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Obama: My Critics Talk About Me Like a Dog

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  1. not possible: dogs are likable and can be trained.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  2. he is such a small petty petulant little man.

    More stimulus !!!!!!!!!!!!

    JD (8ded14)

  3. A whining, cringing pariah cur. The sort of yellow dog that will sneak in behind you and bite you in the backside when he gets a chance.

    Yup, there’s a dog in the White House, and I’m not talking about Bo.

    Mike Myers (3c9845)

  4. I would trust a dog.

    Jones (72b0ed)

  5. The self-absorption of this guy is phenomenal.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  6. Greetings:

    As my dear Oyrish granny used to say, “Nice things happen to deserving people.”

    She also used to say, “Time wounds all heels.”

    11B40 (419b63)

  7. I don’t talk about him like a dog. I talk about him like any other collectivist, like an idiot.

    JD (8ded14)

  8. Dogs are not narcissistic.

    mhr (efa965)

  9. He is amazingly adept at manipulation: He accuses his critics as referring to him as a dog, which has a negative connotation in every sense of the word, while simultaneously making the criticism of him personal rather than about his politics and policy. A two-fer. Make it personal in the public’s eyes and use effective imagery – this guy knows what he’s doing.

    What’s frustrating is that this tactic will work. The other side will circle the wagons accusing his critics of insulting the President of the United States of being a dog, an animal, an animal with the intelligence of a 4-year old, etc. What a victim!

    Personally, I would then suggest our President stop screwing the pooch, get his tail out from between his legs, and begin to do the will of the people rather than naively and dangerously cling to his ideology no matter the risk.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  10. Crybaby.

    Terrye (368a41)

  11. Stop whining and act presidential.

    Zap him with the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard.

    daleyrocks (940075)

  12. He exaggerates. Not a dog. Maybe an incalcitrant, unhouse broken mutt.

    MDr (fd1f4b)

  13. Let’s be fair, he has already called himself a mutt.

    “The other is that “our preference would be to get a shelter dog,” which would point to the possiblity of a mixed breed, or, as Obama said, “a mutt, like me.””,,20239003,00.html

    daleyrocks (940075)

  14. Can’t add much to the posts above, except that: Bush was called much worse than a dog and all he ever said was that people had a right to disagree with him and to voice those opinions. He knew how a president ought to act. Obama could take a few lessons but he won’t, the baby.

    no one you know (6631bc)

  15. I’m sorry he went off script and I’m particularly unhappy and sorry he used that dog example. I wonder what he’s heard or what he’s read that even makes him think that way. Or, if somehow it’s a cultural thing from his world that dogs are not respected and so he implies/equates “being talked about like a dog” as being personally disrespected.

    In old movies sometimes you’ll hear a character say, in a pejorative sense, “He treats her like a dog.” Or, even today, after a drive-by shooting often you’ll hear a sobbing relative on TV saying “they shot him down like a dog.” Those statements grate and are disturbing to many ears. It’s not OK to use mistreatment or abuse of dogs as an metaphor for poor treatment of any sort, or to suggest that such treatment of dogs is common or normal. But maybe this apparently ingrained attitude is one of the reasons why dog fighting is prevalent in certain neighborhoods.

    elissa (19fd4b)

  16. NOYK, I suspect that this is the first time in his life that BHO has had to deal with this sort of thing. Notice how the very first response to criticism of him by his fans is to accuse the critics of….raaaaaaacissssmmmm!

    Trust me, that has been his experience all of his life. Here is the deal, and I honestly don’t care who believes me or not: I know some of his former professors. I remember, back when BHO was a State Senator, one professor chuckling about what an operator the fellow was, how he tried to schmooze his way past every requirement. But let me tell you: when the man was elected POTUS, that same professor sure changed his tune!

    It’s really not BHO’s fault. Our system made him into an empty suit full of a tornado of self-importance and entitlement.

    Maybe he will learn. Maybe he won’t. The “dog” comment isn’t hopeful.

