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Two Videos to Watch; Eric Fuller’s Edited Hyperbole and Pat Caddell Calls Krugman an Asshole

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.]

First, there is Eric Fuller and his comments to Democracy Now.  Basically he said things like this:

“It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target,” Eric Fuller, a former campaigner for Ariz. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, told Democracy Now. “Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled.”

But I want you to watch the original video, and listen carefully.

It’s risible in many ways, but notice what he doesn’t say.  He doesn’t say he presently blames Palin, Beck, and so on for the attack.  He is saying he did Saturday night.  And of course that was the same night that Sheriff Nifong Dupnick was making his own intemperate remarks.  So is it reasonable for the Mr. Fuller to have believed law enforcement on that issue on that night?  Of course it is.

But you never hear them ask the obvious follow up question: do you still feel this way?  And if you look at the rest of the report, created today, it is obvious that these people are completely dishonest.  They have deliberately skewed every other piece of evidence to indict the right wing, leaving out every piece of evidence that might exonerate their targets.  Why should we think they presented this man’s entire statement?  For all we know, he might have said this, “yeah, I was really mad that night at the Tea Party and all that.  And now I am angry at Dipshit Dupnick for putting out that kind of wild speculation.  I feel manipulated.”

Now that the story has gone halfway around the world, who knows how he might amend that statement?

And even if Fuller still feels this way, unless he can present facts to back up his claim, it is just his opinion, no more informed by fact than the opinion of your average 9-11 Truther (Pat Buchanan proves that even a broken clock is right two times a day, here).  Maybe he heard the killer shout something relevant as he fired, but in that interview, he didn’t mention it.  So in the absence of him being privy to some piece of evidence the rest of us are not, there is no reason to think that just because he got shot he has a special line on the killer’s motivations.

Still I am not going to beat up the man if he repeats the blood libel.  He was shot and he is allowed to be angry, even irrationally so.  But we don’t have to credit his opinion, either.

But I don’t want to leave you annoyed as you go into the weekend, so let me share this video with you as well. Pat Caddell tells us what he really thinks about Paul Krugman:

The word bleeped out is “asshole.”

Hat tip: the Daily Caller.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

39 Responses to “Two Videos to Watch; Eric Fuller’s Edited Hyperbole and Pat Caddell Calls Krugman an Asshole”

  1. I stumbled onto “Democracy Now” on the TV once… a very alternative universe. I try hard to not let it happen again.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  2. I feel bad for all the victims shot & those who lost their lives for such a senseless crime
    My thoughts & prayers are to all of them,

    Sunny James (b04e5d)

  3. Pat Caddell is a national treasure; an honest man who can call Krugman an asshole without reservation.

    Knew Anthony Cumia was going to be on RE and forgot to DVR it.

    Bugg (996c34)

  4. This was an event for a Democratic congresswoman, after all. I’d expect that a large portion, perhaps even a majority, of those who were there share the Hard Left position on this (i.e., believe that for all relevant purposes Sarah Palin pulled the trigger herself).

    Beldar (ff4f38)

  5. I didn’t know we had Caddell fans here. Bravo!
    He’s one of his best:

    JT (85b570)

  6. Caddell has always been an honest broker, going all the way back to his initial salad days during the Carter years. Wish there were a lot more like him.

    Dmac (498ece)

  7. Caddell is a low-rent hack. He will say anything you want for a free lunch.

    Tom (c96d45)

  8. So prove him wrong, Tom.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  9. Beldar

    my understanding is that Giffords wasn’t herself a hard leftist.

    Like i said, i don’t trust this outlet, democracy now. And a man who is shot might have a less than ideal reaction. if this is how he presently feels, he is wrong, but humanly so.

    Aaron Worthing (73a7ea)

  10. “I stumbled onto “Democracy Now” on the TV once”

    I know the feeling. I stepped in it once, when I was walking across the lawn.

