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Harry’s Pet Coons

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Yeah, he said it. What about it?

“I’m going to be very honest with you — Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet. He’s my favorite candidate,” Reid said.

“Let me tell you about him: A graduate of Yale Divinity School. Yale Law School. A two-time national debate champion. He represents two-thirds of the state now, in an elected capacity. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him or heard him speak, but he is a dynamic speaker. I don’t mean loud or long; he’s a communicator. So that’s how I feel about Delaware. I’ve always thought Chris Coons is going to win. I told him that and I tried to get him to run. I’m glad he’s running. I just think the world of him. He’s my pet.

It was so important to say, he said it twice.

Just so you’d know it wasn’t an accident.

You have your straight line. Your punch line below.

34 Responses to “Harry’s Pet Coons”

  1. they wouldn’t let me say “My Preciousssss”

    tricksie they are…. nasty hobbits and their tea parties.

    Hairy Gollum Reid (fb8750)

  2. Hairy Reid has a pet Coon. RAAAAACIST !!!!!!!!!!!!

    JD (8ded14)

  3. “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him or heard him speak, but he is a dynamic speaker. I don’t mean loud or long; he’s a communicator.”

    This is actually my favorite part. Doesn’t this just remind everyone of the current failure that is Obama? Reid is becoming the Republican’s greatest campaign gift.

    Whippet (8123de)

  4. Democrats seem to have lost their freaking minds on branding.


    that freaking logo?

    It’s like God feels sorry for the Republicans and has adjusted the difficulty level of American politics.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  5. First Reid’s ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,’ and now this. A lot of time between now and elections…cannot wait for him to top himself. Again.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  6. Mr. Coons was not available for comment because, as one aide said, he was out changing his flea collar.

    Bob (32b4cd)

  7. People talk about Obama like a dog.

    Add another animal to the Democrat menagerie.

    daleyrocks (940075)

  8. And people seriously believe The Dim-bulb of Searchlight is going to defeat Sharon Angle?

    AD - RtR/OS! (38b7d0)

  9. that freaking logo?

    Oh, jeez.

    That looks about as dumb-downed, counterfeit, generic, non-Americanized and suspicious as “Office of the…”

    Mark (411533)

  10. Biden, now Reid. Is it something contagious or are they drinking out of the same pitcher and what’s in it, or what?

    Actually, I think it comes from learning to say a lot you don’t believe but you think sounds good. Eventually one starts talking more and more and thinking less and less, and there you have it…

    MD in Philly (5a98ff)

  11. Mark, you have a great way with words. Generic, non-Americanized, and even suspicious. Really gets under my skin.

    Look at John Kerry’s bumper sticker. Sure, that guy is a tool too, but the people working for him wanted to show Americanism and familiarity. Even the font implies classic America.

    Obama has consistently gone in a different direction. I think a lot of this is that ‘clever’ Alinksy agitation stuff. This gets under my skin because it’s supposed to. The Commie-propaganda look to the Hope poster or the O seal? It’s obnoxious by design.

    I guess the generic nature of the new logo is because these are the T-shirts and logos for the little supporters. The glorious leader gets his initial “O” rising over the waves of grain, but the voters are just little anonymous “D”s.

    Or maybe I’m overthinking this, but for sure I’m right that Obama does not want the political party to upstage him. The party is about Obama, not the other way around.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  12. Chris Coons: The making of a bearded Marxist. Seems Mr. Coons when to Kenya (sound familiar) and returned from that visit a convert to Marxism. I wonder how that information will effect Delaware’s senatorial election. Will Democrats vote for someone who is openly a Marxist? Is there a record of him denouncing that position?

    Zelsdorf Ragshaft III (be0d8f)

  13. Here’s their campaign theme song:

    Mario Mirarchi (afe59c)

  14. However ironic it may be, Castle’s aura of inevitability may have helped O’Donnell’s chances in the general. Not that Delaware Democrats had a superstar lineup anyway, but Castle’s 12 statewide wins in a row kept them out of the race, leaving the dubious distinction of sacrificial lamb to Coons. At least they would have a name on the ballot . . . but now he is the “frontrunner” in the race?

    If you put Coons into a championship fight, the cries of “FIX!” would be deafening. O’Donnell’s lack of experience suddenly is irrelevant, and in the battle of ideas all Coons can offer is whatever Obama just said, which earns him a treat and praise from his master Harry.

