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Breaking: Olbermann Gone

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Just finding out now. Hot Air will certainly have the best updates in their post here.

UPDATE: As I would have predicted, Howie Kurtz says Lawrence O’Donnell will be taking over. He has been auditioning hard, with his typical claptrap.

I have told you this before: I am reliably informed that he is an OK guy in person, and the TV person is an act. He sure as hell acts different when he fills in for Warren Olney on the “Which Way L.A.?” radio show. [UPDATE: Make that “To the Point” instead. The producer of “Which Way, L.A.” and “To the Point” writes to say that O’Donnell sometimes fills in on the latter but not the former.]

UPDATE x2 6:54 p.m. Pacific: Anderson Cooper plans to explain everything at 7, in 6 minutes. Is Olbermann going to CNN??

UPDATE x3 7:03 p.m.: Pretty clearly not. Cooper doesn’t know a thing.

UPDATE x4: From Twitter: “At long last, sir, have you no job?”

UPDATE x5: A Kos diarist urges the Modern Day Murrow to run for Lieberman’s — excuse me; THE PEOPLE’S — Senate seat.

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  1. I’m thinking he was caught in a 3-way with Todd and the massage therapist

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  2. And so good night, and good luck. Douchebag.

    Mitch (e40959)

  3. yeah, i was literally about to post then computer crashed, and by the time i got back on you posted.

    my question: “So, um, they fired Keith and kept Fast Eddie?”

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  4. seriously I wonder if this is related to a desire on MSNBC’s part to elevate the rhetoric or some such nonsense

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  5. Maybe they want to add a conservative to their lineup, like Charles Johnson.

    malclave (4f3ec1)

  6. This is what I get for playing video games. I totally missed this.

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  7. I guess Anderson Cooper was hoping to capitalize on the fallout of Olbermann’s departure, but one interesting thing is that his guests agree this had nothing to do with Comcast’s purchase of NBC/MSNBC. One even said he thinks Olbermann decided to leave because he was so upset by his recent suspension and because Olbermann’s protector, Jeff Zucker, recently left MSNBC.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  8. This is amusing. Very amusing.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  9. I think Comcast is the eminence grise in the story. Olbermann knows the new owners will not put up with his antics. They know the ratings have suffered as MSNBC went deep into the leftist swamps.

    NBC dropped him from the Sunday night NFL games months ago. I could barely stand to see him there.

    Ratings, ratings, ratings

    Mike K (8f3f19)

  10. The more I listen to “The Scottie who knew too much”, the more it sounded like Keith…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  11. They made a movie about Keith in the ’50s. It was called “A Face in the Crowd.”

    It was actually about Arthur Godfrey, but it fits.

    I wonder which high-channel cable network he will end up on. Free Speech TV with that weird Amy woman maybe.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  12. but one interesting thing is that his guests agree this had nothing to do with Comcast’s purchase of NBC/MSNBC.

    I don’t know, it would appear that Olbie left before he was pushed out, not that Scary Larry’s an improvement. I tend to believe that Comcast’s going to completely rethink the channel in it’s entirety, it’s been a perennial money – loser since it’s inception, and Comcast doesn’t like to lose money.

    I am reliably informed that he is an OK guy in person

    OK, but I remember O’Donnell being an incredibly huge a–hole to Cathy Seipp, when they both appeared on the old Dennis Miller show on CNBC. He was also quite rude to her at a later time in public, when she was at a restaurant with one of her friends.

    Dmac (498ece)

  13. Somebody had to take responsibility for the Tucson shootings.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  14. Comment of hope from NYT:

    If we’re lucky this is because he’s running for office.


    Dana (8ba2fb)

  15. Free Speech TV with that weird Amy woman maybe.

    I’m thinking that cable thing with Al Gore as one of the backers, he could bookend with Gunga Dan – kind of a real – life version of what Paddy Chayefsky envisioned in the movie “Network.”