    Took me a half an hour to scrape all the Amy Goodman off my shoe.

    Dave Surls (4d6c6f)

  11. We all know that the Alaskan hoochie and the teabaggers are the only ones trying to score political points with these shootings. fuller is speaking twoof to powder.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  12. Comment by Dave Surls

    Thanks for the chuckle!!

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  13. #13

    Glad you liked it…and, you are most welcome.

    Dave Surls (06fe5f)

  14. Democracy Now, that must be the TV version of Pacifica Radio:
    Leftover Sixties Hippies, and New-Left Loons!

    AD-RtR/OS! (f92726)

  15. Sarah Palin is so powerful she controlled Loughner’s mind with grammar perversion and directed him specifically to never mention Fuller ever and shoot him in the knee. All the references to Gifford found in his house? A smokescreen.

    When will someone tear Hitler’s brain (in the jar, of course) out of Palin’s rack and reveal her for the Hitler brain (in the jar)-hiding person she is?!

    DeepElemBlues (a78b16)

  16. DEB-

    I confess to being not much of a Palin fan. But as with Bush Jr., the left has to pick one story and run with it. Either Palin is a blithering idiot with a bad accent, or an diobolical genius capable of mind control of the masses by…help me out here. There is no proof at all this batshit whack job ever heard here speak or gave her a second thought. But it cannot be both.

    Bugg (996c34)

  17. Can we all now agree that a sick, crazy guy paraded around in a red g-string with his gun was under the influence of the crazy Beck-Palin transmogrifier brain waves.

    For the children.

    Ag80 (e03e7a)

  18. I liked Cadell, and I think Krugman is a loathsome creature, but I don’t understand saying he is not even an economist. That’s not an argument that I will win with either Wikipedia or my leftist friends.

    Eric Kiernan (e2336b)

  19. I think there is a good argument that he is not a credible economist.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  20. But, JD, Kruggie’s got a Nobel.

    AD-RtR/OS! (f92726)

  21. “But, JD, Kruggie’s got a Nobel.”

    AD – So does Obama. They have no standards.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  22. Yes, it does seem that Alfred might not approve of the current level of standards that are connected with his awards.

    AD-RtR/OS! (f92726)

  23. from what i’ve read krugman did some good work back in the 70s and the work he actually won the nobel for was not bad.

    he’s an okay economist but a horrible political commentator who tries to use what he’s learned as an economist to deceive his readers.

    and whenever he steps away from making some bad point about deficits or whatever, as he’s done here, his mediocrity really shows.

    DeepElemBlues (a78b16)

  24. Remember, Fuller is not politicizing this. No way. No how. Kmart is a lying douche nozzle 😉

    JD (d4bbf1)

  25. Caddell is a low-rent hack. He will say anything you want for a free lunch.

    That must be why he’s been continually employed for Dem candidates for more than 30 years now – yes, no doubt they’re only paying him for telling them exactly what they want to hear. After all, why else would anyone hire a pollster? Please come back and talk some more out of your backside, it’s most entertaining.

    But, JD, Kruggie’s got a Nobel.

    Let’s not forget Duranty – and after that rigorous internal investigation that the NYT did a few years back, they found no evidence that indicated that he was a communist stooge and useful idiot for Stalin. Therefore, the Pulitzer stays in their trophy case – you’re welcome.

    Dmac (498ece)

  26. Fuller seems pretty tightly wound. Just threatened Tucson Tea Party Chair:

    “Toward the end of the town hall meeting Saturday morning, one of the shooting victims, J. Eric Fuller, took exception to comments by two of the speakers: Ariz. state Rep. Terri Proud, a Dist. 26 Republican, and Tucson Tea Party spokesman Trent Humphries.

    According to sheriff’s deputies at the scene, Fuller took a photo of Humphries and said, “You’re Dead.”

    Deputies immediately escorted Fuller from the room.

