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Caption Contest: Rick Sanchez Fired from CNN Edition

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As you may have heard, Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN today, due to his discomfort with all the Jews working there:

I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like [Jon] Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority? Yeah.

Caption the following photo:

(H/t James Urbaniak.)

112 Responses to “Caption Contest: Rick Sanchez Fired from CNN Edition”

  1. “I think wrapping an electrical cord around my neck and pretending to pull on it is a funny thing to do.”

    rdbrewer (9e83e9)

  2. “The Joooooos are also making me look stupid.”

    rdbrewer (9e83e9)

  3. “This is what chummy guys do, I swear.”

    rdbrewer (9e83e9)

  4. Sounds like he was trying to get fired. Maybe something better is on the back burner.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  5. “Isn’t this what Jimmy the Greek did?”

    rdbrewer (9e83e9)

  6. Don’t fire me or the idiot gets it.

    t-bird (116e7d)

  7. ¿Funemployment? ¡Si, se puede!

    Arbalest (f676d2)

  8. 120 VAC 15 Amps please

    AE (47edd0)

  9. Are you sure this is how a circumcision works? Get my mohel on the phone.

    J.J. Sefton (111c81)

  10. Tighter…

    Jeffrey Smuzinick (54a83b)

  11. Sanchez broke a basic rule: pick on wealthy northeast liberals all you want. But don’t point out this means jews.

    imdw (8bb588)

  12. “You know there’s a big, big difference between Mexicans and Cubans, don’t you?

    Harry Bergeron (acb7c4)

  13. …signed, Epstein’s mother.

    J.J. Sefton (111c81)

  14. Oy! Lay off my friend Julian. He’s right about the Jews you know! The Jews are responsible for the financial crisis you know. They took all the money and hid it in their secret Jew cave. And they took all the jobs too! I keep asking my friend Kyle “when are all you damn dirty Jews going to bring back all my money!” But he won’t tell me. Can you believe that!

    Eric (92c37c)

  15. Sanchez broke a basic rule: pick on wealthy northeast liberals all you want. But don’t point out this means jews. That gives up the right wing game.

    imdw (14df54)

  16. LOL, Jon Stewart and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

    Thanks, imdw, for the laugh.

    Rick Sanchez (b54cdc)

  17. “Hey, get your camera. I’ll look cool doing this…”

    rdbrewer (9e83e9)

  18. Caption:

    “I bet this is what it felt like for that guy who choked to death on his own blood when I ran him over when I was driving drunk! I swore that day to avenge his death, obviously the fault of zionists!”

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  19. No Rick, you’re supposed to wrap it around your little Ricky to stop that premature problem you’ve got, d*ckhead.

    daleyrocks (940075)

  20. They said “Adios Muchacho–Don’t Let the Screen Door Slap Yer Ass On the Way Out” What could I do?

    Mike Myers (0e06a9)

  21. He knows how to speak the espanol yes? That’s probably his future I’m guessing.

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  22. “Now if I could just find a closet to hang around in.” ~ Rick ‘Kwai Chang Caine’ Sanchez

    RickZ (882387)

  23. I…can’t…plug…in…my….brain.

    madwaskan (565543)

  24. You know what the most pitiful aspect of this is?
    –that Sanchez’ presence raised the overall level of intelligence at CNN.

    When he was at WSVN here in Miami, he had a reputation for both being a loudmouth and for being a prime exponent of the “it bleeds it leads” theory of TV journalism.

    imdw–the anti-Semites are now found on the left end of the spectrum, not the right.

    kishnevi (c89e0a)

  25. No, feets, he knows how to speak jibberish, in both
    languages, I think there must be some lead in their
    water fountains, for they are too detached in delusion, even for MSNBC

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  26. I think I gotta Stuxnet worm.

    madawaskan (565543)

  27. Those damn Jew hands pulled the plug on me

    A.G. (16fd09)

  28. If the damn Jews control everything, how come Stewart’s beloved and Jewish-owned New York Mets screw the pooch every year in Tribe member Bud Selig’s MLB?

