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Charles Johnson: I Never Used the Term “Saint Pancake” to Refer to Rachel Corrie . . . Oh, THAT Rachel Corrie!

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Charles Johnson, October 16, 2010: “First, about the term ‘St. Pancake’ — the simple fact is that I never used this term at LGF . . .”

I never used that term!!

Charles Johnson, January 22, 2011: “Through obsessive searching of years-old comments, they’ve discovered that I once deleted a comment in which I (gasp!) used the term ‘Saint Pancake.'”

OK, fine, I used that term.

What happened in between? Some former LGF’ers fact-checked Chuckles’s ass. That’s what.

You can follow the links above to see the conclusive evidence that this was hardly a one-time deal. Contrary to his sanctimonious October denial, Johnson not only used the term himself, but he also repeatedly sanctioned the use of the term at his blog by others, refused to ban people who used it, gave a hat tip to a guy who called himself “St. Pancake” — and even posted an item called “The Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast,” in which he claimed that a group of leftists giving a pancake breakfast for Corrie had “unwittingly imitate[d] Little Green Footballs.”

In short, Charles Johnson is a sanctimonious, lying hypocrite.

UPDATE: Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link. I hope new readers will bookmark the main page.

UPDATE x2: Still more dishonesty, archive-scrubbing, and blatant hypocrisy from Johnson exposed here.

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  1. But…but…but…that’s different, Patterico!

    Honestly, this is all about ego. CJ is following the playbook we have all seen before:

    1. “I never did that despicable thing.”
    2. “Well, I did use the term once, but I regretted it.”
    3. “People showing that I actually used the term a lot are cyberstalkers and are missing the point.”

    Except the point is hypocrisy.

    The only problem is that more trolls will descend.

    Simon Jester (ca067d)

  2. That’s a heck of a midlife crisis that dude’s having.

    S. Weasel (39a70c)

  3. Shame when the memory hole catches up with the lying liars.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  4. search the archives and
    see if chuckie johnson used
    times new roman font

    ColonelHaiku (5430d1)

  5. Simon

    its not hypocrisy. Its dishonesty. he’s allowed to change his mind. what is inexcusable, is that he lies about this past.


    Good post. It says just about everything I would have said.

    I will add one thing. he’s still doing it. he is pretending he has a problem with other people using the term, that he banned people for using it. But the truth was he HAT-TIPPED people for using it.

    so even in admitting it, he doesn’t quite come clean.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  6. Aaron, maybe CJ could ban himself.

    Simon Jester (ca067d)

  7. Charles, look here for a minute. Time for an intervention.

    You are a liar.

    Those of us who were your fans years ago, we don’t why you went bonkers, Charles, but you did.

    You are the mental case, not Patterico.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  8. looks like Mr. Chuck’s lies fell flat

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  9. 🙂

    carlitos (a3d259)

  10. Has anyone just went off on Charles challenging him to ban them? Does he delete their comments? It’s hilarious how insecure and paranoid he is about his comments after whining on TV that they aren’t reflective of him.

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  11. Aaron, I think simon’s right that it’s not just lying, but hypocritical. You’re right that a person has the right to change their mind, but Charles goes a lot farther than that. He contends he would never have used the term because he’s better than that, even though it’s pretty obvious he used it all the time and loved it. In fact, I think LGF is where the term originated.

    Anyway, when you say you’re so good you’d never do something, and you actually reveled in that thing, that’s hypocrisy.

    Though I think what bugs me most is that he’s insulting everyone’s intelligence with his lying. He’s not fooling even his most loyal fanboys. He’s calling someone an idiot for telling the truth, and calling them a stalker for mere Google search (not to mention, no one pays any attention to Charles, 99.9% of the time, and yet he calls any critic a stalker).

    That’s what bugs me. His defense assumes everyone is incredibly easy to fool.

    I do agree with you that he’s entitled to change his mind on politics, but he’s also changed his mind to the point where he is judging people for his own deeds.

    He’d still catch a lot of flack if he merely reversed course politically, but at least he could keep his honor.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  12. I think it’s hilarious that he denied ever saying “Saint Pancake”, because the first time I ever heard of “Saint Pancake” was from “Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast” post on Little Green Footballs…

    soren (d1f1de)

  13. Aaron:

    Yeah, I mentioned the hat tip thing in the post.

    Patterico (c218bd)

  14. Thanks again for the link, Patterico.

    Of course now Johnson’s excuse “how can I remember all 45K comments of mine?”, which falls short logically because he unequivocally (and repeatedly) insisted that he didn’t say it. In fact, he was so confident that he scrubbed the evidence that he actually taunted folks over it in that Guardian article. LOL city, that.