    Dmac (498ece)

  16. If we’re lucky this is because he’s running for office.

    Hey, quick question…

    When Gibbs is gone from his job as Press Secretary, do we know for sure who his replacement will be?

    Just a thought…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  17. Scott,

    MM suggests Gibb’s replacement will be … the New York Times. Cut out the superfluous middle man and just cut to the chase.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  18. UPDATE x5: A Kos diarist urges the Modern Day Murrow to run for Lieberman’s — excuse me; THE PEOPLE’S — Senate seat.

    Patterico (c218bd)

  19. A very prescient call on Olbermann’s fate was made last March by Rosetta over at the Hostages.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  20. O’Donnell is a loon. Keith is a jerk. Sometimes it comes down to who you work with. Working with a lunatic is easier than working with a jerk.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  21. Fox News should hire him.

    viktor (73db5e)

  22. Hard to believe I once thought Olby was one of the best sportscasters around, when he teamed with Dan Patrick on the old Sportscenter, back when ESPN wasn’t in bed with every professional sports league. Those guys made fun of everyone, and had no sacred cows – of course, after he left ESPN, his abusive and misogynistic behavior in the workplace come out in spades.

    Dmac (498ece)

  23. He could be the new Alan Colmes w/Hannity. It would be anyone’s guess whose head would explode first.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  24. Olbermann was a second rate sportscaster here in LA, and tried to steal Fred Roggin’s schtick. He then went to ESPN, and I never watched the sportscenters he was on. I’m proud to say I never watched a single episode of Countdown.

    gahrie (ed7a50)

  25. Actually Fox News should hire him, just for the head explosions. Sorry I mean the angst.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  26. I could see Olbermann starting a radio show or doing something more activist like run for office. As for TV, I thought his contract expired next month but this link suggests it was extended to February 2012. If so, will he be subject to a non-compete clause? If he is, he may not be able to host another TV channel for a year or more.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  27. I think at best he’s looking like the Paula Abdul of cable news… wherever he goes I bet it’s a lot like quitting Idol in a snit and landing at… CBS.

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  28. Yeah, it’s being stated that he is required to stay off of another network for “an extended period of time”

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  29. So the Chief Misogynist is replaced by Crazy Larry?

    SPQR (26be8b)

  30. When considering Olbermann possibly running for office, it seemed highly unlikely given the absolute buffoon he has been, the on-air lies and exaggerations he has made, and the painful foot-in-mouth gaffes but when I read Media Matters founder David Brock’s statement, I was reminded that a huge portion of the population really do take him very seriously. Go figure.

    For nearly eight years, Countdown with Keith Olbermann led the charge against conservative misinformation in prime time. He was one of the few voices in the media willing to hold the Bush administration accountable and fight the right-wing smears against progressives and their policies.

    Keith is an innovator and an extremely talented broadcaster who showed there was a market for progressive views on cable news. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him soon, and I eagerly await hearing of his next move. And on this evening, I wish him “good night and good luck.”

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  31. Olbermann wouldn’t negotiate an early release just so he can make political donations in the coming year, would he?

    DRJ (fdd243)

  32. Larry the admitted Socialist is the same as Olbergasm, but even less entertaining.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  33. Keith is an innovator and an extremely talented broadcaster who showed there was a market for progressive views on cable news.

    A small market. A very small market.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  34. Olbermann and Palin on Fox as the new Shana Alexander and Kilpatrick. Olbermann would make Jane, you ignorant slut pale in comparison.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  35. Maybe Keef and his golden voice can do some voice overs until Ted Williams finishes rehab.

    elissa (fb8f3b)

  36. If we’re lucky this is because he’s running for office.

    Comment by Dana

    Unfortunately, that’s what I thought about Franken.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  37. In recent weeks, sources tell Mediaite there have been meetings on the topic of Keith Olbermann and his future at the network. Did Comcast–as many Countdown viewers seem to suspect–order Olbermann out? It appears that the end of the Olbermann era at MSNBC was not “ordered” by Comcast, nor was it a move to tone down the network’s politics. Instead, sources inside the network say it came down to the more mundane world of office politics–Olbermann was a difficult employee, who clashed with bosses, colleagues and underlings alike, and with the Comcast-related departure of Jeff Zucker, and the rise of Maddow and O’Donnell, the landscape shifted, making an Olbermann exit suddenly seem well-timed.

