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Video Fun/Horror (Update: Scarborough is a Beatlemaniac)

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.]

First witness the horror of The Tron Holiday Special:

The good news?  This never really happened.  It’s just a Funny or Die goof.  In fact, I recognize a guy from Saturday Night Live who probably was in PJ’s in 1982.  On the other hand the Star Wars Holiday Special happened.  Click on the video at your own risk.

Okay, so after that, you are going to need a serious palate cleansing.  So let me present to you, JibJab’s send off to the year that was.  This time, with puppets.

And speaking of puppets, here’s Katy Perry hanging out with the Simpsons, ending with a fairly dirty joke.  Involving puppets.

Yeah, back to mental images you could have lived without.  You’re welcome.

Update: This might qualify as another mental image you could have lived without. Do you remember Chris Matthews’ tingle. Of course you do, we have been mocking him mercilessly about it ever since. Well, Joe Scarborough has a similar feeling for this latest piece of Chris Christie “pron:”

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

8 Responses to “Video Fun/Horror (Update: Scarborough is a Beatlemaniac)”

  1. Wait, is this the same special that had Richard Pryor as the bartender with all of the aliens? Now, THAT was hilarious! Proved once and for all (in case no one had seen Silver Streak yet) that Pryor could be just as funny without working blue.

    Dmac (498ece)

  2. Dmac, I think that clip was from Richard Pryor’s short-lived show on NBC.

    I sat through the Star Wars Holiday Special, way back when, and still have nightmares about it. Curse you, Aaron, for resurfacing that memory.

    Some chump (4c6c0c)

  3. That was as bad, as the KISS TV movie, all those involved should have been shot

    narciso (6075d0)

  4. My best Star Wars Christmas memory was in ’77 or ’78 when Santa brought me the 8mm silent video highlights from the first movie. It was about 5 minutes in duration and featured (as I recall) the lightsaber scenes, the X-wing fighters vs. the Tie-fighters scenes, and I think the trash compactor scene. I wonder if my parents still have it and if it is worth anything nowadays.

    JVW (4463d3)

  5. Guys we gotta get the Tron back! TRON!!!!!!!!!

    East Coast Chris (c31a9b)

  6. Speaking of that horrid Star Wars thing, it was reported that Art Carney had no idea what Star Wars was and did this only because he desperately needed the money.

    East Coast Chris (c31a9b)

  7. East

    you know tron is back, right?

    Aaron Worthing (b8e056)

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