    Bugg (4e0dda)

  29. Auto-erotic asphyxiation. Ur doin’ it wrong!

    Rob (babbe0)

  30. “How does that autoerotic thing work again?”

    rdbrewer (9e83e9)

  31. Has anyone ever seen Rick Dirty Sanchez and imdw in the same room? Their Joooooooooo hate is very similar.

    JD (6ca166)

  32. “Wow! People who never even knew I existed now think I matter in their lives.”

    nk (db4a41)

  33. nk’s got a point. Who cares who’s on CNN, anyway? In a few months, another one will say something else that sounds pretty insane. Because it’s CNN.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  34. I wanted to be the hottest chica in sports reporting. What’s to live for now??

    Ed Brownlee (d2899b)

  35. I think that’s the ghost of the pedestrian he killed tugging on the cord.

    Dmac (84da91)

  36. What’s funnier, Sanchez for playing the Jew card or 90% of news stories claiming he was fired for calling Stewart a ‘bigot’?

    harkin (c3f1c8)

  37. I noticed that too harkin it’s effing creepy

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  38. “Hey, could we switch back to the cordless mike?”

    arhooley (0f0f3a)

  39. PC got lil Ricky.


    Heavensent (4f78d0)

  40. “My agent says the only way I can get another network job is by being the most plugged-in reporter in America. Here goes.”

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  41. “Well, if it’s good enough for Michael Hutchence and good enough for David Carradine… I can get famous that way!”

    tmi3rd (8eaec6)

  42. “I’m goin’ to HelenThomasland!”

    ColonelHaiku (fb9945)

  43. _________________________________________

    and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority?

    I’ve overheard some black people — who were liberal, natch — in the past making derogatory statements about Jews, which have always made me want to yell “why the hell are you so alienated from such folks?!! They’re 90+ percent pro-liberal, pro-Democrat Party, just as is 90+ percent of black America, while much of Latino America isn’t far behind!!”

    I’d say the only redeeming quality I associate with liberals and liberalism is it supposedly being — with an emphasize on the word “supposedly” — more open, tolerant, or permissive about racial and ethnic differences. So if a liberal is a bigot/racist, he or she is 0 for 2 in my book. Or that person is analogous to a conservative who’s devoid of much common sense (eg, Christine O’Donnell perhaps?).

    Mark (3e3a7c)

  44. “Me, I want what’s coming to me.”

    ColonelHaiku (fb9945)

  45. “I have a little dreidel, I made it out of meat… I can’t stand to be near it it smells just like my feet.”

    ColonelHaiku (fb9945)

  46. “What’s funnier, Sanchez for playing the Jew card or 90% of news stories claiming he was fired for calling Stewart a ‘bigot’?”

    That’s the line drudge is pushing.

    imdw (a544ba)

  47. Oy vay

    Chris (93a491)

  48. Dios mio…no me gusta

    Chris (93a491)

  49. These words once meant something to me:

    Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Society’s principles and standards of practice.

    Now, not so much.

    Ag80 (93f9d9)

  50. They pulled the plug on me, baby
    They pulled the plug on me, yeah.

    either orr (58d2a4)

  51. I’ve overheard some black people — who were liberal, natch — in the past making derogatory statements about Jews,

    And it always seem to be blacks. I haven’t heard a white person in IRL make a statement that can be considered even mildly anti-Semitic in years. (Online, especially when Israel is being attacked, is of course different.) This may be because whites have become less bigoted. Or it may be that whites have enough sense not to say bigoted remarks in front of a member of the group being bigoted against.

