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A Double Shot of Grayson

Filed under: 2010 Election,General — Aaron Worthing @ 9:06 am

[Guest post by Aaron Worthing]

IMAO once said that Alan Grayson (D-unce) “really is what would happen if you grabbed a random internet troll and made him a Congressman.”  To prove that theory, we are going to hit you with both barrels here, two clips of Alan Grayson.

The first one, honestly, I struggled to watch it all.  I had to stop several times in order to keep from throwing something at my screen.  And I was watching it on a laptop.  Grayson is interviewed by Ed Schultz.  Yes, Ed Schultz.  Fast Eddie recently demonstrated his lack of credibility by lying through his teeth about the size of his rally.

So it is a lying liberal love fest.  I mean it is really proof of the complete lack of integrity that Fast Eddie and Grayson have, and its frankly an embarrassment that this aired on MSNBC.  Some tidbits you learn:

  • Grayson will just keep telling the truth.
  • Bush was a Tea Party President, because he looked like one of them.  Yes, really.
  • The Tea Party is trying to destroy America.

Mmm, I just threw up in my mouth a little just reading all that.

And as an antidote, at Big Journalism we have Anderson Cooper interviewing Grayson and pwning him. No wonder Grayson went on Schultz’s show—he is the only person unscrupulous enough not to go after Grayson for his lies  I even liked the way Cooper slammed Grayson for his first ad attacking Daniel Webster’s patriotism.  (Yes, his opponent is named Daniel Webster.)  My only critique is I wish Cooper talked about how unfair the chargers in the first ad were. But still nice going and thank you for that palate clenser.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

21 Responses to “A Double Shot of Grayson”

  1. I watched the “Ed Show” for a bit while he was talking about his rally. He flashed a few pictures of his “rally” on screen and I thought that the shots were familiar. Yes, it was the “I have a Dream” speech not his “rally.” With his small audience, it is quite possible that few people noticed the fraud. Of course, his fellow “useful idiots” in the MSM would never call him on it.

    Longwalker (4e0dda)

  2. After listening to Alan Grayson’s “description of the Republican health plan–They Want You To Die Early”, I forswore watching any more Grayson videos.

    But when I think about Grayson, I’m reminded of John Randolph’s description of Henry Clay “like a rotten mackerel he both shines and stinks”.

    Randolph though Clay was brilliant but corrupt.
    I think Grayson is not brilliant, but he is intellectually corrupt–and he simply stinks.

    Mike Myers (0e06a9)

  3. I am embarrassed to say that this idiot Alan Grayson is my representative. No, I didn’t vote for him, so my shame is not entire.

    Still, it is humiliating to know that this jackass was sent to DC by my neighbors and is all I get.

    November 2nd simply cannot come soon enough.

    Pious Agnostic (f24095)

  4. Long walker

    that is very credible. the official website for the walk did the same thing. weasel zippers caught him doing that.

    Aaron Worthing (f97997)

  5. Alan Grayson’s complaints on MSNBC demonstrate one of the key characteristics of the sociopath’s disconnect with reality. Grayson keenly feels his own pain while simultaneously remaining completely numb to the pain he inflicts on others.

    Grayson complained, “They destroy us with these negative ads. These blistering, evil negative ads. In front of my — in front of my children on my TV set, they called me a liar, they’ve called me a loud-mouth, they said I’m a national embarrassment. And this is their idea of constructive dialogue…”

    An honest response would be: “No, Alen, you’re wrong, it isn’t an attempt at dialogue at all, constructive or otherwise. It’s simply an accurate description of your own behavior.

    You’ve made yourself into a lying, loud-mouthed, embarrassment to the nation, to the Congress, to Florida, and to the people of the 8th District.”

    ropelight (6292f2)

  6. Florida has really changed since I grew up there, but that was a time long, long ago.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  7. In a related story…

    Disgusting, progressive, syndicated editorial hack Eugene Robinson devotes an entire column today to the “dumb” right wingers, a.k.a. Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle as not being “serious” candidates.

    However, the dishonest Obama apologist predictably refuses to pan fellow genius leftists like Grayson, apparently for all the “serious” and intelligent utterances he spews.

    And what about that brilliantly serious Senate candidate from South Carolina, Alvin Greene? Crickets

    Nutjob jokes like Schultz and Robinson are the ones that needn’t be taken seriously.


    heir2freedom (d9456e)

  8. Colonel think this first
    time folks can vote for Devil
    or Daniel Webster

    ColonelHaiku (1606f6)

  9. Colonel

    Funny you should say that, because that was my title of my last post on Grayson: The Devil and Daniel Webster.

    Its the last link in the post.

    Aaron Worthing (f97997)

  10. You know what is weird, and I mean in the sense that people have taken leave of reality?

    It struck me when I was watching some of the Angle-Reid debate. Reid kept saying Angle was an extremist.

    Then you have, the whole condemnation of the Tea Party folk. I know some Tea Party folk, although I have never participated.

    This is what they do in their normal life: They take their kids to school and they go to work. Most of them have tenuous positions at their jobs because of the economy. Some own businesses and are worried about their future and the people who work for them because of the uncertainty of the economy.

