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Charles Johnson: I Never Used the Term “Saint Pancake” to Refer to Rachel Corrie . . . Oh, THAT Rachel Corrie!

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Charles Johnson, October 16, 2010: “First, about the term ‘St. Pancake’ — the simple fact is that I never used this term at LGF . . .”

I never used that term!!

Charles Johnson, January 22, 2011: “Through obsessive searching of years-old comments, they’ve discovered that I once deleted a comment in which I (gasp!) used the term ‘Saint Pancake.'”

OK, fine, I used that term.

What happened in between? Some former LGF’ers fact-checked Chuckles’s ass. That’s what.

You can follow the links above to see the conclusive evidence that this was hardly a one-time deal. Contrary to his sanctimonious October denial, Johnson not only used the term himself, but he also repeatedly sanctioned the use of the term at his blog by others, refused to ban people who used it, gave a hat tip to a guy who called himself “St. Pancake” — and even posted an item called “The Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast,” in which he claimed that a group of leftists giving a pancake breakfast for Corrie had “unwittingly imitate[d] Little Green Footballs.”

In short, Charles Johnson is a sanctimonious, lying hypocrite.

UPDATE: Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link. I hope new readers will bookmark the main page.

UPDATE x2: Still more dishonesty, archive-scrubbing, and blatant hypocrisy from Johnson exposed here.

Glenn Beck Explains “You’re Going to Have to Shoot Them in the Head” — And the Explanation Sounds Familiar

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Via our dishonest friends at Media Matters comes Glenn Beck’s explanation for his statement “you’re going to have to shoot them in the head”:

If you listen to this, I think you’ll agree that I hit the nail on the head. Let’s compare Beck’s own explanation of his comments to what I told you the day the video came out. First, Beck’s explanation:

If you look at the full video, or if you read the tranbscript, which is now available at the, you will see that the word “you” refers to the leftist politicians in Washington and the people in the media on the left, and the “them,” the “they,” refers to [their] radical leftist friends. In this clip, I am warning that they, the revolutionaries, that have been co-opted by the politicians and the media, they actually believe and have called for a violent revolution. They believe it. And I was warning last summer, if you don’t, if they feel betrayed, if they feel like you’ve been lying to them, you’ve been using them, they’ll kill you. They’ll kill you. Because they believe in something.

Now, my description from the other day:

The full transcript is here. When you read it, you will see that the word “you” refers to the leftist politicians in Washington and their pals in the media, and “they” refers to their radical leftist friends — who, Beck warns, actually believe there must be violent revolution . . . and if they don’t get what they want, they may start one.

Beck is warning the comfortable pols that the people who put them in power aren’t going to be satisfied with seeing just a little of their agenda accomplished. They want it all. Because they are revolutionaries at heart — people who have called for violence and never repudiated it. And if they aren’t satisfied, Beck tells the pols, they will come after you. Violently.

You’re going to have to shoot them in the head. But they may shoot you.

The phrasing of my explanation of Beck’s statement and Beck’s own explanation are remarkably similar, I’d say. (It’s almost as if he was reading from a post that had relied heavily on mine.)

Anyway, case closed. If you say Beck was telling his audience to shoot people in the head, you are stupid or a liar.

Or both. It could be both.

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