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Levi Johnston Trying to Sell Tell-All Book About Sarah Palin and Family

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Ace has the best take:

Note he previously said, just this past month, he’d lied about her to get attention.

Now he’s peddling more lies.

He will of course find an eager publisher.

And of course he should be published. Of course he should be a published author.

After all, he’s accomplished so much — he had unprotected sex with a younger girl, got her knocked up, and then abandoned her. And then, fearing that he soon might have to get a real job, he tricked her into accepting a false marriage proposal so he could sell the story to Us weekly for $100,000 (and also shop a reality show about the sham marriage).

Who wouldn’t want to be in the Levi Johnston business?

About a month ago, Levi said to Palin and her family: “I hope one day to restore your trust.” And I said: “Yeah, good luck with that.”

Normally, I love saying I told you so. But it doesn’t feel good to have been right about this.

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