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“They Gave Every Single One of Their Tomorrows”

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; send your tips here.]

That quote is from Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, who earlier today became the only living person given the Medal of Honor since Vietnam, speaking about his fallen colleagues Sgt. Joshua Brenan and Specialist Hugo Mendoza.  Both men died in the very same firefight for which Giunta earned his medal.  He tells us they are the real heroes in this video, that they deserve this honor.

Maybe they do, Sergeant, but so do you.  I won’t say congratulations.  I will just say thank you for your service.

You can read more here.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

9 Responses to ““They Gave Every Single One of Their Tomorrows””

  1. Every Soldier, Marine, Airman and Sailor deserves our thanks, current and former.

    Real heroes, such as Staff Sergeant Giunta deserve our adulations.

    Ag80 (827a00)

  2. This man is really amazing. He carries this honor with impossible humility.

    I’m so proud of our country when I think about people like this.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  3. may God smile on him

    SteveG (cc5dc9)

  4. At the risk of sounding trite and simple, Sgt. Giunta’s story and character are absolutely inspiring. Clearly he is a living definition of hero.

    It really broke my heart to read that the the parents of the two soldiers killed in the ambush were present at the ceremony. I don’t know how, but I really hope that they found some measure of comfort being there.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  5. 世事难料啊,或许这样才是对的啊…….

    计量泵 (d72282)

  6. A real hero. May God bless him and his family, and all our wonderful people in uniform.

    Bugg (996c34)

  7. SSgt Giunta I salute you.

    For those interested in the MOH, other recipients and its legacy please go to

    They have conventions every couple of years and if one shows up in your city be sure to go.

    VOR2 (8e6b90)

  8. Talk about a vicious feedback loop. Everything that Sergeant has said about feeling like he personally doesn’t deserve the honor, and where it really should be placed…makes him more honorable in turn.

    Too bad we don’t have that sort of service mentality in our civilian government much, at any level.

    rtrski (192cf0)

  9. Dana: SGT Guinta killed the two Taliban that were dragging one of the soldiers away alive. Even though he later died from his injuries, I think they took comfort from the ceremony.

    kaf (2dc950)

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