    Adjoran (ec6a4b)

  15. if you click on the link at my nickname, you can go to my small comment, with a visual aid. Heh.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  16. THe new D logo looks like a target. Read, Aim, VOTE

    Sabba Hillel (dd522e)

  17. eh, the link didn’t take. trying again…

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  18. I think Coons is a bridge too far, you would think they had learned something from the last two years,
    but no the Dems probably think Obama was too moderate, I wonder how many turned out for his primary

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  19. Well, we know he’s articulate (“he’s a communicator”) but, is he clean too?

    Jim (844377)

  20. Dang ‘coons, getting all in my trash again.

    TimothyJ (d91bb3)

  21. I can see Christine’s ads now: “Teacher’s pet or Independent?”

    Kathleen Parker (9c62d9)

  22. Oh heck, that was me, not Parker! It’s hard to get rid of those sock puppets.

    Patricia (9c62d9)

  23. We can expect the NAACP and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson’s condemnation any day now …

    JD (896f08)

  24. Look I sympathize, I have to vote for Scott, or ignore that part of the ballot, what fresh hell is this, you see why I am so cynical about politics

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  25. Do both Sharon Angle and Chritine O’Donnell have to declare Dirty Harry’s campaign gife to both campaigns? in an era of a large anti incumbent wave, Dirty Harry just painted Coons as a lapdog for the status quo.

    DavidL (2a854d)

  26. What a bizarre thing to have said.

    aphrael (9802d6)

  27. It does not even strike me as abnormal for Hairy Reid to say something like this. He has a little marxist pet Coon. No worse than what he said about Latinos, or Teh One.

    JD (896f08)

  28. Bizarre and Harry Reid are joined at the hip.

    AD - RtR/OS! (318661)

  29. So Harry Reid has a pet coon. Maybe it will bite him and give him rabies.

    Icy Texan (f486e9)

  30. 20. Dang ‘coons, getting all in my trash again.
    Comment by TimothyJ — 9/16/2010 @ 7:10 am

    — You shoulda laid out some traps. This one found a copy of the Communist Manifesto and learned how to Reid(sic) it!

    Icy Texan (f486e9)

  31. This quote screams for a Photoshop of Reid scratching Coons’ head absentmindedly. Maybe Stalin doing the same to Reid.

    bonhomme (278a2d)

  32. I have appropriate lyrics:

    You call me a dog
    Well that’s fair enough
    It doesn’t bother me as long as you know
    Bad luck will follow you
    If you keep me on a leash and
    You drag me along

    From “Temple of the Dog.” Which is a pretty good album/band. Its a combo of members of pearl jam and soundgarden.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  33. Coons’ campaign headquarters is, no doubt, Petsmart. (You really can’t make this stuff up).

    rochf (ae9c58)

  34. Now somewhere in the pinko democrap hills of Delaware, there lived a young boy named Chrissy the Coon,And one day his woman opponent ran off with the election against a RINO;
    Hit young Rocky in the eye;
    Rocky didn’t like that
    He said I’m gonna get that gal;
    So one day he walked into town
    Booked himself a room in the local saloon.

    Harry’s Pet Coon checked into his room
    And started to read Alinksy’s bible
    Rocky had come with blanks in his gun
    And couldn’t shoot off the legs of his rival;

    His rival it seems will break Coons’ dreams
    By stealing the seat of his fancy.

    Her rival’s name was Christine and she a Tea Party Queen, and the RINOS did not Christine, fancy.

    Now Reid and his Chris who called himself Marxist
    Were aching for a showdown;

    Christine burst in and grinning a grin
    She said Pet Boy this is your takedown.

    Christine was hot, with her fundraising pot-she drew the first place slot
    And Reid’s Pet Coons collapsed in the corner.

    Bill Clinton came in stinking of gin
    And proceeded to lie on the table
    He said Coons you met your match
    And Chrissy said, BJ it’s only a scratch
    And I’ll be better I’ll be better doc as soon as I am able.

    Now Reid’s Pet, the Coon he fell back in his room
    Only to find Alinsky’s bible
    Alinsky checked out and he left it no doubt, there was no help for Pet Coon’s revival.

    eaglewingz08 (74f660)

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