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Why I Use a Pseudonym

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[Guest post by Jack Dunphy]

I occasionally hear from critics who believe, despite my long years of service as cop in some of L.A.’s most troubled neighborhoods, that I’m a coward for choosing to use a pseudonym in my writing. I’m occasionally reminded of the wisdom of that choice, and indeed a story out of Chicago does just that.

Last month I wrote this piece for Pajamas Media, in which I commented on the sad state of affairs in Chicago and its police department. I linked to an anonymous blog post, the author of which was purportedly a Chicago police officer. That author has since been identified as Lieutenant John Andrews, a 25-year veteran of the department.

Andrews is now under investigation for bringing “discredit” to the police department. Superintendent Jody Weis, of whom Andrews was critical in his blog post, did not comment on the specifics of the case but said, “I don’t think leaders should sit and throw rocks at respective agencies or at those who are trying to address the challenges.”

My own writing efforts began in 2000, during the tenure of LAPD Chief Bernard Parks, under whom the department – and the city itself – suffered badly. I wrote often on the particulars of that suffering (e.g. here), and I was reliably informed there was an effort to identify me, one that I was pleased to see end in failure. I’ve continued to be a burr under the management saddle, and two subsequent police chiefs – and any number of their underlings – would no doubt have preferred to see me take up golf or some other hobby that would keep me away from a computer.

I think Adams’s blog entries will ultimately be found to be protected by the First Amendment, but not before he endures a lot of grief, the same type of grief I would most assuredly experience if my own identity were to become known in the LAPD.

I’ve been at it for ten years now, and I hope to continue for a few more until I retire from the LAPD. After that, the mask comes off.

–Jack Dunphy

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  1. And you have done quality work, Jack.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  2. I use one too.

    I frequently disagree with you. But I am happy that your perspective is available, enjoy and learn from what you write, and completely support your use of the pseudonym.

    Ken (2e87a6)

  3. Is your last name, “Friday”?


    EC (ac8463)

  4. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

    Frank Drebbin (8096f2)

  5. Hang in ther “Jack” 😉

    Bohemian (17f1ff)

  6. When Jack Dunphy praises someone in LAPD, or some initiative in the department, you know that claim has great credibility.

    That is invaluable to LAPD if their senior leadership takes reform seriously (and I think they probably do).

    I wish Andrews had gone about his work in the manner Dunphy did. But I guess that’s a tall order. I did not have as favorable an impression of LA law enforcement as I do now that I know more about one each of their prosecutors and officers. It’s good (and a bit frustrating, given their circumstances) to know just how dedicated much of the law enforcement is.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  7. I am not one of those who believes that your use of a nom de cyber is an act of cowardice.

    I do see it as an obstacle to me taking you out to lunch to thank you for your insights into the LAPD.

    Christian (2852e9)

  8. Although my practice is almost entirely representing plaintiffs suing police officers and their agencies on claims of police abuse, I have represented police officers in litigation against police departments. I also count among my good friends former police officers. From what I hear and know about police departments, “Jack Dunphy” decision to remain anonymous is a smart one. It also enables those of us on the outside to get a less-filtered street view of police work.

    DWC (06ea11)

  9. Br’er Fox, he lay low.

    ropelight (6aa1a3)

  10. Your anonymity “Jack” has served your fellow members of the LAPD well, as well as the taxpayers of the City, and the blogoshpere in general, with your insight and criticisms of what you see around you in your job.
    All of us can only hope that “the suits” take your columns to heart, and realize that your input is meant to improve the system, and not to break it down (there are far too many who have that result in their sights).

    AD - RtR/OS! (1750fe)

  11. There is no bureaucracy in existence that likes to have its deficiencies exposed. Some are more aggressive than others and some have more malignant agendas than others but none like it and many will punish offenders if they can.

    Mike K (d6b02c)

  12. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  13. What does that mean, Hooten? does that mean you think Dunphy can’t take the heat, even though he’s a police officer in Los Angeles?

    Sometimes it seems like you just say the opposite of what people think, just to get a rise out of people. Why?