    Victor Davis Hanson had a good column about what is going on:

    Eric Blair (c8876d)

  17. She also used to say, “Time wounds all heels.”
    Comment by 11B40

    That, is wonderful.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  18. They talk about me like a dog
    Talkin’ about the clothes I wear
    But they don’t realize they’re the ones who’s square

    David (c27e97)

  19. I wanted to add to my comment at #9 that one thing President Obama has been very consistent with is distracting the public from his policies that we dislike. When new poll numbers are due or because he’s aware of a new decline in popularity, he’s right there ready with his pre-emptive strike. A cunning player.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  20. He is a self pitying narcissistic fool, dogs are much smarter and good judges of character

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  21. ==cunning player==

    I agree with you about that, Dana. His comments today can be added to Skip Gates and the GZ Mosque. But while they may be meant to distract, I can’t see that the previous distractions have helped his poll results any!

    elissa (19fd4b)

  22. I agree elissa, ‘Mr. president, with all due respect, what does that have to do with the rising
    unemployment, that the stimulus was suppose to solve, the health care plan, that creates more
    problems than it solves, and the stalemate in the
    war, you said you supported”

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  23. He told us, just today, that he was going to spend every day, every hour, every minute fixing the economy. I am not sure how lying about your political opponents fits into that.

    JD (8ded14)

  24. Barrack believes in nothing. He gets campaign donations and then triples that investment by stealing from the taxes of everyone.

    He does not understand economics, job creation, honesty, right or wrong. He is an empty suit selling access for money and nothing more.

    Blago at least understands what his contribution is to society whereas this EEO poster boy thinks he deserves respect because he did not steal 100% of your capital. But if you challenge his corruption, Barrack will abuse every standard of his office to get you back. He is a f*****g joke.

    highpockets (adaced)

  25. What does he expect when he treats us like fire hydrants?

    LukeHandCool (9fc768)

  26. Stolen from Jimi Hendrix’ “Stone Free”

    SteveG (6879f6)

  27. they talk about me
    like a dog, talk about the
    clothes I wear that’s why…

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  28. Big Zero ripping Jimi Hendrix off!

    Stone free… to do what he please…

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  29. That was some sort of cosmic convergence… I still get a contact high when I hear Hendrix (or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon)

    I can only conclude that the Colonel is my less than evil twin

    SteveG (6879f6)

  30. Yay, Steve!

    More Jimi, all the time!

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  31. Is this quote on his new Oval Ofc. rug?

    elissa (19fd4b)

  32. Obambi, keeping the tradition alive…

    Dave Surls (b8d824)

  33. Hendrix Obama
    one a Marine serve country
    both use Showbiz names

    TimesDislaiku (0093de)

  34. #26-30, what am I, chopped liver?

    David (c27e97)

  35. After the election in November we will all talk about him like a lame duck.

    Zoltan (f80707)

  36. Obama cause manic
    depression and the wind cries
    hillary clinton

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  37. Hey slow joe biden
    I said where you goin’ with
    that gaffe in your mouth?

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  38. …one thing President Obama has been very consistent with is distracting the public from his policies that we dislike. When new poll numbers are due or because he’s aware of a new decline in popularity, he’s right there ready with his pre-emptive strike. A cunning player.

    Comment by Dana — 9/6/2010 @ 5:21 pm

    Yes, agreed. I’d like to say I think the public in general is catching on to the tactic but am not so sure about that. Most people don’t have time for the details of political discourse and will only hear (if they hear about this at all, they’ll hear through Chris Matthews etc.) “they called him a dog!” Which is of course a lie.

    Comment by Dave Surls — 9/6/2010 @ 6:13 pm

    That’s perfect. LOL

    no one you know (6631bc)

  39. One thing bugging me about Barry’s $50 billion stimulus for big civil infrastructure…labor is only 20% of the cost for these kinds of projects. Relatively few jobs will be created, and the projects won’t start for at least a year after being greenlit.

    BUT! The Engineering, Construction, Consulting, R.E. Aquisition firms, etc. will all be making $$$ contributions beginning right…about…now!