    The real kicker is that when (being Jewish and all that) I object to this sort of remark when it’s made, the usual response from the person who made the bigoted remark is to claim they are offended by my taking offense…or (milder version) scolding me for not having a sense of humor.

    kishnevi (c89e0a)

  52. Lot’s of good captions, but post # 6 was my favorite.

    Dave Surls (58bdca)

  53. Lucy!!!

    Not a Yank (c0e94e)

  54. Sanchez will be on MSNBC in two weeks, tops.

    He’s a Cuban-American that forgot what got him to these shores.

    I won’t for a minute pretend that I understand what Sanchez’s parents had to go through to provide him with the life he affords. I only know people who did.

    Because of his talent, he has been able to enjoy a good life in America that would only be a dream to most, if not all, Cubans.

    I have no idea why he would squander that success except, he probably didn’t. Jew-baiting seems to be a vice with reward.

    Ag80 (93f9d9)

  55. “Sanchez Was Here”

    Another Chris (2e9afa)

  56. It’s better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it.

    Patricia (9b018a)

  57. Hey Rick: wanna cum work for me?

    I’m not afraid of a dirty sanchez… matter what they say

    after all, you know how those Jews are. 8)

    Helen Thomas (fb8750)

  58. Sanchez is an embarrassment
    to all Cubans, Even Fidel would be embarrassed by him.

    cubanbob (409ac2)

  59. You mean Stewart isn’t a bigot? Oh man, and here I was thinking he was a typical white person with that Anglo Saxon name. 😀

    DB (996c34)

  60. Guys, I was just choking…

    Gazzer (c062b1)

  61. “Latino Fruit hanging from Popular Tree” (apologies to Billie and Nina!)

    elixelx (741562)

  62. Simply amazing.
    Earlier today, in a different thread, JD predicted that imdw was about to get his Jew-hate on; and here he is!
    Never one to disappoint, imdw believes in a vast kike-wing conspiracy.

    Icy Texan (5a5e9c)

  63. Caption: “How many anti-Semitic, vehicular manslaughter while DUI, Cuban-Americans does it take to screw in a . . .”

    Icy Texan (5a5e9c)

  64. Everybody in this world is a racist, one way or another. JC

    JC (4dbd11)

  65. “This cord stretches farther than my credibility.”
    “Man, is the left pissed that I infringed on Jimmy Carter’s territory!”
    “If I hold it tight for a couple minutes my IQ will drop down into Matthews/Olbermann/Maddow/Schultz range.”
    “Stupid Jew-made cord! Why won’t it reach?”

    Icy Texan (5a5e9c)

  66. 66.Everybody in this world is a racist, one way or another.

    — Personally, the race I hate most are the false-accusers. F*@#ing worthless, every last one of them.

    Icy Texan (5a5e9c)

  67. #56 — Ag80, you wrote “Jew-baiting seems to be a vice with reward.

    What would that be? Getting fired?

    When is the last time someone got fired for associating Italians with the mob? Or nowadays, Russians? Or Mexicans with illegal immigration? Or Roman Catholic Priests with child pedophiles? Or gays with AIDS?

    This type of crap happens all the time and folks are never fired. In fact, some are celebrated and given rewards.

    To me, call me what you will, only difference I see is one class is protected while the other is not. Some groups make a big enough deal of something that bothers them and it becomes taboo.

    Sad to say, what Rick said has been said by plenty of Jews/Israelis I have worked with — and they have said much worse about other ethnicities. Ever hear blacks talk about other blacks? The Grand Wizard would blush.

    Good riddance to Rick but if this was the worst thing he ever said — I would be stunned. It was just the most un-PC.

    Heavensent (4f78d0)

  68. And funny enough, that Rick is Cuban since they are labeled the Jews of the Hispanic world. I just can’t stand how funny this all is to me.

    Simplemente le toco los cojones de su empleador.

    Heavensent (4f78d0)

  69. How many more of these episodes will it take before the Jews get the idea that the liberals they have aligned themselves with truly despise them and the entire state of Israel?

    And don’t even get me started on the blacks rotting away on the Socialist Plantation.