    Anyway, of course there is a lot more to the “St. Pancake” story (and others) than Johnson is letting on, so feel free to stop by or contact the cast of Diary of Daedalus for more laughs.

    ChenZhen (1c5e47)

  15. “In short, Charles Johnson is a sanctimonious, lying hypocrite.”

    In other news, water turns out to be wet.

    largebill (1d1579)

  16. I thought it might be my system, but I checked at alexa web traffic:

    Average Load Time for
    Very Slow (8.64 Seconds), 94% of sites are faster.


    carlitos (a3d259)

  17. How many people even remember ‘Saint Pancake’ in a context that didn’t involve Charles Johnson?

    This is like Obama trying to distance himself from ‘Hope and Change’. It’s almost as though Charles felt bored with his normal level of doucheyness, and needed to really crank it up for a challenge.

    I also like that Charles admits he deleted the evidence ‘because I felt regret’. How many of his words has he had to delete so far? Why not just delete everything prior to a couple of years ago?

    I thought it was normal blog practice to update posts, instead of delete them or substantially alter them, if you’ve made some kind of serious gaffe. Charles Johnson’s picture should appear next to ‘Bad Faith’ in the dictionary.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  18. Why doesnt he just buy a shiny new car like most people undergoing a mid life crisis?

    Mr. Pink (4d7531)

  19. “I also like that Charles admits he deleted the evidence ‘because I felt regret’. How many of his words has he had to delete so far? Why not just delete everything prior to a couple of years ago?”

    Yeah but do you figure he would give Pat Buchanan, Palin, and anyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi the same “because I felt regret” excuse?

    Mr. Pink (4d7531)

  20. I suspect that term did not originate there, but I could be wrong. Anyone with an off-kilter sense of humor and a functioning brain could have made the pancake joke after the human shield tried to joust a Caterpillar.

    JD (109425)

  21. Dustin, for one reason or another, Charles has been editing megabytes of his words over recent years. The wholesale reworking of his past posts on LGF have been a topic of ridicule for years now.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  22. In short, Charles Johnson is a sanctimonious, lying hypocrite.

    But in all fairness, he is a boring old gas bag with an ego the size of Titan. So that’s something, anyway.

    Y-not (45d6ad)

  23. People taking this story seriously should NOT read the Encyclopedia Dramatica entry on Ms. Corrie.

    carlitos (a3d259)

  24. Not to pile on, but what does it say about someone that they can claim to have forgotten they used the phrase ‘Saint Pancake’? Either he didn’t think the phrase was a big deal, or he must have said so many derogatory things about so many people that they’ve all blurred together. A real sweetheart.

    steve (116925)

  25. In Soviet Russia, memory hole throw down you!

    /yakov smirnoff

    carlitos (a3d259)

  26. 20.I suspect that term did not originate there, but I could be wrong. Anyone with an off-kilter sense of humor and a functioning brain could have made the pancake joke after the human shield tried to joust a Caterpillar.

    Comment by JD — 1/22/2011

    Our research showed that, not only did the term originate there, but Johnson settled the nickname debate that had taken place the day before by effectively christening it when he used it. It grew in popularity within LGF, and eventually made it to other blogs.

    If he really didn’t like it as much as he’s now saying, he could have squashed it right away. Instead, it was thrown around for years on his site with little hint of disapproval. Only within the last 12 months has he been so adamantly against its use.

    You have to remember that I don’t think any other blogger spent as much time and bandwidth on Corrie as Johnson, so it makes all this stuff he’s saying now all the more laughably disingenuous.

    ChenZhen (1c5e47)

  27. Encyclopedia dramatica? Is there really such a thing?

    JD (2da347)

  28. There is, and it is awesome.

    The Twilight page is a personal favorite, as is the page about Jessi Slaughter…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  29. I never went there absent a direct link from somewhere that made me want to go read there. That feeling usually passed quite quickly.

    JD (822109)

  30. Oh I wish that I could be
    Oh I wish that I could be
    Oh I wish that I could beeeeeeeeeeeee
    Rachel Corrie

    Fair warning – The page contains non-PC humor and profanity. In short, it is exactly my kind of place.

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  31. Also, there may be some pornographic pictures.

    It is everything one should have in mind when you hear “NSFW”.

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  32. #29 was about LGF, not that dramatica place.