    TimesDisliker (0093de)

  40. Slow Joe Biden say
    ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy
    DNC fall out

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  41. You are not chopped liver, David. No question, you called it first way up comment.

    elissa (19fd4b)

  42. Victor Davis Hanson had a good column about what is going on:

    Comment by Eric Blair — 9/6/2010 @ 5:10 pm

    Good link, Eric. Wasn’t it William F. Buckley Jr. who said he’d rather be governed by the first 100 names in the Boston phone directory than by the entire faculty of Harvard University…? All due respect to your profession, given the current state of far-left academia, that sounds right to me.

    no one you know (6631bc)

  43. Barry play victim
    TD say listen baby
    stop acting crazy

    TimesDislaiku (0093de)

  44. Hey Joe Biden where
    you goin’ with that mic
    in your hand zip lip

    TimesDislaiku (0093de)

  45. Yes, agreed. I’d like to say I think the public in general is catching on to the tactic but am not so sure about that.

    Take one look at his poll numbers last week and be glad – his act has grown old, his schtick is worn out, and people want him to just do his damn job and clam up for once in his life. But they now know that he can’t do his job, so they’ve tuned him out…forever.

    Even here in ObamaLand, the bloom is starting to come off that rose:,0,2902017.story

    Malcom X said it best: “you’ve been had, you’ve been took!”

    Dmac (d61c0d)

  46. BTW, his most ardent admirers suddenly ditch their one true love every chance they get now:

    Dmac (d61c0d)

  47. Protip: If you don’t want to be compared to a dog, don’t whine like a bitch.

    bskb (3a53fe)

  48. castles made of sand
    disintegrate much slower
    when dogs pee on them

    pdbuttons (25ef24)

  49. castles made of sand/
    disintergrate much slower/
    when dogs pee on the

    pdbuttons (25ef24)

  50. I have thought of many ways to describe him, but never thought of him as a dog. From watching many crime shows, it seems the word “dawg” is a common name used in the hood. Don’t know if that has anything to do with his “dog” reference. Him trying to be cool?

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  51. Colonel just saw that, David. Good call!

    Colonelhaiku (3ec9fa)

  52. and the people cry, “November!”

    Colonelhaiku (3ec9fa)

  53. Obama as prez
    is like Mahogany Rush
    poor imitation

    Colonelhaiku (3ec9fa)

  54. Actually someone above caught it. Dogs are held in very low esteem in the Muslim world. I can see why Obama used the “they treat me like a dog” line.

    And no for all you left hand threaded wingnuts out there, I am not saying that Obama is a Muslim–he just has enough of it in his boyhood background to settle on the “treat me like a dog” image.

    Mike Myers (3c9845)

  55. Here is your “dehumanizing” comment…

    Made by the President (even with total contempt, I’ll still spell it correctly) about his critics…

    Where he, the President, lowers himself to the level of complaining about his critics “talking about him like a dog.”

    But, it’s not hate speech, either…

    Calling out crissyhooten by reff for the President's dehumanizing comments (176333)

  56. This is the President calling out his critics as if disagreement with him is somehow illegitimate and dehumanizing.

    Thanks to John Hinderaker at Powerline for saying it better than I can….

    “Spaniel? Terrier? St. Bernard?”

    reff (176333)

  57. Maybe he meant it in a ghettoized way.
    You know like, “Hey, dog, wazzup?”

    jimboster (fe0b27)

  58. “The self-absorption of this guy is phenomenal.”

    It would be great if he could absorb himself, kinda like a singularity.

    Then his incessant whining would get stuck behind the event horizon.

    Dave Surls (b8d824)

  59. Samuel Johnson said “Never mention rope in the house of a man whom has been hanged.” I would add, if 38% of the population thinks you might be a Muslim, lay off the disparaging comments about dogs.

    Mike K (d6b02c)

  60. I should add, my dog is very well treated.

    Mike K (d6b02c)

  61. Well, Obama will be in the dog house if the House election go badly…

    Key Fronts Emerge as Parties Battle for the House

    Two months before Election Day, Republicans appear to be in a strong position to gain ground in the House. Nonpartisan analysts are putting more and more Democratic incumbents on the endangered list.