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  14. Says the one unable to cook.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  15. At the same time, *I* wouldn’t post anything against the LAPD for fear of reprisal as well. They would likely do something nasty (and less than legal.) So I understand your anonymity. It might be considered more of a meth-lab-kitchen than a normal kitchen, and as such, the heat may burn you to death in a giant explosion.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  16. Basically, relying on anonymity for safety in todays electronic surveillance/electronic wiretap era might not be as effective as it used to be. It has become much easier for people to track you down.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  17. OK, that’s a fair point. Dunphy needs to be careful.

    It sounded like you were saying peole who can’t take the heat of criticizing departments should get out of the kitchen of pseudonymous critical reporting.

    My bad.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  18. Jack Dunphy’s posts are one of the many reasons I like to read posts and comments on Patterico. My grandfather was LAPD. A tough, often thankless, often second-guessed job.

    TimesDisliker (a4af20)

  19. This just in – Jody Weiss is an ass. One million bocu for a stiff from the FBI – he’s done wonders for the moral and professionalism here, no doubt about it.

    Dmac (d61c0d)

  20. Someone’s been eating his own cooking ^^^

    Icy Texan (2b06b5)

  21. Arrows at #20 point up to #15

    Icy Texan (2b06b5)

  22. Here is my impression of the LAPD from an experience when I was babysat by an officer when I was 3-4 around 1970. He had his radio or something on, and I heard the word “felon.” I thought it sounded like the word “balloon”, so It made me laugh. Well he snapped, and became very angry and said, Oh, you think that’s funny, you want to see what happens to felons! and proceeds to put me in handcuffs. I freaked out and probably through a hour-long temper-tantrum that he probably spent the whole time trying to calm me down and even gave me an old police hat of his. I may have even bit him, I don’t know. I was in a terrible panic, and didn’t understand what was going on. I was 3-4. Well I hated cops for years without knowing why, until I thought of this again. Stupid dumb bastard cop. His children accused him of abusing them later. I don’t have a problem believing it.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  23. Naturally a lot has changed since then… I hope.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  24. Keep up the good work Jack. I’ve always thought your pieces were well written and very revealing as to what the rank and file actually feel about the policies the politicians put in place. I haven’t always agreed but I’ve always been entertained.

    scr_north (6f48ef)

  25. Jack,

    We understand. BTW, and out of curiousity, is this where you got the idea foryour pseudonym?

    McMurphy has escaped.

    They were taking him through the tunnel.

    He beat up two of the attendants and escaped.

    McMurphy’s upstairs.

    Oh, no, no, no!

    Jim, I’m telling you, McMurphy is upstairs…

    …and he’s as meek as a lamb.


    I mean, how do you know?

    Jack Dunphy told me.

    Jack Dunphy’s full of shit!

    Right! Right!

    ras (b7f440)

  26. We need a reconciliation reunion between Chrissie and its sitter.

    AD - RtR/OS! (1750fe)

  27. Yeah, that’s real funny. You guys seem to enjoy suggesting violence. If that guy was still alive, I would probably beat him senseless, and I am not a violent person.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  28. Well I hated cops for years without knowing why, until I thought of this again. Stupid dumb bastard cop. His children accused him of abusing them later. I don’t have a problem believing it.

    Police work is just like any other profession–you have your dedicated servants and complete dirtbags. I’ve met my share of both, and the bad ones can really ruin it for the rest of the force because they see their badge as a license to bully or generally act like an jackass. I think having to deal with people who break the law every day hardens them to some basic human emotions just so they can do their job, and sometimes they forget when to turn that switch off.

    About a month ago, I saw a cop cause a four-car pile-up because he didn’t want to wait for the light at the intersection after it had just turned red, so he hit his siren and blew right through the light.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen cops deal with very touchy domestic disputes with the right amount of diplomacy and grace that managed to de-escalate potentially fatal situations.

    Another Chris (2d8013)

  29. AD, beer summit?

    Icy Texan (2b06b5)

  30. I am not one of those who believes that your use of a nom de cyber is an act of cowardice.

    I do see it as an obstacle to me taking you out to lunch to thank you for your insights into the LAPD.