    JD (d56362)

  33. This is only relevant to me, but how the holy hell did I not know there was a page there for the Freedom Flotila?

    Again, probably NSFW unless you are self employed, and even then it might violate some office rules.

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  34. Charles is still digging that hole. And forgetting the other rules…


    Athos (26d45b)

  35. Not to pile on, but what does it say about someone that they can claim to have forgotten they used the phrase ‘Saint Pancake’? Either he didn’t think the phrase was a big deal, or he must have said so many derogatory things about so many people that they’ve all blurred together. A real sweetheart.

    Comment by steve

    Very good point.

    I’m struck by how little of a deal this really is. Why is Charles willing to break his honor over this? I guess it doesn’t really matter. It was nice seeing him get kicked around for old time’s sake.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  36. Why is Charles willing to break his honor over this?

    His honor? That ship has already sailed.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  37. Did that ship get boarded while on its way to Gaza?

    Sorry, too soon?

    carlitos (a3d259)

  38. And when DRJ loses patience with you, it shows just how far you have fallen.

    Simon Jester (ec2e39)

  39. Did that ship get boarded while on its way to Gaza?

    The MV Rachel Corrie was indeed boarded by the IDF. IT was delayed in it’s daparture, so it ended up being all on it’s own when it got to where the rest of the Freedom Flotilla had been.

    I understand it was forced to stop when the IDF brought out a giant floating bulldozer. 🙂

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  40. And you look cute in it, JD.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  41. Save my life I’m goin’ down for the last time!

    (himt: album name ties it all together)

    carlitos (a3d259)

  42. You don’t think that one-piece makes my thighs look fat?

    JD (d4bbf1)

  43. Wow, Johnson is so busted on this one that not even his most sycophantic lizards are venturing over here to try and defend him. It really is that bad.

    JVW (4463d3)

  44. JD, I covered that part with my hand when I looked at the picture.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  45. The simple fact, Charles, is that you rode to popularity on a wave of people who thought the “term” in question was hi-hi-hilarious. Not that there’s really anything wrong with making fun of useful dead idiots like Rachel Corrie, her atrocious parents, her unfortunate schooling, her confused cause, and the morally bankrupt people who continue to profit from her untimely squishing. See? I’m doing it myself. 

    The problem is, it became inconvenient to you in your new role as an exponent of bien pensant NPR-style flaccid liberalism, but instead of apologizing, you think it’s enough to ban all your old drinking buddies, clean the place up a bit, air it out, repaint the walls, and claim you were never into beer bashes. Thing is, the old friends remember, and the neighbors still can’t forget the late-night police visits that woke them up. 

    A move to another state, a name change, or massive facial reconstruction surgery might improve your chances with the right sort of people. But then you’d have to start from scratch. Best to pretend none of it ever happened and hope for a better class of members at your roadside-bar-turned-country-club. 

    How’s that working out for you, by the way?

    Mork (e36a4f)

  46. It is pretty clear that Charles is not mentally stable. You degrade yourself by arguing with him, Patterico.

    Roy Mustang (3e1a46)

  47. It did seem insensitive at the time, for CJ to have
    regarded Corrie that way, then again as a member of
    the ISM, which was basically a way station for Hamas
    supporters, it’s not out of the question, that she might have ended up like Jihad Jane, or that other
    new AQ sympathizer that they unearthed recently

    narciso (6075d0)

  48. So he couldn’t remember if he said it or not, or in what context, and it didn’t really matter anyway…why should that defense work for CJ and not for Scooter Libby?

    Bill Masson (4f28b7)

  49. so juvenile…
    grow up

    Perkins (c1f855)

  50. 47: no, beating that lying sack of sh&t into the ground is the only way to deal with him.

    eddiebear (4fa3c5)

  51. We do owe Charles a monstrous debt of gratitude, however. Without his abject hypocrisy and titanic moral cowardice, for instance, I would never have come to this site and learned of the existence of Encyc. Dramat., which bids fair to ensure that I die of laughter instead of chagrin. Thank you, Charles Fraudster Johnson!

    Mork (e36a4f)

  52. It’s really such a shame. I started following Charles’ website many years ago, mainly because I’m a Jazz/Blues fan and he once played in the band of an artist I like.
    Then I started commenting occasionally. At first there were no problems, but overtime I noticed I was getting a lot of flack from a lot of his very left wing friends. I guess as his fears of another 9/11 attack actually getting him or a friend of his subsided, he went back to his old ways? I don’t know.
    I don’t even remember the exact reason I was banned, but it was something pretty minor overall, I think I disagreed with one of the many echo chamber lefties that now plague the site.
    It’s really a shame that he’s become such a hypocrite.

