Patterico. I hope, my friend, that I’ve not gone too far wrong by toasting your dad with Scotch whisky instead of Irish whiskey. But the toast was heartfelt, and I’ve a glow in my tummy. Happy St. Patrick’s day too!

    Beldar (a197ec)

  11. I’ll drink to both of our dad’s Patterico.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  12. awesome suggestion simon… I shall write now. I can’t send it to him, but I bet he will get it.


    prmetime (f65600)

  13. Hey, SPQR. Mine, too?

    Simon Jester (46d461)

  14. He will, prmetime. He will.

    Simon Jester (46d461)

  15. losing a parent is just unimaginable in my life. I am sorry that you don’t have to imagine it.

    You and any siblings, and any children are his legacy. He lives on through ya’ll.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  16. I know how it feels i mean i lost my dad in 2006.

    DohBiden (984d23)

  17. Best wishes and fond memories to the extended Patterico family on this special day.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  18. What DRJ said best wishes indeed!

    EricPWJohnson (477908)

  19. Courtesy of Ace of Spades:


    Now THAT is Good Irish.

    Myself? I have so little green to wear I opted for my Green Eggs and Ham tee-short.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    JD (bcdcf2)

  20. that is pure awesomeness I sent it to dead cat boy for to cheer him up here is a more linky link

    happyfeet (ab5779)

  21. Happy Birthday to your dad, Pat.

    I hope you don’t mind; when I read this I toasted his memory with not even a tertiary whiskey but a cold, frothy brew.

    Then after downing that I poured myself another and gave thanks my father remains with us. I hope you don’t mind.

    He’s also in his ’80s and the old Senior Chief is one of the few remaining WWII vets I know. To say I respect him would be the understatement of the year. I followed him into what’s become the family business ever since my family got off the boat from Italy, and no, it’s not the Mafia.

    I read this thread and I think about the tribute I’m eventually going to have to pay my dad when he passes. I know what it is. I’m learning how to play the trumpet, so that when the time comes, he won’t have to bear recorded Taps inflicted upon him. And some junior enlisted type who doesn’t know what he or she is doing when the recording doesn’t work as advertised (and yes I know they’re doing their best & I don’t blame them the least).

    He’ll get real Taps, on a real horn.

    Steve (49173f)

  22. JD, I am frightened by the concept of a “Green Eggs and Ham” short. I hope you mean “shirt.” I’m reminded of that horrific skit on Conan O’Brien’s old show with Will Ferrel:

    Pass the brain bleach.

    Simon Jester (46d461)

  23. Happy birthday, Papa Patterico!

    htom (412a17)

  24. Happy BD to your Dad. Great idea, will do for my dad on my blog. Miss him so much.

    A great dad is an immeasurable blessing.

    jodetoad (7720fb)

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