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The Righteous Retribution of Barack the Barbarian

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.]

Consider this a light post, but the typically great presents us with five crazy examples of Obama comics (actually it’s more like seven, but who’s counting?).  Now I should warn you that this is probably not safe for work.  But it a great way to enjoy the crazy.  My personal favorite is Barack the Barbarian:

(If this was done by a conservative, this would be like totally racist, right?)

Mmm, I am not sure I can decode that subtle allegory of the “Harpy From the Elephant Tower.”  Now the article doesn’t make it particularly clear who that “harpy” is, but I have a guess…

(This is called The Other McCain's Rule Five.)

[Update: Don’t you like how even in this apparent stone-age adventure, the Sarah Palin can still have glasses?  Authenticity!]

And you have to appreciate the double entendre here:

(I don't think that's Michelle.)

I am sure Obama will be very effective in searching for stimuli.  You might even say that in the picture, he has managed to find it.

And that is just the first comic.  For instance, later we have Japanese manga involving his mind being placed in the body of a busty asian girl.  And then things get weird.

As they say, read the whole thing.  But maybe after you get home from work, okay?

Of course it you really want to have fun with Obama and/or Palin, you could always find a copy of the game Mercenaries 2 and download the free DLC allowing you to play as Sarah Palin or Obama.  And there is something really special about taking control of Sarah Palin, having her shoot a grappling hook to a helicopter, being pulled up into the air, sneaking onto the craft and behind the pilot, beating his head against the dashboard until he is unconscious and taking the vehicle over.  Which you can totally see at this link (second video).

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

26 Responses to “The Righteous Retribution of Barack the Barbarian”

  1. (from the link)

    Basically, this comic is perfect for the “People Who Want to See the President Swing a Sword While Wearing a Loincloth” demographic and absolutely no one else.

    I can’t think of any politician I’d want to see in a loin cloth. Or even a kilt, and and kilts are much nicer. (Hm…did that cute young soldier get elected? He might’ve been able to pull it off.)

    Definitely not any president.

    Foxfier (24dddb)

  2. the only screeching harpy with elephantine legs in the gov’t that I know of would be Hillary.

    jack s (a9c16c)

  3. elephantine legs

    Please – the correct term is cankles.

    Dmac (498ece)

  4. I think this comic idea is OK. I realize it’s going to be unfair, based on political preconceptions, but I like the idea of general mockery of the ruling class.

    A little tired of the fawning over our hero, Obama. It’s a little too Stalinist. Otherwise, it’s hilarious to put Palin or Obama in a stupid outfit and have them run around like fools, in good humor. These people are no better than the rest of us. In fact, that’s why some jerks hate Palin so much. She actually seems to almost be… a relatively normal American!!!

    If we leave aside who we personally like and dislike for a second, I think the general enterprise of treating these politicians to cartoon standards, is healthy.

    Also, I can only wish Barack the Barbarian was our president. He seems like a pretty good leader.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  5. Is there a sequence where he gets stitches for a bloody lip after a game of Barbarian Ball?

    SPQR (26be8b)

  6. Foxfier wrote:

    I can’t think of any politician I’d want to see in a loin cloth. Or even a kilt, and and kilts are much nicer.

    Not even Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) not in a loincloth? 🙂

    The NSFW Dana (3e4784)

  7. dana

    well, i certainly wouldn’t want to see scott brown undressed.

    But on the other hand, let’s face it, the conservative female stars are hotter than the liberal ones. 🙂

    Aaron Worthing (b1db52)

  8. Megyn Kelly 😉

    JD (822109)

  9. Boy howdy! I wish I was one of Frank Frazetta’s heirs. It’s payday.

    mojo (8096f2)

  10. JD

    my first rule 5 subject, here.

    but i mean more like political stars. like palin, for instance.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  11. it’s appropriate for Ear Leader to be in a comic book.

    after all, he is a joke.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  12. Mr Worthing: is this what you had in mind? 🙂

    The this one's safe for work Dana (3e4784)

  13. mojo wrote:

    I wish I was one of Frank Frazetta’s heirs. It’s payday.

    I just wish that Mr Frazetta was still alive and working! His stuff was fabulous.

    The Dana who has the complete Lancer Books Conan series (3e4784)

  14. Dana

    i suspect that the real thing looks even better in a bikini.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  15. Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli had an alternate cover featuring Red Sarah.

    Presumably she killed, skinned, etc. her own cape.

    And if you’re too intellectual for comicbooks, there’s always the opera.
    L’Obama, ossia L’Avvento del Messia
    Opera in Tre Atti


    Barracco Obama, Il Messia, Redentore del Mondo (Tenore Miracoloso)
    Santa Micaela della Revoluzione, sua sposa (Soprano Amaro)
    Giovanni Maccheno, Senatore, Avversario dello Obama (Basso Buffo)
    Sara Palino, Governatrice del Alaska e Reginetta di Bellezza (Coloratura Buffa)
    Guglielmo Priapo, Ex-Presidente (Tenore Mentitore)
    Hillaria, sua Sposa, altra Avversaria dell’Obama (Soprano Ambizioso)
    Elena Tomasso, una strega (Contralto Venenoso)
    Giuseppe Bideno, Il Pomposo (Tenore Buffo)
    Il Spirito di Giorgio Secondo, L’Abominazione (Baritono Cattivo)
    Il Spirito di Ruscio Limbago, Bocca Grande (Basso Noioso)
    Jeremia Ritto, un uomo pazzo, pastore dello Obama (Basso Demagogico)
    Guglielmo Ayers, terroristo Americano, amico dello Obama (Tenore Anarchico)
    Un Sempliciotto (Tenore Profetica)

    Il Popolo, La Media Elite, Il Mondo, Il Congresso, Terroristi

    Detailed synopsis at the link.

    kishnevi (33a0bd)

  16. Read the fine print on the handle: This battle-axe performs abortions.

    Icy Texan (0b469d)

  17. You know, I hate to admit it, but I want to get these comics. And I loved the pic of Red Sarah!

    The Dana who used to read comic books (bd7e62)

  18. Mmm, so ironically it is sarah palin who is supposed to be “red.”

    Aaron Worthing (b8e056)

  19. I think the harpy is supposed to be Coulter, it does illustrate the delusional vision of the artist,
    circa early 2009, in the real world, he is as Will Smith would put it ‘old and busted’

    narciso (6075d0)

  20. narc

    ah, that makes sense with coulter.

    and you know, i am actually okay with this comic. its amusingly nuts.

    maybe actually reading it would suck, but so far i am amused.

    Aaron Worthing (b8e056)

  21. There’s actually a web link for the first few issues, I disagree gargoyle fits behar, rhodes, whoopy, and the like. Ann is sometimes refreshingly too direct, with the facts to back up her stance

    narciso (6075d0)

  22. The publisher’s link is down, but this gives you a flavor,

    narciso (6075d0)

  23. Dana-
    I’d forgotten Brown, honestly… but nah, not him, either.

    Foxfier (24dddb)

  24. To each his own.

    I suspect that if the creators are making money off the enterprise, they may not understand the irony.

    Good comic-book artwork, though.

    Ag80 (3d224f)

  25. narciso wrote:

    I think the harpy is supposed to be Coulter

    Ann Coulter is a babe, but she doesn’t fill out a bikini like that! 🙂

    The Dana with eyes (3e4784)

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