    Banner (ed4f4f)

  53. I’m pretty sure the reason I know that term “St. Pancake” is LGF, and one of the only place I’ve heard it used other than maybe Emperor Misha’s blog.

    I don’t see what about that term is worthy of lying about it. Even if he’s running for Congress or something, disowning that is basically akin to denying that you were an irreverent and confrontational right winger, which Johnson was for a good 4 or 5 years. Of course, just because it sounds crazy that one could simply pretend a diligent, ideologically clear blogging career never even happened (or was taken out of context) doesn’t mean Johnson wouldn’t do it. It wouldn’t be the craziest thing he’s said since the Age of Obama.

    He’s an interesting case study on how you really can’t know people from what they write staring at a a too-bright screen alone in their underwear. Right and left aside, it’s inconceivable to me that the person who updated his blog was not expressing deeply held beliefs but just surfing on a perceived political tide, but the complete, nearly full-spectrum 180 Johnson has undergone has proven that empirically to be the case.

    hitnrun (e57e2d)

  54. People go insane all of the time but you usually don’t get to witness it in their own writings over a period of years. Charles would make an interesting case study… as would his little cult.

    I could understand one guy going off the rails but how do you explain the small coterie of dead-enders who have mirrored his about face and abandoned everything they once professed to believe just so they could stay in Charles good graces? This is classic cult behavior.

    B Arnold (29afdc)

  55. I will never ever ever ever evah get tired of Chuckles Johnson Gets Pwned posts.

    Mister Christopher (1b8a9f)

  56. @55 : That’s the really interesting part. I mean, we all know the power of celebrity, and most bloggers, columnists, and commentators exude that aura to a certain degree. It’s a cliche that there are people who don’t think for themselves, but it’s more true that we skimp thought to greater or lesser degrees. If Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Reynolds or Mark Steyn were to say something that contradicts what we thought they believed, many readers will let that slide to stay with the party.

    This is even more so with liberals, since everyone knows on a certain level that progressivism doesn’t really work, so if Paul Krugman or Olbermann or Kos say something in defense of capitalism or social mores or whatnot, their readers are going to let that slide.

    But a complete an utter reversal of ideology and premises just to remain with the cool kids at the party? That boggles my mind. It would be like if Hitler had decided sometime in 1940 to convert to Judaism, surrender the Continent to London, and resume Germany’s payment of reparations, bragging about all of this in the papers. To continue currying his favor would suggest a mental condition.

    hitnrun (e57e2d)

  57. I have one simple question. If the Dan Rather memo-gate event happened today and CJ spotted it, would he publish the report?

    Sadly, I doubt it.

    commander_vimes (2eccbd)

  58. I daresay I have one of the earlier accounts at LGF. It was before he started the ridiculous drama of opening “windows” for new registrations, anyway. I never commented much, but I very much enjoyed the site, which I discovered (I believe) sometime in 2002. Anyway, I will eat my sweat socks if he didn’t use that exact term (“Saint Pancake”) in the headlines of some posts. He used it REPEATEDLY. I agreed with it then, and I agree with it now.

    I’m torn about Chuck’s conversion, but there are only two realistic possibilities that I can see. One, Soros or someone else got to him with a lot of money and flipped him. Two, he really did go insane. Those are the choices as I see them. And I very much lean toward option one. I haven’t visited LGF in well over a year, and haven’t been a regular visitor in who knows how long. It’s sad, really. He used to run a fairly decent outfit.

    The saddest thing? I finally left because of his unreasonable fixation on bashing creationists. And I’m not even one of those most evil of people…but I can’t abide that kind of nasty skewering of someone else’s beliefs.

    Agoraphobic Plumber (629788)

  59. Johnson is profoundly troubled, unstable, in denial, and lacking in insight. Getting straight answers or sense out of him is no longer possible; he no longer has just his own opinions, he now has his own facts. Yes, he does lead a cult, and that should surprise no one. I wonder sometimes what he thinks today of his role in exposing the Mapes/Rather hoax, but it’s no longer relevant; his opinion these days is of no concern to rational people. Pity him as a sad example of what can happen.

    L. Barnes (fa7437)

  60. I would regret using the term ‘saint’ to describe the rabid piece of trash that was that woman. Other than that, LFG has degenerated in the last several years anyways.