    Cognitive Dissonance, thy name is Democrat voter.

    King David (934b72)

  70. Had Sanchez told the same things about blacks, gays or latinos he’d be a Tea Party hero. Too bad he chose the wrong ethnicity, better luck next time.

    Triumph (0692b1)

  71. For Pete’s sake! Christine Anampour says this!
    All my Arab friends say this! All my Muslim friends say this!

    And I get fired? I was right. The Joooos control everything. I am a martyr destroyed by a Zionist conspiracy.

    Even all my Jooooish friends believe this. And just so you know, some of my best friends are Jooooish.

    Rick Sanchez (f9fe53)

  72. I am no fan of Sanchez and his Liberalism but I don’t think what he said should have caused his firing. What if he had said ” Bush surrounded himself with White Christians”. Would he have been fired?

    Dennis D (e0b996)

  73. Triumph – that is a lie and you are a liar. Moby.

    JD (a30317)

  74. CNN could have taken the high road and let Sanchez handle his problem himself, rather than another example of how the media demands its interpretation of reality.

    Mac (9a596e)

  75. Triumph raise hind leg
    in salute of liberals
    Colonel poop on them

    ColonelHaiku (fb9945)

  76. What is up with the Latino racism?

    SGT Ted (ac46d8)

  77. And if he’d only thought to claim to be Muslim, his discomfort with Jews would have become something everyone else was expected to “understand”.

    Karl (acbc1a)

  78. Perhaps Rick has a future as an aide to either or both of the Sanchez sisters?
    They’re both into the demonization of minorities.

    AD-RtR/OS! (96ebfd)

  79. Triumph croaked: “Had Sanchez told the same things about blacks, gays or latinos he’d be a Tea Party hero.”

    Exactly! All those tea partiers do is complain about black, gay and latino control of the media!

    harkin (c3f1c8)

  80. I don’t know if anyone’s picked up on how Sanchez also displayed his ineptness with English in calling Stewart “prejudicial” rather than prejudiced.

    Dave (b5ffd4)

  81. @ JD:

    Well said brozer! Tea-parters aren’t not racists! We don’t have not problems with the Jeouws! And we are quit tolerrant of the colored pipols, ispicialy the greats uizards!

    The Anonymous Tea-Partier (0692b1)

  82. _________________________________________

    Had Sanchez told the same things about blacks, gays or latinos he’d be a Tea Party hero.

    And if he had slammed a black, gay or Latino conservative (or even a true centrist) — eg, Judge Clarence Thomas, commentator/activist Tammy Bruce, political cartoonist Michael Ramirez — a lot of the left would look up, look down, avert their eyes, shuffle their feet, whistle a little tune, and muse quietly to themselves: “Affirmative action and civil rights aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!!”

    Mark (411533)

  83. Rick: “HEY MOM, come see what I pulled outa my ass this time!!!!”

    peedoffamerican (466dda)

  84. It’s the cover art for his new CD, right?

    “Rick Sanchez, Unplugged!”

    (Acoustic music fans will get the direct relevance of the joke.)

    Tully (62151d)

  85. Caption: Rick Sanchez;Redefining Dumb.

    firefirefire (914e0c)

  86. Rick Sanchez: Unplugged

    RainbowSicks (4251ee)

  87. Rick Sanchez Unplugged.

    Rick Sanchez receiving the Mel Gibson Tolerance Award

    This Jewish made electrical cord is racist cause they made it black.

    I don’t know nothing about no cable tv show.

    This is how I escaped from Cuba, with only this cord to guide me to Amerikkka.

    I knew I shouldn’t have listened to the joos about how to make a tie.

    eaglewingz08 (83b841)

  88. “Gas is only used on Joooooos.”

    dfbaskwill (c021f2)

  89. “imdw–the anti-Semites are now found on the left end of the spectrum, not the right.”

    Right. On the right we find complaints about things like secular liberal wealthy coastal elites that control the media and hollywood and maybe even finance! Oh and wage a war on christmas.