    Pima County Sheriff’s spokesman Jason Ogan said later Saturday that Fuller has been charged with threats and intimidation and he also will be charged with disorderly conduct.”

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  27. I guess we’ve finally found someone who Sarah Palin pushed to make threats of violence, eh daley? Oh wait that’s been going for almost three years now. Funny how all the death threats she’s caused have been made against Republicans, though… that doesn’t fit with the narrative!

    DeepElemBlues (a78b16)

  28. Fox also said Fuller has been involuntarily committed “for evaluation.”

    Obviously he already had a nice big helping of hate for conservatives and being shot didn’t do anything to lessen it that’s for sure.

    He’s probably steaming like a damn tea kettle right now… probably shouldn’t say tea his head might explode and that wouldn’t be nice at all.

    DeepElemBlues (a78b16)

  29. Incredible – I guess the voices of hate at HuffingtonPost and Democracy Now! do have an effect on the insane.

    All kidding aside, I think this poor schmuck has every excuse to make insane rantings after being shot. The problem is that HuffPo, D Now! and Christiane Amanpour/ABC decided he’s in proper mental condition to give a reasonable opinion on the Tea Parties, Palin etc. The possibilities for how Amanopour /ABC are going to spin his death threats tomorrow AM are limitless

    harkin (1d0d3f)

  30. harkin – Not buying this freak’s Absolute Moral Authority Card. Sorry.

    daleyrocks (e7bc4f)

  31. We are all part of the same planet so it would be better to come to a middle ground than throw digs at each other. I certainly recognize your right to bear arms. However, I would be more comfortable if less people had guns. I also recognize that my opinion is my own, as is yours. I will offer this. The right to bear arms was written in a time when this was a very different world. Since our current world is vastly different, perhaps we should revisit the issue so that both you and I can exist in a community that belongs to us both.

    John from Tucson (bf2f55)

  32. Speaking as a personal friend of Mr. Fullers I would ask that everyone show some respect. Granted Eric has some very defined views however no one should be made a villain for his views. I will say Eric could have handled things differently but let us not forget he is one of the victims. Those of you who advocate the right to bear arms are asking us who disagree to accept your point of view. Well how about those of us do not believe everyone should have a firearm. Why are we made out to be crazy? And while it is obvious that Palin’s website was not the cause of this incident. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to tone things down a bit. No matter what side of the issues you are on, I think we can all agree that innocent American citizens do not need to die !

    John from Tucson (bf2f55)

  33. I am calling BS, John. Your comment assumes that there was a call to violence, or a propensity for same, that simply does not exist. There is no connection between Laughner and Fuller’s political opponents. That namby pamby BS about making you comfortable is not really in the spirit of the 2nd Amendment.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  34. No one should be made a villain for their views? Did you really just type that without laughing? Have you lived under a rock for the last week?

    JD (d4bbf1)

  35. Is this the same Fuller that was there to protect the Congresswoman from the imaginary tea party crime syndicate, and then started a fight with someone else, when there were no professors to protect her from?

    JD (d4bbf1)

  36. Professors should have been protestors.

    JD (d4bbf1)

  37. Daleyrocks – Did you even read what I said? Nowhere did I bestow on him any sort of moral authority, least of all absolute. What I said was that anyone who had recently been shot and stared death in the face was liable to make insane rants and that it was more the fault of ABC, HuffPo and Democracy Now! for being so willing to exploit his obviously unbalanced (and recently discredited & disgraced) opinions. Apparently being shot did nothing but solidify his lunatic beliefs, helped I’m sure by fellow lunatics Krugman, Olbermann, Matthews, Sheriff Nitwit etc.

    harkin (1d0d3f)

  38. ‘According to sheriff’s deputies at the scene, Fuller took a photo of Humphries and said, “You’re Dead.”’

    Sounds like your typical hyper-intelligent lefty.

    That’s a good way to get the living snot beat out of you, btw.

    Dave Surls (7ee0b1)

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