    Some believe Republicans are on track to gain the 39 Democratic-held seats they need to claim a majority—and likely make John Boehner of Ohio the House speaker. That presumes they will retain a vacant seat in a largely Republican Indiana district.

    “We are facing the most difficult election since 1994,” said a recent letter to Democratic lawmakers from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and others. It asked for lawmakers to send money to the committee overseeing the party’s House campaign effort. In 1994, Republicans gained 54 seats—and control of the House…

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (fb9e90)

  62. “They talk about me like a dog”. He sounds a little flat.

    Dave (in MA) (d902aa)

  63. The Obamas really are completely tone-deaf … and I think really do not like being in the White House.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  64. Bad grammar, Barky. They talked about me like I was a dog, I think you meant.

    Patricia (358f54)

  65. Mahogany Rush
    also not born in US
    drummer is Muslim

    TimesDislaiku (0093de)

  66. There is a certain dignity and restraint expected from the office of the presidency. I can’t remember Bush complaining about his critics; I remember him complaining about classified information being leaked, but nothing personal. And if any president would have been justified to complain about attacks – personal or otherwise – well…

    Another troubling aspect of President Obama’s complaint is that as he again denigrates his critics – who are the American public – he continues to reinforce the polarization that has taken root in our country. If this were an isolated incident, it would be just that, but it isn’t isolated – it’s a habit.

    Dana (8ba2fb)

  67. Booo. Freaking. Hoo. Freaking. Hooo.

    Man up, dare I say it, it starts with a “b”. Nah, you get my drift.

    PatriotRider (17f47b)

  68. Woof!

    I notice many of the postings in the readers forum of that CNN blog entry — in which CNN has a reputation of leaning left — are negative towards Obama. I thought the piece therefore may have been linked at the, which leans right. But that web site, while it does have a connection to “they talk about me like a dog” story, goes to a version of the report at the NY Times website.

    Beyond that, Obama is having another of his pity parties.

    Mark (3e3a7c)

  69. What a strange thing to say. Has this actually happened? Can you imagine if it had?

    Ag80 (2f74a7)

  70. It could be he’s talking about the “stop peeing on my leg and telling me it’s raining” comment I hear a lot lately.

    Roux (df64f8)

  71. By the way, my nerdy trivia obsessed mind immediately ran to the Hendrix song “Stone Free” which I am guessing is where he got the line:

    everyday in the week I’m in a different city
    if i stay too long people try to pull me down
    they talk about me like a dog
    talkin’ about the clothes i wear
    but they don’t realize they’re the ones who’s square

    and that’s why
    you can’t hold me down
    i don’t want to be down i gotta move

    stone free do what i please
    stone free to ride the breeze
    stone free i can’t stay
    i got to got to got to get away

    So our president is stone free, that is all. And you don’t realize you are the ones who are square. just sayin’.

    No word on whether he has purple haze running through his brain or not.

    Aaron Worthing (f97997)

  72. ugh, it looks like colonel haiku beat me to the punch.

    Aaron Worthing (f97997)

  73. Actually, David was first in #18.

    TimesDislaiku (0093de)

  74. Stone Free a classic
    but it use too much cowbell
    feedback is just right

    TimesDislaiku (0093de)

  75. “No word on whether he has purple haze running through his brain or not…”

    I’d say he’s definititely tripping.

    Dave Surls (b8d824)

  76. More Hendrix…

    Purple haze all in my brain

    Lately things don’t seem the same

    Acting funny and i don’t know why

    excuse me while I…rip the taxpayers off for a couple of trillion bucks

    Dave Surls (b8d824)

  77. unemployment falls!
    because 6 is the new 9
    and dogs rule the world

    pdbuttons (25ef24)

  78. manic depressions
    if measured in doggie years
    means much more begging

    pdbuttons (25ef24)

  79. Aren’t dogs the lowest in the Muslim world?

    Arizona Bob (e8af2b)

  80. You’re missing the full delusion of the speech;

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  81. Roads, runways, and railroads. Sounds like a bunch of jobs for union construction workers, middle class, not so much. In anticipation of new infrastructure construction, Chinese steel went up 4% today.