    Comment by Christian — 8/26/2010 @ 10:21 am

    Dittoes. Thank you, sir, for your fine writing.

    Basically, relying on anonymity for safety in todays electronic surveillance/electronic wiretap era might not be as effective as it used to be. It has become much easier for people to track you down.

    Comment by Chris Hooten — 8/26/2010 @ 10:56 am

    Very true. There are many ways to protect oneself though, even in today’s e-age, if privacy is a priority and convenience means less to one than anonymity.

    no one you know (196ed7)

  31. Great, we get the full load of infantile psychosis.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  32. IT, is Chrissie old enough?

    AD - RtR/OS! (1750fe)

  33. According to the story he told, he’s my age! I need a beer just to handle that thought.

    Icy Texan (2b06b5)

  34. I know, Another Chris. That idiot ran around in his uniform on his day off at home, and listened to the police radio all day. There was a lot of shit going on in LA back then, and there might have been drugs or alcohol involved for all I know. I was glad when I realized that it was that incident that left me with such a bad feeling for cops. I was able to fix that once I realized that the incident had impacted me so much mentally. Little kids don’t always deal well with being screamed at and being held prisoner in handcuffs. There are many, many good cops. But like you said, the job also attracts the power-hungry, low self-esteemed crowd. It’s a job I couldn’t do.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  35. Sorry Icy, born in ’67

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  36. i confess, i am writing under a pseudonym, too.

    my real name is Archon McBigdick.

    glad to get that off my chest.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  37. No, my parents were not hippies. They were actually kind of “anti-hippies.” Very conservative. Some of the first computer programmers, both my mom and my dad.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  38. Wow Archon, it sounds like you make, uhm, movies (lol).

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  39. Thank you for what you do, I enjoy reading your posts and have no problem not knowing your name.

    tarpon (541ea9)

  40. Jack, I have a good friend retired from LAPD, and a cousin still there. If you want to read another cop’s posts, look for (Capt.) Glenn D. Frankovis at Badger Blogger. Milwaukee PD seems even more political and dysfunctional than LAPD.

    IE. They have “Open Sky” jammed down their throats and it is going to get officers killed.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  41. on a more serious tone, Jack, you know your own heart and your goodness and your morality is for Him to judge alone. What us mere mortal think of you doesn’t mean JS in the end.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  42. Chris Hooten, given your experience, you might find that telling your history to a psychotherapist would be a more productive use of your time than unburdening yourself in the comment section of a post written by a cop at the blog of a prosecutor.

    Just a thought.

    Anon Y. Mous (5ac901)

  43. Would someone please repeat the instructions as to how to ignore posts from specific twits? The seemingly endless drivel from Hooten is wasting too my electrons on my screen.

    Old Coot (fc2376)

  44. I know a plumber who abused his kids, and I know a Muslim who abused his kids.

    I wonder how they would react if I explained that in a thread about their general categories, moaning a little that ‘a lot has changed, I hope’. People might think I’m crazy to generalize like that, and if I explained that this is why I hated plumbers all these years, they might think I’m stupid, too.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  45. I thought this whole post was about how this guy had been posting anonymously about issues with the LAPD. Now suddenly there are no issues? I don’t have any issues with the poster of this article. I don’t have any issues with cops. I just showed an example of ONE person who probably should not have been a cop 40 years ago. I don’t see how the article being written by a cop, or the blog being run by a prosecutor is relevant (other than the post was about writing anonymously about problems with the LAPD.). I “unburdened” myself of this a long time ago, lol. I can’t imagine being “unburdened” by sharing something here… Sorry.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  46. I think he might’ve been trying to get young Chris Hooten to stop talking. That doesn’t make it right, I know. And it’s not in the babysitter’s manual. But maybe, just maybe, young Chris was annoying.

    Birdbath (8501d4)

  47. Birdbath, win.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  48. Some of you might be interested in a post of mine about a family friend who was a cop in the old days.

    Mike K (d6b02c)

  49. Thank you for your contributions.

    I think your next critic should join the LAPD, work there for 10 years, and then make any comment he/she wishes.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  50. I think I heard that Hootan story somewhere before but, the way I heard it, he was 14, not 4, and she was a female cop and she caught him trying on her clothes.

