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Primary Night Live Chat; UPDATE: O’Donnell Wins

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UPDATE: O’Donnell has won. The Associated Press has called the race for her.

Congratulations to her. Republicans now need to get behind her and support her.

Original post follows.

We’ll be concentrating mostly on the hot-button Delaware contest between Mike Castle and Christine O’Donnell, but remember that we have one going in New Hampshire as well.

This is going to be a modified live chat. I will do my best to let everyone participate as much as possible. However, I must hand-approve every comment — with one exception: a limited number of people can be approved to have their comments appear automatically.

As to automatic approval, preference will be given to recognized readers and subscribers/donors (big overlap there).

If you are not automatically approved, your comment may not appear, or it may take a while. I have kids to take care of, work to do, etc. My hope is that the people who are automatically approved can carry the chat, since I can’t be in front of the computer all night.

Have patience.

The usual instructions: You see the chat window below? Look at the bottom. Enter your name or pseudonym where it says “Your name.” Enter your comment in the second window just under that, and hit send. Again, I will have to approve your comment before it appears, unless you are chosen to have your comments automatically approved.

IMPORTANT: Note the buttons at the bottom. You will probably want to turn off “autoscroll.” It bothers a lot of people.

If your comment has not been approved and you are a regular reader I would recognize, you can e-mail me. I may be away from the computer but will probably have my phone on me.

Quote of the Day

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“The only thing the Democrats care about is they want her to win.”

Obama wants to grade your car and your lifestyle

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[Posted by Karl]

The blogosphere was concerned with war-related issues during the past few weeks, but the federal leviathan grinds on along all fronts:

The government proposed labeling each new passenger vehicle with a letter grade from A to D based on its fuel efficiency and emissions, part of a broader effort by the Obama administration to promote electric cars and other advanced-technology vehicles.

The proposed new rules, released jointly Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department, would be the most substantial change in 30 years to the familiar price-and-mileage labels affixed to the windows of new cars at dealerships.

Currently, the labels must show how many miles per gallon a car gets and its estimated annual fuel cost. Under the proposed changes, a new label design would carry a large letter grade assigned by regulators.

Under the system, the only cars that would receive an A-plus, A or A-minus would be electrics and plug-in hybrids, the government said.


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