    Mark (6b9e00)

  61. #48, “might have”? That is exactly what she already was. Don’t forget what she was doing when she died: trying to prevent the destruction of weapon-smuggling tunnels. How much more Jihad Jane can one get?

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  62. #61, “saint” describes how she is regarded by those who venerate her.

    I use much the same imagery to describe those who venerate the spirit of Yitzchak Rabin as “the Cult of St Yitzchak”.

    Milhouse (ea66e3)

  63. True, but that was considered not actual terrorism or civil disobedience, but you’re right, it’s much
    in the way of Berenson with the MRTA or Casalero with the FMLN, back in the day

    narciso (6075d0)

  64. The bottom line is he said he NEVER used the term and then methodically set out to delete all instances he USED it. And in all his web wizardly skillz (honestly, that man must live at his computer trying to tweak his site day and night) couldn’t get rid of his happily hat tipping that horrible, horrible term– he happily at one time LOVED.

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  65. It was his ‘telltale heart’ under the floorboards, TS,

    narciso (6075d0)

  66. Those who traffic in absolutes are tyrants and liars in waiting.

    Stephanie (ac9f18)

  67. In short, Charles Johnson is a sanctimonious, lying hypocrite.

    Allow me to translate that for you:

    Charles Johnson is a typical postmodern liberal.

    There, done. You aren’t one without being the other.

    IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society (c9dcd8)

  68. It is amazing with all these commenters remembering Saint Pancake at LGF how daily reader gary gulrud, who has family in LA in case anyone was wondering, does not remember use of the term at the site.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  69. eh, the only reason to pay any attention to small johnson at all anymore is to ridicule him, but frankly, I’ll be glad when the novelty of that wears off for everyone, and he is relegated to the dust-bin of internet history. DoD had shown how his traffic has fallen off drastically since his “transformation” and the leftosphere has not embraced him, as he hoped it would, so he’s kind of left with nuttin’ but some die-hard sycophants, and he seems to thin those out with regularity. Last one banned, turn out the lights at lgf.

    docweasel (5510fc)

  70. Some time in the year or so following 9/11, I distinctly remember Mr. Johnson posting a short little story / blurb about riding his bicycle through the sunshine of Southern California and crossing the street to avoid some Muslims that he thought were going to attack him, while he was out in the open (on a bicycle). At that point, it seemed quite a logical preventative tactic — crossing the street to get away from the evil Muslims — but now it seems just the teensiest bit over the top and screw-loose-ish.

    But to me, it also points that at one point he most definitely was NOT the bleeding heart liberal he has morphed into.

    (I also remember him writing about changing residences / moving because he thought the Muslims were stalking him, and he wanted to live in a more secure residence.)

    NanGee (e8b274)

  71. L. Barnes!!

    Haven’t seen you in a while.

    Patterico (c218bd)

  72. Starting sometime in 2003 I went to LGF every day that I logged on to my computer. He was one of my favorites, along with Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Powerline, and Gateway Pundit.

    Frankly, I had never heard of Rachel Corrie until I heard about her on LGF. Charles introduced me to Corrie, and Saint Pancake was the term routinely used on that blog to describe her. Johnson had dozens of threads about her, where she went to school, etc. I can’t believe he would deny using the phrase or deny allowing and encouraging its use for that matter.

    And by the way, I was banned from his stupid blog for doing nothing more than criticizing Chuckles for making fun of and insulting Christians. He’s also a hypocrite when it comes to civility as well. Typical leftist.

    J. Knight (0f5058)

  73. What ever happened to LGF? I used to read that blog religiously and then it got weirder and weirder and more bitter and really nasty fights were breaking out all the time. Then it lurched wildly to the Left and I never went back. That was years ago.

    Justin Beiber (71f73f)

  74. 24. “Either he didn’t think the phrase was a big deal, or he must have said so many derogatory things about so many people that they’ve all blurred together. A real sweetheart”

    Gulp! A few of us are going to hell with him in “pig-skin sh*tsacks”.

    BTW, do blasphemous drawings of Mohammed(PBUH) have any absolving efficacy?

    gary gulrud (790d43)

  75. @ Justin Beiber 7 others: I know exactly what you’re talking about! used to have l.g.f. at the top of my faves list. He went from somewhat center to slightly right and then made a fast swerve left. That’s when he got dropped.

    annoyed (51c7ba)

  76. What amuses me is the pretzel acts he has to put forth for the current readers, you know, the army of to be banned.

    He knows they see what a lying hypocritical douche he is and he’s reduced to putting forth these retarded rationalized explanations so hoping they don’t just bail and then when any of them speaks out of turn or calls him on it he has to wave his ban stick — in front of all the last remaining he’s told he doesn’t punish, lie, delete, ban on whims–It’s just a hilarious mess left over there.