    Mike K (d6b02c)

  51. And, he looked better in them than she did.

    AD - RtR/OS! (1750fe)

  52. No, that was a different story.

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  53. Yeah, MD, and I think all critics of the mafia should join them, work for them for 10 years, and then make any comments. Or maybe they could work for Oil Companies before making any comments on that, or maybe work at Banks before commenting on that. Give me a break. Those are not the most qualified people to comment on it, are they? (Being inherently caught up in it themselves.)

    Chris Hooten (7dbd5b)

  54. I don’t have any issues with cops.


    I just showed an example of ONE person who probably should not have been a cop 40 years ago

    So you directly contradicted the earlier statement, which had nothing to do with the post in question in the first place. Will you please take your deep – seated issues somewhere else for a change, and come back after you’re done with your endless thumb – sucking and navel gazing.

    Dmac (d61c0d)

  55. crissyhooten sure has a good memory.

    JD (3dc31c)

  56. I’ve been at it for ten years now, and I hope to continue for a few more until I retire from the LAPD.

    Don’t let retirement stop you. If you keep right on going, I’ll keep right on reading.

    Blacque Jacques Shellacque (147d2b)

  57. I don’t blame you one bit–I used to work for the Big Daddy State of Cal, and there is nothing more vindictive than a bureaucrat targeting someone who gets out of line.

    Patricia (358f54)

  58. pseudonym’s are important because of whackjob loonies like crissyhooten.

    JD (3dc31c)

  59. If Jack Dunphy didn’t think there was some justice at viewing him as a coward, he wouldn’t natter about it again and again. Don’t accept Dunphy’s bait and switch. Moral bravery is not the same as physical bravery. Ask Frank Serpico. Dunphy is just a disgruntled employee who won’t seek another job to his liking.

    You want to know examples of moral bravery? Sir Thomas More was brave. Emile Zola was brave. Pim Fortuyn was brave. All of these stood up for their opinions on the critical issue, owned them publicly at peril, and never resiled.

    Andrew Levin (421f38)

  60. Andrew Levin – Are you brave?

    daleyrocks (940075)

  61. “and never resiled”

    It’s a real word, but I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Gesundheit (cfa313)

  62. I’ts a perfectly promulent word, like enbiggened

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  63. Enbiggened doesn’t count. That would be a foreign word used in English, like RSVP. (For which I use the acronym because I don’t know how to spell respondez sil vous plait)

    Gesundheit (cfa313)

  64. Andrew’s comment is ignorant, but I thank him for the word ‘resiled’. I hadn’t seen it before, and I plan to work it into conversation several times today.

    I was feeling pretty flat when I got up this morning. A late night last night. But I resiled.

    I like new words.

    Gesundheit (cfa313)

  65. Gateway Pundit: Courage & Grace: Former Miss Universe Snubs Chavez; Waves Free Venezuela Flag On Her Final Walk

    Verb: Abandon a position or a course of action.

    Google is your friend, “gesundheit”. Use it.

    Andrew Levin (421f38)

  66. I think Chris Hooten ought to take a couple of sessions on R. Lee Ermey’s couch, the jackwagon.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  67. Andy seems not to have any idea that the previous Ms. Venezuela not only waved a gigantic flag at the pageant a year ealier, but has been incredibly outspoken against Chavez, at the risk of being jailed and/or worse. The new Ms. Venezuela’s actions are to be commended, but she’s just following her lead. Perhaps he should be using Google a little bit more himself (jackass).

    Dmac (d61c0d)

  68. I think Andrew Levin needs to read Mr. Dunphy’s post for comprehension this time.

    daleyrocks (940075)

  69. Resile – “to spring back, esp. to resume a prior position or form after being stretched or pressed.” Related to ‘resilient’

    The dictionary is my friend, Andrew. The sense of the former position being resumed is more properly physical, not an abstract position, although the word can be used that way.

    A sense of humor is your friend, “Andrew.” Borrow one.

    Gesundheit (cfa313)

  70. Jack — as far as I know, you could be an AI or an alternative voice for our host. It’s your ideas and opinions that matter, and they are worth reading, even if I don’t always agree.