    Hazy (4e0dda)

  82. “They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.”

    Who am I to argue.

    Neo (7830e6)

  83. All conservative Americans should hold hands and collectively say, “Rhyme Rorry …” just like Astro.

    LukeHandCool (9fc768)

  84. Rin Tin Tin ear

    pdbuttons (25ef24)

  85. methinks Ear Leader is barking up the wrong tree with this line of commentary… that dog just won’t hunt.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  86. Dems know they’re in a dog eat dog world from here out till November.

    elissa (5ff3c3)

  87. free viral video idea for whomever has mad skillz at that sort of thing: the First Cur’s greatest gaffes and most petulant outbursts in text, along with the right pictures, all set to “You Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Hound Dog” by the king.

    you may thank me later.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  88. At least my dog knows how to heel…Barry just is one.

    Gazzer (a2cc1c)

  89. Out! of the White House.

    Sit! somewhere out of the public eye.


    Icy Texan (5ab3bb)

  90. Both ears and the tail hereby awarded to Patterico for a perfect comment.


    JD (98e9d7)

  91. Retire the dog… it can’t hunt and it can’t fetch

    jcloh (27638e)

  92. Bad Barry! Patterico is gonna whap your nose with a rolled-up copy of the Times.

    Icy Texan (5ab3bb)

  93. Speaking of Hendrix, you know in “Purple Haze” where he says “excuse me while I kiss the sky” but it sort of sounds like he says “excuse me while I kiss this guy”? Well on a bootleg that was recorded here in San Diego (like the only time he played here I think) He actually does say “excuse me while I kiss this guy” Odd, weird, off topic fact.

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  94. We do need infrastructure spending, since much of it has gone into decline. Or do you like falling bridges and crappy roads?

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  95. Question: what do you get when your country has the lowest taxes in the world?

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  96. Answer: Mexico

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  97. God will get you for that ^^^

    Icy Texan (5ab3bb)

  98. (actually it’s Korea by a hair)

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  99. “that” being the unsolicited slander of Hendrix.

    It NEVER happened, and you will NEVER prove that it did.

    And here in the other thread you just claimed that you are not a dick.

    A quick perusal of the above comments puts your claim in serious jeopardy.

    Icy Texan (5ab3bb)

  100. I guess everyone else can’t sleep either, lol. JD, icy texan, shouldn’t you guys be asleep? I should be. arggh.

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  101. What? link to zipped bootleg
    “Excuse me while I kiss THAT guy”

    I was slightly wrong about the phrasing. It’s a 43meg zip file. It was in “Purple Haze”

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  102. Why would I make something like that up? Sheesh.

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  103. Never came pretty quick tonight, LOL.

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  104. That dog don’t hunt.

    Jack (e383ed)

  105. B.O. has b.o.
    Whew! He stinks the high heaven
    Oh wait it’s the dog

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  106. Dogs would have no problem listening.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  107. What did we step in
    when we went into Iraq
    Because it stinks too.

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  108. If she like a dog
    we do it on the paper
    Steve Martin funny

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  109. Excoriating
    President like a canine
    take swat at the press

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  110. The self-absorption
    of him is phenomenal.
    Spongebama Square Pants

    First two lines borrowed from SPQR, slightly modified to fit the necessary syllables.

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  111. Haiku Colonel can
    hurt ears like popcorn kernel
    can hurt someone’s teeth 8)

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  112. I’ll go to bed now
    just writing silly haiku
    because I can’t sleep

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  113. The Bush’s dog Barney often had the same complaint!

    VOR2 (8e6b90)

  114. I did not upload
    the bootleg linked to above
    I just gave the link

    Can’t be too careful
    on a prosecutor’s blog
    hence the disclaimer

    link was found here.

    Chris Hooten (4489c4)

  115. So your saying I’m entertaining sometimes? Thanks, JD! I guess it was worth it to check the comments when I got up to take a leak.