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  77. What I do not understand is this:

    Why is it that it is both

    1. SO HARD to say, “OK, look. I remember perfectly well that as recently as 2006, I frequently used the term “St. Pancake” to refer, with black humor and disparagement, to Rachel Corrie … But I now regret it and wish I hadn’t. I no longer use it. I was wrong to have done it.”

    2. SO EASY to say, “I never referred to Corrie that way. What? You found what? OK, ONCE I referred to her that way. And for catching me, you are a STALKER and thus MISSING THE POINT.”


    Mitch (e40959)

  78. I looked at his traffic and his tweet follower numbers and it appears the only thing LGF is good for now is generating right wing blog traffic – booyah!

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  79. Mitch

    Because he’s a coward. Charles knows he’s living a big lie, he’s just too much of a pussy to own up to the same crap he harped on others for. HE HOPED the left would open their arms to him and fill his pockets like they did BalloonStupid or Andrew Sullivan, but a funny thing happened. The left was weary because of his past extreme statements about islamistis. So he set about to delete the volumes of crap he knew was going to come back to huant him.

    Charles Johnson is a coward, liar and opportunist and even the left doesn’t want to touch him.

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  80. Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how Charles depicts anyone who illustrates in living color all his myriad of lies and contradictions as “stalkers”

    It’s Charles Johnson’s way of pretending ( to himesle, his sock puppets and his fledging commenters) he has any prominence and/or traffic anymore.

    When he addresses the “stalkers” it’s sorta sad because he’s pretending to address his adoring audience, he’s just addressing the people who revealed him as always to be a fraud.

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  81. BTW, do blasphemous drawings of Mohammed(PBUH) have any absolving efficacy?

    Comment by gary gulrud

    Can anyone translate this for me?

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  82. #69

    I used to be a constant reader of LGF in 2004-2005 and not only was the term “St Pancake” used ALL THE TIME there, but I explicitly remember Johnson using it himself.

    Johnson had put up many threads specifically dedicated to discussion of Corrie, and posted, on more than one occasion, a picture of her holding a burning American flag up in front of a group of Palestinian children.

    In fact, the terms “St.Pancake” was even listed in the “LGF dictionary” of the time, was was, in effect a glossary of site in-jokes for newcomers, with a prominent link on the site front page:

    Personally, I have no problem with the term “St. Pancake” as commentary on the radical left’s attempt to canonize this useful idiot girl Corrie for their own political purposes.

    As I commented on LGF at the time, it seems plain to me that Corrie wanted to go “full Palestinian” (to coin a phrase) and become a “martyr”. Ultimately, she got exactly what she wanted.

    Now, several years later I could see why maybe Johnson had a change of heart about promoting the term “St. Pancake”, let alone using it himself. That’s fine. . .he doesn’t have to be proud of what he did for several years. . .but why deny it? Its not only intellectually dishonest, its also stupid, given the abundant electronic record of his comments and the memories of his (former) readers.

    looking closely (eb062f)

  83. “69.It is amazing with all these commenters remembering Saint Pancake at LGF how daily reader gary gulrud…does not remember use of the term at the site.”

    Thanks for noticing me, daley.

    Indeed, since I traffic, very occasionally, in nasty catch phrases, one would think “Ste. Pancake” would stick.

    May ’03(linked CJ comments) I had, end of April, purchased a house the Monday after getting laid off. Perhaps I was preoccupied or sh*tfaced.

    gary gulrud (790d43)

  84. I’m torn about Chuck’s conversion, but there are only two realistic possibilities that I can see. One, Soros or someone else got to him with a lot of money and flipped him. Two, he really did go insane. Those are the choices as I see them.

    No, there is another …

    Never underestimate the power of nookie to cloud a man’s mind.

    CJ’s conversion — and my loss of interest in LGF — occurred about the time certain left-wing females began commenting and guest-posting.

    Murgatroyd (fd5fcd)

  85. I’m one of the original “banned of brothers”- tossed off his site for having the audacity to belong to another site- Gulf Coast Pundit- that was formed at his own behest.

    The only place in 30 years online I’ve been banned from.

    He got rid of the best writers, researchers, and commenters.

    His plummet into obscurity is well-earned.