    Resile seems to be going in either direction, forward or backward. A change in direction.

    htom, not a professional politico (412a17)

  71. And while Serpico, More, Zola, and Fortuyn were certainly courageous, I don’t think that “Jack Dunphy” has done anything to deserve Andrew’s mockery. I don’t know what Andrew does for a living, but even if I disagreed with the man I don’t think it’s appropriate to look down your nose at someone who serves others at personal risk, just because he does not choose to commit occupational suicide.

    You can get insurance to take care of your family if you’re killed on the job. But there’s no such option for getting fired and black-balled.

    Yes, others have made that sacrifice, and more. But I suspect they would be the last to insist that it’s a requirement.

    Gesundheit (cfa313)

  72. A very old adage in law enforcement circles holds that those not associated with police work really don’t understand it. And that goes double for LAPD, where even police officers of long tenure in other agencies are as much in the dark as any other outsiders. A sharp line divides the working cop from some of those in command and staff ranks, where the memory of “what is was like” has long since faded away. Unfortunately, some have adopted an ethic which holds that back-stabbing and clawing for promotion are acceptable behaviors. Jack Dunphy, whoever he (or she) may be, is well advised to continue to wear the cloak of anonymity, a fact he knows very well, and about which others may only watch in disbelief.

    oldusedcop (2aee65)

  73. Jack – Please keep writing from inside the LAPD, and please continue to protect your ability to do so by using a nom de plume. After the start of your writing career, I was asked a few times, “Sarge, are you Jack Murphy?” As I was known to be both somewhat outspoken and a writer. I believe that I was a “prime suspect” when (the Chief) Bernie Parks began his secret quest to uncover your identity. I’m almost sure it cost me a job, or two. I’ve been gone three years and can only hope the LAPD Brass has learned to live with your presence. Perhaps your columns might help them re-learn what many of them have forgotten, how mean and dirty the streets often are, and that those street cops exist not to give justification to their rank & positions, but vice-versa.

    It is strange to me that most of the people who would criticize an LAPD cop who writes about the internal ineptness or misguided backside-kissing/PC leanings of both the LAPD and L.A. City Management, would applaud and want protected a “Whistle Blower” who brings out tales of similar ineptness at the Pentagon, the RNC, or an oil company.

    Stay safe, all my badge-wearing brothers and sisters back there in L.A. and everywhere. Protect one another, your communities, and protect our image as well….most cops do more for the public good than any professor, peace activist, or (so-called) community orginizer.

    Kieth M. (eb3a68)

  74. most of the people who would criticize an LAPD cop who writes about the internal ineptness or misguided backside-kissing/PC leanings of both the LAPD and L.A. City Management, would applaud and want protected a “Whistle Blower” who brings out tales of similar ineptness at the Pentagon, the RNC, or an oil company.


    Dustin (b54cdc)

  75. I have agreed with almost everything you have ever written. You have done a great service for the real police.The ones that do 85% of the job on a daily basis. Thanks Keep up the good work..

    Dennis "Chicago" Fanning (ba84ba)

  76. I am not afraid! Look me up! They(LAPD) can not touch me. They are already done with me, but I am not done with them. So for those of you who want to not go through the grief, which I completely understand, send Jack and I some stories and we will be glad to put them out there.

    Jerry Lucio (b18aea)

  77. Lucio,

    As you suggested, I looked you up and from what I saw it doesn’t seem like you would be a good person to have present an issue against the Department.

    Labcatcher (d4d46d)

  78. I’ve read that Obama has already prosecuted more whistleblowers than any president in US history. Pretty funny, coming from a guy who promised the utmost transparency, but not too surprising given his Chicago politics background.

    Leviticus (30ac20)

  79. Whistleblowers jam the wheels of graft.

    Leviticus (30ac20)

  80. Leviticus – Obama’s Department of Social Justice has become a caricature of the politicized department the left claimed Bush’s department was. Today’s rumblings about the delay of the Cole bomber trial just adds more fuel to the fire.

    daleyrocks (940075)

  81. Re: #59,

    While “resiled” can be used in the context of retracting a statement or belief, that’s not the usual meaning and makes for a very awkward sentence. A better word choice would have been “recanted,” not “resiled.”