    Sure. They’re not complaining about jews.

    imdw (8a8ced)

  90. I had never heard this idea that the war on Christmas had something to do with Jews.

    I think this is an absolutely hilarious accusation, even before you consider who is leveling it.

    Maybe he thinks the war on drugs is against black people, too, but that’s one of those false positive dog whistles.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  91. “I had never heard this idea that the war on Christmas had something to do with Jews.”

    Nope! It’s just secular ACLU liberals.

    imdw (7c85b9)

  92. Next stop for Rick – MSNBC

    Horatio (55069c)

  93. imdw’s denial of the level of antisemitism on the Left is as convincing as any of his trolls.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  94. How does it reconcile the acceptance and support of the Left for Islam/Sharia, and its’ parallel criticism and denunciation of Israel/Zionism?

    And, why are some of the biggest supporters of the Jewish State the Social Conservatives that the Left loves to denigrate?

    The Left operates with so many conflicting positions/philosophies that cognitive dissonance is the least of their problems.

    AD-RtR/OS! (96ebfd)

  95. words slip from lips of
    fools like leaves of the dogwood
    trees of early Fall

    ColonelHaiku (fb9945)

  96. “Rick Sanchez demonstrates auto asphyxiation.”

    Birdbath (8501d4)

  97. “Hey guys- watch this!”

    Jones (72b0ed)

  98. “I’m with stupid”

    Niteowl (6a46d9)

  99. “How does it reconcile the acceptance and support of the Left for Islam/Sharia, and its’ parallel criticism and denunciation of Israel/Zionism?”

    They ritually burn their strawmen every year at the burning man festival.

    imdw (043f60)

  100. Craptacular, the tail-wagger, shat: 72. Had Sanchez told the same things about blacks, gays or latinos he’d be a Tea Party hero. Too bad he chose the wrong ethnicity, better luck next time.

    — Wasn’t aware that gays consider themselves a distinct ethnicity. Of course, for someone that falsely accuses the Tea Party of being racist homophobes, it’s all about singling out a group to hate, isn’t it?

    You know, like the way that you single out (based on false accusations of discrimination) the Tea Party as a group that you hate; right?

    Icy Texan (a9ef4a)

  101. IMDW,

    Do you believe Jews (religious or not) are making war on Christmas?

    Or, are you making that argument on the part of others you believe are anti-simetic?

    Heavensent (4f78d0)

  102. ____________________________________________

    Sure. They’re not complaining about jews.

    Oh, but they are complaining about conservative Jews. Yea, uh-huh.

    BTW, notice how easily corrupted a variety of leftists have become towards “Jews” merely because of the idiotic way that such liberals categorize Palestinians as poor, sad, dejected people of the Third World — as the long-suffering underclass — fighting the good fight against the imperialistic, capitalistic, Westernized, bourgeoisie-ized “Jews.”

    That’s why I’m not being too flip when I theorize that if 90-plus percent of Jewish America, not to mention black America, suddenly became rightwing or even truly centrist, a lot of the left would lose its ardor for civil rights, affirmative action and diversity. IOW, the left’s limousine liberalism would become absurdly noticeable.

    As for Sanchez, I just listened to audio of the interview that apparently got him in trouble. He started off sounding credible but ended up playing the victim card. And ironically while he accused Jon Stewart of consciously or unconsciously lumping together and being condescending towards Latinos/Hispanics, he then accused Fox News of running an operation that caters to “angry white males.”

    Sanchez is definitely one of those simple-headed liberals I have in mind when I muse that if a high percentage of Latino America suddenly became rightwing to truly centrist, the woe-is-me, race-card enthusiasm that such liberals have for the Latino community would plummet.