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  38. Rest assured, he will land on his feet. One quarter of this nation thinks as he does. That is a lot of money, despite their hatred of capitalism.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  39. Hoooooraaaaay!!!!!!!

    Oh, and even better, they’re filling his slot with Lawrence “Romney is a Mormon Beelzebub” O’Donnell. My but this is great theatre!

    Icy Texan (ed56f8)

  40. they’re probably saving money by letting Mr. Olbermann go is my guess, which is probably a very desirous thing in Comcast world, and they feel cocky heading into a presidential election cycle

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  41. If I suffer through Nightline reporting on salvia, which was a story about three years ago, I will be happy to report on its teaser about KO.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  42. “One quarter of this nation thinks as he does.”

    Ag80 – I think it’s less than 15%, otherwise his ratings would be better.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  43. He still one of their top draws, it’s all relative, now Matthews has to be sweating bullets
    tonight, he’s practically chasing a test pattern

    narciso lopez (6075d0)

  44. Sure, Daley, but he’s on cable and dish. Ratings only indicate who’s watching. Honestly, do you think the people who agree with him actually watch him?

    I say that with the upmost respect to you as an honest poster.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  45. Some of his fans are already calling for a full boycott of MSNBC and all local NBC stations as punishment for this grave offense against Edward R. Olbermann. Kinda funny, no? I’m sure Maddow, O’Donnell and others will be so happy to have an even smaller audience than usual.

    elissa (fb8f3b)

  46. The ratings blip will be nada. How can a lefty miss 30 Rock?

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  47. the LAT confuzzles my poor head

    If Olbermann was looking to hurt MSNBC and Comcast’s reputation, the only way he could have timed his announcement better is if he had quit on the day Comcast took official control, which is likely to be a week from today.

    Olbermann is a lefty and it is no secret that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and his No. 2 Steve Burke (who will run NBC Universal) have donated to Republicans on occasion. However, David Cohen, a top Comcast executive and the man who guided the deal with NBC Universal through the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department, held a huge fundraiser for President Obama in 2008.

    When it comes to politics, many corporate chieftans are more pragmatic than ideolological. They grease the wheels that need to be greased to help their bottom line regardless of political affiliation, and often hedge their bets by donating to both parties. Since Republicans tend to favor less regulation, media companies often back them.

    what is this dippy LAT propaganda monkey’s point exactly?

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  48. “do you think the people who agree with him actually watch him?”

    Ag80 – Absolutely, how do you think they get their froth on? Most libs I interact with love to talk about what he said.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  49. Ag80 – I’m just saying he’s at the extreme end is all.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  50. The President just appointed Immelt to advise him. Maybe the President’s first query was to ask why he has a stupid jerk from the Cornell college of agriculture working for him. Doubtful, though.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  51. Far be it from me to insult agriculture colleges, though. I condemn myself.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  52. Daley, you may be right but it must be hard to watch that guy.

    Wait, ABC’s report is on … And it says nothing. I watched, etc.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  53. __________________________________________

    Olbermann was a difficult employee, who clashed with bosses, colleagues and underlings alike,

    He sounds like a leftist version of rightist Mark Levin—particularly in the latter’s dealings with Patterico. I imagine that most of the people around Olbermann, from top to bottom at MSNBC, shared his politics (“we progressives are so sophisticated, worldly, humane, big-hearted and beautiful!!!”). Yet they probably derided him — certainly behind his back — for being a crummy human being.