    Chris Hooten (d06752)

  116. You didn’t even like the Spongebama Square Pants one?

    Chris Hooten (d06752)

  117. They never talked about Bush like a dog. More proof this is a racist nation.

    Arizona Bob (e8af2b)

  118. They talk about me like a dog
    Talk about the clothes I wear
    But they don’t realize, they’re the ones who’re square.
    And that’s why
    You can’t hold me down
    — Jimi Hendrix

    Frank Drebbin (8096f2)

  119. 1-Hendrix was Army Airborne

    2-Oman has been a “quota-man” all his life so as
    Colonel Jessup say “You can’t handle the truth!”

    3-Yes Chicago but you guys around the country would not listen to us three years ago, we just had to be

    Al from Chgo (8fa053)

  120. “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of [a] God Dog.”

    A dyslexic momemt ?

    Neo (7830e6)

  121. Hendrix was an paratrooper? Badass. You gotta love the Army. Some really interesting people share this common experience.

    Obama’s weak. Big surprise. His most common characteristic is to ignore the challenging problems and focus on lazy stuff. Iran getting a nuke? Push it off. Oil leaking into the gulf? More like hassle leaking into his golf!

    The latest example is the GOP takeover. He’s too lazy to stop it.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  122. ‘Dis Prez like a dog
    Unfair to trusty canines
    They don’t whine as much.

    furious (71af32)

  123. Can’t eat his waffle
    Won’t show AKC papers
    Wait ’til November.

    furious (71af32)

  124. Afternoon all. I was just listening to Rush and a caller noted that the only person that has referred to Obama as a dog (or words to that effect) has been er… Obama. He referred to himself as a mongrel when discussing what type of dog to the family was going to get and again when he called African Americans a “Mongrel People” during an appearance on the tv show “The View”.
    Not to take this lightly but this President is just a gift that keeps on giving. When all the democrats are boarding their flights back home (on one way tickets) the primary person they will have to thank is this man.

    scr_north (3da40b)

  125. A commenter over at Althouse proposes a bumper sticker idea:

    November 4, 2012

    elissa (5ff3c3)

  126. “Hendrix was an paratrooper?”

    Yeah, nominally. He was a little too undisciplined to make a good soldier.

    He wasn’t really cut out to be a troop, but he was a stand-out hippie freak rock guitarist. One of the best, IMO.

    Dave Surls (3b167e)

  127. Dave

    I heard he was actually a decent soldier, but obviously it was not his calling. I mean one reason or another we are better off for him having stopped his career as a soldier. But yeah a long time ago on a blog i don’t bother with anymore, I called him the Real Paratrooper of Love.

    Aaron Worthing (f97997)

  128. It sounds like Hendrix was legitimately not compatible with the service. I give him props a bit anyway. I can only imagine how much better our pop culture could be if most of these folks shared that common experience.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  129. Frankly, he should be referred to as the Pu$$y that he is.

    (no offense to our feline friends or fiends depending on your personal preference. And no offense to those with a mons of venus.)

    jakee308 (e1996a)

  130. I guess Michelle has him on “Puppy Uppers”

    Neo (7830e6)

  131. Ahhhh yesssss … the venerated mons …

    Could MR Obama’s reference be to his own slogan ?

    You know the one ?

    Can us do it ? Yes, we can, us ! – of course, the original, before it hit the TOTUS, was Canus do it ? Yes, we canus !

    Alasdair (e7cb73)

  132. Is ignoranus a word?

    JD (8ded14)

  133. Best line I’ve seen on any of the blogs about Obama’s dog rant was–He’s a dog alright–a Whineraner

    Mike Myers (3c9845)

  134. I think this comment is Obama doing what he does best — campaigning — which is what he plans to do for the next 2+ years. Obama has accomplished legislatively all he could reasonably hope to accomplish: Health care, financial reform, and a massive stimulus that benefits his core constituents. (The drilling moratorium was a convenient perk.) At this point, I assume he’s content to use his executive powers for the next 2 years to promote his policies and constituents … and return to campaign mode, running against the “Party of No” and hoping voters will become so disenchanted with partisan government they will re-elect him.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  135. Agreed – but I think what Obama’s missing is that if he’s going to try the Clintonian model, he’s going to have to come to the center, and hard. But he doesn’t seem to have any desire to listen to any contrary arguments, and has never admitted he’s wrong…about anything. His overweening arrogance will undo him, regardless of what transpires over the next two years (I hope).