    Robin Munn (74ea59)

  82. что то в последнее время, ваши сообщения по многим сайтам в сети расползаются

    Monosa (f7c1ec)

  83. Jack:

    Stand up and be a man and stop hiding behind a stupid pseudonym, you have many good things to say, not all do I agree with but this is America and this should not happen!

    Now, send me more information on Lt. John Andrews from the Chicago Police Department so that I can contribute to his defense fund and raise total hell with the mental midgets causing him this grief.

    Michael N. Moulin
    Retired Lieutenant
    Los Angeles Police Department

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  84. Sure is easy to counsel another to “stand up” when you’re comfortably drawing that retirement check without any accountability.
    Probably retired to Northern Idaho like so many others in the Dept to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the bureaucracy they so much admire – and CA’s confiscatory tax rates.

    AD - RtR/OS! (c0bc22)

  85. Michael, Jack’s plenty manly. He would be a less effective advocate if he did not rely on a pseudonym. Did you read the post? That’s all the proof you need that this is intelligent from a results oriented mindset.

    Now, if Jack Dunphy’s real goal here was to prove to people like you that he was a ‘real man’, I guess I wouldn’t really care to hear what he has to say. This isn’t about who is macho enough. It really doesn’t even matter who Jack is… what matters is the validity of his commentary.

    the LAPD needs a voice like this. It simply wouldn’t exist anymore if Dunphy was relying on his own name, and you know it. How manly would that be? Seems kinda pathetic to knowingly accomplish less in order to prove you aren’t afraid. Fear is actually a pretty great thing for men to use properly.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  86. Probably retired to Northern Idaho

    Try Mexico.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  87. Excuse me Miss RtR/OS!

    I guess you don’t know me, coward!

    What’s your name and eamil?

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  88. Dustin:

    This isn’t about being macho it’s about freedom of expression and nothing more!

    Good obs. Mexico is correct!

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  89. Wasn’t there a Moulin associated with the LA riots?

    JD (395555)

  90. JD:

    Yep that’s me and your point is?

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  91. Comment by Michael N. Moulin — 8/28/2010 @ 11:51 am

    I interpret that as a threat, LT.
    Shall I report you to Homeland Security, of which I am a member?

    Fm Wiki….
    “… Between 5 and 6 p.m., a group of two dozen officers, commanded by LAPD Lt. Michael Moulin, confronted a growing African-American crowd at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles. Outnumbered, these officers retreated…”

    So, now I realize why you retired to OC, and not ID – the grunts who retired up there would have kicked your pansy… for your actions at Florence & Normandie that day.

    AD - RtR/OS! (c0bc22)

  92. Did you hear that, Drew? Now you’re a “Miss”!

    Icy Texan (a78525)

  93. Better to be a “Miss” than a “WUSS!”

    AD - RtR/OS! (c0bc22)

  94. Dunphy has a little bit of history with Mr. Moulin, as the following paragraphs from the link above indicate:

    That said, one commenter identified himself as Michael N. Moulin, a retired LAPD lieutenant who played a pivotal role in the first moments of the riots. Given that his comments comport with what Moulin has said in published and broadcast interviews, and that a check of computer IP addresses indicates the comments were posted from Mexico, where Moulin is known to reside, I proceed here in the presumption that the man is in fact who he claims to be. Also, when Moulin submitted his comments he provided an e-mail address which also indicated an origin in Mexico. I sent an e-mail to that address three days ago asking Moulin for some additional information, but as I write this I have yet to receive a reply.

    Moulin used his comments as a platform to sully Daryl Gates’s memory and to insult the many officers who hold the former police chief in high regard. He also defended his decision to withdraw the officers under his command from the flash point of the riots, a decision that was condemned by Gates and cited by the Webster Commission, formed to investigate the Rodney King affair, as a “critical error” that contributed to the riot’s escalation. Perhaps worse, he closed one of his comments with this contemptible postscript: “I had the last word Daryl, may you rest in peace!”

    daleyrocks (940075)

  95. It is strange that Mr. Moulin did not have the honesty or testicular fortitude to reference that history.

    daleyrocks (940075)

  96. If he (Moulin) had either honesty or testicular fortitude, his actions at Florence & Normandie might have been significantly different.
    And though he has the ability, at least metaphorically, to piss on Chief Gates’ grave, far more people will go to that grave to pay honor to a fallen warrior than will ever visit the good Lt’s’.