    It’s interesting whenever a person who shares one’s ideology is nonetheless a big a-hole. And it’s also interesting whenever a person who doesn’t share one’s ideology is nonetheless a very likable individual.

    There are plenty of Keith Olbermanns and Mark Levins out there in the bigger picture. But I have a hunch that when someone starts off rotten (and Olbermann’s leftist sentiments likely go back to his youth), that rottenness is reflected in the person throughout his (or her) life in a variety of ways. So if a person is of the left, odds are already greater he overall probably will be guilty of glaringly lousy human traits. The people who give the least are the young, especially young liberals. [Syracuse University professor Arthur] Brooks writes that “young liberals — perhaps the most vocally dissatisfied political constituency in America today — are one of the least generous demographic groups out there. In 2002, they were 12 percent less likely to give money to charities, and one-third less likely to give blood.”

    He writes that young liberals are less likely do nice things for their nearest and dearest, too. Compared with young conservatives, “a lower percentage said they would prefer to suffer than let a loved one suffer, that they are not happy unless the loved one is happy, or that they would sacrifice their own wishes for those they love.”

    Mark (411533)

  54. From over at Jammiewearingfool: “Judging by comments on the lefty sites, Comcast is already more evil than Halliburton and Blackwater combined”

    elissa (fb8f3b)

  55. You answered your own question, pikachu.

    narciso lopez (6075d0)

  56. I hate when they use trickery narciso it’s very taxing on me

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  57. By all means, let’s have people on the left boycott MSNBC. It’s about time!

    Icy Texan (ed56f8)

  58. I heard he resigned when he didnt meet his ratings “targets”

    EricPWJohnson (4380b4)

  59. They are going for that ‘more and more selective’ demographic, right out of spinal tap.

    narciso lopez (6075d0)

  60. Maybe Godfather Immelt is bringing him and Jeff Zucker to the White House. No… the FCC!

    Yes, I’m paranoid here. This is not right.

    Patricia (3aa1fd)

  61. Olby was there to shock the audience. They didn’t seem to realize that 90% of the media was already doing that. If Comcast is ruled by profit, and not ideology, they could cut Fox’s ratings in half. I doubt this will happen, but who knows.

    Rupert (c3c558)

  62. 40.they’re probably saving money by letting Mr. Olbermann…Comment by happyfeet — 1/21/2011 @ 8:37 pm

    No more calls, we have a winner. Money and Ratings talks, so Olbermann is walked. And yes, children, it really is that simple.

    TimesDisliker (5f2d8d)

  63. 99.4% of Americans didn’t watch his show, and even the .6% mostly didn’t like the jerk.

    No one really cares, aside from laughing at a jerk trying to save face.

    Even his coworkers are glad he’s not there, and I’m sure CNN’s staff are breathing a sign of relief that he isn’t coming over there.

    This ego was tailor made for the internet. Minimal interaction with real people.

    I do think Comcast is in a bind with this channel. If they move to the right, the left will abandon ship for CNN, and they still can’t beat Fox. If they don’t, they continue to suck.

    My advice would be some kind of rigidly non partisan network, but anything that attempts to be that will shift to lefty pretty quickly.

    I would like a network with more focus on international news, but MSNBC could give a flip about my opinion.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  64. Back when in the early days, after “America’s Talking” I was reminded by the Junod profile of Ailes, it had Lowry and Ingraham and Innis, as well as the liberal contingent,

    narciso lopez (6075d0)

  65. “Olbermann Gone”

    Heartbreaking news.


    Dave Surls (c84f91)

  66. Inevitable. Game, set, match, Cappes & Griffin. Comcast management may just keep you on now for a time.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  67. I think the best phrase I heard tonight was “I have a shadenboner”.

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  68. “I have a shadenboner”


    Dustin (b54cdc)

  69. IMP never fails to be an idiot. Game. Set. Match.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  70. From everything I’ve read it was a money and morale issue.

