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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone: Don’t be a Turkey

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.]

Personally you are not likely to see me blog much today.  I can’t speak for Patterico, but between the fact I am fighting a cold and its frickin’ Thanksgiving, I doubt I will blog very much.  That will probably change tomorrow, after I am done dealing with black Friday.

So take some time, unplug, enjoy some football and fall into a turkey-induced coma and generally enjoy your family.

And for the love of God, let’s not talk about politics.  Like via email someone sent me where one of the parties had a guide on how to argue with another person in a different party on Thanksgiving.  I won’t link to it, because even to talk about which party was putting this stupid thing out seemed a little partisan.  And bluntly I have seen both liberals and conservatives do this, bring up cheap shot politics into what should be time of hearth and family and all that good stuff.  Thanksgiving was first made a national holiday during Lincoln’s Presidency to unify a literally divided nation. Let’s try not to be even figuratively divided today.

And if someone does bring up politics at the family table, just say, “let’s leave politics out of it and enjoy family.”  And be satisfied that he or she actually harmed their cause by acting like a tool.

And of course, be fully sensitive to the diversity of dietary rules, including meatatarians like myself.  (Watch the video–it is funny.)

Personally when I tell everyone what I am thankful for, I will include British humor.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

Cooley Concedes in California A.G. Race

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I heard this yesterday around noon but didn’t get a chance to post until now:

Democrats completed a clean sweep of California’s statewide offices Wednesday as Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley conceded the race for attorney general, ending weeks of uncertainty in one of the closest statewide elections in California history.

With the number of uncounted ballots dwindling and his rival’s lead at more than 50,000 votes, Cooley telephoned San Francisco Dist. Atty. Kamala Harris early Wednesday to congratulate the Democratic victor.

She opposes the death penalty and will likely take no further action to defend Proposition 8.

I guess California gets what it asked for.

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