    AD - RtR/OS! (c0bc22)

  97. Lt Moulin,

    Why are you so angry about Dunphy using a pseudonym? What good would come of Dunphy using his real name? I have no idea how you equate a pseudonym with manliness or lack of same.

    Labcatcher (d4d46d)

  98. Colonel have on good
    authority that Moulin
    wear the rouge lipgloss

    ColonelHaiku (60a24c)

  99. Lt. Moulin – Jack Dunphy will do more good for more L.A. street cops using a pseudonym as his shield than anyone else ever did. Det. Sgt. Joseph Wambaugh, after all, managed to write himself out of a career and a department he loved. I can await Dunphy’s retirement to learn his true identity, so can you.

    Kieth M. (d839e6)

  100. I knew that named sounded familiar, having read it before, but I forgotten in what context

    ian cormac (6709ab)

  101. I use papertiger because I like the name.

    papertiger (ec2dfb)

  102. Good, Officer Dumphy!

    Let your writings and posts, over time, speak for themselves. It worked fine for the Federalist and Anti-federalists.

    You write fair, yes critical, but not shrill.

    Good luck, and thank you.

    Paul (f1288f)

  103. As a fellow member of LAPD, (civil, not sworn) I appreciate your service and opinions.

    LukeHandCool (3326e2)

  104. Only thing “Jack” has ever been wrong about was his intial mistaken forlorn hope that Bill Bratton was really much different. Bratton, sadly, like most of the people who seem to wind up in positions of power in government everywhere is a self-promoting politician.And that was a understandable mistake; Bratton has a great line of hardcore superficial prairie shit, but it’s only that. With NYPD, he took some good ideas,like Compstat and “broken windows”, and allowed them to be turned into a numbers game. And he did so because it was the path of least resistance.

    All the best, “Jack”, and keep up the good work.

    Bugg (996c34)

  105. In regards to comment #91 by RtR/OS!, being a member of Homeland Security. Be my guest you nameless coward!

    Jack, beleive me if you had sent me an email or given me a phone call I would gladly have respond to your questions or comments. I thought you were a stand up guy not a politican!

    What a bunch of angry or frustrated people that read your articles.

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  106. Dear Michael…
    I, unlike you, don’t abuse my position; but there are limits to my tolerance.

    AD - RtR/OS! (a80de3)

  107. Those articles above to not paint Senor Moulin in a very pretty light.

    JD (8ded14)

  108. People who seek the anonymity of a Mexican retirement, should stay anonymous and remember the guideline:
    Out of sight, out of mind.

    AD - RtR/OS! (a80de3)

  109. Back in the Chief Davis era, an LAPD officer was appearing anonymously on a local TV station to criticize the department – wearing a Lone Ranger mask and a SCUBA hood.
    Then too there was supposedly an investigation to identify him. I wonder how that turned out.

    cm smith (c793b3)

  110. My good friend AD-RtR/OS!

    I would be most interested on just how you think that I ever abused my position?

    Your threats made against me in your above posts, sounds to me like you may be the one who has abused whatever power you may or may not have!

    Stop hidding behind your computer screen and lets find out who exactly you really are!I’m certainly not offened by any questions that you may ask of me, just try hard to be civil and respectful.

    Stop with your cheap shots and intimidation tactics, they won’t on work me!

    Relax AD-RtR/OS enjoy life, this is America people many differ in thier prespectives, be respectful, don’t have a heart attack on me!

    Give me a call, I will invite you for a drink on my boat in San Diego or a fine restaurant, your choice. I’m serious 714-253-3147!

    Have a good day!

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  111. This isn’t about you, Michael. This is about Dunphy pointing out the wisdom in his anonymous commentary.