    Olby’s contract was extended back in 2008 when Obama was on his way to winning the WH and the MSNBC brass thought they would overtake Fox as conservatism receded into history. Well…. about that plan …

    Now, with ratings slumping, Obly had a salary that his ad revenue could not cover — his show was a financial disaster.

    O’Donnell, on the other hand, has lots of DC connections (beyond John Dean and Richard Wolfe), and his salary is a fraction of Olby’s. He’s going to put on a better product with better guests, and at a fraction of the cost simply because he is cheaper.

    Maddow is cheap, and Shultz is practically free.

    Comcast is going to demand financial accountability at MSNBC, something that GE didn’t require. This is just getting their finances in order before the new bosses show up.

    And Olbermann was an embarrassment anyway, so good riddance.

    shipwreckedcrew (436eab)

  71. I would like a network with more focus on international news

    You could give yourself a migraine and watch the BBC news channel – the’re even worse that our own MFM albeit with their snooty accents. Surprisingly, the few times I’ve been overseas the CNN international channel’s appeared fairly balanced, at least when compared to the domestic version.

    Dmac (498ece)

  72. Is there anyone or anything more pointless than Anderson Cooper?

    Bugg (9e308e)

  73. Comment by shipwreckedcrew — 1/22/2011 @ 1:24 am

    You nailed it.

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  74. With all the hoopla and speculation over
    Keef’s leaving,
    one (scary) little factoid is being overlooked:
    Robert Gibbs is also leaving.

    mrt (3f3c8a)

  75. BBC is worse with regard to Israel and the Arab world than the NYT is.

    I have to admit I do love some of their programs, though. Planet Earth, Top Gear…

    And to be honest, I can’t stand Fox News. Too much like a 4th of July parade, and the sensationalize stories I don’t care about, while not covering important stuff. But they are head and shoulders above the rest. It’s funny, when watching Beck, and noting it’s dramatic and even just silly at points, that this is probably the most intellectual thing on TV.

    I guess I accidentally became a snotty elitist at some point.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  76. Hmph! Maybe all that stuff about a “new tone” and abandoning violent rhetoric was actually TRUE!?!

    At last. Our long national nightmare is ended.

    Gesundheit (cfa313)

  77. It is interesting that Comcast decided he was such a liability to their new acquisition that they’d rather pay him off than have him on air.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  78. Dustin

    I guess I accidentally became a snotty elitist at some point

    Dont we call democrats that? (just kidding!)

    But seriously, is the bell tolling for Chris “Tingle” as well?

    EricPWJohnson (8a4ca7)

  79. Some wag at LGF thinks Olberman was a breath of fresh air speaking truth to power and going against the typical center to right TV broadcasting? The overall media is not to the left? I hear about far right “Faux” news all the time. I guess it is unfair that MSNBC and CNN have rather dismal ratings. Perhaps government subsidies are the answer. There should be more quid pro quo, given the support of the media for all things leftist.

    Calypso Louie Farrakhan (798aba)

  80. Maybe this will explain it …

    (Reuters) – South Carolina unions filed suit on Thursday against new Republican Governor Nikki Haley and her administration, saying hostility toward unions and workers joining unions is unconstitutional.

    So with a simple application of the “Equal Protection” clause, hostility is now unconstitutional.

    Neo (03e5c2)

  81. But seriously, is the bell tolling for Chris “Tingle” as well?

    Comment by EricPWJohnson

    I think it should be tolling, but no. They replaced Olbermann with an admitted socialist, after all. they are signaling an intent to remain left leaning. Matthews is prone to stupid comments, but there’s a major difference in his intolerance, and Keith’s frothing hateful behavior. Keith’s is bad, even if you agree with his politics. He made his colleagues miserable.

    I think Comcast intends to have a left leaning boutique network that is simply more professional in tone than it has been. I think we might see Chris Matthews shape up his tone somewhat. With Keith, there’s no hope of controlling him.