    Mark (3e3a7c)

  103. So when do we March? Immigration, biases, racism etc. When do Latino’s get parity! Are we waiting again for ReV Al or Jackson? How many of us out there have worked for an employer and after years of working not know if their employer is biased? Subtle behavior doesn’t negate prejudice. Latino’s need a leader! Aren’t we sick of being second class? We are now being robbed, killed told to go back to our country, slanderer by Blacks (Plese read the news: Staten Island New York, Long Island etc.),so can you believe even killed, slanderer, and robbed by Black!It is bad enough we are no called “people of color” making me singularly a Black man and weren’t Black’s once called this degrogatory name? Italian’s were once called Spic’s (for spaghetti people) and guess who was labeled this for years. Isn’t it time to stand up and be counted so lets get a march going for Sanchez and I’m there when it begins! Don’t wait for this to be news on television, radio, cable or expect a movie made because remember the media is literally Black and White. Lets March on CNN !

    Raymond Sanchez (4e0dda)

  104. “Do you believe Jews (religious or not) are making war on Christmas?”

    Nobody is. I believe the “war on christmas” is a wingnut fantasy against secular ACLU liberals.

    imdw (8a8ced)

  105. Hoist by his own retard.

    AMartel (88c646)

  106. i suspect the daily show much be “must see” tonight. Stewart was at a charity event and made a few harsh jokes about sanchez in it. i think stewart is genuinely offended and will show it. and i don’t blame him one bit.


    well, calling it a war was a bit much. but yes, alot of retailers decided it was offensive to say christmas and tried to ban the word. and i know a multireligious group of people who have said about the whole thing, “sheesh, lighten up.”

    I suspect the majority of this comes from people who are christians who have an almost stereotyped view of nonchristians. i mean it reminds me of how after 9-11 there were some kids who had some anti-bin-laden messages on their school lockers, and the school tried to take them down because it might offend muslims. More than a few muslims took an offense to THAT, saying, more or less, “I hate bin Laden as much as those kids. how dare you assume that just because I am muslim that i sympathize with bin laden!”

    As for this, christmas is a day. I do indeed hope that on that day every person is merry. Even if they don’t believe in christ, i want that. and most non-christians get that i mean it in that spirit.

    Its sort of like how i think alot of people misinterpret the gift giving tradition and why it has glommed on so well to the christmas tradition. of course as a child, it is all about what you get. But as you get older, it is as much about what you give, about trying to find the perfect thing for the ones you love so that they don’t even have to say thanks–you know they are really glad to get it by their reaction to it. or in some cases, it comes later when the gift isn’t obviously awesome but as they enjoy it, they realize it is.

    But i digress. alot.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  107. imdw said (in his own special way, where he pretends he never says anything specific) that people complaining about the war on christmas are talking about Jews.

    Just another nasty and completely baseless insult.

    It’s kinda common for a troll to mention antisemitism when it doesn’t make any sense (in particular somehow strangely associated with something Christian). Part of that, of course, is projection.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  108. Stewert said “we would hire him back if he apologized”.Who is “we”?

    dunce (b89258)

  109. “Stewert said “we would hire him back if he apologized”.Who is “we”?”

    It’s a joke.

    imdw (017d51)

  110. dunce

    i think stewart was making a joke riffing off of the common anti-semitic accusation that the jews control the media, which sanchez apparently was fired for saying.

    i always thought that sanchez’s identify politics was more than a little tiresome. i mean looking and listening to him you wouldn’t guess he was hispanic until you read his name or heard him whine about how much he was discriminated against. and his view of how white people had it was weird. at one point he said that Stewart didn’t know what it was like to have a father work every day. i am sorry, but i would be very surprised if stewart’s father DIDN’T work every day.

    (oh, just checked wikipedia on that. if they can be trusted (and all the usual caveats apply) his father divorced his mother when he was 11, and at some point in his life all contact with his father ceased. So hey, maybe he didn’t see his father working because he had left his family behind. What a charmed life! /sarc and the same article mentions that Stewart experienced more than a little antisemitism first hand.)

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

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