    You have ignored his argument. You have nothing to say about it.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  112. Dustin:

    Your right this is not about me so stop with the stupid comments!

    Like I have said, JD writes many good articles most of which I agree with 100%. This is America and he should not have to hide his idenity. Stand up, be counted, and be part of changing the system.

    You think JD drives the brass crazy now with his articles, just think if he stood up like Glen Beck and put it in thier face. The system would change much more quickly and many others would follow his lead!

    Thank you,

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  113. “…I will invite you for a drink on my boat in San Diego…”

    Let me know where the boat is, and I’ll have a CG Inspection team come by for a preliminary look.

    AD - RtR/OS! (578e62)

  114. AD-RtR/OS!

    I guess your answer is no to having a drink!

    Well then, invite me to lunch at a location of your choice and I will buy.

    What’s with your continuing threats?

    Your friend,

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  115. This Moulin dude is creepy. And cowardly.

    JD (d606fc)

  116. Mike, since I believe I’m senior to you, let me assure you I don’t make threats.
    Personally, I wouldn’t want to get within three ZIP-Codes of you, whether you’re in Cabo, San Diego, or Fullerton.
    Let’s just say that we have very little use for each other, and let it go at that.
    I’ll continue to look forward to the insight and wisdom expressed by “Jack” in his columns both here, and at NRO and PJMedia,
    and wish you all success in your current endeavors, and that your clients don’t suffer anywhere near the results of your actions that the populace of L.A. did.

    AD - RtR/OS! (578e62)

  117. AD-RtR/OS!

    You may or may not be my senior and what that has to do with making threats, I have no idea. It sounds to me like you may be having second thoughts about your threats directed at me.

    How about I forward this thread to FBI Headquarters WDC and let them exam your threating comments and abuse of power regarding Homeland Security and the Coast Guard? How about that big boy?

    You are obviously a person filled with hatred, bisas, and probably a racist as evidenced by your many inappropriate posts on other blogs.

    I can only hope that you are not a current member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces or God forbid a Police Officer!

    Your poor vision and lack of insight on the many comments that you write, only serve to more clearly define your ignornace and the reason why you must remain hidden.

    If you wish to further discuss this or any other issues please don’t be afraid to give me a call or write me an email, that is if you got the right stuff!

    My invitation for a drink still stands and you can even bring your buddies, I got a big boat! I will be waiting for your call!

    Your friend,

    Michael N. Moulin

    Michael N. Moulin (2bab3e)

  118. That is one creepy coward.

    JD (d606fc)

  119. That is one creepy coward.

    Comment by JD — 9/1/2010 @ 8:51 am

    Heh. [paraphrasing:] “You’re a coward and a Miss and I demand your contact info. Your friend, &c.”

    no one you know (196ed7)

  120. Michael, I think you drink too much.
    And, frankly, I don’t give a damn what you do.

    AD - RtR/OS! (30a4ff)

  121. LOL, NOYK.

    I don’t invite my internet detractors for a romantic boat ride for 2 very good reasons. 1 being that I’m not crazy.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  122. Labcatcher,

    You are right I am a horrible person, but enough about me. There is more to my story which I will sometime write about it, but for now, what I was simply saying was; If anyone who is a current LAPD officer or any city PD is afraid to speak out, tell me your story and I will put it out there. I know so much B.S. goes on and some cops are afraid of retaliation, so they remain silent. I am know from experience, Some Brass was out to get me because I spoke up. I gave them a reason and they ran with it all the way to the end zone. Yes I came out on the losing end, I accept that, but now I have no ties nothing to hang over my head. Being in this position gives me the opportunity to speak out for officers who just want to tell the truth from behind the scenes. This is not out of bitterness or disgruntlness, this is to make LAPD and other departments a better place to work. We need to hold them accountable so they will take care of thier officers and stop the shenanigans! I grew up in the L.A area and wanted to be LAPD. I love the city, the citizens and the department. It was and still going in the wrong direction…(just like our country, but that is another disscussion) and If I did not care then I would let it sink and take down my friends and all those great officers with it!

    Jerry Lucio (b18aea)


    dolls head (fb311d)

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    Denny (52001d)

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