    And I think this is a smart move. MSNBC will simply lose their remaining audience if they move towards the middle very much. Their audience wants an echo chamber.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  82. Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin!

    Johanna (75b7f0)

  83. “Johanna” eats boogers.

    JD (b98cae)

  84. Treacher has a charming collection of the hysteria overtaking the lost Olbermann loyalists. I hope they don’t go to extreme measures in their grief.

    The warning:

    “This is not about Olbermann. This is about the systematic dismantling of the progressive voice in this country. Be upset.”

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  85. Money can’t be the only issue if it’s true that MSNBC is paying out Olbermann’s contract.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  86. ____________________________________________

    The overall media is not to the left?

    I always laugh when people say that, or when they imply that because the MSM is owned and controlled by big corporate interests and wealthy CEOs that it therefore cannot possibly be liberal. As if there aren’t more than a handful of 100%-certified limousine liberals in the real world. Folks like Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg and, most definitely, George Soros.

    Then again, a lot of the people who claim that most of the MSM doesn’t lean to the left also say, “we’re not liberals! We’re progressives!”

    This is about the systematic dismantling of the progressive voice in this country.

    I’m not aware of a substitute for “conservative” that’s analogous to “progressive.” Or definitely a word — or euphemism — that people of the right like to apply to themselves. So it figures that the type of person who’ll say the “systematic dismantling of the progressive voice…” probably is the same one who’ll claim the MSM can’t possibly tilt left because the CEOs who own it are all rich, greedy and Republican!!!

    Mark (411533)

  87. if paying off Mr. olbermann’s contract means they lower the salary benchmark for the rest of their propaganda squad then I think you can still see this through a cost lens

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  88. From TMZ (a source about as reliable as Pravda but more fun) …

    Here’s how it went down. Sources familiar with the situation tell us that Olbermann’s agent recently went to NBC complaining that Keith — who has the most popular show on MSNBC — was underpaid at $7 million per year. NBC execs told Olbermann’s agent they would not cough up anymore money. Network execs were well aware that Comcast wanted Keith gone because he was “a loose cannon that could not be controlled.” It became clear to both sides that Olbermann’s days were numbered and they began negotiating an exit. We’re told the exit deal wasn’t completed until just before airtime Friday night. Under the deal, sources say Olbermann will get money but cannot appear on television for a certain period time — we don’t know how long. Our sources say Olbermann will, however, reappear soon with a presence on the Internet.

    … this sort of puts the cabasha on the whole “moral outrage” angle (if there ever was one).
    But hey, “cannot appear on television” .. OMG, there is a God

    Neo (03e5c2)

  89. plus tmz lives under the same corporate umbrella as cnn

    happyfeet (aa4bab)

  90. I hear Olbermann’s staff didn’t know he was really quitting until they saw it on TV. What a class act. I’m sure anyone would be delighted to hire this whacko.

    I think the only place that would bother with this misery is a website. Just as with Andrew Sullivan or a commenter on DU, there’s no staff to screw over, no boss to deal with the constant drama of ‘give me a raise or I quit!’

    Mark, I love the typical orwellian nonsense of liberals calling themselves progressive. Reminds me of Dupnik whining that one party is out to make the country better, and the other out to stop making the country better.

    Such simplistic and stupid labeling.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  91. He will be a senior editor at HuffPo or Media Matterz.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  92. Here’s a link to Deadline Hollywood supporting Dustin’s comment that Olbermann wanted out but no one knew for sure if he meant it until he signed off on the air:

    “This was all Keith’s choice. He has several times over the years said that he wants out of his contract. He never meant it until this year. He started lawyers negotiating twice this year. He stopped them in the spring. Then, about a month ago with the guidance of his new ICM team and a new LA manager (who were making zero $ on his current deal), he once again said he wanted to leave and this time they negotiated the full package.