    I have never seen any of these people exhibit any hostility or violence against people who disagree with them. Despite their frustration with the way things are going, they still believe that their voices can make a difference. They believe in the country and they want what is best of them, their families and their community.

    Yet, they are branded by the media and the very people who represent them in Congress as mouth-breathing troglodytes who don’t understand what their betters are trying to do.

    I know it’s a strange thing to say, but being involved in your community, taking an interest in the education of your children and trying to assure a better future for everyone is not extreme.

    It is not evil, it is not racist, it is not ignorant. Questioning the role of the federal government in individual lives is not treason nor extremism. It is American.

    If I lived in Nevada, I don’t know who I would vote for. But, I would take this into consideration:

    Sharon Angle has never voted for TARP. She never shoved a bloated health-care bill down the throats of the majority of Americans who opposed it.

    Maybe she’s a nut. I don’t know. But I do know this: She wasn’t involved in the present state of the nation. Her opponent has been, for a very long time.

    So, we’re supposed to listen to the media and jet-setting, secure-seat Congressmen and Senators telling us they know the way because, you know, they’re smart.

    Look around. How smart are they?

    Look at California. Those poor people are about to elect Gov. Moonbeam and “don’t call me ma’am” Sen. Boxer as if the same old thing works while they have a multi-billion dollar debt that rivals third-world countries. All because they “care.”

    All they care about is power, glory and a lifestyle that puts them above the little people.

    And we, the taxpayers, the people who make this country work, are extreme.

    Good luck with that.

    Ag80 (743fd1)

  11. Very well said, Ag80, and what you’ve expressed is why the powers-that-be fear us so much.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  12. I think Grayson looks like Oliver Stone’s equally Evil Twin. Twins? Separated at birth?

    Patricia (9b018a)

  13. Pious Agnostic : Be thankful — you’ll be rid of Grayson after November 2nd. Because of the voters in my district, I’m stuck with Pet “Potty Mouth” Stark until he retires.

    aunursa (69b3db)

  14. Reid kept saying Angle was an extremist.

    Don’t you understand? Anyone who’s worked in the private sector is a de facto extremist at this point in their meme, and they simply cannot understand why anyone wouldn’t want to work for the US Gov’t. Up is down, down is up, etc.

    Dmac (84da91)

  15. “…I’m stuck with Pet “Potty Mouth” Stark until he retires…or dies!


    AD-RtR/OS! (7bc302)

  16. Dan Webster is a small business owner from the community and understands the problems facing Central Florida. He will fight out of control spending and bring new jobs to Central Florida.

    Orlando Citizen (b98ac6)

  17. Senator Webster and Lieutenant Colonel Allan West are two real men we need in Congress. Enough already with those who would sell this nation down the tubes.

    Please check out my column on why I support Webster and West.

    Dr. Rich Swier (81be46)

  18. I look forward to voting for Daniel Webster because he shares my values. Webster is a true conservative and he believes in stopping the policies of Obama, which are the same policies that Webster opponent voted for and are the policies that are destroying America for future generations. I am voting for Webster because preserve the future for my daughter for years to come. I can’t wait to cast my early vote today for Daniel Webster and you should too.

    Orlando Voter (54e3ae)

  19. I am proud to endorse and actively support Daniel Webster because he has been a leader in the fight for less government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. As a small businessman, Daniel knows that entrepreneurs, not government will help grow our economy and create jobs for central Florida.

    David (45b455)

  20. To truly appreciate the differences in the Webster/Grayson race, it helps to see a few video clips of Daniel Webster. The third clip, an interview with Mike Huckabee, is the best… Check it out here:

    Dan Webster comes across as a thoughtful and soft-spoken man, someone who exudes a quiet strength. His 28-year record in the Florida House and Senate shows his ability to work across party and ideological lines to write effective legislation. He has had more positive impact on Florida government than any one person in recent history. His campaign focuses on the issues important to Florida and how he will approach them.

    Mr. Grayson, on the other hand, comes across as a loud ultra-liberal. His disdain for Republicans and conservatives is well-documented in video and in print. His campaign focus consists of attacks on Daniel Webster.

    Even the liberal-leaning Orlando Sentinel has endorsed Daniel Webster. That endorsement, totally unexpected from most conservatives, gives an indication of Grayson’s sins during his first term.

    As a FL-8 constituent, I’m looking forward to a change. To learn more about Daniel Webster, please visit his web site at

    S.B. Pickering (6febe4)

  21. My husband and I have known Danny and Sandy Webster for 25 years in Orlando,Florida. They are the couple that all of us young married couples would go to for counsel when we had marriage problems. They helped us immensely with their practical and loving advice. They have a great family. Everyone always wants to have a family like the Websters. They have taught their children good character and principles. There is no man in the United States that we would rather have in congress than Daniel Webster. He has been in the house of representatives for 27 years in Florida bringing change that helps the people. In Congress he will put the people first, that is his way.

    Dottie Sepelyak (68e660)

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