    May he stew in his own grease…

    backhoe (a01c8d)

  86. I remember when LGF was the most anti-Islamist place on the Web. There was always stuff there that would earn an instant moderator intervention and possibly a ban from Free Republic. And who can forget Rathergate? I really used to like it.

    It’s truly bizarre what it has become. I haven’t logged in for years. What would be a good way to go out in a blaze of glory?

    John Skookum (f7ebfd)

  87. He’s so full of it. I first heard of the term when, new to his blog, I was perusing his “greatest hits” section and he defined “St Pancake”.

    Jeff Weimer (952d52)

  88. “I’m sorry Senator, I cannot recall that conversation…” We’ll be hearing a lot of that when the Congressional Hearings start.

    Dandapani (9dba11)

  89. Reading your links brought it back to me now, it was in the “LGF Dictionary”.

    Jeff Weimer (952d52)

  90. There are two types of people in the world: people who don’t read LGF and idiots.

    FrancisChalk (3b8964)

  91. There was a time when Charles really was at the top of things, when Den Beste, was possible the best
    long form blogger out there, when Bjorn Stark, popped the left’s pretensions on the Scandinavians. The last was the best, he apologized arguing he was too young, to have known better, now he mostly covers movies in his native Norway. Some like Ace
    Pilots, used Rumsfeld rage, as their excuse, I don’t know what happened to John Cole, but he ‘became one of the body’ with the Sinosphere

    narciso (6075d0)

  92. #59 Agoraphobic Plumber

    Your experience is the mirror image of my own: I left after about week three of “here’s how stupid creationists are.” And I’m not one either, but his fixation was just weird.

    That, and the “Pam Geller is a Nazi” posts, which puzzled the hell out of me.

    Pious Agnostic (f24095)

  93. I was one of many who discovered LGF some time after 9/11, enjoyed what may have been its heyday with the Rathergate kerfuffle, and then drifted away some time later. I wasn’t banned; I just got bored by what was turning into another left-wing rant and online ad-hominem argument site. And like other commenters here, I remember the St. Pancake threads, posts, jokes, haiku, and photos. BTW, ColonelHaiku, Bravo!

    Jack Reacher (3504b2)

  94. I seem to recall that, back in the earlies, when “Pajamas Media” was just a gleam in some bloggers eyes, that one of those gleaming bloggers was CJ.

    And he dropped out before the launch.

    Does anyone else remember that? Could some sort of power struggle have been a catalyst for his conversion?

    Pious Agnostic (f24095)

  95. LGF was a great site for years, I started going there after 9/11. Great posts from CJ, and a very amusing cast of Lizardoids. Then all of of sudden >POOF!< Charles pulled an Andrew Sullivan and became a Bush-hating ultra-lib.

    Wha' happened?

    PS. The 9/11 memorial on 9/11 was one of the best I have ever seen.

    Dr_Applebreath (ff7f8c)

  96. You mean lying, deleting incriminating posts, giving away personal info of members, banning people who point out your dishonesty/hypocrisy and just being a tool in general can result in a bit of negative karma?

    harkin (3f2ece)

  97. Patterico, I think you’re about the only one who still reads LGF other than Charles’ mom. I have two words for for Charles, therapy.

    Forrest (7758c0)

  98. 81.”Can anyone translate this for me”

    docweasel: “70. the only reason to pay any attention to small johnson at all anymore is to ridicule him, but frankly, I’ll be glad when the novelty of that wears off for everyone, and he is relegated to the dust-bin of internet history.”

    Does CJ’s past half-decade erase his earlier contribution. Of course it does.

    But there’s something about watching the long, inexorable denouement that gives pause-like “There but for the grace of God..”

    Compared with our future Beelzebub’s Bestest Butt Buddies, Pelosi, Reid and Ogabe, CJ’s current estate is cathartic.

    gary gulrud (790d43)

  99. I just want to reject the idea that it’s not important to respond strongly to people like Charles Johnson.

    For far too long, people have had this notion of ‘I am not going to legitimize that crap with a response’. That’s not effective. It probably was never very effective, but in the internet age, it’s suicidal.

    It’s important to ridicule and also thoughtfully analyze the lies. Only a few politicians really understand this yet. The only solution to Alinksy followers like Charles Johnson (yes, he definitely is one) is a complete analysis.

    That’s going to be the theme for the 2012 election. Lie and canard and myth will be presented, often in a way that projects the next week’s left wing weakness. In this case, it’s left wing violence and extreme rhetoric being obscured by myths about right wing violence and rhetoric.