    “Because of all the false threats in the past, it was impossible for the network to know if he was really going to sign the final document yesterday. That’s why promos for his show were still running after he quit on the air. The network couldn’t really believe it or act on it until he said it on TV. They couldn’t tell the promo people to pull Keith’s show out of the cycle until they were sure. His staff learned he was quitting when they heard him say it on TV.”

    There’s another paragraph about Comcast at the link.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  93. I love all the yapping here about socialists and socialism.
    This country has a good chance of sliding into socialism. I’ll admit that.
    But for reasons quite different than folks here might think.
    If the Tea Party faction in Congress succeeds in pushing right-wing and moderate Republicans out into the Tea Party’s weird-world margins, the national economy will tank so bad that socialism will be the only way back out. It’ll be like they torn down the Berlin Wall, except this time it will be American capitalism falling.
    Hope the downfall happens fast rather than slowly. So, here’s cheering for the radical newbies in their bid to knock the orange veneer off Boehner.

    Larry Reilly (ae99e7)

  94. ____________________________________________

    was underpaid at $7 million per year.

    Ahh, yes. The non-greedy, non-self-entitled, non-elitist nature of a leftist.

    Reminds me of studies that indicate a larger share of such people also are — ironically or not — less generous in donating their time and money (and even in giving blood) than people of the right.

    Which then makes me think of government-employee unions, if not unions in general, and their gold-plated demands and requirements. Which, in turn, calls to mind Al Gore and his supposedly green-friendly lifestyle (the house, the cars, the toys, the jet travel!!!).

    Finally, everything topped off by recalling that one of the most revered figures of the left and Democrat Party — Franklin D Roosevelt — chastised the wealthy for not wanting to pay more in taxes, and then tried to get the IRS to apply a lower tax rate to his own income instead of the one that he and Congress had enacted into law.

    The sincerely altruistic nature of the left should bring tears to everyone’s eyes.

    Mark (411533)

  95. He will be a senior editor at HuffPo or Media Matterz.

    Would that really be enough for one with such an enormous ego and bombastic style who has developed an insatiable love of being in front of a camera? There’s quite a difference between that and the written word. It doesn’t seem as if that shtick would translate well to print or that it would be enough for him.

    Running for some sort of political office would seem more fitting, or perhaps he’s offering his services to the president as a media relations/liason office a la Kal Penn. That would be fun.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  96. Dana – that would be way too much to hope for.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  97. Dana–this is a fun game. Perhaps he is aiming to be named Chancellor at cor-NELL.

    elissa (310f0e)

  98. You folks should go on Daily Kos, or Democratic Underground, or the Puffington Host, and see the denuded liberals on those sites literally throwing themselves in front of a train expressing their love for all things Keith.

    They truly make me S-I-C-K.

    Bernard Catalina (3651a9)

  99. You here need to wake up to what has taken place in this country’s media. You don’t want to be marionettes, do you? No, it’s not about 9-11-01, so don’t panic…

    Blubonnet (60b8e5)

  100. @B Catalina

    Keef is probably busily searching and printing out the pages of comments that are extolling his virtues at these sites. Decency requires me to refrain from mentioning what I suspect he is also doing while he is reading them since it involves a body part. But can’t you see him years from now in a nursing home, shoving the yellowed, stained and tattered pages in the nurses’ faces and saying, “see, I used to be somebody.”

    elissa (310f0e)

  101. and Shultz is practically free.

    And overpaid even if he was paying to be on air.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  102. Apparently Olbermann thinks he can be another Rush Limbaugh. This should be fun.

    DRJ (fdd243)

  103. Can hate be merchandised ? Of course …

    With two years left on his $7 million a year contract, Olbermann was seeking a full exit package but he really has his eye on creating his own media empire in the style of Huffington Post, according to the individual. That way, Olbermann would control his own brand and, in his view, potentially earn far more as an owner.

    Hey, I’d be happy if he just stuck to an internet presence … that I could block.

    Neo (03e5c2)

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