    Dmac (d61c0d)

  136. No one would talk about their dog the way the liberals did to Bush.

    tarpon (0d210f)

  137. Anyway, Obama is a crappy pooch.

    Can’t even fetch.

    Though, you have to admit he’s not too bad at rolling over for dictators.

    I wonder if Hugo Chavez gave Obambi a milkbone that time Obambi ran across the room to shake Hugo’s hand?

    Dave Surls (9821fb)

  138. I think it was scripted and either O or TOTUS had a dyslexic Freudian slip: “They talk about me like I’m a god.”

    htom, not a professional politico (412a17)

  139. I like tarpon’s point.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  140. #132 JD:

    Is ignoranus a word?

    It is now.

    EW1(SG) (edc268)

  141. Big Zero always
    say it someone else’s fault
    so he’s a pointer

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  142. and the wind cries Barry

    ColonelHaiku (3ec9fa)

  143. Hey Obami, when people say you’re Soros’ Poodle, they’re not literally comparing you to a dog.

    Dave (in MA) (d902aa)

  144. now dig this baby
    dog talk on Barry must mean
    move over rover

    TimesDislaiku (f2e14b)

  145. we want a new fool
    one that is experienced
    White House not Red House

    TimesDislaiku (f2e14b)

  146. it not personal
    Michelle no Foxy Lady
    Dems say stick to fact

    TimesDislaiku (f2e14b)

  147. “I knew Triumph The Insult Dog and you’re no Triumph.” Senator Lloyd Bentsen.

    PC14 (4a4ed3)

  148. ignoranus is a word, JD. Not gonna say it, not gonna say it…

    Chris Hooten (fda0ba)

  149. It most likely grew out of Ignoramus and anus, hence, ignoranus. It is slang, though.

    Chris Hooten (fda0ba)

  150. After thoroughly beclowning yourself previously, it is only fitting that you gravitated towards ignoranus.

    JD (8ded14)

  151. I can’t help it, JD, you are everywhere I go. It’s not that I gravitate towards you, just that you are everywhere.

    Chris Hooten (fda0ba)

  152. Oh, you mean that’s not what you meant?

    Chris Hooten (fda0ba)

  153. Manic, again. Pity. Let’s try to keep the lies, distortions, copy and pasting from wiki, and non-sequiturs to under 10 tonight, huh?

    BUNNIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JD (8ded14)

  154. How petty is our little president man? How undignified. How small, and petulant. It really is remarkable.

    JD (8ded14)

  155. Does that bellybutton really work like a peephole like that? I’m not sure my head would go up that far.

    Chris Hooten (fda0ba)

  156. Just kidding. Have a good evening. I didn’t get quite enough sleep last night, so no worries, JD.

    Chris Hooten (fda0ba)

  157. Wow. Very classy, again.

    Eric Blair (58b0cf)

  158. Does that bellybutton really work like a peephole like that? I’m not sure my head would go up that far.

    In your case, no question – since your cranium’s so firmly lodged up your arse that your back teeth are feeling quite constrained these days.

    Dmac (d61c0d)

  159. Man registers his dog, Tuckup, an 11-year-old black lab and golden retriever mix to vote in New Mexico. After receiving a voter registration card, he mentions it on a blog, gets busted, serves nine months probation and the case was dropped.

    Last week, Tuckup received a notice in the mail telling him where he can vote in November.

    Neo (7830e6)

  160. Obama was a community organizer(Claim to be a victim of the oppressor in order to demonize one’s opposition.) Now he is attempting to perform his act on a national basis.

    George B. (d8b695)

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