    It’s incredibly cumbersome to constantly deal with, but that’s the price asked for political progress today. Rules for Radicals works because it’s exhausting to respond to.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  100. So on we worked and waited for the light,
    And went without the meat and cursed the bread,
    And Rachel Corey, one calm summer night,
    Went home and put a bulldozer in her head.

    Rich (412320)

  101. LGF was a great place to visit after 9/11. Charles was all about showing the world how ridiculous militant Islam was. It was wonderful, and gave people hope that we were not going to be overwhelmed by crazies from the Mideast, ’cause they were demonstrably crazy – thus unable to effectively organize. He used St. Pancake as an example of the “Useful Idiots” we were riddled with.

    He went ’round the bend a few years ago; I’m sure a woman was involved (’cause that’s how us guys change so quickly). I was banned twice. First I asked that Charles not disparage Christians so vehemently, and then I was banned for questioning “Global Warming.” My name is Legion.

    Tom on the Rez (1e4c9e)

  102. I think Tom has the key point here. Charles posture post 9/11 was a radical departure from his previous thinking, and it just took him a while to get back to it.

    David F (3d4d06)

  103. It’s not the leftist thinking that is problematic, it’s the overstuffed hyperbolic posturing protesting(lying) that is ridiculous.

    Rethinking your position is one thing, rewriting history and calling others wrong for remembering things accurately is quite another.

    JR (8729fd)

  104. There really exists a zombie drug which burns out the brain and literally turns a person into a mindless automaton if it is inhaled.

    Is it inconceivable that there is a diluted version of that drug that burns out enough of the brain to turn one into a mindless liberal if you are exposed to it? I think that is a much better explanation of a sudden conversion like Johnson has undergone than any other I have seen.

    When I lived in California in the 1960s it wasn’t that liberal a state; it elected Ronald Regan governor after all. Something drastic has happened to the people out there that needs explaining. Even my otherwise sensible brother has become a raving liberal since moving to California.

    People simply don’t change life long perspectives overnight; David Mamet’s conversion to conservatism is not something that occurred suddenly. It takes seeing a lot of things, and a good deal of time – to convert a person from one perspective to the other in a natural fashion.

    Sudden conversions are not natural conversions.

    An Observation (864645)

  105. “101.I just want to reject the idea that it’s not important to respond strongly to people like Charles Johnson.”

    No argument there, but why not vet candidates with an eye to susceptibilty to libelous attack from perverts, the demonically possessed, nihilists, the emotionally, mentally and spiritually ill and bovarists, the vast majority of whom are Liberals?

    gary gulrud (790d43)

  106. Why not indeed, Gary. That’s a legitimate point. I think this was a good reason not to elect someone like Obama (regardless of politics). Someone who has a lot to hide can implode suddenly, or even be blackmailed.

    What do you suppose Obama’s old coke dealer is doing today?

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  107. In 2002, after years as an expat living in parts of South and Southeast Asia with nearly zero bandwidth, I moved back to the USA, and stone cold to the blogosphere, I somehow fell upon LGF at the time Johnson and his lizardoids were awarding St. Pancake their “dhimmi of the year” prize or some such.

    I wasn’t particularly impressed with how the unfortunate Rachel Currie was being duped and canonized by the Palis and their supporters, but I found quite offensive the gratuitous cruelty across the LGF site, not least from Johnson himself, towards Corrie and her family. So managing to get myself LGF posting privileges, I put up a few comments on LGF saying that at least we might have a little compassion for Corrie’s parents, who definitely seemed like the quintessential high-minded, sensitive, liberal do-gooder types so familiar to us educated baby-boomer types. Maybe misguided, misdirected, and naive…but hardly evil or hateful.

    In response, the sh*t really hit the fan in way that — insofar as I was coming from total nowheresville regarding the ordinary levels of vituperation on the Internet– left me literally, not figuratively, reeling and stunned.

    In the end, most LGF responders just pegged me as a troll (a concept and practice then unknown to me), since what other possible explanation could their be for such bizarre and inexplicable comments as my own?

    I haven’t looked at LGF in years and only found out second-hand that Johnson did a 180º. Not surprised in the least.

    Hanoi Paris Hilton (6ca7e0)

  108. Yall are obsessed. Really. Wasting your time and energy leaping at a dog toy on the other side of a plate glass window.

    Now why not do something useful, like pour hot butter on Saint Pancake?

    Mrs. Butterworth (8e4a99)

  109. that sock puppetry is wrong… wrong, but funny.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  110. 😆

    DohBiden (984d23)

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